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Chapter 496: The Arrogant Partner

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo squatted down with his hands covering his head, once again discovering an objective truth- one cannot be too cocky! At the same time, he was a little upset, at least let him finish before knocking him on the head.

On the opposite side, the city master of Xing Luo City was so shocked his underwear almost fell off.

What You XiaoMo didn’t say, he figured it out and because of that, the dumbstruck look in his eyes was very apparent. One’s Domain could almost be considered a small world and within that small world, the owner is considered a god, if there really was another person, how could he not know? There was only two explanations.

One was that You XiaoMo lied to him, but that clearly wasn’t possible, or how else did he get hit? The sound of his head being knocked, even he could hear it.

Two: it was true. To be able to enter his domain soundlessly, tracelessly, and not be discovered, they must be stronger, much stronger than him.

The latter was clearly closer to reality and the city master was in disarray.

“How, how could this be!” The city master instantly released his domain, but the environment did not return to that of the city master manor and instead became a inclosed dark dimension. Surrounding them was burning flames, the heat caused the temperature to rise up instantly.

From the center of the flames, an outline of a slender silhouette slowly came into focus. Its clothes and hair flew with the flames, as if an arrogant demon had descended from above. That overwhelming pressure surrounded the whole domain.

The city master quickly felt the pressure and his back bent forward. This kind of feeling, he had only experienced from one other person and the was the old head of the Vermillion Blood clan, You ZhenTian.

Realizing that they could be a Sacred level practitioner, all blood drained from the city master’s face.

No wonder this person could ignore his domain, no wonder he never realized their existence. Only a Sacred level practitioner would have achieved this.

But when did someone of the Sacred level appear in the Tong Tian Continent?

The city master couldn’t help but remember that uprising/chaos experienced at the main family of the Vermillion Blood clan. Since his status was quite high, he had heard of this revolt. From what was said, the person who released the prisoners from the forbidden area was exactly a Sacred level practitioner. Could this be them?

Also the incident at Yu Xian City, supposedly it was done by a Sacred level too. Could it be that they were both the same person?

Ling Xiao didn’t bother with the city master and instead looked at You XiaoMo, who squatted down in a corner, amusingly.

You XiaoMo was no longer hurting but he was pretending to be oblivious, being caught in the act was really not a good feeling. Sensing Ling Xiao’s gaze on him, he quickly switched the topic onto the city master of Xing Luo city.

“City Master, my accomplice has arrived. If you want your treasure back, go find him.”

The city master felt his face muscles twitching, if he still didn’t realize the problem then all those years of living might as well have gone to waste. “Who are you guys and what’s your purpose?”

Ling Xiao shifted his gaze from You XiaoMo and looked at him teasingly/jokingly, “Can’t you tell? Robbery, obviously. Quickly, give me all of your belongings.”

He swore on the name of city master that it was the first time he had seen a Sacred level practitioner so shameless.

“Ah.” You XiaoMo exclaimed in revelation, as he pointed to the city master, “I remember now, the Dragon blood that I couldn’t find anywhere must be on him.”

Ling Xiao smiled as he rubbed his chin, “Ah! So, your target was the Dragon blood.”

You XiaoMo embarrassingly retracted his finger.

Without hesitation the city master took out the jade bottle that contained the Dragon blood. As he saw it, although the Dragon blood was precious, it wasn’t rare enough for a Sacred practitioner to come and rob so shamelessly. However, if this was the same person that destroyed the main house and Yu Xian City, then there was nothing to be weirded out about.

“I can give you the Dragon blood.”

No matter how precious it was, it wasn’t as important as his life.

“But we have to spare your life, correct?” You XiaoMo appropriately continued. He knew it, in front of true strength, no matter how much of a backbone you had, it would eventually bend. Not only that, the Dragon blood didn’t belong to the city master in the first place, of course he wasn’t going to sacrifice his life protecting it.

“That’s correct.” The city master said looking at Ling Xiao, he knew that he was the one calling the shots. “If you don’t agree, no matter what, I’m going to die, then I might as well destroy the blood too.”

You XiaoMo started thinking, the blood wasn’t a must, but it was better than nothing, and using the blood to trade for his life was a good deal. Once he thought of this, he looked at Ling Xiao and tried hard to blink his idea across.

Receiving his brain waves, Ling Xiao ridiculed, “You have no right to negotiate with me, either you give me the Dragon blood or die. The choice is yours.”

You XiaoMo expected no less from his man, ‘the choice is yours’, for these kind of choice, truly arrogant!

The city master’s face turned a variety of colors, of course this answer wasn’t the one he wanted but, given the situation, he really had no choice. In the end, he still handed over the Dragon blood, the longer he spent thinking, the worse it would be for him.

Outside, Tang ZhongHua, as he realized that both You XiaoMo and the city master disappeared, guessed that he used his domain. He couldn’t help but curse beneath his breath, what that sly old fox wanted to do, he knew very well.

The Golden Winged Insect and that unknown demon beast, he would also want to take a piece of the pie but it was too bad he wasn’t strong enough, otherwise he would get in on it too.

As for the guards who lost their target, they could only stay put and wait for further instructions.

Just as they were bored to the point of gossiping, a loud ‘thud’ appeared suddenly like thunder and, just as they looked up, the figure of the city master was thrown out from oblivion. His body coincidently smashed against the stone pillar in the hallway and with a loud noise, the master of a city awkwardly rolled on the floor from the impact.
The surrounding was dead silent…

All of the guards were dumbfounded, staring blankly at the black hole in oblivion close in front of them. They didn’t even see the face of the culprit.

What happened, the city master lost to that kid?

This question floated in everyone’s minds, no one could have thought that a Sacred level practitioner would come out of nowhere and defeat their city master without breaking a sweat.

Realizing that something was wrong, Tang ZhongHua and Tang He instantly retreated.

At this moment though, both You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao had left the city master’s manor safely, with many spoils of war. However, You XiaoMo himself was in for a surprise as to what his contracted demon beasts were about to bring him.

But, at the moment, he wasn’t free to look, since, the moment he arrived at the hotel, he was dragged, by the ears, up the stairs by Ling Xiao. He made a lot of grunting noises of pain, causing a lot of looks to be cast his way.

When they got back to his room, You XIaoMo was thrown onto the bed like a little chick. As he struggled to get up, just as he turned, Ling Xiao came and laid on top of him. Solidly pressed against him, with half of his weight on his body, he almost suffocated.

“You……”You XiaoMo raised his hand, wanting to push him away.

Ling Xiao single-handedly grabbed his wrist and pulled him up as his other hand raised his chin, just like a host picking up women.

“Wife, it’s either letting me do it a few times or doing it a few times then talk.”

You XiaoMo felt his mouth twitch, was there a difference?

However, Ling Xiao’s unwavering eyes told him the answer he needed, —your husband is a bit pissed right now and if you don’t let me off first, you’re going to get it later!

You XiaoMo thought to himself, whichever way it was not going to be good so if he was proactive, then he might be off the hook easier. As he convinced himself, he raised his head and kissed Ling Xiao’s thin lips. To show his sincerity, he even stuck out his tongue, the light pink tongue timidly seduced the other.

Although it didn’t become passionate like fire, You XiaoMo did feel Ling Xiao’s breathing becoming heavier, it was ticklish as it landed on his face. Thus, he tried harder to arouse him, even bending his leg to brush against his crotch, and expectedly, it was swollen and hot.


You XiaoMo realized that his clothes had been brutally ripped apart and before he had a chance to react, Ling Xiao turned reactive to proactive. Taking his breath away, he delivered his hunger for the past few days of parting, plundering every part of his mouth. It was very dominating.

The ripped clothing finally accomplished its mission and became a pile of cloth thrown under the bed by Ling Xiao. On top of the bed was a naked and bare body while the body on top of it was perfectly dressed.

No one even bothered with the curtains before the two figures tangled themselves together, as the smell of sweat and heavy breathing mingled in the air.

A ‘few’ times could be two, or three, or more times.

You XiaoMo had thought that at max it was two or three times, but when neither his legs or hips had any energy left, he couldn’t even remember how many times it had been. Although the one covering him was still lively and strong, as if trying to squeeze him dry.

Once they finished, he couldn’t even lift a finger.

That sure was a heavy price to pay!

You XiaoMo lay in bed with the bedsheets only covering beneath the hips, showing a curvy arc. His upper body was completely naked but the pale, shiny skin was unwatchable, with a mix of green and red, as if it has been ran over by car tires.

The already cooled off Ling Xiao just sat by the table with only his pants on, drinking a cold cup of tea but looked as if he was sipping some fine delicacy.

Pretentious bastard!

You XiaoMo couldn’t help but criticize.
(Ra: Daddy LX’s punishment is….fascinating ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

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You know, I’ve never thought how ridiculous it is for a Sacred level, literally the strongest in the continent, to be out committing petty crimes lol

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