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Chapter 482: A Blessing in Disguise

Translated by (I forgot how to english) Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Hu village had nearly a thousand fields of magic herbs, in which most were level two and level three. Since the level one magic herbs didn’t have much value and the level four magic herbs had a long growth period, the profit for both of them was very low.

The magic herbs in the fields had been planted the previous year, and it would be one full year in the next two months. The level two magic herbs had already matured, its lush green color and fresh fragrance gave a very relaxing ambience. Meanwhile the level three magic herbs still needed a few more months to mature.

You XiaoMo swept his eyes across the fields, the quality of the magic herbs weren’t good, they were all low grade.

This was all within his expectation. The villagers of Hu village were ordinary people, using their ability, to grow a mid grade and high grade magic herbs was definitely impossible. Not to mention, unless they were mages, there was no way they could dig out a magic herbs without damaging them, so their only option was the low grade one since its roots weren’t deep.

You XiaoMo took back his line of sight after passing his judgement.

Out of the blue, the Metal Swallowing beast who was chilling inside his clothes suddenly became agitated and immediately jumped out from his clothes. His four paws lightly landed onto the ground and soon after his mini body was enlarged. The once docile beast now suddenly rushed toward another direction and started howling, however running down from the corner of his mouth was a suspicious drop of saliva.

You XiaoMo raised his brows in surprise, he walked over and picked up the beast, then shifted his eyes toward the small hillside direction.

Lying in the north of Hu village was a small hillside, the village’s magic herb field was a hundred meters away from the foot of the hill. For the Metal Swallowing Beast to suddenly become agitated, could it be there was something up the hillside?

Follow his doubt, You XiaoMo carried the Metal Swallowing Beast in his arms and walked to the hillside.

When they reached the foot of the hill, the Metal Swallowing Beast quickly jumped down from his arms and ran hastily toward the hillside, his tail was wagging in extreme excitement.

You XiaoMo couldn’t do anything but follow it.

Since the hill was high, the whole village could be viewed from the top of the hill. However, due to the loose soil condition of this terrain, it was impossible to grow magic herbs here.

The Metal Swallowing Beast happily jumped to the other side of the hillside, then stopped in front of a crack.

On the hillside facing the Hu village, there was a crack formed by lava rocks. The crack opening wasn’t big, only enough to fit one person.

The Metal Swallowing beast howled to the inside two times, then turned to his master and called one time, as if he was urging him to speed up his pace.

You XiaoMo on the contrary became hesitant, what if there was danger inside there?

The Metal Swallowing Beast didn’t allow his idiot master to hesitate, he ran over and pulled his clothes, and wanted to drag him in. What a tremendous force, You XiaoMo feared his clothes might end up ripped, so he had no other option but to follow his steps.

Inside the crack was a three feet of wide space, covered in lava rocks.

The Metal Swallowing Beast jumped onto the lava rock, his sapphire blue eyes sparkled in the darkness as he looked at the innermost part of the cave while his saliva kept pouring out faster.

As soon as he stepped in, You XiaoMo immediately discovered the spiritual energy inside the crack was much more concentrated than the outside. When he looked at the innermost part of the cave, he was stunned.

He didn’t walk into the wrong place, no? To think that what inside this cave was a field of magic herbs. Not only so, every single one the magic herbs were healthy and vigorous. Even though they weren’t mature yet, he could feel the fluctuation energy of the magic herbs was much stronger than any stalk of magic herbs he had met before, their level was definitely above level ten.

The two Golden Winged Insects also flew out of his clothes. Unlike the Metal Swallowing Beast who was constantly drooling from the sight of the magic herb field, they only behaved a bit restless. However, the didn’t try to come close to the field, only flew around him.

The sight of fortune suddenly lit up his wit. Looking at the Metal Swallowing Beast’s situation, although he seemed very longing for the herbs inside, he stood still on the lava rock in hesitancy while anxiously flicking his claws from time to time. The Golden Winged Insects were obviously the same, they wanted to but didn’t dare to come closer

You XiaoMo remembered what the old couple told him before.

Hu Village was located near the Forest of Death, and once in a while there would be a Demon Beasts Tide coming from the Forest of Death, but the old couple told him, the Demon Beasts Tide had never approached their village.

On theory, it was impossible for Hu village to be that lucky, unless there was a secret hidden within the Hu village.

Had he not discovered this field of magic herbs and the reaction of the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects, it would definitely never, ever come across his mind that level eleven and twelve magic herbs could be used to suppress demon beasts.

You XiaoMo rubbed his hand and smiled slyly, what a blessing in disguise!

“I’m here, my lovely magic herbs.”

The size of the field wasn’t big, around three to four meters in width and length. However, the field was divided into twenty to thirty small squares very precisely, like a check pattern. Each square was planted one stalk of different type of magic herbs.

Those magic herbs seemed like they had been implanted for many years, the youngest ones were also in their seedling stage, luckily, none of them had matured yet.

You XiaoMo wandered around and couldn’t find any fallen seeds.

This cave didn’t look like it was naturally formed. There were traces of artificial chiseling on the wall but probably due to it being abandoned for too long, moss had grown all over the wall, You XiaoMo couldn’t see the cave’s original appearance.

No matter who the owner of this place was, it was obvious that this person had vanished like smoke into thin air, or else they wouldn’t leave this cave full of level eleven and twelve magic herbs without any sort of preventive measures.

This idea came to his mind while he was digging the magic herbs. No matter what the outcome, he must take all of these magic herbs, even if there weren’t any magic herbs for the Samsara Pill recipe, they could still be used at a different time.

About the villagers of Hu village, he had already come up with a way out for them.

The reason the villagers chose to stay back at the village without moving away was simply because they didn’t have any spirit gems, and spirit gems was something he had. He could give them the spirit gems as compensation for taking away these magic herbs, or else his guilty conscience would leave him uneasy.

The level of the magic herbs was too high, You XiaoMo feared that he wouldn’t be able to finish digging them all out by sunset.

After he had dug out the sixth herb, You XiaoMo stopped his hand and looked at the sky, the sun had started to set. Looked like he should stop here for today and continue tomorrow.

You XiaoMo picked up the Metal Swallowing Beast and walked out of the cave, the Golden Winged Insects flew onto his head by themselves.

Back to the village, the old couple heard that he wanted to stay, despite being surprised, they still warmly gave him a room. This room was their daughter’s who was killed unexpectedly by a demon beast, it was left empty since.

The old couple even wanted to give him some food and water, but You XiaoMo told them not to. He wasn’t in the mood for dinner as he had so many things to do.

After closing the door, You XiaoMo took out a jade bottle from his dimension along with a small dish.

The jade bottle was filled with a bright golden liquid. This was the stuff he took from the underground palace back in the June mountain. The Metal Swallowing Beast’s food was metal, and its favorite dish was this golden liquid.

You XiaoMo poured out half the bottle onto the plate, the Metal Swallowing Beast immediately ran over, he stuck out his tongue and lick it with gusto, just like a husky.

The Golden Winged Insects also flew back and forth in front of his face.

You XiaoMo waved his hands, the two quickly dispersed, “Ok ok, I didn’t miss your turn.” He talked as he took two stalks of Hidden Dipper Herbs out of his dimension and tossed it toward them.

When he had made sure they were eating in silence, and wouldn’t run out to scare the old couple, You XiaoMo sat down cross-legged onto the bed, he took a few sips of spiritual water and started to cutivate.

The next day, You XiaoMo woke up early.

But the old couple had woken up earlier than him. When he out of the room, he saw the old couple had worn the straw hats and were ready to walk outside, You XiaoMo guessed they must be heading to the magic herbs field, so he called them back.

“Uncle, can I come with you?”

The old man was caught in surprise, he showed a smile soon after, “Young man, if you don’t dislike it, feel free to come with us.”

You XiaoMo immediately returned back to his room, took the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects outside and then went with them to the magic herb field.

Their field of magic herbs wasn’t big, after all, they were both too old, even if they wanted to, they couldn’t plant too many, this field of magic herbs was the best they could do.

Among the level two and three magic herbs planted on this field, level two had the highest percentage in amount, almost two thirds of the total, and they were all mature. The old couple had been digging out those level two herbs for a few days now, but since their movements were too slow, it took them several days only to dig out less than a tenth of it.

You XiaoMo looked at the area that had been dug, bumby and full of potholes, it was obvious that they directly used the small shovel to dig them out from inside the soil, although this way could guarantee the root of magic herbs stay intact, but it was too troublesome.

Thinking about his intention, You XiaoMo walked over and said to the old couple, “Uncle, don’t busy yourself with it, using your speed, to dig out all of them would take you a month. How about this, I will lend you guys a hand.”

“Young man, how is it okay?” The old man raised his head and smiled, “This is our job and you are our guest, how could I bother you with something you have no relation with.”

You XiaoMo answered, “Uncle, I’m a mage, this business is as easy as lifting a hand. Moreover, I want to talk with you about buying magic herbs.”

The old couple finally stopped their hand, looked at him in astonishment.

Did they hear it wrong?

(here lies ra’s corpse).

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