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Chapter 523: Leisure Pavilion

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The only mage of TianGou had a forbidden zone called the Leisure Pavillion was Tian Xiu. Normally no one was allowed to enter without his permission, if he caught someone doing so, the culprit would have to face a punishment of several years without a single magic pill.

Tian Xiu was a level three rainbow mage, his strength was one of the very best among TianGou. Plus, he also held the lifeline of everyone, so very few members dared to touch his reverse scale.
t/n: touch one’s reverse scale = rubbing someone off, provoke.

However, the Leisure pavillion was intruded by two people, one black and one white, similar to Tian Ming and Tian Hen. They were Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo.

After sneaking in, You XiaoMo waved his hand toward the direction of the door, the two Golden Winged Insects wittingly flew to the top of his head. He had called them because the Leisure Pavillion had a restriction barrier cast outside it’s walls.

With Ling Xiao’s level, he could break Tian Xiu’s Restriction barrier easily, but that would cause too much disturbance and would also likely expose them to TianGou’s men, luckily they had the Golden Winged Insects who were experts in chewing through restriction barriers.

Leisure Pavillion consisted of three parts, the living room, the Pill Refining room and the Study room in that respective order.

You XiaoMo directly passed the Living room and walked forward to the Pill Refining room on the left. The Pill Refining room was luxuriously furnished, with a big cauldron placed in the middle of the room. However, compared to the cauldron inside the Pill Refining room of his geezer shifu, this one was a bit smaller, but the cauldron was decorated with sparkling gems, a very opulent and fancy touch.

It seemed like the master of the Pill Refining room had OCD or some sorts, because every magic pill from level one to ten were all present. As for the rainbow magic pills, there were no sight of it. It might not have been placed in the Pill Refining room, since it would attract robber.

The jade cabinets on the opposite were similar looking, but were used to put magic herbs. The arrangement of the magic herbs was different from the magic pills. It might have been due to space saving, because some of those magic herbs with lesser amounts were directly combined into a bundle of magic herbs by their master, so that when that master needed to refine the pills, the person could directly use that bundle.

“Wow, so awesome, I want to have a Pill Refining and study room like this some time in the future.”

You XiaoMo was envious; he went to see the study room, and it was extremely spacious and magnificent. Except the front wall with the main door, the three other walls were all being hidden by the towering bookshelves filled with a variety of books, and they weren’t specifically just related to pill refining.

Leisure Pavillion was his ideal place.

“You want it?” Ling Xiao walked over, even he felt the master of Leisure Pavillion had a good taste.

You XiaoMo immediately nodded; he had been longing for one like this even in his dreams. But what could they do since even until this day, they still didn’t have a fixed location. So a study room or a pill refining room was still just a dream.

Even though he could make one inside his dimension, and it would be a perfectly safe spot as well, the feeling wasn’t the same. It felt a bit unrealistic.

“I’ll build one for you when we find a place to settle down.”

“Do we have a place like that?” You XiaoMo sincerely doubted this. There were too many troubles after them, it was simply impossible for them to build their own home. Even if they did manage to, if one day the Vermillion Blood Clan came to their doorstep and blew away his Pill Refining room to pieces, he would surely die from a broken heart.

Ling Xiao firmly stated, “There will be.”

You XiaoMo stared at him with doubt. In fact, he felt that the Weeping Ghost Shore was a good region. With the Ghost Tomb Mountain Ranges as a natural barrier, ordinary people could never find the Weeping Ghost Shore.

“Then you say, where would be a perfect place to settle down?”

“Xi Jing.” Ling Xiao didn’t even hesitate a little bit. “Not only does Xi Jing have many natural barriers, many events are bound to happen in Xi Jing in the future.”

“A pavilion near the water, right?”
t/n: using one’s proximity to the powerful to obtain favor

“Oh, can this sentence be used in that way?”

“I said yes then yes.”


You XiaoMo walked around the Pill Refining room. He didn’t pay much attention to the magic pills because what the master had, he had as well. Even if he didn’t have it, he still wasn’t interested. The only thing that fascinated him was the transcendent level magic herbs, the master had a cabinet full of them, You XiaoMo was really jealous.

“Ling Xiao, do you think I can ‘hold’ a bit of some of those transcendent magic herbs?” You XiaoMo was nearly drooling for real, he couldn’t hold himself back from making the suggestion.
t/n: he use the word 拿(take, hold, seize), a word with various meaning *cough

Ling Xiao went silent for a few seconds.

You XiaoMo couldn’t refrain from blushing, fine, he shouldn’t say those words. TianGou, after all, was built by his Uncle Gu. To take their stuff on their territory would definitely leave a bad impression if he was caught.

At this moment, Ling Xiao spoke, “Is ‘a bit’ enough for you?”

You XiaoMo, ” …”

He shouldn’t be overthinking it. If he had to ask who had the thickest face in this world, if Ling Xiao was number two, then no one would be number one.

Without getting a response from You XiaoMo, Ling Xiao still walked to the magic herb cabinet.

“Didn’t you just say you wanted to take a bit?” Ling Xiao turned around, he saw every muscle on You XiaoMo’s face twitch, his eyes couldn’t help but show a hint of mockery.

You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched, “It was just a slip of my tongue. You already know that I have asked people to help me look for transcendent level magic herbs. I’m sure I will receive some news soon.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, footsteps suddenly came from outside.

Ling Xiao immediately took You XiaoMo to hide.

The footsteps stopped right outside the Leisure Pavillion, then, a familiar voice with a slight bit of arrogance talked, “Tian Yuan, when will Tian Xiu come back?”

Ling Xiao remembered this voice, this was the voice of one of the two that fought each other back when they rested at White Bone Town, the owner of this voice was Tian Hen.

Tian Yuan jeered, “Tian Ming only left one scratch on you, why would you need to find Tian Xiu for a recovery magic pill? Do you really want to make a big fuss over a minor issue?”

“This small wound isn’t the thing I came for.” Tian Hen gave him a disdainful look.

“Then why are you looking for him?”

Tian Hen suddenly went silent for a few seconds, then replied, “I want to ask for a rainbow level magic pill for increasing cultivation. I want to increase my strength.”

“You already leveled up last month, aren’t you afraid of bad consequences that come along with reckless advancement?” Tian Yuan didn’t understand why was he was in such a rush to increase his power, since there was a backlash for fast advancement.

Tian Hen scratched his head restlessly, the him at the present moment was a bit different than the him back at that night, he said, “Although Tian Ming forbids me to talk, but I will say to you. A few days ago when I fought with Tian Ming, we carelessly brought our fight to White Bone Town. There we met a really powerful person. Even though that person didn’t make any move on us, I can feel that person’s strength is above ours, even with our powers combined we are still definitely not his opponent, so…”

Tian Yuan pondered, “For the strength to be above you and Tian Ming, there are only those old famous coots of Xi Jing, could it be that person is one of them?”

“Who knows, I’m still in a bad mood anyway.” The soul training techniques that Tian Hen practiced had quite an impact on Tian Hen’s personality, causing his temperaments to change quite a bit. Sometimes he would appear grumpy, otherwise gloomy, but usually he would directly show his likes and dislikes on the surface.

“Then you will have to wait.” Tian Yuan patted his shoulder with sympathy, “Tian Xiu has gone out to find transcendent level magic pill recipes. If I have to guess, he might come back next month. You shouldn’t break your way in, if he knows you will be skinned alive.”

Tian Hen lowered his voice and cursed. After that, their footsteps went farther and farther away.

Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo appeared inside the Pill Refining room again, they had heard the conversation loud and clear, Tian Xiu must be the Leisure Pavillion’s master.

“He will be back in a month.” A fire sparkled inside You XiaoMo’s eyes, he looked at Ling Xiao with excitement.

Ling Xiao raised his brow, “So?”

“It wouldn’t be a problem if I borrowed this Pill Refining room for a while, right?” You XiaoMo calculated. It shouldn’t be an unreasonable request if he only wanted to feel the feeling of refining magic pills inside a Pill Refining room, yeah? At least not when compared to stealing magic herbs.

“It won’t be a problem.” Ling Xiao casually said, “But are you willing to spend a whole month here waiting just to borrow someone else’s Pill Refining room?”

“A few days is enough…”

“Then you first wait here for me, I will go search for Uncle Gu to see whether he is at Weeping Ghost Shore or not, and after that I will come to pick you up.” Ling Xiao made a quick decision.

“Ok then!” You XiaoMo had prepared himself to observe the Leisure Pavillion, “One more thing, remember to search for PiQiu and the rest as well.”

Ling Xiao nodded, then he went out through the hole the Golden Winged Insects made.

You XiaoMo went out of the Pill Refining room. He hadn’t collected enough magic herbs to refine a rainbow level first grade magic pill, thus he was afraid that if he stayed in there, his hand would start itching and conveniently take some of the transcendent level magic herbs of the owner.

And so, he decided to go to the study room.

The quantity of the books inside the study room were enormous, even more than what his shifu owned, from TongTian continent’s history and terrain, Xi Jing’s history and demon beast’s races, etc, it had whatever one wished for.

You XiaoMo gave a thought and finally decided to start with Xi Jing’s history.

The history of Xi Jing was actually the record of demon beast’s origin and development process, starting from the ancient times. It was a really long story. Turned out, demon beasts weren’t the only creatures that lived there, human beings also lived in the area back then.

After the great war broke out with both sides suffering a great loss, it ended with human beings withdrawing from Xi Jing.

You XiaoMo was so enthralled he didn’t notice time had passed.

Ra: My kokoro went brokoro when they mentioned they want to build their own lovenest but couldn’t due to too many enemies.

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At this moment, Ling Xiao spoke, “Is ‘a bit’ enough for you?”

You XiaoMo, ” …”

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