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Chapter 430: Youngster

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In a brightly lit room, a gorgeous and exquisitely embroidered moonlight-colored brocade robe was scattered on the ground. A white changshan lay in disarray under the foot of the bed and several pieces of black rags that had been torn to shreds were interspersed among it.

Behind the white veil were two figures tangling inseparably together. The charming atmosphere surged with searing hot air that seemed to be rampaging rhythmically, making the pleasure unbearable.

You XiaoMo looked up. From the very start of the aches until now, the limp and numbing pleasure was akin to a tide, unceasingly roiling within his body as wave after wave surged up violently.

His body was still as virginal as ever no matter how many times they had done this. Under the tyrannical movements of the person on top of him, he could only passively accept the man’s invasive and oppressive actions.

“Look, you’re really naturally talented.” Ling Xiao’s deep and husky voice unhurriedly echoed out while containing a subdued smile.

You XiaoMo’s mouth opened, but he could not even form a complete word. Several broken moans were rammed out of his mouth by the man from time to time. His hands that had been fumbling about finally grasped onto the man’s shoulder and he used his remaining strength to cling on. Opening his mouth, he bit the man’s neck without the slightest hesitation.

You’re the one who is naturally talented, your whole family is naturally talented.

Ling Xiao’s thrusts abruptly stopped. Just as You XiaoMo was about to gloat, a series of thrusts that were so forceful it seemed to push him off, buried his desire even deeper instead.

You XiaoMo promptly bit his own lip as he nearly let out a shriek. But even so, this action was unable to prevent the excitement and pleasure that spread from the tail of his spine to his whole body like an electric shock. A certain place that was containing something subconsciously tightened even more.

Ling Xiao let out a smothered groan, “You’re gripping me too tightly, relax a little. I still don’t want to finish so quickly.”

You XiaoMo furiously bit him once more. You’ve already been tormenting me for more than an hour and you actually said that you don’t want to finish so quickly?! Don’t tell me that you want to continue throughout the night?! Fat chance!

Thus, he clamped down even tighter.

However, the assault in his body unexpectedly became even more coarse and wild. The poundings came one after other, as if Ling Xiao wanted to pierce through him. He would have long collapsed wearily if not for Ling Xiao holding onto his waist.

After an unknown period of time, the man let out a low and muffled roar as he released a hot stream into You XiaoMo’s body. The volume which had been accumulated for a month was extremely astonishing. You XiaoMo was all wet below and he felt as if his lower abdomen was being filled to the bursting point.

You XiaoMo did not have any more strength to move and darkness filled his vision.

Making love just once was even more tiring than engaging in one fight. This work was definitely not to be done by humans.

He groggily fell into slumber just as this thought flashed through his mind.

After waking up the next day, You XiaoMo only felt like his whole body had been crushed by a wheel and all his bones were even letting out cracking sounds. He could not help but let out a low curse as he thought back to last night’s passionate events.

In actual fact, they had not only done it once last night. After he had fainted, he was woken up in the middle of the night by the incessant rhythmic movements of the immense thing buried within his body. He couldn’t even ignore that vigor and speed even if he wanted to and it was simply impossible to count how many times he had been done.

You XiaoMo could feel that his body was feeling cool and fresh. He saw that Ling Xiao had helped to clean him up and put clean and neat clothes on him. It seemed that the clothes which had been torn to shreds last night were already in the trash can.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch… …”

You XiaoMo’s facial features scrunched up as he supported himself while moving to a sitting position. He still had to report to the XiaoYao Institute today and Ling Xiao actually did it so excessively. It appeared that he could only go into his dimension and soak in the spiritual water for a while.

You XiaoMo was refreshed and energetic when he came out again and he jumped down from the bed like a robust person.

Ling Xiao walked in from outside at this moment. Seeing You XiaoMo lively bouncing around, he pondered, “Don’t tell me that we didn’t do it enough yesterday?”

You XiaoMo’s face turned black once he heard this, and he directly flung a word at Ling Xiao, “Scram!”

Ling Xiao did not scram in the end. He was even carrying a steaming hot breakfast in his hands – steamed buns and congee.

You XiaoMo’s appetite was enormous after exercising for the whole night. He ate six buns and a bowl of congee before patting his stomach to indicate that he was stuffed.

The two departed towards XiaoYao Institute after that.

The XiaoYao Institute was not far from the ShuangYu House. It only took half an hour of walking if one was walking quickly. Only a few hundred people remained on the vacant land which had been filled with a vast crowd several days ago. It was abnormally sparse and empty now. These people had all passed the assessment and only a small portion of them were accompanied by a companion.

They arrived later as they had woken up late. Jiu Ye, Qiao WuXing and the others were already standing in front of the gate of the XiaoYao Institute while conversing quietly.

“You XiaoHa, we’re here.” An excited voice suddenly rang out and the scene of that person waving could be seen from a distance. It was Yan Hui who was beaming widely.

You XiaoMo instantly felt a pain in his balls. He had a premonition that this name would be following him for a very long time. Perhaps it was better for him to learn to adapt to it now.

“It’ll be okay if you’re used to it.” Ling Xiao smiled as he spoke beside his ear.

You XiaoMo glared at him, “Didn’t I become You XiaoHa all because of you? Couldn’t you help me to choose a more pleasant sounding name at that time? You even clearly chose a name like Ling Mo for yourself, that’s my name eh.”

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrow, “Don’t tell me that you preferred You XiaoXiao more?”

You XiaoMo was taken aback. It was only after recovering did he become aware that his alias was You XiaoXiao. But it sounded just like Xiaoxiao. This name was even more chilling. Perhaps he would not feel this way if he was a woman, but he was a man.

<strong>t/n: Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo attempted to switch the last characters of their name. So Ling Xiao 凌霄 would become Ling Mo 凌默 and You XiaoMo 游小默 would be You XiaoXiao 游小霄. However, XiaoXiao 小霄 also sounds like Xiaoxiao 小小 (but with different intonations) which means small and tiny, which is not a name a guy would like to have.</strong>

“Then, let’s stick with You XiaoHa ba.”

Ling Xiao did not feel the least surprised at all.

“Fellow You, what are you guys talking about? Why do you look so pale?” Yan Hui curiously caught sight of You XiaoMo’s expression which looked just like a pickled vegetable.

You XiaoMo dispiritedly shook his head and shifted the subject, “What time can we enter?”

“It should be soon, but it seems like there’s someone who has not arrived.” Yan Hui scratched his head and then he suddenly lowered his voice, “I’ve heard that that An Qiao will also be coming.”

You XiaoMo was gobsmacked, “Wasn’t he eliminated?”

Yan Hui snorted, “He has a powerful backer. I’ve heard that some big person from the Mage Guild personally stepped in. XiaoYao Institution finally agreed to let An Qiao come over on that person’s behalf.”

You XiaoMo let out a laugh in surprise, he’s really an idiot.

Yan Hui was bewildered, “Why did you laugh?”


Qiao WuXing held Tian Xin’s hand as he walked over with a smile and greeted, “Fellow You, in the future we will all be students of XiaoYao Institute, please feel free to advise us.”

The crowd behind started making a clamor just as You XiaoMo was about to reply. Everyone did not care in the beginning, as places with crowds would indeed be relatively noisy. The crowd had already parted into two when the bustle became louder and louder, and the vacant space between appeared just like someone was about to walk down the red carpet.

An extremely familiar person walked over as the mass of people crowded around him.

Silence fell all around…

You XiaoMo’s mouth could not refrain from twitching upon seeing that arrogant An Qiao. Under these sort of circumstances where he failed the assessment and had to depend on relations, he actually made such bombast instead of being a little more low-profile. Was he an idiot or an idiot?

Ling Xiao quietly commented, “Actually, compared to him, your IQ is quite high.”

You XiaoMo chuckled, “I would have been even happier if you excluded the first part of the sentence.”

Ling Xiao quipped, “Nope, if I excluded it, the latter part would have to be excluded too.”

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes at Ling Xiao with all his strength.

Seeing You XiaoMo standing here in perfect condition, An Qiao frowned. Based on the friendship between him and Wu Cheng, Wu Cheng should have made a move yesterday. However, he looked like nothing had happened to him at all. Could it be that Wu Cheng still had not made a move?

An Qiao did not know what had happened yesterday. Wu Cheng also did not send people over to tell him, so currently he was completely in the dark and also did not know that his good brother was somewhat dissatisfied with him.

“It looks like your luck isn’t bad since you actually didn’t die last night.” An Qiao stopped in front of You XiaoMo and sneered at him.

You XiaoMo touched his nose and smiled, “Yes, I feel the same too.” His luck was really good.

An Qiao’s expression immediately chilled. He really hated this expression on You XiaoMo’s face. Every time he showed this, You XiaoMo gave off the feeling that he did not care for anything, as if everything that happened was just An Qiao tormenting his own self.

You XiaoMo would certainly give him a definite answer if he knew what An Qiao was thinking. It’s precisely you tormenting yourself.

“Don’t you dare be smug.” An Qiao coldly retorted as a vicious gleam suffused his eyes.

You XiaoMo calmly replied, “I’m not being smug. On the contrary, the one who should pay more attention is you. You were eliminated in the assessment and should not have been able to enter XiaoYao Institute. In the end, it degenerated to the Mage Guild stepping in for you to be admitted. Don’t you feel embarrassed? You’re the only person here who did not depend on his ability in order to be admitted.”

An Qiao’s expression became uglier and uglier as You XiaoMo chided him. Those last words and that tone further deepened the impression that You XiaoMo was ruthlessly ridiculing him.

He did not feel that it was embarrassing to depend on his elders to step in for him to be admitted at the beginning. Rather, he felt very proud. But once You XiaoMo spoke, he then discovered that the eyes of the rest of the people looking at him carried a hint of ridicule that was hard to perceive.

“If it was not for you framing me… …”

You XiaoMo cut him off. His bright eyes looked at An Qiao as he said, “A person must be brave enough to admit their mistakes. What’s the point of always looking back at what has already been done? Youngster, don’t be like this. You must harbor a sincere heart.”

These words that were brimming with philosophy made the people around quiet down for a moment.

Big brother, standing in front of you is a youngster that views you as foe. You’re using this sort of ‘older generation teaching and educating others’ tone to speak to him, what show are you preparing to stage?

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