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Chapter 538: The Black Turtle Clan Arrives

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Hai Chu had said that the people from the Black Turtle Clan would arrive in three days, but they took less than three days.

On the afternoon of the second day, there was a note left on the table of the room.

Written on the paper was a message stating that they should meet at an tiny unknown port on Whale Island to be on the safe side. A map of the port was attached for fear that they did not know where the port was.

You XiaoMo took one look at it before rolling the note into a ball and putting it into his clothes. He then turned to Ling Xiao, “The note said that just the two of us should meet them at a tiny port in the evening. Should we wait for that Hai Chu person?”

“No.” Ling Xiao rejected it without even a second thought. A hint of a strange smile flashed through his eyes, “Since the person who left the note asked only the both of us to go, then let’s just do as ‘he’ wishes.”

You XiaoMo felt that his expression was Ling Xiao’s signature move before he committed a misdeed.

However, he could only head for the small port together with him when evening approached, carrying a bellyful of doubts as he could not guess what Ling Xiao was thinking.

The location of the tiny port was slightly remote. There were fewer and fewer people as they walked along the road until they could not even see a single person. The so-called tiny port was actually an abandoned port. Since the development of Whale Island, the tiny port had been abandoned for a long time because it was facing the wrong way and it could not meet the requirements of the fishermen.

You XiaoMo could see two figures standing at the small harbor from far away.

The people who asked to meet them seemed to be an old and a young man. Both were wearing cyan robes and their hair was tied up and adorned with a green hair pin.

Though he had never seen the people from the Black Turtle Clan before, the image they presented did seem like those from the Black Turtle Clan.

“This one is surnamed Xuan, and named Sheng. Are you two the ones who wish to find someone from my Black Turtle Clan?” Hearing footsteps, the old man in the green robe turned to reveal a benevolent and aged face. With a grizzled beard akin to a goat and a bountiful smile, he did not provoke one’s dislike.

You XiaoMo gave them a once over upon hearing the old man claim to be from the Psychic Black Turtle Clan. It was true that they were from the Black Turtle Clan based on their auras. He then looked up at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao did not express anything and there was constantly a smile that was yet not a smile on his face, “Correct, that’s us.”

A trace of dark joy was revealed in Xuan Sheng’s eyes, “This old man heard from Old Long that it was Mo Jing from the Mystic Tortoise Clan who asked you to come. He said that there was something you had to convey to us. May I know what the matter is?”

“He said that he had something important to tell you, but he was ambushed in the middle of his journey and was seriously injured. So he was unable to come in person and wanted to look for people from the Black Turtle Clan to pick him up.” Ling Xiao indifferently stated.

You XiaoMo looked at him in surprise.

Didn’t he say to pass the baby turtle to them? Why was his excuse the same as the one he used before? Don’t tell me that.. Ling Xiao was really going listen to his words and leave the baby turtle to him?

You XiaoMo’s face was like ‘囧囧’ as he thought about it, but it was true that Ling Xiao could do this kind of thing.

Yet, Xuan Sheng did not seem too satisfied with this answer. His two white eyebrows furrowed and quickly smoothed out again. Xuan Sheng spoke after several seconds of deliberation, “Sir, are you certain that Mo Jing only asked you to convey this message? Did he pass anything to you?”

You XiaoMo stared at the old man in the green daopao with wide eyes.

Generally speaking, shouldn’t this person first ask about Mo Jing’s whereabouts? Although Mo Jing was from the Mystic Tortoise Clan, they were both from Tortoise Clans. When their clan members were in trouble, would the people from the Black Turtle Clan not even ask a question of concern?

He thought that he might know why Ling Xiao did not tell them about the baby turtle.

Ling Xiao’s expression suddenly chilled, “What does Your Excellency mean by saying this?”

“It is a misunderstanding, Sir. This old man did not mean that. Since there’s nothing, then it was this old man who had wrongly assumed.” Xuan Sheng knew that he had misunderstood upon hearing that and hurriedly clarified.

“Uncle, why are you speaking so much rubbish with them? They should count their fortunes for them to be able to see us in their lifetime. There is no need to speak so politely to them.” The young man beside Xuan Sheng was immediately displeased as he declared.

In his view, for these two to be able to see them who were from the Black Turtle Clan was the glory of the human race.

A peculiar glint flashed through Xuan Sheng’s eyes and he seemed to be swayed by the young man’s words. However, it was only for a moment. Then his tone chilled as he warned, “Ah Ze, have you forgotten the rules of our Black Turtle Clan? How can you say such words to the benefactor who helped us?!”

Though Xuan Ze did not utter a single word, his expression showed even more disdain.

“It is said that those from the Black Turtle Clan treat people modestly. Apparently this is not so.” You XiaoMo compared this man named Ah Ze with the representative of the Black Turtle Clan he met in the Amaranthine Mountains. Both were of completely different grades.

Although Xuan Ming was like a slow doctor, he had a hidden shrewdness and was definitely not a person who would look down on others. No wonder one could be a representative of the Black Turtle Clan whilst the other was obscure and unknown. It seemed that their characters were poles apart even if they were from the same clan.
T/n: 急惊风撞着慢郎中 = infantile convulsion met a slow doctor, it means that one is so sluggish, even urgent matter can’t rush them.

“That man named Mo Jing is healing in the ChuYun Mountain Range.” You XiaoMo simply gave them the answer before he pulled Ling Xiao and prepared to leave. To ask him to give the baby turtle to this kind of people, sorry, it was not possible. Maybe he ought to think about the possibility of taking the baby turtle as his own.

“Wait a minute!” Xuan Sheng hurriedly called out to them. Not only did he do that, he also ran to them and blocked their path.

You XiaoMo frowned. He was becoming more and more disgusted with this old man and unhappily retorted, “We’ve already told you his location. What else do you want?”

Xuan Sheng stroked his grizzled beard and put on an insincere smile, “This old man just wanted to ask, is Sir certain that Mo Jing is at the ChuYun Mountain Range?”

It was not surprising that he was suspicious because the ChuYun Mountain Range was where You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao had met Mo Jing, who was being hunted down by Xing Qi and his companions. It was also the place where Mo Jing had nearly been killed.

You XiaoMo could not refrain from narrowing his eyes upon hearing what he said. Sure enough, there was a problem with this old man. How could a person who was unfamiliar with the situation casually question others’ words and look so unconvinced unless he already knew that Mo Jing had met with danger in the ChuYun Mountain Range?

It was impossible for Mo Jing to remain at such a dangerous place like the ChuYun Mountain Range even if he was seriously injured. Who knew whether Xing Qi and the rest would come looking for him again? Staying there was just like courting death.

Xuan Sheng obviously knew this too, but his words made You XiaoMo suspect that maybe Xing Qi and them were in cahoots.

“You have constantly been questioning our words. It seems that you know what happened better than us.” Ling Xiao raised any eyebrow and a piercing glint suddenly flashed through his black eyes as his tone contained an unquestionable affirmation.

Even though Xuan Sheng’s expression was obscure, he did not immediately refute Ling Xiao’s words. This hesitation confirmed the truth of Ling Xiao’s words.

“Uncle, we should not hide it anymore since they’ve seen through us.” Xuan Ze had long wanted to shed all pretense of cordiality. The Black Turtle Clan really did treat people modestly as per the rumors from the outside world, but this did not include them. What he detested the most were humans and those inferior demon beasts.

Since matters had reached this stage, Xuan Sheng also knew that the two would not believe him even if whether he explained again. Thus, he simply tore off his hypocritical smile. The benevolent expression was instantaneously replaced by arrogance and contempt.

“That’s right, we definitely know what happened to Mo Jing. You might have deceived us if we didn’t. But you seem to have long recognized us, right?”

“Your words were riddled with inconsistencies. It’ll be difficult even if we wanted to be ignorant.” You XiaoMo said in disdain.

“You -” Xuan Sheng’s expression became ruthless.

“You what you, did I say it wrongly? If you want to pretend, you also have to be on point. I really suspect that your IQ is lower than mine for you to have been seen through so easily.” When You XiaoMo said this word ‘IQ’, he was particularly bold and confident. He, this old fellow, had been imperceptibly influenced by Ling Xiao and he was now admitting that his IQ was low.

To help him save a little of his face, Ling Xiao refuted, “You are wrong. Theirs is in the negative three digits. Your’s is negative two digits. There is no comparison between them.”

You XiaoMo was taken aback and he subconsciously replied, “You are right!”

Then his expression cracked, pei pei pei! Who is in negative double digits! He was not in the double digits, he was clearly a single digit! t/n: pei means to spit (in contempt).

“Have you said enough? You’d better tell us the truth about Mo Jing’s situation, or I’ll completely destroy you.” Xuan Ze’s aura was full of evil tendencies and a tinge of bloodthirsty killing intent was hovering between his eyebrows. His eyes were reddish and there were obvious signs that he was falling into the devil’s path.

You XiaoMo stared blankly when he saw that appearance. This was his first time seeing a devil-path cultivator.

The so-called devil-path cultivator was one who was unable to guard their mind when they advanced and was taken advantage of by heart devils. These kind of people generally had two endings. One was for their body to die and their cultivation to vanish.

The other was to successfully advance, but they would be hounded by heart devils from then on. The person would become like they had been plagued by a devil and their temper would become more and more volatile. When they got angry, their eyes would become red and then their whole mind would be preoccupied with killing people. When his eyes become completely red, it signaled that he had completely become a devil.

Under these circumstances, it would be very dangerous for the practitioner when they advanced again. It seemed that the resentment of this man called Xuan Ze was pretty strong for him to not have died even until now.

“Ah Ze, calm down!” Xuan Sheng’s expression could not help darkening when he saw Xuan Ze’s appearance. Although the fighting strength of devil-path cultivators would double, he knew the consequences very well.

“Uncle, what are you worried about?” Xuan Ze did not understand why he was hesitating, “No one knows we called them out. Even if Hai Chu finds it suspicious later, he wouldn’t be able to find any evidence after we have dealt with them. I have ways to get them to tell us of Mo Jing’s whereabouts as long as they fall into our hands.”

Although Xuan Sheng knew that Mo Jing had met with danger, he did not know that the people who rescued Mo Jing were Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo.

In reality, even Xing Qi and Gao Yin did not know their identities, and only knew that two strangers who they had never met before had saved Mo Jing. The only one that knew this was Mo Jing.

Xuan Sheng was convinced. They could not be away for too long, otherwise their clan members would become suspicious, so this matter must be resolved quickly. Xuan Ze’s fighting strength was not any lower than Xuan Ming’s. When he defeated that young man, he could go over to help him.

Ling Xiao did not want to let people know his true cultivation level, so he would deliberately suppress his own cultivation before others unless their strength was higher than his. Otherwise, others could only see his suppressed cultivation level.

“Let’s take one each.” You XiaoMo animatedly told Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow, “Are you sure?”

“Of course.” You XiaoMo nodded in affirmation. Xuan Ze’s strength was at the one star Level Eleven. This progress was really remarkable at his age. Ordinary people may not have this achievement even after ten thousand years of cultivating. There was a basis to his arrogance, but the more arrogant he was, the more he wanted to beat Xuan Ze into the ground.

“All right then.”

One versus one. It looked very fair.

Xuan Ze also wanted this outcome. He was more worried than You XiaoMo that Ling Xiao would interfere.

“Come with me if you have the guts!” Once Xuan Ze spat this sentence out, he turned to fly out to sea.

You XiaoMo especially wanted to leave him hanging out at sea. His expression at that time would definitely be entertaining. However, he followed after pausing for two seconds since he proposed the battle this time.

Ling Xiao and Xuan Sheng were the only ones left at the tiny port.

“May this old man offer Your Excellency a bit of advice. A wise man submits to circumstances. You’ll come to no good end by setting yourself against the Black Turtle Clan.” Xuan Sheng arrogantly eyed Ling Xiao. He did not want to battle with him if it was possible because too much of a commotion would attract other people’s attention. It would be troublesome if he was discovered by Hai Chu.

Ling Xiao looked at him with a smile that was yet not a smile, “Can a traitor of the Black Turtle Clan speak as a representative of the Black Turtle Clan?”

Xuan Sheng’s expression darkened as he sinisterly admitted, “It seems that I cannot let you go no matter what happens. You both know too much. I’ll only feel at ease if you’re dead.”

With that, a vigorous soul power erupted from his body and the pressure of a mighty powerhouse rushed towards Ling Xiao like a sharp awl, as if he was attempting to overwhelm Ling Xiao by depending solely on his aura.

Ling Xiao’s calm and still figure disappeared in an instant just as the razor-sharp awl was about to crash into him.

Xuan Sheng’s vigor went up in smoke then and there.

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