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Chapter 549: Private Exchange Quarter

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The news of You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao returning to Zhong Tian spread very quickly.

Nobody knew who was at the center of it all adding fuel to the fire, but the news spread extremely fast, and even the inn they were staying at was leaked out.

The consequence of not living in XiaoYao Institution was that every once in a while they would have someone come and find them, waving knives and guns.

Zhong Tian indeed had the Vermillion Blood Clan’s scouts, and every night these scouts would come running to the inn searching for information. The result was that every one of them would go directly to see the King of Hell, and they would even enjoy it.

This was the first time You XiaoMo had seen people who were so eager for death.

They stayed at the inn for two days.

You XiaoMo counted on his fingers several times and discovered that every night they threw about seven or eight waves, or ninety percent, of people into the inn’s backyard to be fertilizer for the flowers and plants.

The second day, the mountain-like pile of corpses in the backyard almost scared the inn’s manager to death, and it only finally stopped on the third night.

Most likely because he realized that his behavior was just like seeking his own self-destruction, he finally stopped sending scouts over at night.

You XiaoMo had a wonderful night’s sleep, lying in Ling Xiao’s embrace. This time he slept until he naturally woke up early in the morning. Instead of sending people to come notify them, Ye Nong came over himself.

Since Fu CangQiong had warned Ye Nong over and over that he was to personally hand the item over to them.

You XiaoMo swept over the information in the jade drive once before handing it to Ling Xiao as usual, completely unaware that his clingy dad was currently standing to the side, looking at him with hidden bitterness.

Fu CangQiong was very happy that they had found the pill recipe for the Samsara Pill. Even though he still couldn’t find a transcendent level mage that could refine a grade six rainbow pill, he had already accomplished half of what he needed. At the same time, he consented to their request, and after learning that they were preparing to participate in Black Spider’s auction, he even gave them a list of items for free.

When You XiaoMo saw the items on the list, he couldn’t look away again.

No wonder Black Spider dared to invite TongTian Continent’s major powers. If any one of these items were leaked out, it would be enough to make people fight until death.

As for a major power such as the Cang Alliance, Black Spider hadn’t taken pains to try and hide the goods that they were auctioning.

If they didn’t let them know what treasures they had, it would mean that these major powers wouldn’t have a motive to prepare spirit gems. When the time came to auction off the items, the prices would drop, and the one to lose would be Black Spider.

You XiaoMo roughly glanced over it and his gaze landed on the last couple items on the list. He frowned as he looked at one of the items. There were no specific details about this item, and all it said was that it was an ancient item. They didn’t even know what type of ancient item it was, yet it was actually listed among the last items to be auctioned off.

After sending Ye Nong off, they closed the door and studied the jade drive.

Finally, they reached the conclusion that they had to go, no matter what.

He didn’t know what Ling Xiao was thinking about. Ling Xiao continued to stroke the jade drive without saying anything, expression indifferent, as if he was considering something else in his mind.

The next day, You XiaoMo returned to XiaoYao Institution.

Speaking of Giganticus’ challenge match, You XiaoMo had calculated and discovered that it was actually at the same time as Black Spider’s auction. They were both one month later.

They had the Dimensional talismans so the time they had to spend on the road was shortened by quite a bit. The entire journey to and from Xi Jing had only taken half a month, and it was even faster than what You XiaoMo had imagined.

Besides the time he had first entered Giganticus, this would now already be the second time he missed the challenge match.

You XiaoMo’s goal wasn’t the challenge match, but if he didn’t participate in the challenge match then he wouldn’t have any points, and without points he couldn’t get into the Beast Transfiguration Room or the Meditation Room.

He had already decided to attend the auction, so he could only miss the competition. But this time he had no points to cancel his name, and most likely there wouldn’t be anyone who would let him borrow some of their points.

You XiaoMo scratched his head gloomily.

“You Xiao… Mo?” An uncertain voice suddenly spoke next to him. Maybe because they weren’t used to his name, so they paused in the middle.

You XiaoMo unconsciously looked over and discovered that the person calling him was Jiu Ye. He couldn’t help but be surprised. “It’s you? Why are you here?”

“That should be what I’m asking you.” Jiu Ye’s handsome and straight brows raised slightly. “This is the 95th floor, your floor should be the 90th floor.”

You XiaoMo turned his head and saw that there was a large ‘Ninety-Five’ on the pillar next to the circular staircase. A drop of cold sweat slid down his face. He was too deep in his thoughts, and he just walked and walked till he reached this floor. “Apologies, apologies, I walked past my floor.”

“There seems to be something on your mind.” Jiu Ye seldom broached a topic of his own volition.

You XiaoMo was surprised for a moment, but then he thought about it a little. Jiu Ye should know quite a lot, so he could ask him, and he said, “I do have something on my mind. You must’ve heard about the Black Spider too, right? I decided to go with Ling Xiao, but the competition and the auction times conflict…”

Jiu Ye more or less understood his situation, and he nodded. “You want to earn some points?”

You XiaoMo laughed and nodded. It was great talking with someone smart. “Is there any way to earn some points without participating in the challenge match?”

Jiu Ye hesitated for a while. “There is, and presumably you can also guess what it is. There’s only one competition every three months, and the most points you can earn each time is six points. For most people, six points is nowhere near enough. XiaoYao Institution also thought of a solution for this.”

You XiaoMo asked, “What solutions are there?”

Jiu Ye said, “There’s a private Exchange Quarter in Giganticus, and only students who are on the 70th floor and above can participate. The currency that the Exchange Quarter uses is points.”

“Are you talking about the trading that goes on between students?” You XiaoMo still felt that this method couldn’t resolve the demand that the students had for points, since everyone only had a few points, so who would just take them out and trade them.

Jiu Ye denied it. “No, I’m talking about the trade between the students and Giganticus’ teachers and elders. They’re not the same as us, since they can earn a certain amount of points every month. Although the teachers and elders also have different levels, they don’t need points as frequently as students do. Those points just accumulate, and they’re exactly what we need. Of course, students can trade among themselves, but this happens very rarely.”

Jiu Ye just happened to have nothing to do, so he personally brought You XiaoMo to the private Exchange Quarter.

The private Exchange Quarter was on the 85th floor, right in the middle.

As the floors went higher and higher, the population on each floor dropped. For example, the total population of the 90th floor that You XiaoMo was on didn’t even reach twenty. The total population of the 85th floor was also under fifty people, so there was quite a lot of empty space.

This empty space was utilized by XiaoYao Institution, and they were built into all sorts of different places. The private Exchange Quarter was one such place, and its area exceeded a thousand square feet.

Five minutes later, the two of them arrived outside of the private Exchange Quarter.

Right now was currently when the private Exchange Quarter was at its liveliest. Since everyone had some points during the last two months, they used them all in the Beast Transfiguration Room and the Meditation Room. Now that it was the third month, they had finally used up all of the points they had.

After the points were used, naturally they wanted to come up with a way to earn more points. Therefore, everyone ran towards the private Exchange Quarter, and the large Exchange Quarter became lively.

You XiaoMo walked in together with Jiu Ye. The moment he saw the situation inside, he started to laugh.

This Exchange Quarter was just like a marketplace, but most of the time, the shops in a marketplace were for sellers. However, here they were for buyers, and there was a quartz sign in front of every shop. On the quartz sign, the teachers and the elders indicated the items they needed.

If the students had these items on them, they could immediately go up and start negotiations, and the prices were naturally easy to settle.

For teachers and elders, points came for free, so the amount of points they gave out usually weren’t too low and people didn’t have to worry about being ripped off.

As the two of them walked, Jiu Ye gave him an introduction.

The Exchange Quarter was split into three blocks. Block One was for teachers of the 70th to 79th floor, and their requirements were usually pretty low, so they also gave fewer points. But this was also directly related to the amount of points they were given every month.

Block Two was from the 80th to the 89th floor, and Block Three was from the 90th to the 100th floor.

Block Three’s teachers and elders gave the most points. But their requests were also very high, and most of the students were unwilling to fulfill them, so the students who shopped in Block Three were few.

Jiu Ye suggested that You XiaoMo first go to Block One to take a look. Although they didn’t give many points, the items that the teachers and elders needed were usually things that people were willing to exchange.

You XiaoMo didn’t really care. As long as he could exchange for some points, going to Block One would be the same thing.

Since Block One had more teachers and elders than Block Two and Block Three, they also had the most space. There were approximately forty to fifty shops, and most of the shops had either one teacher or elder sitting inside.

“The price of Block One is between one to two points. Some seniors aren’t mages, so what they mostly need are magic pills. But a student can only exchange one type of pill, if there’s more they won’t exchange with you.” Jiu Ye said.

You XiaoMo nodded and glanced over all of them. The things that the teachers and elders needed were multifarious and varied, and there seemed to be no pattern to them. Some needed magic herbs, some needed soul training or skill training, some actually needed spirit gems. How poor would that teacher have to be in order to have to resort to trading points for spirit gems in the Exchange Quarter?

You XiaoMo hesitated for a bit before walking over to that teacher.

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