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Chapter 398: Biggest Problem in Life.

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Ling Xiao absorbed Hu Yin’s memory after he died.

Whether they were dead or alive, Ling Xiao could absorb the memories of people, but there was still a difference.

An instinctive resistance would be produced in the person’s memory when absorbing the memory while they were alive. This was not conducive for absorption and also wastes time. However, after dying the consciousness would dissipate. As long as the time of death was not more than one day, the memory would remain in the mind. Just like ownerless goods, the memory stored in the mind would be easier to absorb.

This was not the first time You XiaoMo saw Ling Xiao do this.

Every time he saw this scene, he felt that it was like Ling Xiao was eating people.

Ling Xiao had thoroughly absorbed Hu Yin’s memory after a few minutes. He found the answers they wanted in his memory, then said, “Let’s go.”

You XiaoMo nodded.

Ling Xiao set off a fire after walking out of the room, then the two left as easily as they entered.

Fifteen minutes later, the fire had spread and the west rooms of the City Lord’s mansion were alight with the blaze. The fire was very large and there were signs that it was spreading in the other directions. Moreover, they were unable to extinguish the fire no matter what was done. The entire City Lord’s mansion instantly sank into a panic, and roars were heard coming from inside from time to time.

The news that the mansion of the City Lord had caught fire spread on the morning of the second day.

It was said the fire did not go out until the morning. It was only that nearly half of the City Lord’s mansion had been burned down by then.

There were not many casualties because it was discovered early. But amongst the several number of dead was the insufferably arrogant Hu Yin and the other was an Emperor Realm expert. The Divine Realm expert from the Vermillion Blood Clan was very furious about this matter and stated that they would definitely catch the murderer. However, whether they could catch the person was another different matter.

In the afternoon, the news of the when the entrance of the underground palace would appear spread like wildfire.


Inside the City Lord’s mansion, a tense atmosphere pervaded the entire place. This was especially apparent in a hall which had not been burned from the fire. The people from the Vermilion Blood Clan were gathered here and there was fury on their faces no matter who they were.

You Ming, who was that Divine Realm expert from the Vermilion Blood Clan, looked towards the man with the highest rank amongst them, “QingShan, what do you think about this matter?”

The QingShan that You Ming addressed was the third son of the current head of the Vermilion Blood Clan. His looks were handsome and his talent was one of the very best in the clan. His status was higher than You Ming. He was the one who had the most say amongst all the people there. Even You Ming had to listen to him most of the time.

You QingShan muttered to himself irresolutely, “The cultivation base of the one who infiltrated into the City Lord’s mansion last night is bound to be above Uncle Lu. Otherwise it would be impossible for him to kill Uncle Lu soundlessly without a fuss. As for Hu Yin, we still can’t find him until now?”

“We have searched everywhere inside and out. There’s indeed no trace of Young Master Hu. We suspect that he probably has already been killed.” Hu Yin’s subordinate respectfully replied.

You QingShan rapped the tabletop, “That person killed Uncle Lu, yet he took Hu Yin away. Could it be that person that has some sort of grudge with Hu Yin?” Since they could not find Hu Yin’s body, they unanimously determined that Hu Yin had been kidnapped.

“Fifth Young Master, if the other party really had a grudge with Young Master Hu, I know of two suspects who fit the bill.” Hu KangNing who had just recuperated from his injuries immediately stood up when he heard this sentence. When he spoke of those two people, a trace of bitter resentment exuded from his eyes.

You QingShan gave him an indifferent glance, “Are you referring to what happened at the hotel?”

He had heard of this incident when he reached June City a few days ago.

Hu KangNing’s scalp tightened when You QingShan’s eyes were on him, and he cupped his hands and stated, “Yes! The strength of one of them was above Hu Yin. At that time, Young Master Hu did not even have slightest power to retaliate. So I believe that his strength is probably also above Senior Lu.”

A bodyguard ran in just at this moment.

The bodyguard cupped his hands and reported, “Young Master, there’s been some progress in the search. We found Young Master Hu Yin’s dimensional ring in the ruins. Underneath the ring was a pile of black ash. This is probably Young Master Hu Yin’s clothing and other personal items.”

“Could it be that the reason why Hu Yin disappeared was actually because he had been burned to ashes by the fire?” You QingShan frowned. A dimensional ring was an item that was of a much higher grade than a magic bag. With Hu Yin’s status, it was not unexpected for him to own one. If he had been kidnapped, it was impossible that the dimensional ring would be left behind untouched. In addition, with there was that pile of black ash, Hu Yin’s disappearance would be reasonable if it was interpreted this way.


You Ming heavily hammered the table as he darkly seethed, “Truly well done, to even dare to kill the heir of YuXian City. Apparently the fact that the Vermilion Blood Clan has made no big moves in these years has let everyone mistakenly believe that we are sick cats. Where is the dignity of the Vermilion Blood Clan if we don’t kill that person?!”

You QingShan’s expression was unfathomable.

“That person will definitely appear tomorrow. At that time we will see who is the most suspicious.” Hu KangNing clenched his hands. No matter whether those two were the killers or not, he would never let them off.


Before noon the next day.

The valley in the southwest corner of the mountain ranges of June City was full of people.

Almost all the experts in June City had arrived. The densely packed crowd was jammed into a pile, the mountain range which had always been desolate was brimming with an inhabited atmosphere.

Everyone was chattering in discussion when You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao arrived.

At this moment, there was only half an hour till the emergence of the entrance of the underground palace.

“There’s so many powerhouses, ah!” You XiaoMo excitedly exclaimed. Although the news had been released quite late, there were many powerhouses concealed beneath the surface in the mountain ranges of June City, so there was still quite a significant turnout here. Thus, everyone who was stronger than Uncle Lu were all suspects.

“Don’t be careless.” Ling Xiao cautioned.

“I know. Hey, is that valley the entrance?” You XiaoMo said as he curiously pointed at the precipitous terrain in front.

The mountain range ahead had a tremendous fracture about two hundred meters wide. This was precisely the fractured valley they had heard through word of mouth today. It was rumored that a long time ago, there were two exceptional experts who fought here and this dangerous mountain stream was the masterpiece of one of the experts.

As a result of their impressive destructive power, there was a place inside the fractured valley where the space was torn apart. After years of precipitation, this fractured valley became a famous dangerous spot in the mountain range of June City. The fractured valley was filled with hurricanes of thick ice as sharp as blades. There were even a few traces of spatial forces mixed inside the hurricane. It was able to easily split open the defense of a Spiritual Realm practitioner, so only those experts who were Imperial Realm and above could enter.

“The people from the Vermilion Blood Clan and the Mages Guild have arrived!”

Just then, the crowd in the front burst into an uproar.

You XiaoMo glanced in the direction they were looking at. Ten rays of light rapidly streaked across the sky. The rays drew closer from far to near and were soon before them, before descending onto an open space that no one dared to approach.

He did not recognize the rest other than Cheng DongQing and Hu KangNing.

You XiaoMo originally thought that Hu Feng and Tang Hao who he met in Bei Dong’s Tian Xiang City would also be here. He determined that they really did not come since he still had not seen a trace of their figures until now.

He did not know that Hu Feng and Tang Hao had been in confinement because they did not complete their Heavenly Caldron mission.

Continuing after them, Xiong Xiao’s Green Tortoise had also appeared. The gigantic Green Tortoise obscured the sky above, plunging the ground below into shadows. The Green Tortoise searched for a piece of vacant area before descending.

Xiong Xiao and Qiao WuShuang simultaneously jumped off the back of the Green Tortoise. Whether it was a coincidence or not, they just happened to land near where You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao were standing, and had long caught sight of them.

“Fellow Ling Mo, fellow You XiaoHa, we meet again.”

Xiong Xiao strode over, his stalwart face involuntarily let out a hint of cheer.

You XiaoMo was once again embarrassed by his address of ‘You XiaoHa’. He would not have let Ling Xiao speak first if he had known earlier. In the end, it became something like You XiaoHa. Ling Xiao’s alias was great. Using one of the letters from his name, Ling Mo Ling Mo, it even sounded good too.

Ling Xiao casually replied, “We just arrived.”

Qiao WuShuang saw that You XiaoMo’s face was crumpled into a ball and asked with a touch of care, “Fellow You, what happened to you?”

You XiaoMo was comforted at once by his address of ‘Fellow You’. It was so much better than You XiaoHa and he smiled in satisfaction, “Nothing, I am just pondering over the biggest problem in my life.”

Qiao WuShuang discreetly asked, “Dare I ask what the biggest problem in your life is?”

You XiaoMo sighed, “My surname is You. The main family from the Vermilion Blood Clan is also surnamed You. I say, you do think that I could be one of their clansmen that was stranded outside?”

“Er… …” Qiao WuShuang was stunned.

“It seems like there are all kinds of people in the world now. Any Tom, Dick or Harry also dares to pretend to be a person from the Vermilion Blood Clan without even considering their own status. On what basis are you worthy?!”

A mocking sneer abruptly sounded by his ear. The malicious tone and deliberate pitching of voice was a personal attack directed at You XiaoMo that was brimming with malevolence.

The crowd looked in the direction of the voice. It was an ‘acquaintance’ who had been sent flying with a kick by Ling Xiao – Hu KangNing.

You QingShan and You Ming were beside Hu KangNing. The expressions of the two were cryptic and it was hard to tell what they thought about the words that had been said to You XiaoMo. But it was apparent that they also approved of what he said, seeing as they did not tell off Hu KangNing.

You XiaoMo eyed them before he nonchalantly recalled his gaze and continued to look at and talk with Qiao WuShang, “I say, do you think I should change my surname? Otherwise, other people may think that I have some relation to that group of people who only know how to look at people through their nostrils. Then wouldn’t the one at a disadvantage be me?”

Qiao WuShang could only give a hollow laugh.

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