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Chapter 436: Cheating Technique

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the span of a few days, You XiaoMo and the others had already become famous. So, the moment they arrived, the attention was focused on them, especially those from the fifty to seventieth row from the left. That section was so excited that their eyes felt like they were spitting fire.

Yan Hui and Cheng XiangRong came early and saved seats for them so that even though they came late, they didn’t have to stand like everyone else.

Once You XiaoMo was seated, he realized that those people were still staring at him and couldn’t help but question, “Are those people there our opponents? Why are they still looking at us?” He was in his room the day before, so he didn’t know what his opponent looked like.

Tian Xin, who was sitting in front, turned to say, “That’s them, although they’re all from the fortieth floor, every one of them is sinister and crafty. When we went to register, they had already heard about us, but that cannot be helped since every year there are new students who are tough. Therefore, they pay close attention to those particularly tough as to prevent themselves from getting chosen.”

You XiaoMo scratched his head, “How do you prevent something like this?”

Tian Xin snickered, “Of course you can, if you weren’t locked up in your room yesterday, this kind of information was easy to obtain.”

“Then hurry up and tell me.”

Tian Xin lifted her delicate and petite chin to say, “If you call me big sis then I’ll tell you.”

You XiaoMo didn’t know what to say, he knew that Tian Xin was only nineteen, so to get him, a twenty-two-year-old to call her sis…he felt his goosebumps rising.

But right at this moment, his savior appeared, Ling Xiao, who sat beside him, slightly opened his eyes and gave a unclear glance at Tian Xin while saying, “It probably has to do with the lottery system.”

“Ah, that’s why!”

With just one sentence You XiaoMo figured it out, it was in the rules that if more than three people challenge the same person then there would be a random draw at the stage. Only the one who was drawn could have that chance to fight.

If these people knew who would be challenging them, then they could get people to pretend to challenge them. The more people, the less likely they were to be picked.

Tian Xin pouted at little and looked towards Ling Xiao with blame, “However, that is undesirable since its disrupting the rules and if the Xiao Yao Institution finds out, there would be severe punishments. Because it was so harsh, no one would break it unless they were sure they wouldn’t leave a trace.”

You XiaoMo thought to himself, he couldn’t be that unlucky right? Since he did want to use these three attempts to get to the sixtieth floor.

It wasn’t long before the challenges began.

On the jade plate appeared the two hundred contestants for the first round, since the number of participants was less than the lower floors, the names of Yan Hui, Tian Xin, and Zhang LanYu were all on the list.

Tian Xin was already bustling with excitement so the moment she saw her name, she jumped straight up.

Qiao WuXing said to her, “Tian Xin, once the match starts, you can’t be careless, even if the opponents are weaker than you. Do you understand?”

Tian Xin spitted out her tongue in response, “I know, WuXing-gege.”

You XiaoMo had one hand supporting his chin while he thought. The three were middle tier in their group, however, for someone from the fortieth floor, they would completely overwhelm them. Take Tian Xin for example, her strength was that of a high rank level seven mage, to fight against a level six mage, there would be no reason for her to lose.

Zhang LanYu’s strength was unexpectedly high, he was a low rank level nine mage.

As for Yan Hui, he could never see through him, this person seemed to be careless and straightforward but You XiaoMo always thought that he was a bit weird. However, he was definitely a high rank level eight mage, certainly strong and would have no problem getting to the seventieth floor.

The three opponents were not the strongest bunch of the floor, so their results were similar to that of You XiaoMo, both of Yan Hui and Zhang LanYu’s opponents forfeited. That was because they all had matches later on, except for Tian Xin’s opponent.

Her opponent had probably thought that since she was a girl and there was only a one level difference that he still had a chance. However, he didn’t realize that under that delicate appearance was a manly heart. With pure force she sent her opponent flying.

You XiaoMo had already knew that the girl was strong, but he didn’t think it was this ridiculous. The man who she sent flying was at least one hundred kg and yet she did it effortlessly. It looked like that day when she patted him on the shoulder, she went easy on him.

The girl who won the fight came running back jubilantly and blinked towards Qiao WuXing.

Qiao WuXing couldn’t help but laugh while shaking his head. Him telling her to be wary wasn’t because he didn’t trust her, but he was simply worried that the opponent might pull something dirty.

“Easy peasy lemon squeezy. It was so easy!” When Tian Xin got back to her seat, her pretty face looked like a flower with how much she was smiling.

Qiao WuXing didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry and said, “Tian Xin, you are a girl, beware of your image.”

Tian Xin paid no attention, “WuXing-gege, look at the tournament, the jade plate’s moving again. It’s possible that you’re up next.”

Qiao WuXing shook his head.

Like she said, there was new names appearing on the jade plate. You XiaoMo was paying close attention so he wouldn’t miss his name, since there were less matches than for the twentieth floor, he had a pretty good chance of appearing. However, when all the names were shown, his was still not there.

“That’s weird, You XiaoHa your opponents name is up there though.” Tian Xin, who had a sharp eye, spotted the name Zhu Hong, who was You XiaoMo’s opponent.

Hearing her words, the group looked closer and as she said, on the thirty-third spot, which was the arena number of You XiaoMo, had Zhu Hong’s name. However, beside it, there was no name for a challenger.

“It’s a lottery, there is more than three people challenging Zhu Hong.” Jiu Ye spoke up in his nonchalant tone.

You XiaoMo was dumbfounded, wasn’t Zhu Hong a powerhouse of the fortieth floor, then why was there so many challenging him?  Also, he arrived relatively late and at that point he was the only challenger, logically speaking, this shouldn’t be the case.

Tian Xin had a muffled laugh as she covered her mouth, “You XiaoHa, it looks like this Zhu Hong person doesn’t want to fight you.”

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes towards her and said, “Didn’t you say most people were too afraid to break the rules?” This was annoying, how unlucky was he to come across something like this.

Tian Xin objected, “However, this Zhu Hong is not typical, do you know of a Clean Sweep Victory?Well, you probably don’t. In the Giganticus, there is a special rule that says if you can win six matches in a row, with having opponents at a higher level, then you can go straight up twenty floors. I heard that Zhu Hong was preparing to challenge this rule and yesterday he already won against someone stronger, if he lost to you here, then his record from before would be useless. The next time he could challenge again would be in three months.”

Yan Hui continued while grinning, “The great disparity between you two is so large that even if he won yesterday, there was no way he could win against you currently.”

You XiaoMo wanted to die, if he had known earlier he wouldn’t have picked him. Even if it meant challenging the same person as Qiao WuXing that would’ve been fine, but now it was all up to luck. His was going crazy just picturing being stuck at the fortieth floor while everyone else went up to the sixtieth.

“Serves you right!” Qiao An’s gloating voice appeared expectedly.

You XiaoMo had expected that he would add insult to injury, so he just rolled his eyes and pretended not to have heard anything. Then he leaned on Ling Xiao’s shoulder and made a forty-five degrees sadness.

“Ling…Eh, do you think I will be picked?”

Ling Xiao said, “You just have to believe that you have a halo above you…”

You XiaoMo, “……” What, the main character halo?

The lottery was done in front of everyone, however, it wasn’t just Zhu Hong with multiple challengers, so it took a while to get to him. Once it was Zhu Hong’s turn, the audience suddenly became a lot quieter. The people here knew the context better than Tian Xin did and also knew that to not fight You XiaoMo, he cheated.

Once Zhu Hong stood on top of the thirty-third arena, even though it was hard to tell his expression due to the distance, You XiaoMo felt that this person here was in a composed complacency.

You XiaoMo thought to himself, “Dage, you can’t just sacrifice me because you want the Clean Sweep Victory, that’s unethical. If I’m not chosen, I’m fighting you for my third chance, you got me? So if you got me then just be a good boy and pick me, I won’t embarrass you, really!”

A little while later, the referee of the thirty-third arrived with a stack of paper.

In the referee’s hands were names of Zhu Hong’s challengers and all he had to do was to choose one of the paper slips.

There were a total of elven paper slips, if You XiaoMo ‘stand out amongst the crowd’, he had less than one tenth of a chance to do so. It was so low that most people thought it was impossible, however that didn’t deny the fact that it was a tense situation.

Most of the audience was focused on Zhu Hong.

The best part was, on a nearby stage, a pair also had a burning gossip spirit and actually both called for a pause, so they could fight later. The referee was angered to the point of laughing.

So, the referee walked over with the slips to Zhu Zhong, with the latter very casually pulling one out.

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