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Chapter 462: Dressing Truth with Lies

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

There were many forces hidden within the Southern Continent, but the truly big ones were the Cang Alliance and the Vermillion Blood Clan.

The reason why these two families were able to peacefully develop up till the present day was inseparable from the fact that each of the two had an upper star Sacred Realm powerhouse. It was precisely because of this that they could live together in harmony until now, but…

The time since the Cang Alliance came into existence was shorter than the Vermillion Blood Clan and its development was extremely rapid. Not only did the spies of the Cang Alliance quickly cover the Southern Continent, they had also developed to other regions. Regardless of whether it was their intelligence network or their powerhouses, they faintly surpassed the Vermillion Blood Clan in both areas.

As it had been said, one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers.

The Vermillion Blood Clan was astonished by the rapid development of the Cang Alliance. Thus, they were friendly on the surface but secretly on the alert as they made their preparations. But why had the balance not been broken even until now?

That was because there was a lack of opportunity.

In the current situation, both sides had a powerhouse overseeing them. It would result in both sides suffering if they really came to blows, and lead to an advantageous situation for others instead.

Therefore, if another Sacred Realm expert appeared with the intention to form a good relationship with the Cang Alliance, then the old patriarch of the Vermillion Blood Clan would definitely feel uneasy and personally step forth.

“This method is good, but…” You XiaoMo awkwardly looked at Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao had said that his cultivation base was to be kept confidential. It was tantamount to telling everyone if he attended the banquet with his true cultivation base.

“Perhaps, we can release false news.” Yin Ge had more or less vaguely guessed it in his heart when seeing You XiaoMo look at Ling Xiao. Though he was shocked, he did not say anything.

Zhan YuXuan pondered on it for a moment, “How should we release the false news? With the Cang Alliance’s intelligence network, they’d surely be able to verify its authenticity.”

Yin Ge glanced at Ling Xiao, “We can dress truth with lies.”

You XiaoMo had only heard of the idiom dressing lies with truth, and had never heard of this sort of ‘dressing truth with lies’ idiom which may or may not be one.

Yet Ling Xiao revealed a slight smile, “Your intention is to let me ‘show my face’ and use the identity of a Sacred Realm practitioner to release ‘false news’, so that both the Cang Alliance and the Vermillion Blood Clan will believe that there would be a mysterious Sacred Realm practitioner attending the banquet, right?”

Yin Ge nodded.

It would be difficult to distinguish between true and false in this manner, because a mysterious expert had definitely appeared. However, no one would know what his purpose was as this person had not been invited.

There were very few Sacred Realm powerhouses in the Tong Tian Continent. They were so scarce that a large amount of attention would be drawn every time a Sacred Realm powerhouse appeared. This person could possibly make huge waves if he was a highly ambitious person, and would certainly bring about an impact on the other forces.

If he belonged to a certain fraction or joined a certain fighting force, that force would instantly become the top force in Tong Tian Continent and may even surpass the Tong Tian Palace. Therefore, every Sacred Realm powerhouse had to be treated seriously.


The Cang Alliance would dispatch people to maintain order during this important moment every year to avoid riots within their sphere of influence. This would also prevent ambitious people from taking advantage of this to cause all sorts of chaos that would affect the organization of the banquet.

Though it was not known who would be sent this year, the one arriving should be one of the disciples of the head of the Cang Alliance. It would be more convincing if he ‘showed his face’ before the disciple of the head of the Cang Alliance, rather than doing it before the others.

Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan had gotten the news the day before that the people from the Cang Alliance would be arriving this afternoon. There should be a crowd gathered at that time, so it would be enough for him to ‘show his face’ and say a few words at that moment.

The information said that the people from the Cang Alliance would arrive at around five o’clock, so You XiaoMo and the three would set up an ‘ambush’ outside the city of BeiYang before five o’clock.

It was not yet five when and a commotion arose from outside the city. From afar, they could see a colossal Green Tortoise approaching. The tortoise was even bigger than Xiong Xiao’s and the scale and personnel were also grander.

“There’s a person on top of the Green Tortoise’s head.”

An indistinct figure awe-inspiringly stood on the head of the tortoise which nearly seemed to be touching the clouds. The figure stood proudly in the wind and a formidable aura could be felt from the person’s body from far away.

“Awesome! I didn’t think that the person who the Cang Alliance sent to BeiYang City was actually Fang ChiYao.’

The figure had not even arrived and the people below were already impassioned.

“Oh my god, my godly idol is coming.”

“Eh…who is Fang ChiYao?” The person who asked this question immediately received the contempt of everyone around him.

“Which corner did this person crawl out from!? To think he doesn’t even know Fang ChiYao’s name! Drag him out and execute him!”

“Fang ChiYao-daren is the third disciple of the head of the Cang Alliance. He’s the seventh on the Tong Tian Rankings. There’s actually someone who doesn’t recognize such an awesome and famous person? Who is it!?”

“When speaking of Fang ChiYao-daren, we must not forget to mention his battle with XX…”

You XiaoMo who was hiding in the crowd blushed with shame and squeezed out. He had been the one who had just asked that question and never did he expect everyone’s response to be so intense. He did except that this Fang ChiYao was actually such an awesome person. It was no wonder that so many people would run outside the city to catch a glimpse of his splendor. This scene was comparable to the star-chasing trend of the modern age.

“Next time, you can ask me if you have a question. Many of the disciples of the head of the Cang Alliance are famous and outstanding experts. Therefore, many practitioners in the Southern Continent adore them. You will be bombarded if you say that you don’t know these people.” Zhan YuXuan smiled as he eyed You XiaoMo’s slightly sorry-looking figure.

“Say it earlier next time.” You XiaoMo patted him on the shoulder.

“All right …” Zhan YuXuan stifled his laughter as he replied.

Fang ChiYao’s Green Tortoise had already approached while they were talking. It alighted on a piece of empty, sandy land. The colossal mouth of the Green Tortoise let out a low and echoing ‘wu wu’. The ones who were a little closer bore the brunt of the sound and everyone retreated backwards.

Fang ChiYao gazed at people below from the head of the tortoise. Although his identity and status was high enough for him to harbor despise for the people below, he did not show a hint of arrogance or superior attitude. Just as he was about to jump down, a familiar voice suddenly rang out in his mind.


Fang ChiYao’s movement on Green Tortoise paused and he doubtfully asked, “What happened?”

The voice did not answer his question immediately. After five seconds of silence, “There’s an extremely strong person here, stronger than you and me.”

Fang ChiYao’s expression became imposing. His cultivation level was that of a seven star Divine Realm practitioner. If the other’s strength was above them, could it be that he was a Sacred Realm practitioner?

Fang ChiYao expression became apprehensive once he thought of this.

How was it possible for Beiyang City to have a Sacred Realm practitioner? Could it be that this person was someone preparing to participate in the banquet? However, Master had only invited a couple of Sacred Realm practitioners. He knew all their names and it was not possible for them to appear in BeiYang City. Unless it was a Sacred Realm powerhouse who had just advanced…

Fang ChiYao subconsciously ruled this idea out just as it emerged. It was impossible for the Cang Alliance to have completely missed all information if there had been a Sacred Realm powerhouse who had just advanced.

“Don’t worry, that person doesn’t seem malicious. We can only wait and see what happens.” Xuan Tian replied.

Just at this moment, light laughter rang out in the sky and was transmitted to the ears of the crowd in an exceptionally clear pitch. The low and deep voice seemed to carry a trace of vicissitudes.

“You are the disciple of the head of the Cang Alliance, Fang ChiYao?”

Fang ChiYao did not expect him to take the initiative to start the conversation. After staring blankly for a moment, a trace of vigilance instantly rose in his heart. “May I know who your Excellency is?”

“Who I am is not important.”

“May I ask if senior has any important matter to discuss?” Fang ChiYao had already confirmed that the other person was a Sacred Realm expert so he became more polite when speaking.

“It’s not an important matter. I am just here to inform you that I will be meeting an acquaintance at your shidi’s birthday banquet.” With that, the aura retreated in a split second.

“Senior!?” Fang ChiYao hurriedly called out to him.

“Stop calling, he seems to have left.” Xuan Tian said.

Fan ChiYao frowned, “Xuan Tian, do you think what he said was true? Will his acquaintance really be at Xiao shidi’s birthday banquet?”

Xuan Tian replied, “I’m not too sure. But if what he said was true, it is very probable that the acquaintance he mentioned is from the Cang Alliance. Otherwise he would not need to specifically come over to inform you and would not have needed to attend the banquet to see that person. There’s no way we can confirm it at present, but you should still inform your master of this.”

“I think it’s true.”

On the hand, You XiaoMo, who had been watching the whole thing, sent a word to Ling Xiao – affectatious!

He profoundly understood this person called Ling Xiao. He could feel his goose bumps standing up upon seeing him deliberately acting so mystifying, just like a skilled and worldly master.

However there weren’t just a few people outside of the city, instead there were thousands of people outside. Everyone was stunned as soon as they heard Fang ChiYao politely call the other party ‘Senior’.

There were only a few who were able to make Fang ChiYao respectfully and courteously call them Senior. Since that mysterious person was able to do so, could it be that he was a Sacred Realm practitioner?

Everyone was shocked once this idea surfaced.

Like Fang ChiYao, they did not think that a Sacred Realm practitioner would be in BeiYang City. But the facts told them that this mysterious person was most likely a Sacred Realm expert.

It did not even take a day before the news frantically passed throughout BeiYang city with lightning speed and rapidly spread out. The major forces in the Southern Continent received the news one after another, and a lot of people were stupefied.

When the old patriarch from the main branch of the Vermillion Blood Clan found out about this, he shattered the floor under his feet with only the pressure of his aura. His dignified expression had been replaced with astonishment. This was the first time the messenger who had carried the news had seen the old patriarch reveal such a terrifying expression and he was so scared that his knees turned into jelly.

“Is this information true?”

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