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Chapter 470: You’re Really Naive
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

What reaction did You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao have? Their reaction was to have none. Being a money grubber and a glutton, he felt that the trip would be wasted if he did not eat until he was satisfied so he dragged Ling Xiao and frantically swept through the two long tables of refreshments.

What was the youth saying? Sorry, but he didn’t hear it!

Ling Xiao also did not seem to have felt anything.

While everyone, including the youth, was staring at them and preparing to see if they had any reactions, the person involved was only staring at the refreshments on the long tables and was automatically blocking out the surrounding words and gazes.

The expression of the youth slightly darkened. He was actually being ignored.

“Don’t make a fuss, this is the Cang Alliance’s territory.” The elderly man’s voice faintly resounded beside his ears.

The youth snorted, but listened to his advice and did not say anything else.

Just at this moment, a set of footsteps suddenly sounded from behind the youth. It was accompanied with a a ridiculing voice that was incomparably clear and distinct as it drifted into the youth’s ears.

“Other people are totally ignoring you. This is truly shameful!”

Hearing this familiar voice, the anger that the youth had managed to suppress with great difficulty was easily incited. He turned back for a look. Sure enough, it was a certain person which he hated the most.

“Ji Feng, so the Demon Phoenix Clan really sent you.” The youth spat his sentence out as he gnashed his teeth.

Ji Feng was a well-known figure in the younger generation of the Demon Phoenix Clan. She had inherited the beauty of the Demon Phoenix Clan, and was extremely alluring. Every frown and every smile, every step and every move was enveloped with a trace of natural charm. She was clearly a Phoenix, but had a slender and supple waist that was even more enticing than that of the demon serpents. As she walked over, her hips swung from side to side and the blood of many male organisms were close to boiling as they saw this scene.

The youth truly disliked Ji Feng. As the Qilin Clan and the Demon Phoenix Clan could be considered as mortal enemies, the elders of the two clans would compare their younger generations with each other from time to time, and none wanted to be outdone by the other.

However, the Demon Phoenix Clan currently had the upper hand within the current generation of the two clans. Thus, it lead to him being scolded by his elders every time and saying such things as him being inferior to Ji Feng. This made him seethe with anger and want to choke Ji Feng to death every time he caught sight of her.

Recently, he had even heard that the Demon Phoenix Clan had found a long-lost clansman that came from the outside. That clansman was the same generation as them. Though his development was slower, it was rumored that his innate talent was extremely outstanding and was even higher than Ji Feng.

He had rejoiced in the beginning, as Ji Feng was finally not the number one anymore. However, his training had been doubled by the elders in the clan within these few months. The Demon Phoenix Clan had one more member but the Qilin Clan did not. The old chaps all possessed a disposition that refused to admit defeat, how could they resign themselves to fall behind?

It could be taken that the youth bitterly hated the Demon Phoenix Clan. Ji Feng leisurely walked to him and gave an enchanting smile, “Ai ya, hearing you put it that way makes it seem like I shouldn’t be here. Don’t forget, this is not the Qilin Clan. Let me offer you some advice, you had better put away your claws and teeth here, lest you continue to be shame your clan.”

“You -” The youth saw red.

In the two’s contest between words and wits, it was obvious that Ji Feng was the one who had the upper hand. You XiaoMo’s attention was finally drawn away from the pastries upon seeing the two clans which he had an interest in appear in succession. Although he had not heard the course of events, he immediately knew who had won when he saw the two’s expression.

“The eldest young master has met his nemesis!”

You XiaoMo gave a smile that took joy in calamity and delight in disaster. After he had finished smiling, he suddenly said to Ling Xiao, “Oh yes, I seemed to have heard someone talking to us just now. Did I mishear it?”

“You didn’t mishear it.” Ling Xiao expressionlessly replied, “It was just a dog barking, there’s no need to bother about it.”


Veins of violent rage instantly emerged on the forehead of the ‘dog’.

Ji Feng covered her mouth as she let out a sinister smile and commented in a tone that wished for the whole world to be in chaos, “This description is really appropriate!”

The youth flew into a rage out of humiliation.

“Hehe, every time I see the Qilin Clan and the Demon Phoenix Clan, they’re always so lively.”

Just at this moment, a light laughter abruptly cut into their conversation. Everyone looked in the direction of the laughter and only saw several people unhurriedly walking over from the entrance of the plaza. The rising sun elongated their shadows and their faces were vague and indistinct with their backs against the light.

“Tai Bai, it’s you!” Ji Feng frowned deeply.

You XiaoMo leaned towards Ling Xiao and whispered, “Who is this Tai Bai?”

Ling Xiao’s eyebrow rose, “It should be an extremely outstanding person from the current generation of the True Dragon Clan.”

You XiaoMo discovered that with the addition of Qiao WuXing and Jiu Ye, this birthday banquet was basically the realm of the youngsters. Could it be that the head of the Cang Alliance actually intended to let his little disciple make more close friends? But this is not seem too probable!

Based off Xiong Xiao’s description, that little shidi seemed to be an extremely reclusive person. It was not likely for this to be what the Head intended. However, it that was also a chance as he maybe too reclusive.


You XiaoMo suddenly leaned closer to Ling Xiao’s ear, “This Tai Bai looks really white, no wonder he’s called Tai Bai.” This was his first time seeing a man whose skin was so white it was nearly transparent. Not only that, but his hair was also white and it was different from Yin Ge’s silver hair.
T/n: Bai in his name means white


You XiaoMo exclaimed in astonishment, “Really? Then he’s really too pitiful to have met such an irresponsible elder.”

Ling Xiao leisurely gave him a look, “You’re really naive.”

You XiaoMo: “…”

You XiaoMo took a few deep breaths and decided not to stoop to his level. His gaze swept over the plaza and he discovered that three of the Four Divine Emperor Beasts had gathered together so there was only one left.

“Not a single one from that black colored clan came?”

Ling Xiao questioned, “Do you know what’s the characteristic of a tortoise?”

You XiaoMo stared blankly, “Are you saying that…it’s slow?”

Ling Xiao nodded, “Those from the Black Tortoise Clan have this characteristic. They like to stall for time and will absolutely not appear unless it’s the last moment. Oh yes, Fang ChiYao who we previously met in BeiYang City seemed to have a Physic Black Tortoise as his contracted demon beast.”

“Eh? Didn’t you say that it’s generally impossible for the Four Divine Emperor Beasts to contract with practitioners or mages?”

“Not all things are absolute. If it is fated, is not impossible for the Four Divine Emperor Beasts to set up a lifebound contract with humans.”

The Four Divine Emperor Beasts had the aptitude to break through the Sacred Realm from birth. Including Fang ChiYao, the fates of all who could contract with the Four Divine Emperor Beasts were very strong. Of course, those sort of ethereal things like fate would not follow one person forever. Time slowly flowed by, and beginning of the banquet was soon approaching. Though there were fewer and fewer people arriving, there had been no trace of the people from the Vermilion Blood Clan.

A disturbance came from the direction of the stairs just as he was harboring doubts.

You XiaoMo had just looked over when an invisible pressure suddenly arose, attacking like a huge wave with earth-shattering pressure. It was obviously a deliberate action. His whole body froze and his soul trembled for a moment. Only the knowledge of Ling Xiao protecting him made him feel better.

This was the pressure from a Sacred Realm expert. It was only that this person was much stronger than Ling Xiao. Besides the Head of the Cang Alliance, it could only be You ZhenTian from the Vermilion Blood Clan.

“You ZhenTian is here.” Ling Xiao tensely frowned. He did not like this feeling, it seemed that the plan to raise his strength had to be urgently brought forward.

You ZhenTian did not come up immediately. This pressure was just him giving an initial show of strength to the youngsters here. Everyone too did not think that You ZhenTian would personally come. This was really big news.

All the people here somberly looked in the direction of the stairs.

After a moment, a figure leisurely walking appeared in the air and slowly walked over. You ZhenTian was the only person who would climb over the Amaranthine mountain and still dare to be so arrogant.

The sounds of chattering instantly quietened in the plaza.

This elderly man before their eyes was a genuine pinnacle powerhouse in the TongTian Continent. Even if Ji Feng and the rest had their clans backing them, they also could not offend You ZhenTian.

Following closely behind were the younger generations of the Vermilion Blood Clan. Included among them was You QingShan, who You XiaoMo had met in the June Mountains, and some who he did not recognize. However, what You XiaoMo was more concerned about was man walking beside You QingShan which the Vermilion Blood Clan members seemed to be very deferential to.

“He is You QingYun, You ZhenTian’s second grandson. It’s said that he is the strongest amongst the younger generation of the Vermilion Blood Clan. He should be the grandson that You ZhenTian truly dotes on. I’ve heard that You ZhenTian’s demands towards him are very strict and would often assign dangerous missions to him, so many assumed that You ZhenTian did not like this grandson.” Ling Xiao, who understood the members of the Vermilion Blood Clan extremely well, explained when he saw him watching You QingYun.

You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao and said, “Every time you introduce a member of the Vermilion Blood Clan to me without the slightest hesitation, I will feel that you’re the one from the Vermilion Blood Clan.

Ling Xiao’s expression had no change, “Personal attacks are denied.”

You XiaoMo: “…”

With You ZhenTian’s status, there would naturally be someone of the corresponding status to welcome him to reflect his status as a heavyweight. But it was unfortunate that the Head of the Cang Alliance did not appear. At this very moment, he was coaxing his little disciple as his little disciple was being difficult again.

The one receiving You ZhenTian was Xiong Xiao’s Dashixiong- Zuo Yan. It is rumored that he was the most powerful practitioner below the Sacred Realm. However, he was not on the Ten Gods Ranking as disciples from the Cang Alliance were only ranked on the Tong Tian Rankings.

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