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Chapter 490: I’ve Found You!  


Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Many thanks to you, my mysterious God, your life-saving grace is unforgettable.” Weng Gong immediately placed his crutches down and knelt on the ground. He kowtowed in thanks after the black robed man put him down, showing his great sincerity.

The black robed man indifferently glanced at him, “Don’t misunderstand. I did not intended to save you. I only saw a ‘friend’ and just snatched you in passing. Whether you live or die has nothing to do with me.”

Weng Gong was not surprised in the slightest, “Regardless, Great Sir did save this old fogey’s life.”

The black robed man did not reply, and just as he was about to leave, he suddenly stopped and looked back at Weng Gong, “You are just an ordinary person. Why were the people in Yu Xian City looking for you?”

Unexpectedly, Weng Gong’s expression immediately gained a trace of subtle alertness.

Although he was being very covert, the black robed man had noticed it. Originally, he was just casually asking about it, but he quickly felt a little interested upon seeing this reaction.

The man smiled and asked in reply, “Is this the attitude you have towards your savior?”

Weng Gong calmly replied, “My God, to be quite honest, this old fogey doesn’t know why they were looking for me too. This old fogey had never met them before this.”

“You’re lying.” The man mildly commented, “The last sentence is true, but the front part is all false. Those ten people were clearly asking about the youth who sent you to the village. Old fellow, you’re already a fully-fledged adult, it’s not good to lie.”

“You heard everything?” Weng Gong had assumed that the man had abruptly appeared. Never did he expect him to have been present while they were speaking.

“So, what did that youth do to make the people of Yu Xian City keep thinking about him?”

The man asked about what he was more interested in. The Yu Xian City had just encountered a great catastrophe. Though he was eldest young master, he ran over to such a remote place. From what he knew, Xin Luo City would be holding a selection trial in the near future. He should not have been out here at this sort of time unless there was something more important than the selection trial.

The man knew that the enigma was related to the youth they mentioned.

“Nothing.” Weng Gong denied flatly.

“It seems that you don’t want to say it.” The man said in regret.

Weng Gong hurriedly replied, “My Great God, I really don’t know why they were looking for that person. I only knew him for a few days. He suddenly appeared in the village ten days ago. I really don’t know what sort of gratitude and grudges he had with Yu Xian City before he appeared.”

“Ten days ago?” The man suddenly injected, “What is his name? What kind of clothes was he wearing at the time? How did he look like? Were there any small animals around him?”

Weng Gong could not figure out the man’s objective. However, it did not appear as if he was here to carry out a vendetta, so he hesitatingly answered the questions one by one. As he did not know You XiaoMo’s name, he was only able to vaguely describe him. He did not see any small animals, but there was once he passed by and heard a sound from inside, yet You XiaoMo was out at that time.

“Finally – I’ve found you!” The man gazed into the distance with a brilliant smile. He was already convinced although he did not have a name.

Weng Gong’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing this. Could it be that he was really here to carry out a vendetta? Otherwise, why would be he smiling so strangely, as if he was about to capture a criminal who ran away from home?

“Old fellow, tell me what happened after you came across each other.” The man added.

“What are you going to do with the information?” Weng Gong was wary.

“What am I going to do?” The man narrowed his eyes and said in a pampering and despising tone, “I’ve finally found this dunce after much difficulty. Naturally, I have to properly make him understand what sort of stupid things he did again.”
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Weng Gong was stunned.

At this moment, You XiaoMo still did not know that he had already been found by a certain person. Moreover, the other party was apparently quite angry. One could foresee what kind of punishment he would receive after being found.

Nevertheless, he was not in the mood to think about these now as he had overheard something from Jiang Liu.

Other than wanting to enter the internal core of the Vermilion Blood Clan, the most important reason why Jiang Liu came to Xing Luo City to participate in Vermilion Blood Clan’s selection contest concerned dragon blood.

Dragon blood was the blood essence taken from a dragon’s body.

A dragon’s blood essence was the equivalent of a marvelous supplementary pill. Not only could it improve one’s cultivation, it could also increase the strength of the body. Yet, the most important thing was that it could enhance the grade of a magic pill.

The dragon blood the Vermilion Blood Clan was offering was taken from a Silver Dragon. The Silver Dragon was a type of demon beast that was second only to the Golden Dragon. The Golden Dragon was a true dragon from the Four Divine Emperor Beasts and its standing within the Dragon Clan was extremely sacred and prestigious.

Legend has it that You ZhenTian’s wife was a Silver Dragon.

Although it was not known whether the dragon blood was from that particular Silver Dragon, it did not hinder everyone from coveting it.

You XiaoMo had overheard that Jiang Liu wanted that dragon blood to refine a magic pill. It was said to be an unusual magic pill for the soul that was very important to him, so he had to be the first in the selection trials.

You XiaoMo decided to steal the dragon blood since it was so important and destroy Jiang Liu’s plan. Therefore, he has been planning on how to enter the city master’s mansion to steal the dragon blood the past two days.

The selection trials were held by the city master and the rewards were stored in the treasury of the city master’s mansion. There were so many experts guarding it that not even a fly could get past.

It is impossible to steal the dragon blood without alarming anyone with his current cultivation, unless Ling Xiao was by his side at present. But he did not even know where he was now.

You XiaoMo scratched his head in agitation and suddenly remembered that it had already been a day since he had last tried to contact Ling Xiao with a transmitter stone. When he thought of this, he immediately fished out the transmitter stone and tried it without hoping for anything…

“Ah!” ! !”

You XiaoMo looked at the flickering and shining transmitter stone in shock. He actually managed to connect and was so excited that he started bouncing around. This was great!

You XiaoMo quickly calmed his excitement and firmly grabbed the transmitter stone. He had opened his mouth and was preparing to say hello when and the flickering transmitter stone suddenly darkened…


You XiaoMo seemed to have been stuck by thunder, and incredulity was written on his face. Ling Xiao actually cut off the connection with him of his own accord?

The Metal Swallowing Beast and the Golden Winged Insect looked up and stared at their fossilized Master in puzzlement.

You XiaoMo was unwilling to give up and tried again. The result was still the same. The stone was clearly shining, but after a few seconds it cut off again. This immediately confirmed his conjecture.

It seemed that Ling Xiao was angry…

You XiaoMo discovered this fact in hindsight. He had forgotten that Ling Xiao and him had separated because of that ‘mishap’ incident. If he was found by Ling Xiao, he was afraid that he might not come to a good end. You XiaoMo was terrified once he thought about it, it looked like he would not be able to contact Ling Xiao in the near future.

But this was wrong ah!

You XiaoMo was about to prepare to put away the transmitter stone when he stopped again. Ling Xiao should be yearning to find him now, so it was impossible for him to take the initiative to cut off his connection, unless…Ling Xiao already knew where he was.

He had a really a bad premonition!

You XiaoMo used the transmitter stone and continued to silently call Ling Xiao with an big attitude of ‘if you don’t pick up, I won’t let it drop’, hoping that this persistence could make a difference and that Ling Xiao would be more lenient in his punishment based off how unrelenting he was.

“Ga ga ga! !”

The Metal Swallowing Beast laughed till his whole body was convulsing. Sure enough, this stupid Master was also afraid of Boss.

You XiaoMo gave him a head-chop with his hand as shouted in a bad mood, “Laugh my ass, what’s so funny!?”

The laughter of the Metal Swallowing Beast abruptly ceased.

The two Golden Winged Insect surrounded them and unceasingly took joy in calamity and delight in disaster.

You XiaoMo glared at them, continue laughing and I’ll sew each and every one of your mouths shut. But his threats did not have any effect. The Golden Winged Insect flew to the roof and mockingly flew in circles.

You XiaoMo was so angry that he pulled up his sleeves and rushed over to catch them. He did not notice that the transmitter stone had already stopped flickering and the surface was shimmering with a faint glow, which was a sign the connection had been established.

On a bustling street, Ling Xiao was holding a transmitter stone as he listened to the rowdy sounds that were unceasingly transmitted over. The corner of his mouth suddenly curled up in a slight curve. To be able to laugh even at this point, it seemed that someone’s sense of crisis is not strong enough ah.

Several people walked directly towards him at this moment.

Ling Xiao casually glanced at them. His gaze fell onto the youth walking in the middle. A feeling that the youth was familiar-looking crossed his mind and he immediately found the name corresponding to the person in a corner of his memory.

Oh, he seemed to be called Jiang Liu!

It was the person who sold out the TianXin Sect and sold out his fellow villagers.

This would be interesting.

Jiang Liu’s steps suddenly stopped and he stared in shock at the man across them who was slowly walking over. That sloppy walking posture and those pitch black smiling eyes seemed to carelessly sweep over the people around him and immediately met Jiang Liu’s eyes. The smiling expression in those eyes appeared to be increasing unabatedly.

Jiang Liu immediately appeared to have suffered a thundershock, it’s really him! It was really You XiaoMo’s the most admired Da shixiong, Fang ChenYue. Otherwise, why would he smile at him? But why did Fang ChenYue appear in the TongTian Continent?

“What’s wrong?” The middle-aged man, called Tang ZhongHua, noticed his strangeness and followed his line of sight to the man opposite them. The man had a gentle and refined face, but the most peculiar thing was that this face gave off a different feeling from others, as if it should not be this way.

Jiang Liu finally reacted. A wonderful idea was formed in his mind as his shock gradually turned into joy. He pointed at Ling Xiao and excitedly exclaimed, “Quickly catch him!”

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