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Chapter 510: Swindlers and Thieves
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the blink of an eye, the surrounding scenery had changed into an endless meadow.

You XiaoMo raised his head and stared blankly for a second, with stupefied shock on his face. He looked at the man, who was looking satisfied despite being pressed down by him, with hidden bitterness in his eyes. The corner of his mouth twitched as he protested, “I say, we should at least wear clothes before coming in.”

The two were currently completely naked. You XiaoMo remembered that there were quite a few demon beasts living in Ling Xiao’s dimension and some of those demon beasts had their spiritual awareness opened early. He would be humiliated to death if he was seen by them. Even if Ling Xiao didn’t want his face, he still wanted his own.

“Why does it matter?” Ling Xiao put a hand on his fair and delicate buttocks and erotically fondled it while holding the sealed jade drive in his other hand. He totally wasn’t ashamed at all.

You XiaoMo did not harbor any hopes for him to be ashamed and directly slapped his hand away. Just as he stood up, he felt a slick and sticky liquid flowing out from between his two thighs and his body froze in a split second.

“Oh, what a nice view!”

You XiaoMo abruptly returned to his senses. He lowered his head and saw that the expression in Ling Xiao’s eyes had changed as his attention had shifted from the sealed jade drive to You XiaoMo’s lower body. It seemed as if a storm of desire was brewing in his eyes.

You XiaoMo shivered, then he covered his lower half and ran away.

Ling Xiao gazed at his fleeing figure and smirked. The desire in his eyes disappeared in an instant, as if he was able to freely receive and attack.

You XiaoMo ran to the lakeside. He turned back to look at Ling Xiao who had just sat up on the grass and could not help but sigh. He really did not know whether he was lucky or unfortunate to have such a lover.

You XiaoMo washed away the stains on his body in the lake before he took out a new set of clothes from his magic bag and put them on. After tidying himself up, he took a wooden basin out from his dimension, filled it with clear water from the lake and walked over to Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo saw Ling Xiao concentrating on the sealed jade drive that he was fiddling with as he snuck up behind Ling Xiao. He was suddenly struck by a mischievous impulse. If he poured water directly on Ling Xiao, it could also be considered as helping him clean his body?

“What are you hesitating for?” Ling Xiao’s voice suddenly resounded, causing him to jump in fright.

You XiaoMo looked down and found that Ling Xiao had not looked up at all. His back was as straight as a pine and the solid muscles beneath his skin were faintly visible. He was still fiddling with the jade drive.

As expected, he really didn’t have the guts. Might as well forget about it. He could not forget his previous lesson so quickly after he had just been tormented for several hours.

You XiaoMo went around him and put the clean water down.

Ling Xiao suddenly raised his head and a smirk graced his lips, “You were being so slow that I thought you were going to pour water onto my head.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Sure enough, he was discovered. Fortunately, he applied the brakes for his plan on time.

Ling Xiao finally put on a clean set of clothes after a brisk wash, looking clean and tidy like a gentleman. Perhaps there should be a ‘bogus’ added on in front of ‘gentleman’.

You XiaoMo squatted down in front of him after an hour, “How is it, are you able to undo the seal?”

Ling Xiao vaguely replied, “How can it be so easy to undo? Didn’t your master mention before that the owner of the sealed jade drive was probably a level twelve mage? Their cultivation was bound to be above Grade Four Rainbow Level for them to be able to become a level twelve mage.”

“So, you’re still unable to undo it?”

“I can undo it, but I will need a little time. The seal on this jade drive is very complicated. If I had not received the inheritance of the Qilin Clan, the Demon Phoenix Clan, and the Dragon Clan, I am afraid it would take several months to undo.”

Ling Xiao frowned. The owner of the jade drive probably set up such a complicated seal because they did not want let the people who found it to see the things inside easily.

You XiaoMo sniffled, he had thought that Ling Xiao could undo it immediately.

However, one thing was certain. The things inside the jade drive must definitely be valuable, otherwise its owner would not have spent so much effort to protect it.

You XiaoMo was increasingly looking forward to it.

Dawn had arrived on the outside while they were fiddling with the sealed jade drive in Ling Xiao’s dimension. One after another, the people on the sixtieth level hurried to the Cultivation Center to cultivate, leaving only a few scattered figures in the corridor.

At five o’clock, a person suddenly appeared in the hallway and stopped in front of You XiaoMo’s door. After knocking for a few times without receiving any response, the person suddenly opened the door and walked in. He came out after less than eight minutes and disappeared into the hallway in a hurried manner.

Inside the dimension.

Ling Xiao finally undid the seal after many twists and turns.

At this moment, the red colored jade drive in Ling Xiao’s hands appeared just like an ordinary jade drive. As long as he picked it up and took a look, You XiaoMo would immediately know what was recorded in the jade drive that had been buried for more than ten thousand years.

Ling Xiao threw the jade drive to him, “Go on and take a look.”

You XiaoMo flusteredly caught it. He suddenly had a feeling similar to ‘being anxious when approaching one’s home after many years of absence’. It was as if something he had always been thinking of was already in front of him, but he did not dare to look at it for fear that the things inside would disappoint him.

After thinking for a while, You XiaoMo simply shoved the jade drive back into Ling Xiao’s hands.

“What is it?” Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow as he asked.

“You help me take a look. Tell me after you’ve finished looking.” You XiaoMo firmly replied.

Ling Xiao immediately knew what he was thinking about and he derided and taunted, “You dunce, you don’t even have this much guts.” However, he still helped You XiaoMo take a look.

The smile on the handsome face instantly disappeared after looking at it.

You XiaoMo became apprehensive. Judging from his expression, it doesn’t seem good ah. Don’t tell me that the owner of the jade drive was playing a practical joke and what was inside were not actually things like treasures but something useless?

“How, how is it?” You XiaoMo hastily asked.

Ling Xiao did not look at him. He passed the jade drive to You XiaoMo while supporting his head with a hand, as if he could not bear to look at him, “Take a look for yourself.”

This expression, this tone…

You XiaoMo’s excited mood slowly became dejected. It seemed that things did not go as he wished and it really was a prank. He did not hold any hope as he glanced inside the jade drive. In a split second, the mountains and rivers, and the sun and moon lost their colors; and he was thunderstruck. The jade drive slipped from his hands and dropped onto the grass.

Ling Xiao was still in the pose of supporting his forehead with his hand, but his shoulders started to slowly tremble. A deep and low laughter slowly flowed out of his mouth and floated into You XiaoMo’s ears. You XiaoMo finally recovered from the blow and his eyes moved to Ling Xiao who was currently laughing up his sleeve. Instantaneously provoked, he threw himself over with bared fangs and brandished claws.

“You bastard, you actually dared to deceive me!”

You XiaoMo saw red as he grabbed Ling Xiao by the throat. This bastard actually deceived him again. If he had known earlier, he would not have passed the jade drive to Ling Xiao to look, resulting in him feeling a sense of loss for quite a while.

Ling Xiao leaned backwards and burst into laughter.

You XiaoMo sat astride on him, indignantly beating Ling Xiao’s chest with his fist, not to be appeased. He was truly an extremely nasty guy, to go as far as to mess with him till he went crazy when Ling Xiao knew that he was very concerned about this.

“All right, put the jade drive away. Let’s go out first.” Ling Xiao gripped his little steamed buns.

You XiaoMo immediately picked up the jade drive gingerly. This time, on account of the jade drive, he would not stoop to pettiness or harbor grievances for past wrongs and would stop bickering with him.

The two returned to their room in the blink of an eye.

You XiaoMo promptly jumped down from the bed but was pulled to a stop by Ling Xiao right away. He unhappily turned around, only to see Ling Xiao touching his chin in contemplation. You XiaoMo’s tone instantly changed, “What happened?”

Ling Xiao replied, “Someone came in.”

“Seriously? Who would enter my room without my permission?” You XiaoMo widened his eyes, however it seemed that he did not lock the door.

“Who knows.”

“Then how did you discover it?”

“It’s the clothes. There are clear traces that someone had trampled on your clothes.” Ling Xiao pointed to the clothes that were strewn all over on the floor before they entered the dimension.

You XiaoMo followed his line of sight and saw the messy pile of clothes beside the bed. His expression changed. Weren’t these the clothes that Ling Xiao had stripped off him? He did not have time to clean up since they suddenly entered the dimension. If someone really came in and saw the clothes, wouldn’t they be able to guess what they had done?

You XiaoMo hurriedly put the clothes away.

Ling Xiao reclined on the bed and gently sighed. A certain someone’s key concern was never right.

After packing away the clothes, You XiaoMo then remembered the key point and turned around, “Who do you think would enter my room without my permission?”

“How would I know?”

You XiaoMo made a round around the room. Actually, he hardly took things out to display in the room after having a magic bag and the dimension since it was neither safe nor convenient. So, even if someone really did sneak in, it was not possible for them to steal anything.

“Forget it. In any case, there’s nothing missing. Maybe that person went into the wrong room.”

His search produced no results. On account of his good mood, You XiaoMo did not bother about it anymore. Once he thought of the things inside the jade drive, he felt as if he was walking on air. It was indeed true that whatever one lacked would come around.

It was as he had mentioned before, how could the things from a mage whose cultivation was above Grade Four Rainbow Level be useless? They were practically so good that it exceeded his expectations and he would no longer need to worry about the problem of pill recipes in the future.

Recorded within the jade drive were the pill recipes of many magic pills. The characters of the pill recipes were ancient, looking just like characters from the Heavenly Soul Scripture that Ling Xiao stole from Qiu Ran. He could comprehend a few characters as he had compared the translation and original text in the past.

In addition to this, there was also a line of text in the jade drive marking the name of its owner.

You XiaoMo had a feeling that he had seen this jade drive owner’s name somewhere before. A level twelve mage, and someone he had seen before; as he recalled, it appeared that there was only one person…

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