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Chapter 492: Night Raid of the City Master’s Manor

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Since Jiang Liu’s identity was special, he was directly brought back to the city master’s mansion. The master did not call a doctor but instead brought the most powerful mage from his manor to oversee his injuries.

The intense pain was to the point that Jiang Liu couldn’t even make a sound, and all those that saw his wound were alarmed by it. Truly it was too sad, blood covered his face and his eyes became two empty black holes,sending a chill down everyone’s spine.

“Guo-lao, how’s his wound, can you cure him?”

The senior who was tending to Jiang Liu’s eyes came out of the room and just as he arrived at the lobby, the city master of Xing Luo City went up to ask.

Behind him was Tang He and Tang ZhongHua.

Tang ZhongHua also faced serious injuries, the bones in his hands almost shattered, however, compared to Jiang Liu, his was so much better. Maybe, in his heart, he had a sigh of relief for it just being his hand.

Guo-lao shook his head, “This old man could not do anything about young master Jiang’s situation, its too serious. Not only that, the flame that burned him doesn’t seem to be normal either, almost all the vitality in his eyes had been burned clean. No matter how great the magic pill you find, it is probably not going to heal.”

“There’s really no way?” With a solemn expression the city master asked.

In the Xing Luo city, underneath his watch, the one candidate secretly chosen by the Vermillion Blood clan was to face such disaster, if the clan followed up on it, he would be held responsible too.

Guo-lao once again shook his head, “There’s really nothing I can do.”

With concern Tang ZhongHua asked, “Guo-lao, Jiang Liu, as he is now, will that affect his ability to refine pills in the future?”

“Technically speaking no.” Guo-lao explained, “We see with our eyes but when a mage refines pills, they rely on their soul and senses. Not only that, you can ‘see’ with your soul powers too, so there shouldn’t be much of an issue. However, it all depends on his ability to overcome this.”

For someone so young to lose their eyes, for most, it was nothing insignificant at all. For someone like Jiang Liu, they’d probably need a lot of heart to accept it.

If he couldn’t come to terms with it and adjust by the next day, he probably wouldn’t be attending the selection trials.

Of course, that was Tang ZhongHua and the other’s perspective.

In reality, there was more to him losing his eyes, all those backlashes from quickly gaining levels would one by one show themselves.

That, was the true intention of Ling Xiao’s actions!

With that, the news of his eyes quickly spread throughout Xing Luo City. If he was just a nobody then no one would care, however, he was the representative of Yin Yang Valley, then that was something.

No one had seen someone ask openly against the Yin Yang Valley before.

However, after that incident at Yu Xian City, Jiang Liu’s eyes wasn’t that shocking, it was just that these were one after another, making people wonder, who dared start such a thing.

When You XiaoMo heard of this, he was in the lobby and his mouthful of tea almost flew over to the other table. He choked to the point that tears almost fell.

Jiang Liu got his eyes poked out?

He still hadn’t forgotten that image from his mind of meeting him in the hotel that day, how high and mighty, how confident!

He just looked away for a second and his eyes got gouged out? He hadn’t heard it wrong, right?

You XiaoMo perked up his ears to listen again, and the facts prove he had not heard wrong. Almost everyone was talking about it, and they even mentioned the one who done it.

“Let me tell you, I was there when it happened, no one saw it more clearly than me, I had a view of everything. The man looked civil and gentlemanly, with a smile the whole time. To think someone like that would be so ruthless.”

“That’s the outcome of underestimating your opponent.”

“Why did that man poke Jiang Liu’s eyes out, could it be that they had a grudge?”

A grown man with a loud voice shouted as he slammed the table, “What grudge, it was clearly the young master Jiang finding faults out of nothing. I was seated beside them and they didn’t share a word with each other before young master Jiang suddenly pointed at the man to capture him.”

“I can’t be, they knew each other?”

“At first I thought so too but later on, it seemed to be a mistake. I remember young master Jiang shouted out something.”

“What did he say.”

“He said, ‘No, your not Fang ChenYue!’” The loud voiced man said as he mimicked Jiang Liu’s surprised expression and manner of speech. It looked ridiculous.

This time, You XiaoMo couldn’t hold it in and his mouthful of tea. It went everywhere, all over the table. He also choked and as if coughing up his life, his face went flushed red too.

That huge reaction gained a lot of people’s attention, and many inquiring gazes fell on him, pausing before retracting two seconds later, continuing with their gossips. With that, there was another round of laughter, and no one paid attention to his shocked expression.

Fang ChenYue?

That couldn’t be the Da-shixiong he knew, right?

Slowly, You XiaoMo’s look of shock was replaced by logic. It couldn’t be Da-shixiong, and didn’t Jiang Liu say he wasn’t Fang ChenYue. But, for Jiang Liu to be mistaken, that means he at least looked someone like Da-shixiong.

Similar looks, merciless and cruel, poking Jiang Liu’s eyes out…

You XiaoMo made a face 囧, why did it sound more and more like a certain someone?

At first it was Qiu Ran, now it Fang ChenYue, what’s next? How many faces does that guy want to change into, unless he was planning to use all of the faces from Long Xiang Continent one by one?

No, no, that’s not right, its not the time to be worried about this, the main point is that Ling Xiao had arrived at Xing Luo City!

He was so screwed now, should he stay low for the time being?

You XiaoMo quickly ran up to the second floor, picked up his two parcels, the Metal Swallowing Beast and the Golden Winged Insects, then swiftly proceeded to run out the hotel. No, he was definitely not running away, he just remembered something important that he had to do, that’s all. The god to honest truth!

After Jiang Liu’s incident, the city master, to give an explanation to Yin Yang Valley, committed everyone to capture the culprit. Since the culprit’s level was very high, the elites of the city master’s manor must also be involved. At this point, the ones guarding the manor would be reduced, a perfect situation for him.

His plan was already completed two days ago.

To make sure the plan was flawless, he even investigated.

Thus, he found out that the gatekeeper to the manor liked gambling and because of that, had a huge debt. The next day was his deadline for his repayment. If he didn’t pay it back soon, not only would he be kicked out of the manor, he would also be sold as a slave for eternity to pay them back.

You XiaoMo would help him pay his debt and in return, he would provide him with a map of the manor as well as servant clothing and when he wanted, the man would open the door to let him in.

The gatekeeper didn’t want to be sold so he agreed.

The time of their agreement was tonight.

But before he left for the city master’s manor, You XiaoMo very unctuously called Ling Xiao through the transmitter stone. Not to his surprise, there was no response and after that he hurried to the manor.


Using the time between shifts, You XiaoMo hid behind a pillar and pulled out the map given to him by the gatekeeper. With his three small beasts, they double checked the city master’s room as well as the treasury before putting it away.

“Xiao Jin, Xiao Ping, you guys go check the treasury to see if the Dragon’s blood is there and I’ll go with Xiao Pong to check the city master’s room. Guys, remember, if you are found out, if you know you can escape, then grab the Dragon’s blood first, if you don’t, then just run. You guys hear me?”

After that, You XiaoMo hung a magic bag onto the Metal Swallowing Beast’s body, because the bodies of Xiao Ping and Xiao Pong were too small, hanging a bag like that would hinder their flying, thus, he had to pair Xiao Ping with Xiao Jin.

Although it looked weird, it was the only option, otherwise even if they found the Dragon’s blood they wouldn’t be able to carry it back. If they don’t find it then they could just throw it away.

It was after seeing them fly off that You XiaoMo walked out of the pillar and left with Xiao Pong to the city master’s room.

Although, from what they gathered, the Dragon’s blood was in the treasury, but for a prize that important, it could be in his room or on him too.

When the night was quiet and still, soundlessly in the city master’s manor appeared a few ‘little mice’.

In the dark, two tiny tiny figures finally found the treasury, without gathering anyone’s attention. A treasury with many guards guarding it, like a bastion of iron. Outside the doors were even two Emperor peaked level practitioners; one white, one black.
t/n: like a bastion of iron = impenetrable defense

The Metal Swallowing Beast sat behind a rock, and at a unnoticeable angle, quietly focused his attention on the safe with his sparkling gem blue eyes.

Xiao Ping, on the other hand, was on top of his head, with his head tilted, as if thinking about how to get in.

That was when the beast suddenly stood up and a few minutes later, they arrived at the roof of the treasury. Also, the only place without a guard.

The Metal Swallowing Beast opened his mouth and chewed a hole in the roof.

The walls of the treasury and roof were made of extremely hard metal pieces, however, to the beast, it was just like tofu, one bite and it shattered.

Xiao Ping then jumped off to chew out a hole that could fit the beast through the Restriction barrier.

With that, the two little beasts happily jumped down.

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