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Chapter 532: A Wise Man Acts Accordingly

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The reply Hei Xiong got was a piercing wind blade, aimed directly at his head. If he got hit, his whole head would have exploded like a watermelon.

Hei Xiong finally saw who initiated the attack, it was actually the shortest young man, who was but a grade one rainbow level mage. Someone like that dared to hit him?

A flash of surprise appeared in Hei Xiong’s eyes. He was much stronger than the young man thus an attack like this wasn’t anything, not only that, his original form was a high leveled bear. With a tough outer skin, sometimes even taking a hit with his body would do little to no harm to him.
T/n: Hei Xiong literally means Black Bear.

However, what was truly important was that from all those thousands of years he had been in charge of ZiRan City, it was his first time meeting someone that dared to attack without a word.

Hei Xiong let out a cold laugh, if that was the case than he needn’t hold back.

Hei Xiong raised his arm and that already strong arm suddenly doubled in diameter and directly went against the soul blade. As if his arms were bouncy, the blade was reflected off of it.

That should have been the case, but just as the blade bounced off, sparks abruptly burst from the middle and with a bang, the sparks, as if ignited, spread. In an instant, Hei Xiong’s arm caught on fire…

Instantly, Hei Xiong’s expression changed. The fire was spreading fast, his sleeves had been instantly burned to ashes and the flame climbed onto his arm, as if his skin was about to be cooked. Crackling sounds of the flames were mixed in with Hei Xiong’s angry cries.

Hei Xiong had no idea that flames would suddenly erupt, by the time he wanted to extinguish the fire, his arm was almost wasted.

As if the flame had intelligence, it was about to spread across his body. Hei Xiong braced himself and cleanly cut off his right arm.

Fresh blood erupted but before it could land, it was evaporated by the flames.

After losing an arm, Hei Xiong’s expression completely darkened, with waves of pain hitting him, it was a good thing that it was still tolerable.

Seeing such a bizarre situation, Hei Xiong no longer looked down upon You XiaoMo and the others.

For him to become the strongest and most powerful practitioner in ZiRan City, he couldn’t be a brainless idiot. As the situation stood, the two of them hadn’t made a move but he had already lost an arm.

Sensing that something was wrong, Hei Xiong grabbed the proprietress, who sat on the floor completely dumbfounded, and made a run for it.

However, there was someone who wasn’t willing to let him go.

Something intangible flashed across Ling Xiao’s eyes as his figure suddenly disappeared.

That day was bound to be an abnormal day in the boisterous ZiRan City.

On the busiest street of ZiRan City, just as everyone was passing and going, all of a sudden, a boom was heard.

As the crowd raised their heads to look, a black figure was kicked out from the inn and slammed straight into the opposite building. With that, a five meter wall collapsed to the ground.

The crowd quickly retreated to safety but once they saw who was kicked out, the street was filled with gasps and sudden intakes of air.

The most unlikely person to be sent flying in ZiRan City was actually kicked out in front of their very eyes.

“My god, someone tell me this isn’t Hei Xiong DaRen?”

“He’s holding someone!”

“Ah, it’s the proprietress.”

In some sense Hei Xiong was still protecting the proprietress. However, she was much weaker and with even Hei Xiong himself being kicked flying, there was no way she was completely fine. Once the crowd got a clear view they could tell that even she was bleeding all over.

With one hand Hei Xiong grabbed hold of the proprietress and stumbled out of the rubble. With a sorry figure he looked up venomously.

On the second floor was now a huge hole and standing in front of it was You XiaoMo and the others. The one who kicked Hei Xiong flying was Ling Xiao. With Hei Xiong’s power at level eleven seven stars, as long as he didn’t meet a level twelve practitioner, he was truly the strongest, but this time it could only end up badly.

Ling Xiao was trying to please his wife, thus even though they didn’t have that much of a grudge against Hei Xiong, he was still going in for the kill.

As Hei Xiong looked up, a fire ball appeared on Ling Xiao’s right palm with a puff.

Seeing the fireball, Hei Xiong’s expression got worse, he hadn’t forgotten that it was this flame that caused him to cut off his own arm. Although he could use a magic pill to regenerate it, right now, it was a clear detriment to his power.

Realizing this, Hei Xiong hurriedly shouted, “Hold up!”

But, Ling Xiao wasn’t a puppet, stopping when he was told to. Instead, the fireball became smaller and smaller, turning into something that made Hei Xiong’s heart quicken.

Seeing that a huge fight was about to start and knowing the destructive force of Hei Xiong, everyone ran away afraid of being affected.

It didn’t take long before the street was cleared with only a few figures standing.

The moment Hei Xiong was sent flying, the proprietress was completely dumbfounded. No matter what, she wouldn’t have imagined that she would offend someone even Hei Xiong couldn’t win against. Her luck was truly beyond the gods.

It wasn’t until Hei Xiong shouted did she realize what was going on and as if triggered by something, she let out a piercing shriek as she waved her arm in the air like a madman. “Ahhhhh, I don’t want to die, don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!” She shouted with a face of terror.

The demon cat clan were known for treasuring their lives, especially for people like the proprietress who was known as the number one beauty. She hadn’t even enjoyed her life to the fullest, how could she die here!

“Shut up!” Finally Hei Xiong couldn’t take it anymore and shouted at her with annoyance. He also casually threw her away.

Before the proprietress could complain or shout in pain, she quickly got up and stumbled to escape.

MaoQiu, who was on the second floor saw this and her lips curled into a devious smile. Turning towards You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao she said, “Master, Boss, I have something to attend to, I’ll see you outside of the city.”

After she finished, she chased after the proprietress.

You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched, although the proprietress was getting what she deserved, but chasing after her even in this situation, clearly MaoQiu was not someone who let people off the hook.

It looked like he still didn’t know enough about his contracted demon beasts. From now on he was going to let them act freely, since it was not a good idea staying in the dimension all the time. Although the amount of work he could squeeze out of them would decrease…

Below, Hei Xiong already felt Ling Xiao’s power.

He felt as if he was crushed under a mountain that was high as the sky, giving him an unbreakable pressure. This kind of feeling he had only felt from ‘that’ person.

If it wasn’t for ‘that’ person, he wouldn’t have been able to take the seat of number one in ZiRan City.

“I admit that I’m not your honor’s opponent, but if your honor wants to kill me, you should think about it a bit more. If the person behind me knew of my death, he would definitely not let you off.”

Afterall, cultivating a powerful chess piece wasn’t easy.

Ling Xiao’s movements hesitated and his curious gaze landed on Hei Xiong, “Then tell me, who is this person?”

Seeing that he was interested, Hei Xiong let out a sigh of relief internally, “I don’t know who that person is, all I know is that he sends someone every month and today was the day. He is really strong, I can feel it, it’s even a bit stronger than your honor and his followers aren’t for show either. Of course, I’m not saying your honor would lose to that person but clearly you have business to attend to, why give yourself more trouble?”

At once Ling Xiao stopped talking.

Believing he was scrupulous, Hei Xiong added, “What happened before was my fault, if I offended you in anyway, I’m willing to apologize and if your honor was just passing by, then let’s not go any further. What do you think?”

By looks alone one wouldn’t have been able to tell that Hei Xiong was someone who was rather adaptable.

Ling Xiao’s opinion of him changed slightly, and turned to You XiaoMo to say, “Wife, what do you think?”

“Then its fine.” You XiaoMo’s grievance was only towards that proprietress, although this Hei Xiong’s initial attitude was rage inducing too. However, he lowered his head in front of all of ZiRan City and thinking they wouldn’t be happy, he even buttered them up.

Ling Xiao retracted his fireball, “Since my wife calls the shots, then its fine.”

Hei Xiong let out a sigh of relief.

Of course he knew that by lowering his head today, his prestige in ZiRan City would be affected. But if he didn’t, it’s very likely that he would be a corpse by now. No matter how brave he was, he couldn’t be fearless in front of death.

Thinking it this far, Hei Xiong suddenly got a magic bag and casually threw it at Ling Xiao saying, “This is but a little show of my gratitude, if you will please accept it.”

Ling Xiao took the magic bag and only handed it to You XiaoMo after going through it once.

You XiaoMo opened the magic bag to find that it was full of spirit gems. With a rough estimate, it was around ten million spirit gems, very generous. He didn’t think a demon beast would know to pay them off with money. At this point, all of his resentment had disappeared and with a wide grin, the little miser was bought by a bag of spirit gems.

Ling Xiao knew that this was going to happen and didn’t say more before the two left ZiRan City.

It didn’t take long for Hei Xiong’s expression to darken. By the time he found the proprietress, she was at her last breath with her once fair features ruined with scratches. Of course it was the work of MaoQiu.

Demon cats cared deeply about their appearances, for them to lose that was worse than death!

The proprietress clinged painfully at Hei Xiong’s lower hem but the later kicked her away in disgust and yelled angrily, “Bitch, if you are so thirsty than I’ll satisfy you by letting you serve guys forever.”

In despair, the proprietress fell to the ground.

With a cold huff, Hei Xiong was about to leave when behind him came a familiar voice. It was the voice of the person that ‘that’ person sent every month for their arrangement.

“Hei Xiong.”

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