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Chapter 320: Bird of Pride

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As one of the big dangers of the deeper mountains, a level ten demon beast resided in the Uneven Slope.

There was no lack of level nine demon beasts, but they all fell under that level ten demon beast’s command. Rumor had it that the level ten demon beast was protecting a level ten magic herb, so he wouldn’t set his sights on the magic herbs of other creatures.

So the quickest way of finding that magic herb was through that level ten demon beast for sure.

With this idea in mind, the two soon found the cavern that the demon beast had made its home in. The demon beast had already gained a human form, so You XiaoMo couldn’t tell what species it was.

Ling Xiao explained, “His original form is a Bird of Pride. In human form, it has a swirling dark miasma around him. Anyone who touches that miasma will start to rot and eventually die. Normal level ten monsters aren’t a match for him.”

“His name sounds like it’s part of the seven sins,” You XiaoMo commented.

Ling Xiao replied, “Not like, he is a Seven Sins Beast. They’re born from curses, a special kind of demon beast, strength second only to Emperor Beasts.”

You XiaoMo wouldn’t dare to even think of getting his hands on an Emperor Beast, but he could possibly have a Seven Sins Beast of his own.

Ling Xiao smiled, showing a row of pearly white teeth. “You can have one, but… You lost the race before. Don’t try and get out of it.”

You XiaoMo choked.

He had been trying to get out of it, but he was somehow found out.

But thinking of this made him angry. Ling Xiao was tricking him from the start. At first he let him take the lead, making him excited and hopeful, but then at the last minute, he overtook him. This was definitely planned.

After being threatened, You XiaoMo was forced to admit to his defeat.

Ling Xiao immediately took You XiaoMo over, not wasting any time.

As one of the Seven Sins Beasts, the Bird of Pride was a demon beast that knew how to enjoy himself. It could be seen from the cavern entrance. Where there should’ve been wildly growing weeds, there were, instead, quite a few patches of flowers. There were even green vines hanging across the entrance. It was obviously made that way on purpose.

“Is that Bird of Pride inside?” You XiaoMo asked.

“No.” Ling Xiao checked. It really wasn’t there.


Teng ZiYe and Teng Yu had taken on the fifth task. The Demon Beast that was guarding the herb they needed was only stronger than Teng Yu by a star, but they stayed in the shadows while the beast roamed openly. After a day of keeping watch, the Demon Beast finally fell into their trap and the two worked together to bring it down, successfully digging up their required herb.

Originally with Teng Yu’s ranking, he shouldn’t be taking the fifth task because the difficulty of the task wasn’t very high for him. However, he had to ensure the safety of Teng ZiYe, so he chose this task.

Teng Yu asked, “ZiYe, should we go back now or continue to train here?”

Teng ZiYe was the future head of the Teng Family, so Teng Yu had a duty to protect him. He knew that Teng ZiYe had come here to train, but he would prefer it if they went back because there were too many unknown dangers in the deeper mountains.

“Continue!” Teng ZiYe gave him a very direct answer.

Teng Yu was helpless to do anything but chase after him.

Half an hour later, Teng Ziye suddenly stopped.

Teng Yu asked, confused, “What’s wrong?”

Teng ZiYe frowned, not answering him and turning to walk to the right. When he stopped, two tattered corpses were visible, lying under a nearby tree. A snow white snake was wrapped around one of them.

“Aren’t those students of DaoXin Academy?” Teng Yu widened his eyes in shock.

Teng ZiYe remembered, the Academy had a task that was related to the Snow Serpent, but Snow Serpents were level six demon beasts. No matter how weak the two were, they wouldn’t lose to a Snow Serpent. Most importantly, the positions of the corpses were wrong.

Teng Yu immediately walked over and killed that snake. A quick check over the body revealed the two slashes across their throats. As expected, they hadn’t died at the fangs of the Snow Serpent. They had been murdered, it seemed.

“Seems like something big has happened!” Teng Yu commented.

DaoXin Academy was very famous in the North. No matter how bold hunters were, they wouldn’t dare kill a student of the Academy. He found that the wound on their necks were very neat, obviously a death blow. Also, their eyes were frozen in a sort of unbelieving terror, as if expecting that their killer would kill them.

He had a bad feeling. If this was done by someone they knew, then things would be serious.

“Let’s take these corpses back with us, we have to inform the elders immediately,” Teng ZiYe instantly decided. Their task was finished anyways and if something bad had really managed to sneak in, the others were probably in grave danger as well.

At the same time, the target You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao were waiting on had finally come back.

The Bird of Pride’s original form was a tall, well-built man, with a face full of stubble. No matter how one looked at him, he was a testosterone-filled person, yet for some reason he…

Seeing him step inside, You XiaoMo was stunned.

The Bird of Pride was stunned, too.

The two were speechless, until the Bird of Pride came back to the present first.

He didn’t immediately demand You XiaoMo’s identity. Instead, he narrowed his eyes, his sharp gaze like needles stabbing into You XiaoMo. Just as he prepared to speak, You XiaoMo suddenly gripped his head with both hands and began yelling.

“No, why does the Bird of Pride have such an androgynous persona?”

A buff guy like that was wearing a bright red robe, his fingers held as an orchid. His long hair even had pretty and romantic little red hairpin holding it up. It could only be described as tacky.

You XiaoMo pointed at him, trembling. “You’re clearly a ladyboy!”

As soon as the word “ladyboy” came out, the Bird of Pride’s eyes spat fire and his expression darkened. What he hated most was when other people called him a “ladyboy”. No matter if it were humans or demon beasts, the people who dared call him that were no longer on this world.

Just as he was about to strike, a sigh suddenly rang out, shocking him to the point where the hairs on his body all stood up, because he hadn’t sensed a second person at all.

The one who made the sound was Ling Xiao, and he sounded rather exasperated.

You XiaoMo continued to scratch his head. “But, I thought you were exaggerating!”

Ling Xiao yelled back, “Idiot! Do I look like someone who exaggerates?”

You XiaoMo replied, “Yes!”

Ling Xiao: “…”

“Who are you?” The two’s tangent was finally interrupted by the Bird of Pride’s angry yell. He watched Ling Xiao with caution, as if looking at something terrifying.

It was impossible for him to not be wary, because he couldn’t feel Ling Xiao’s presence. That meant that this person’s strength was very possibly above his own.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao looked to him. The former with disdain, the latter with mischief.

You XiaoMo’s face was wrinkled. He wasn’t against men liking beauty, but… ladyboys were a bit too much.

Ling Xiao held up two fingers. “Let me give you two choices. One, contract with him, two, become my servant.”

“Is there any difference between the two?” The Bird of Pride’s expression was uncertain.

“Of course,” Ling Xiao said with smile. “He’s called You XiaoMo. I’m called Ling Xiao. Different masters.”

The Bird of Pride felt like coughing blood. This guy was clearly playing with him. He would never serve a human. He didn’t answer, directly attacking You XiaoMo, because he was weaker.

Ling Xiao’s gaze went cold, flashing in front of You XiaoMo and blocking the dark energy punch before grabbing him around the waist and giving chase.

The Bird of Pride knew he was no match for Ling Xiao, so he only attacked You XiaoMo for a chance to escape. He had succeeded. Ling Xiao had gone to save You XiaoMo. Though this only gave a few seconds, it was enough.

His speed was immense. If he was in his original form, he would be even faster. However, his original form was too large and eye-catching, so he would be found immediately.

Even if he didn’t return to his original form, he was still found.

Several hundred meters in front of him, two white and blue figures stood suspended in midair.

The Bird of Pride’s pupils dilated. He was already extremely fast, but this man was even faster. Who was he? He had never heard of such a person in all his years at the Uneven Slope.

The Bird of Pride didn’t want to fight this man, about to retreat when an intense pressure came down on him like a tidal wave, immobilizing him.

The Bird of Pride widened his eyes fearfully. “This, this is.. an Emperor Beast… No, if it was… he wouldn’t be able to suppress me with just the force of his presence.”

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