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Chapter 322: The Netherworld Siren

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

SheQiu did not dare to reveal the slightest hint of what he was thinking.

It would ruin his master’s plan if he was discovered by the man. The only thing they could do now was to wait for Boss Ling Xiao to come back. He believed that half an hour was definitely enough for him to return!

SheQiu could probably guess the reason why Boss Ling Xiao was taking so long to come back.

Boss Ling Xiao was probably teaching that Bird of Pride a lesson for nearly exposing his identity to his master, SheQiu thought as he glanced at You XiaoMo.

Time slowly trickled past.

You XiaoMo felt that man’s eyes on him and did not dare to reveal any hint of anxiety too.

The estimation of half an hour was really long, though he believed that Ling Xiao would not even need ten minutes before he returned. Yet, he did not dare to give a shorter estimate as it may possibly raise the man’s suspicions. You XiaoMo had stated that he and Ling Xiao were enemies, so it was impossible for him to be so knowledgeable of their whereabouts.

The man suddenly jumped down from above after three minutes had passed.

Once he came down, the other two also followed.

The man walked towards You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo could not help the slight tremble running through his body.

The man instantly caught this action and he narrowed his eyes. An indescribable look flashed behind his gloomy and penetrating eyes as he abruptly picked up his pace.

With a glance at his expression, You XiaoMo gave an inner cry of ‘oh shit!’ Had he seen through the bluff?

Just at this moment, a screaming cry echoed from afar through the horizon.

The man and his two companions immediately looked in the direction of the cry and sighted an immense grey shadow flying towards them. It appeared to be a giant bird cloaked in a terrifying aura. They could feel this oppressing pressure even before it approached.

The man’s chilly and gloomy gaze was as sharp as a needle, “Why is there a Bird of Pride here?”

Hearing this, You XiaoMo rolled his eyes and tried his best to restrain his excitement as he explained, “I’ve heard that there’s a level ten demon beast in the Uneven Slope. It’s very likely that it is this Bird of Pride.”

The Bird of Pride had already flown over while they were speaking.

It was not very obvious from a distance, only when it was near did they realize that the Bird of Pride’s original form was actually so big. Its humongous body was one tenth the size of the Uneven Slope. Its feathers were grey, and as Ling Xiao had said, a black miasma twined around its whole body.

However, where was Ling Xiao?

You XiaoMo could not help but raise his head and look around. My Boss, where are you ah, quickly come down and help! This little me cannot hold on anymore!

The Bird of Pride took on a condescending posture and arrogantly looked down at the people below, “Who are you guys? You actually dared to barge into this uncle’s territory!”

As one of the Seven Sins Beasts, the Bird of Pride naturally was an existence that many dreaded.

This was definitely a miscalculation as the man totally did not expect that there would be a Bird of Pride here. But this did not mean that he feared the Bird of Pride. On a basis of pure strength, he would end up coming out on top. He did not wish to start a fight with the Bird of Pride for two reasons. One, the one he was looking for was coming soon; and two, it may attract the attention of some experts from DaoXin Academy if they started to fight it out here.

The man took a step forward. A formidable aura that was comparable to the Bird of Pride was released without restraint.

He was confident that the Bird of Pride knew how to sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat, but contrary to his expectations, he had made a miscalculation again.

The Bird of Pride was somewhat shocked at this man’s strength. Despite living in the mountains for many years, he had only met a couple of demon beasts in the Demon Forest Mountain and a few old chaps from DaoXin Academy who were stronger than him. He had never thought that he would meet two people who were stronger than him within the same day in the mountains.

The Bird of Pride may probably have really feared him if the man was the first one he had met.

“Human, this uncle will repeat himself once more. Clear out of the Uneven Slope. Otherwise you can all remain here forever with this uncle.” The Bird of Pride arrogantly snorted.

In an instant, the man scowled as he malevolently said, “You are only a mere Bird of Pride. It seems that you’ve been too comfortable here for such a long time that you’ve forgotten a rule. Since you don’t remember it, then you can use your life as payment for me to jog your memory.”

“It’s not that he doesn’t remember it. It’s just that he has a backer…” Just as the man’s voice faded, a lazy voice abruptly rang out from the Bird of Pride.

The man was surprised, “Who is it?” Was there actually someone standing on the Bird of Pride?

Without waiting for the owner of the voice to reply, You XiaoMo excitedly helped him answer, “He is the Ling Xiao you are looking for.”

The man’s pupils constricted and his gaze immediately shifted to You XiaoMo, discovering that he was already dashing to the Bird of Pride under the escort of the Nine Winged Unity Serpent. Making a connection to what You XiaoMo had previously said, the man had a flash of insight and his face darkened terrifyingly in a split second.

“You dare to trick me?!”

He launched a sudden palm strike as he spoke. A fierce and malicious gale rapidly sped towards the retreating You XiaoMo to attack him. Even though it was just a casual action from the man, the force of the strike should not be overlooked.

SheQiu was about to stop to deal with it when a white figure jumped off the head of the Bird of Pride to stand in front of them. The person in white easily made the man’s attack go up in smoke.

The man’s face twisted in anger, yet he did not cower as a result of this. He viciously expelled a snort of disdain, “You are Ling Xiao? Then the mage behind you must be You XiaoMo. Your trick was well-played, very good! No one had ever dared to trick me like this! It appears that you are the one I am looking for.”

You XiaoMo sensed the gloomy and cold gaze that the man directed at him and promptly hid behind Ling Xiao.

It was a life or death crisis! It was only natural that a little more effort would be put into acting the trick out.

Though he did not really know how to act, he only had to imagine Teng ZiXin or Chai Zheng as his bitter enemy to bring the emotions forth. No matter how lousy he was he still had enough imagination to do this.

“This big brother here, in actual fact, we don’t even know each other. I think that we have never offended you too. Why are you being so…overbearing? How would this benefit you at all?” You XiaoMo could not refrain from asking. Ever since he heard that the man was looking for him and Ling Xiao, he had always been seeking an answer for this question. He was confident enough to vow that he had never seen this guy before, unless he had indirectly offended these people.

But that was not right too, as this person obviously did not recognize him. If there was resentment between them, how could he not have looked for his profile beforehand?

The man’s sharp piercing gaze fixed onto him, “You don’t have to try to coax answers from me. Since I’m here under orders, I will certainly be sure to bring you back. None of you will be able to stop me.” His line of sight clearly moved to Ling Xiao when he said the last sentence.

“Could this be the doing of the Teng or Chai Family?!” You XiaoMo exclaimed. Ling Xiao rapped You XiaoMo’s head as he finished speaking. You XiaoMo lifted his head and looked at him with teary eyes, “Why did you hit me?”

Ling Xiao looked at him in disdain, “It’s impossible for the Teng or Chai Family to be behind this. No matter how deep the pockets of the two families are, it’s inconceivable for them to dispatch two experts of the Imperial level and one Emperor level expert to snatch you.”

You XiaoMo, “Then who could be behind this?”

Ling Xiao, “Who knows.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Seeing that the two were actually disregarding him to chat with each other, the man’s face was as black as a thunder. He lifted his hand and motioned to the two behind to attack. The two immediately flashed over to Ling Xiao at the speed of lightning, appearing to be like two sharp blades.

Ling Xiao grabbed You XiaoMo’s collar and swiftly threw him onto the back of the Bird of Pride.

You XiaoMo gasped in horror, he wasn’t even prepared at all ah! Won’t he be disintegrated by the miasma from the Bird of Pride? With a ‘boom’, he landed on the back of the Bird of Pride, scaring him until his three immortal souls went to the seven mortal forms. It was only after a long while that he discovered that he was all right!
t/n: three immortal souls went to the seven mortal forms just means that he was so frightened that figuratively his soul came out of his body and entered cycle of reincarnation in this context.

SheQiu had long been standing behind him. Dumbfounded, he performed a face-palm. Sure enough, it must have been an illusion when he had felt that his master was very awesome before.

On the other hand, without even needing the Bird of Pride or SheQiu to make a move, Ling Xiao had single handedly ended the man’s two companions. The ease of Ling Xiao’s execution belied the fact that the two were Imperial level experts. He made it look so easy that even SheQiu did not know they were Imperial level experts.

Seeing his two companions had been killed, the man’s expression did not even have the slightest change. He had the two make a move for the purpose of probing Ling Xiao’s strength.

Such a degree of cold-bloodedness may also be said to be a realm unto itself!

“You are definitely very strong. Unfortunately you’ve run into me.” The man’s eerie gaze fixed onto Ling Xiao, emitting of a hint of frigid ambience and was frightfully gloomy.

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow in surprise. Even when it’s come to this, his tone was so arrogant, seemed like he had a trump card !

The man unquestionably had a trump card. It was his life-contract demon beast – the Netherworld Siren!

The Netherworld Siren was a high level demon beast that was above the Seven Sins Beasts. It was the King of the South Seas and could be said to be an Emperor Beast.

Hereby, one could also tell that the man’s identity was something out of the common run, as not just any person could form a contract with an Emperor Beast. It was only possible for a talented person from a Higher Level Realm to do so.

With a glance at the Netherworld Siren, Ling Xiao had more or less guessed the man’s background. A person from the Higher Level Realm who would specially run down to the Middle Level Realm and had called You XiaoMo out, saying that he would capture him.

Could it be that the man was coming straight for him?

Though the enormous Netherworld Siren was a tall as a mountain, it was only a little bigger than the Bird of Pride. Within the immensely vast mountains, it appeared to be just a drop in the ocean. The entire body of the Netherworld Siren was navy in color and a trace of bitterly cold air unceasingly emitted from his body. In addition to this, there was also a faint majestic pressure which was the characteristic of an Emperor Beast.

Under the attention of the group, the Netherworld Siren slowly opened his eyes.

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