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Chapter 427: ShuangYu Hotel

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The magic pill shop was rather small, and they didn’t seem to have much business. There was only one person in the shop, lying on the counter napping. Probably hearing the footsteps, his head bashed against the counter with a loud thud, and the man jumped up in pain.

Seeing them, the man rapidly adjusted his attitude into something more suitable for welcoming customers. He quickly came up to them, words firing from his mouth like a machine gun. “Are you two gentlemen here for magic pills? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Though this shop isn’t the largest pill shop in Central City, we have a very comprehensive selection of magic pills. Anything you want, we have, and our magic pills are also relatively cheap…”

“Do you have any jade containers?” Ling Xiao’s cool voice cut through his rambling.

The man gave a ‘huh’, not sure how to react. This was a customer who came to a magic pill store for jade containers?

Seeing that he wasn’t talking, Ling Xiao assumed that he didn’t have any and turned to leave.

The man finally managed to snap out of it then, hurriedly calling after them, “Yes, yes, yes… we have all sorts of jade containers here. You two gentlemen have come to the right place, our shop…”

The corner of You XiaoMo’s lips twitched. This man probably put all his talent into saying whatever others wanted to hear, even his diction was the same. But why did Ling Xiao want to buy a jade container?

“Bring them out so we can have a look,” Ling Xiao once again interrupted.

“Ok ok, just a moment, gentlemen.” As if afraid they would run, the man left, constantly glancing back at them.

You XiaoMo took the chance to voice his confusion. “Why do you need a jade container?”

Ling Xiao replied, “To hold the Elemental Essences. Normal jade containers break easily.”

You XiaoMo had never cared much about jade containers. The ones he bought in the past wouldn’t be terrible in quality, but probably weren’t all that good either. The metal and earth Elemental Essences were different from the wood Elemental Essence. They had gained spiritual awareness a long time ago and were even more aggressive than the wood Elemental Essence. Normal jade containers wouldn’t be able to hold them.

Not long later, the man came back out with a large box. He placed the box on the counter. The space inside was separated into three shelves, each with a different quality of jade container.

The man began to enthusiastically ramble on about how great the jade containers were and, of course, didn’t forget to raise the price, raising it as high as he could. However, he clearly didn’t realize that no matter how high he raised it, You XiaoMo would pull it right back down.

Ling Xiao casually took three jade containers from the lowest shelf, the ones that were the most expensive according to the man.

The man smiled to the point where his eyes had become slits. “You truly have a remarkable eye for quality. These three jade containers were created out of a special material, there’s really no need to elaborate on the quality, so the price is a little expensive. However, seeing that it’s your first time at our shop, I can give you a ten percent discount.”

You XiaoMo glanced at the vials in Ling Xiao’s hand. They looked pretty good, so he asked, “How many spirit gems for one?”

The man gestured. “One is a hundred thousand spirit gems, so at a discount it’s ninety thousand.

You XiaoMo paused for a moment before looking up in disappointment. His shoulders sagged as he sighed, “But we only have ninety thousand. If you want ninety thousand for one, then we really don’t have enough. I had wanted to buy all three, but if this is the case, then never mind.” After that, he made a move to leave.

The man became anxious. “But you can buy one with ninety thousand.”

You XiaoMo shook his head. “I need three of them. If I can only buy one, then that’s far too troublesome. I might as well just not buy any.”

“Wait, we can talk this out,” the man really was afraid of them leaving.

You XiaoMo turned his head. “If you’re willing to sell three for ninety thousand, then that works.”

The man’s expression was conflicted, but in the end, he hardened his heart and said, “It’s a deal!” He had been bullshitting about the price being a hundred thousand. Having seen the quality of the two men’s attire, he thought that they were rich and purposefully raised it to a hundred thousand, wanting to profit from the two.

He hadn’t thought that it would end this way. Though there wasn’t that much profit from selling the three vials at ninety thousand, it was better than nothing. Plus, if he didn’t manage to earn anything, the owner would fire him next month.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao left the magic pill shop, satisfied. From the lack of business, they had managed to guess the situation the employee was in, which was why they had a good grasp of the situation.

By the time they returned to the inn, the sun was setting.

When they were about to go inside, the manager suddenly came over and blocked their way.

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow.

You XiaoMo politely asked. “Is something wrong, manager?”

The manager looked conflicted before handing them some spirit gems and saying hesitantly, “I’ve cancelled your room for you, gentlemen. In apology, here’s the fee you paid earlier. I’ll refund you in whole, so I must ask that you reside elsewhere.”

You XiaoMo didn’t know how to react to this unexpected event.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes. “Does someone want you to chase us off?”

The manager sighed, saying, “My inn is my own business. We have no one to back us or protect us. I can’t do anything about this. I’m very sorry.”

These words made things obvious and they weren’t unreasonable and heartless. You XiaoMo  calmly accepted the spirit gems the manager had refunded them and left the inn with Ling Xiao.

“Who do you think is trying to target us like this?” You XiaoMo wasn’t upset. They had earned a few spirit gems for free. It was just a matter of switching inns. Central City was a massive place, so they weren’t afraid of not being able to find a place to stay. If worse came to worse, they could just stay in their pocket dimension.

Ling Xiao replied, “Naturally, someone who’s even more stupid than you are.”

You XiaoMo’s cheer shattered on the ground, replying in disgruntlement. “Hey, I don’t mind if you call that person stupid, but don’t drag me into things. There’s no comparison to be made.”

Ling Xiao’s steps paused. “True.”

You XiaoMo swore that this guy was taking things in a completely different direction to him. Sarcasm was the worst. So was having too good of an understanding of the other.

The two figures walked side by side, their shadows dragged out by the setting sun.

The two decided to find a new place before the sun set. At first, they thought it would be easy, but they hadn’t thought that the other places would react the same way. As soon as they said their names, there would be no more free rooms. They would be told to find another place, but the other places said the same thing.

Having been ‘stood up’ over and over again, the sun soon set.

You XiaoMo squatted in the corner of the street. This An Qiao was too much. Didn’t he know that it was easy to offend people if he went too far like this?

“What now?”

Ling Xiao pulled him up. “We’ll find a big hotel.”

Hotels were different from inns. inns were small personal businesses, usually opened and maintained by people without any sort of grand background. For these people, they had to submit to a young master like An Qiao’s threats. However, the large hotels were different. Usually, they were backed by the wealthy and powerful, and An Qiao wasn’t enough to force them into anything.

You XiaoMo realized this, as well and couldn’t help but feel suspicious. Did An Qiao not think they had the money to afford a hotel? At this, he was delighted.

The hotels were gathered in the most prosperous area of Central City. When night fell, the area would be brightly lit and the amount of traffic didn’t lose to how it was during the day. There were cheers continuously erupting from some places, making it very lively.

ShuangYu Hotel was the largest hotel in Central City. Apparently, it was neither backed by the Mage’s Guild or the Beast Transfiguration Guild, but a mysterious person that no one had ever seen.

Every night, ShuangYu Hotel was the liveliest place in all of Central City.

No matter rich or poor, people continuously flowed in and out of the hotel, because this was where the largest casino in all of TongTian Continent was.

However, the casino was under the hotel. It was rather quiet above that.

A harried looking employee rushed over upon seeing the two enter, greeting them with a smile. Upon finding out that they were here to check into a room, he called someone over to deal with his current business before taking them upstairs.

ShuangYu Hotel’s rooms were categorized into three kinds. The cheapest was one spirit gem per day while the most expensive would cost ten per day. The guests could choose according to their own financial ability, but most who came here had some wealth.

“Here is your room, gentlemen.” The employee led them inside.

You XiaoMo took a look around the interior and nodded in satisfaction.

“If you can’t sleep at night and want something to do, you can try the underground casino. I can promise that it’ll let you forget all your worries.” The employee enthusiastically marketed to them.

You XiaoMo raised an eyebrow. Of course it would cause you to forget all your worries. Once you got addicted to something like gambling, it would be hard to pull away. However, he hadn’t ever gambled in either of his lives. Hearing the employee’s words, he was rather curious. Even if he didn’t try it out, he could go for the experience.

After the employee left, You XiaoMo paced in the room. Seeing that Ling Xiao didn’t have anything to do either, he couldn’t hold it in anymore and suggested, “How about we go and check out the casino?”

Ling Xiao glanced at them, guessing that he wouldn’t be able to hold back his curiosity. “In a while. First, you should let out SheQiu and the others and let them have some time to explore. There’s no discrimination against different species. Even if they’re found out to be Demon Beasts, it’ll be fine.”

The Beast Transfiguration Guild were close with Demon Beasts. If anyone wanted to do anything to a Demon Beast, they’d have to consider if the Demon Beast belonged to the Beast Transfiguration Guild or not first, so ZhongTian was pretty safe.

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