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Chapter 547: The Wealthiest

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When the crow appeared, the entire inn fell silent.

Anyone who knew of the Black Spider knew that they had two symbols. One was of a black eight-legged spider, something that was tattooed on each and every one of their members. The other was their messenger Black Crow. Apart from that, the crow also represented the coming of death. If a Black Crow wasn’t there to give a message, then it meant someone was about to die.

Thus, most people would feel a chill descend over them.

“Oh god, did they do something to offend the Black Spider?” Those who had been discussing the Black Spider before yelled in shock, subconsciously thinking that the crow was an omen of death upon seeing it in such an out of the way area like Ebony Plum Town.

The Black Crow had landed on You XiaoMo’s table. That meant it was targeting one of the three, or maybe all of them.

The Black Crow startled You XiaoMo and, hearing what was said, he was even more shocked. They had only just returned to Zhong Tian; how could Black Spider know of their movements? And have a crow come and find them, too?

“No, this is a messenger Black Crow. There’s something on its right leg.” The middle aged man that had first brought up the Black Spider disagreed after observing for a few moments.

Messenger Black Crows would have things tied to their leg, but since these Black Crows were three to four times larger than normal crows, their feathers would sometimes accidentally conceal these items.

You XiaoMo lifted the feathers on the right side and, as expected, there was a note about the size of his palm on its foot. The color was as black as the feathers of the Black Crow, so it was no wonder no one noticed at first.

You XiaoMo had only just untied the note when the Black Crow flapped its wings and took off. It wasn’t slow either, like it had something urgent to get back to.

In reality, his cheap dad had been eyeing the Black Crow with an expression that made it clear he thought it would make a good meal. Black Crows were sentient, and, sensing You JunQi’s thoughts, it would naturally run at the earliest opportunity.

You XiaoMo opened the note and looked over it before handing it out casually.

You JunQi had thought his son was handing the note over to him since he was opposite his son, but then his son’s hand had swerved in midair, giving the note to Ling Xiao. His outstretched hand hovered awkwardly.

Resentment couldn’t even begin to describe what he felt then.

Seeing this, You XiaoMo rubbed his nose. “I’ll tell you what it says. It’s an invite from the Black Spider; they want us to attend their auction.”

In reality, it was only Ling Xiao who had been invited.

When he said that, the entire inn had fallen into silence once more. As that middle aged man had said, only people of great power would be invited. Apart from that, individuals that were invited had to be experts of Divine level or higher and this was just one of many requirements.

“When will the auction start?” You JunQi asked.

“In a month,” You XiaoMo replied.

You JunQi said consideringly, “It’s not too soon, but not a very long wait either. If the Vermillion Blood Clan wants to come and cause trouble, there’s no need for them to wait a month.”

You XiaoMo nodded, turning to look at Ling Xiao. “Should we attend?”

Ling Xiao said in a low tone. “Theoretically we should, but…”

“But what?”

“Do you have several hundred million spirit gems on you?”


The invite wasn’t just a normal invite, there were several requirements for attendance written on it, too. For example, there was no trading items, they only dealt in spirit gems, so if you wanted to attend, you would need to bring an appropriate amount of spirit gems.

You XiaoMo only had twenty million spirit gems on him. In reality, this was already a huge fortune, but it was nowhere near enough if you wanted to actually buy anything. You needed hundreds of millions, even billions of spirit gems. There was no way they could earn that much in a month.

“Then we aren’t going?” You XiaoMo was a little disappointed.

“Not necessarily,” Ling Xiao said. “We can always get more spirit gems if we don’t have enough, and even if we can’t get enough, we can go and have a look around.”

“But the Vermillion Blood Clan might also go, right? If we go, then there’s no way You ZhenTian wouldn’t take this chance to capture me!” You XiaoMo scratched his head in vexation. He wanted to go and see what it was like, but he didn’t want to get caught by You ZhenTian.

Ling Xiao suddenly reached out and flicked him in the head. “Idiot, do you think the Vermillion Blood Clan will be the only ones invited?”

The place where he was hit went red. You XiaoMo didn’t care about the pain though, because the words caused a person to pop up in his mind. His depressed expression immediately turned into one of delight. “You mean Fu CangQiong?”

The Cang Alliance and Vermillion Blood Clan were at the top of the Southern Continent. After fighting behind the scenes for all those years, neither had managed to subdue the other. If Fu CangQiong stood on their side, You ZhenTian would have to go through Fu CangQiong to get to them. They had to use this shield well!

“You mean the Head of the Cang Alliance?”

“What reason does he have to help us?” You JunQi didn’t know the promise they had made with Fu CangQiong. Hearing what they said, he could only think of how hard it would be to get Fu CangQiong on their side.

You XiaoMo waggled his finger in delight. “You don’t know this, but we’ve made a deal with Fu CangQiong. So long as we can deliver, then he’ll definitely stand by us, and his favored disciple, Wei Bai, is my second shixiong.”

You JunQi had heard of the name Wei Bai before.

After all, he had only been locked up by You ZhenTian for twenty years. He was still kept up with the times in the TongTian Continent. Two hundred years ago, he had heard that Fu CangQiong really spoiled this young man called Wei Bai.

“What thing are you expected to deliver?” You JunQi was very interested.

You XiaoMo smiled at him, drawing out his words as he replied, “It’s a secret.”

You JunQi’s excitement wasn’t crushed by this. After thinking for a while, his face broke out into a smile.

You XiaoMo looked at his smile weirdly. “What are you smiling at?”

“Sonny~” You JunQi called him in that unique and cutesy way of his, causing goosebumps to rise on You XiaoMo’s skin. “Tell me what it is and I’ll give you a surprise that is definitely of equal value, how does that sound?”

You XiaoMo stared at him suspiciously.

Ling Xiao suddenly said, “Do it.”

You XiaoMo turned his head, “Why?”

Ling Xiao said, “Because I want to know what this surprise of equal value is. If you aren’t satisfied, you can just ignore him in the future.”

You JunQi, “…”

You XiaoMo hesitated just slightly. “Alright.”

In reality, it was just a Samsara pill recipe. However, this recipe was definitely something Fu CangQiong would be willing to splurge on. Grade six rainbow pills were nothing to scoff at, and the number of grade six rainbow pill recipes that had ever been discovered could be counted on one hand. In addition, it concerned Wei Bai’s wellbeing.


“Sonny, are you really giving it to Fu CangQiong? It’s a real treasure.” You JunQI hadn’t thought it was something so valuable. He knew that the Mage’s Guild and the Beast Transfiguration guild only had three in total, and they were practically guarding the three with their lives.


“It’s just a recipe. There’s no problem.” You XiaoMo waved his hand, saying heroically.


If those people who were guarding those recipes with their life heard this, they would definitely cough blood. Without the recipe, you couldn’t refine the pill even if you had the magic herbs.

That’s why Fu CangQuiong focused on finding the recipe these few years.

You XiaoMo rushed the other. “I’ve already spoken, hurry and tell me what your surprise of equal value is.

You JunQi didn’t speak. He raised his right hand, which had a ring on it. There was nothing in the palm of his hand, but he moved his fingers and the first ring appeared in his hand.


“This is a pocket dimension ring. You’ll understand when you look inside.”


You XiaoMo had only just peeked inside before he immediately raised his head to look at his cheap dad. “How come you have so much?”


You JunQi smiled triumphantly. “In the past I went to a mid level plane. That plane was still in it’s uncivilized stages. I found a leyline there. That leyline had been there for hundreds of thousands of years and no one had discovered it. I thought it would be a waste to just leave it, so I dug out all the spirit gems. I haven’t used much of it these years.”


After You ZhenTian stole the position of family head, You JunQi had left the Vermillion Clan and had spent thousands of years wandering around. He had gone to many planes, and wild planes were amongst them.


Uncivilized planes were a special sort of plane. In a hundred million planes, there’d only be one, because that meant the resources on that plane were still untouched. So, if there really was such a plane, the entire Tong Tian Continent would be in an uproar over it.

So, the wealthiest man on the entire Tong Tian Continent was his cheap dad, who didn’t have anything to his name.


You XiaoMo looked at his cheap dad, conflicted. This was truly an amazing surprise. He had always thought his dad was completely broke.



Ra: Daddy vs Husband – Round 2: Daddy won through his money. Money always win.

Addis: like father like son. Both are money grubbers.

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