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Chapter 388: The Man Who Intervenes Once Again

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Silence, dead silence…

Below them, a few seconds later, multiple waves of intakes of breath sounded. Everyone looked at You XiaoMo with unconcealed astonishment in their eyes.

“They’re actually from the Yin Yang Valley, no wonder they’re so arrogant.”

“My God this kid is going to get it.”

“Knowing his identity and that he can still say those things, looks like they really don’t care about the Yin Yang Valley. Courageous, but…sigh….”

In such an openly public area the young man had paid no mind to the reputation of the Yin Yang Valley. Not only that, his words were like a firm slap to the face for Tang Hao. That was more effective than any poisonous words and drove Tang Hao mad.

But no one noticed that Hu Feng’s expression changed too, he was now gloating over Tang Hao’s misery.

“Hey, you, I dare you say that again.” Tang Hao’s angry voice sounded again, his whole face blackened as he turned to You XiaoMo with murder in his eyes. His two guards behind him also stood up, emitting a strong pressure.

You XiaoMo just thought of it as funny. Making him repeat himself, even though he already said that no matter how many times he repeated himself, it would still be the same.

But he didn’t think he would meet someone from the Yin Yang Valley here. He didn’t know if they had some type relationship with that middle-aged man Mu Sheng. Maybe they could start with him.

Actually, You XiaoMo was over thinking this, as very few knew of the Vermillion Blood clan’s trip to the Long Xiang Continent and about the heritage treasure. It in itself it was a top hidden secret. Otherwise, if more knew of it, people outside of the Vermilion Blood Clan, like Dao Yun’s master, would know of it too.

“Hey big bro over there, isn’t an auction a fight with money? Since I already gave my price, if you can’t bid higher then that is your problem.” You XiaoMo said smiling.

Tang Hao was so angry his nose went crooked. There was nothing wrong with what he said, but with Tang Hao’s pride, getting his prize snatched at the most critical moment, how could he be okay? He was itching to kill.

“You brat, I’m going to say it one last time, if you mess with the Yin Yang Valley, that’s also offending the Vermilion Blood Clan. Even then, are you still going to fight with me over the Heavenly Cauldron?” Tang Hao’s eyes held with a cold light, staring intensely at You XiaoMo. If it wasn’t the auction house of the Cang Alliance, he would have made a move already. Otherwise, there was no way he would let someone like this be so arrogant in front of him.

You XiaoMo nodded, “I know you’re from the Yin Yang Valley and it has the Vermilion Blood Clan as backing. You don’t have to tell me, I’m not illiterate. But even so, then what? Can you disregard the auction house’s rule just because you have really strong backup?”

Once again, Tang Hao was enraged by his casual way of speaking to the point of his eyes turning red and body slightly shaking, all signs of immense anger.

“Okay, let’s stop the nonsense now, young master Tang, if you can’t give a higher price then I’ll announce the ownership of the Heavenly Cauldron.” At this moment, having watched enough of the spectacle, Yue QianShan finally spoke.

Once he spoke, the auction house quieted down and Tang Hao’s reason came back from his angered state. His brain told him that he could not make a move at the Cang Alliance’s auction, otherwise he would be forever banned as a customer and his face would be thrown out the window to the Southern Continent.

Tang Hao took in a deep breath and looked at You XiaoMo with enmity, “You brat, just you wait!”

When he finished he took his two guards and walked out of his booth, leaving the auction house. It was true that he couldn’t give a higher price, if he stayed, he would just be making a fool of himself.

But most importantly, he couldn’t kill in the auction house, if he wanted to make a move it would have to be done outside.

Once the troublemaker left, Yue QianShan immediately announced, “It looks like no one else can give a higher bid, then I announce…”  

“Hold it.” Just as everyone thought the auction was finally over, another voice interrupted Yue QianShan. The voice was a bit low, but you can tell it was a woman.

Once again something unexpected making everyone at the auction dumbfounded.

As people turned towards the source of the voice, they saw someone suddenly standing up in a corner of the auction house, wearing a grey cloak that covered their entire body. She was probably the one who spoke up. Not knowing her intentions, everyone watched holding their breath.

You XiaoMo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at someone mimicking his tactics.

Also making trouble at the critical, final moment. Before it was always them who would come out last and ‘take over’. To their surprise it was the opposite this time, kind of refreshing.

Ling Xiao stroked his smooth chin as he looked down at the person below, he slightly narrowed his eyes.

As if she didn’t notice all of the gazes, after she stood up she said, “I’ll give seven million spirit gems.”

After she said this, the crowd all exclaimed in surprise, six million spirit gems was already not a low price, but to add another million on top of that. What was going on today? Why were there so many super rich people? Compared to them, they were just fooling around.

You XiaoMo felt a tiny, tiny understanding of Tang Hao’s emotion.

But since he wasn’t someone narrow-minded and like he said, at an auction, one competed with riches.

Since they had already given a price, he couldn’t be like Tang Hao and threaten them, not to mention he had no status to show off, at most he had Ling Xiao beside him.

“Ten million.” Suddenly Ling Xiao spoke up, he didn’t use You XiaoMo’s tactic and just added on three million spirit gems, successfully being the most amount of spirit gems added in one go for this auction.

You XiaoMo almost lost his temper and quickly asked in a hush tone, “Why did you add so much at once?”

Ling Xiao replied, “This person is not simple, if she can add one million then clearly she has not reached her limit. Adding a little at a time would be a waste of time, might as well make it simpler.”  

However, from five hundred thousand to ten million was definitely unheard of in Bei Dong.

The other party seemed surprised at that.

The crowd was dead silent, they were almost used to it by now.

In the booth beside You XiaoMo, the Duan Mu Family was completely speechless, especially Duan MuQing who became stupified as he remembered what he told You XiaoMo, that Tang Hao had brought a lot of spirit gems.

As for Dao Yun, since the beginning, his mouth was wide opened in astonishment. He didn’t think someone he had spent three days with had this much money, ten million spirit gems just thrown out there with a single word.

The women with the cape hesitantly said another number, “Ten million and two hundred thousand spirit gems.”

This number was clearly a sign of the last struggle as she was unwilling to give up, however, it was really too bad.

Ling Xiao said, “Eleven million spirit gems.”

The caped women stayed silent and eventually shook her head. In disappointment she sat down, she had given up, even if she could add more, it was clear that her wealth could not compare. When they added spirit gems, there was no hesitation, even three million was thrown out like nothing, there was no point in fighting anymore.

“Going once for eleven million!”


“Going three times for eleven million! Sold!” As Yue QianShan said ‘sold’, it meant that the auction was finally over, although there were little accidents along the way, You XiaoMo still got the Heavenly Cauldron.

This price was actually not unjustifiable, since the Heavenly Cauldron was still ranked seventh and the spirit gems came so easily. Since it wasn’t earned by You XiaoMo himself, his heartache was just for a moment before being washed away by the joy of getting the cauldron.

After Yue QianShan announced that the auction was over, he told everyone to go backstage to pay the spirit gems and take their item.

You XiaoMo told Dao Yun and the people of the Duan Mu Family to go on ahead, he and Ling Xiao would go backstage to receive the Heavenly Cauldron. Initially, Dao Yun wanted to go with them to check it out, but seeing their determined faces, he could only give up on the idea.

When they arrived backstage, some of Bei Dong’s forces were there as well.

Among them were the Si Kong Family who had hunted the Duan Mu Family.

The Si Kong Family had already known that the people they sent out to kill Duan MuQing had died. They also knew that You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao had something to do with it too, since Duan MuQing came back that day with them.

Initially they were going to make trouble for them after the auction, but they didn’t think something that unexpected was going to happen. If they dared offend the Yin Yang Valley and could casually bring out ten million spirit gems, they weren’t someone they could mess with.

Once You XiaoMo gave the spirit gems, Yue QianShan got someone to bring the Heavenly Cauldron over.

The red cauldron was even smaller than what You XiaoMo had seen on the stage. It went from the size of a soccer ball to a fist, it was very mini and easy to carry around.

“This is your cauldron.” Yue QianShan said as he handed it over.

You XiaoMo happily took it, he couldn’t believe that just as they arrived on Tong Tian Continent that they would get a Heavenly Cauldron. Really, their luck was abnormally good.

Joyously taking his item, You XiaoMo pulled Ling Xiao along to leave.

“Wait a moment.” Yue QianShan suddenly stopped them as they were about to turn to leave.

You XiaoMo turned his head to look at him.

Yue QianShan reminded them, “You two should be careful leaving, both Tang Hao and Hu Feng are people who seek revenge for the smallest grievances. They probably won’t let you guys off.” He had a favorable impression of them, so he made a point to remind them.

You XiaoMo replied with a smile, “Thank you!”

And then he and Ling Xiao left the backstage area of the auction hall.

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