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Chapter 565: The Tailor Shop’s Proprietress

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In You XiaoMo’s previous life, he had only seen steamed buns made out of human flesh on television. Furthermore, that was only a movie, and its name was ‘Human Meat Buns.’

He was sort of a coward, and after You Bo found out, he often forced You XiaoMo to watch horror movies together with him. This was one of those movies. After he watched it, he didn’t dare to eat steamed buns for half a month, and it left a deep impression. But, all in all, it was still only a movie. Yet now he had come across the real thing.

You XiaoMo was so disgusted that he didn’t even dare to continue eating the sugared lotus root chips.

He was extremely thankful that, fortunately, the snacks that the innkeeper sent him the day before only included peanuts and sugared lotus root chips, or else he was ready to throw up all of the food that he ate the day before.

By the time it was completely cleared away, You XiaoMo didn’t have any desire to eat anymore.

Thinking back on it now, the innkeeper’s actions the night before were actually very suspicious.

You XiaoMo carefully thought back to the innkeeper’s expression at the time. Even though he had already refused, the innkeeper still forced him to accept the two free bowls of snacks, and then he had even sent him side dishes. There was no way that the innkeeper was such a warm and hospitable person.

With a hint of an idea in his mind, You XiaoMo glanced at Ling Xiao’s situation again before leaving.

He remembered that there were still two outsiders who checked into the inn at the same time they did. Since the quality of their clothing was very high, You XiaoMo was certain that they were the same as him and Ling Xiao.

Considering JiJiu Town’s circumstances, there was no way the innkeeper would dare to chop up the people from JiJiu Town and turn them into stuffing. So, if his guess was correct, it was very likely that those two foreigners had been murdered.

The inn was built around a small inner courtyard, and one could see what was happening in every room if they opened the window or door. There were four corridors on the second floor, and the two foreigners’ room was on the corridor to the left of You XiaoMo’s room, very close together.

You XiaoMo walked over.

“Sir!” Suddenly, the innkeeper’s voice came from behind him.

You XiaoMo jumped in fright and almost shouted out loud, but luckily, he steadied himself in time and turned to look at the innkeeper, who had sent him the human meat buns. That disgusted feeling rose again.

The smile on the innkeeper’s face was as pure as a chrysanthemum. “Sir, where are you trying to go?”

Since the inn was built around a courtyard, he could see what was happening on the second floor from the first floor. The innkeeper’s counter was also built in a very clever place, and he could see everything as long as he looked up.

You XiaoMo’s expression instantly hardened. “Do I need to tell you where I’m going?”

When he thought of how this person actually killed someone and turned them into stuffing for a meat bun, he wished he could just smash his face to pieces.

No wonder outsiders described Dong Zhou’s people as being from an uncivilized race. If they could even do this kind of thing, then it was simply inhuman! He knew that he couldn’t just place all of Dong Zhou’s people into one basket. After all, the uncle wasn’t that kind of person, and his personality was actually very shy. But the moment he thought of the human meat buns, he grew angry again.
t/n: the uncle here is the uncle that always follows them around XiaoYao Institution.

“Sir, you’ve misunderstood. I only wanted to ask if the breakfast was to your liking, I didn’t mean anything else.” When he saw You XiaoMo get angry, he hastily apologized.

You XiaoMo sneered coldly before flicking his sleeves and returning to his room. It wasn’t worthwhile to be respectful to someone like him. Moreover, since You XiaoMo had been discovered, it wouldn’t be good for him to just swagger over and check things out, or else the concierge would suspect that he knew something.

It wasn’t as if You XiaoMo was afraid of them. The day before when they entered the town, he discovered that the people of JiJiu Town all generally had low cultivation bases. Their cultivation bases were mostly in the Sun Realm or Moon Realm area, and he could occasionally see a few Moon Realm or Star Realm practitioners. If he wanted to slaughter them all, it would be as easy as turning over his hand.

But JiJiu Town’s people were extremely xenophobic, so if he didn’t come up with a comprehensive strategy, the entire JiJiu Town would most likely send a witch hunt after him and Ling Xiao once they learned that he killed the innkeeper.

You XiaoMo didn’t want people to disturb Ling Xiao. Plus, he was still preparing to find some medicine to treat his wounds.

Dong Zhou’s land was relatively infertile, and the population wasn’t very high either. If they wanted to find a city or town with people, they would have to spend quite a bit of time searching without a map.

The innkeeper watched the door close, and his smiling face instantly darkened again.

He glanced again in the direction that You XiaoMo was about to walk in. He couldn’t have been discovered, right? He shouldn’t have been. If he was discovered, he would’ve been found out the night before. There was no reason to wait until now.

After a moment, the innkeeper used the excuse of retrieving the empty plates to enter the room, and along the way he glanced around to see if there was anything unusual happening.

He believed that You XiaoMo and his companion ate everything.

Inside the room, You XiaoMo considered it over and over before deciding to go outside again.

He discovered that Dong Zhou’s people used the quality of the clothes to determine whether or not someone was an outsider. Since it was like this, as long as he and Ling Xiao changed into the same clothing as them, they wouldn’t be found out for a while.

Before leaving, You XiaoMo had taken into consideration that the people who came to HaoLai Inn had problems, so he left the Metal Swallowing Beast behind to keep watch. As soon as the innkeeper did something unusual and didn’t return, then You XiaoMo wouldn’t have to be polite to them anymore.

Downstairs, the innkeeper learned that he was leaving, and he said, “Sir, this is your first time at JiJiu Town, so you aren’t very familiar with the situation here. Perhaps it might be better to ask an assistant to show you around?”

“No need.” You XiaoMo resolutely rejected him. Even though he wasn’t leaving, he still had no interest in being followed by these disgusting fellows.

When the innkeeper saw that he refused, he couldn’t just force him either, in order to avoid being disliked.

Once he left, only then did the assistant walk over. “Innkeeper, it can’t be that he wants to run away, right?”

The innkeeper knocked him on the head. “This big dumb head of yours. His companion is still in the inn, do you think he’ll just leave behind his companion and go off by himself?”

“You never know,” the assistant muttered.

“What are you muttering about, shouldn’t you go and do work!” The innkeeper’s eyebrows furrowed downwards.

The assistant instantly ran away.

It took quite a bit of effort before You XiaoMo found JiJiu Town’s tailor shop. Originally, he wanted to ask for directions so he could maybe find it faster, but before he could even get close, the people on the street would quickly flash away as if he carried the plague. Thus, his opinion of JiJiu Town’s people worsened even more, and he kept feeling as if this was a cannibalistic town.

The owner of the tailor shop was a proprietress, middle-aged but still attractive.

You XiaoMo went through several streets before finding this shop. It seemed that there was only this one tailor shop in all of JiJiu Town.

There were five or six guests in the store, and the proprietress and her assistants were all busy tending to the customers. At first, he thought that nobody would pay attention to him, but the proprietress suddenly abandoned her guest and walked towards him, swaying her large hips.

“Oh my, this Young Master is very unfamiliar. This must be your first time coming to my tailor shop, is that right? What kind of pattern would you like? I have anything you want here, and plus, my tailor shop is the only one of its kind in all of JiJiu Town. If it doesn’t suit your tastes, there won’t be another shop.”

The proprietress liked these outsiders the most, because it meant that she could extort a large sum of money from them. This was already a tacit assumption in JiJiu Town.

You XiaoMo glanced around him and discovered that although the quality of the clothes was no good, there were all sorts of patterns available. He saw that the customers in the store were all picking the good patterns. It seemed that it was natural for everyone to like things that looked good.

You XiaoMo raised his own requirements approximately.

The proprietress instantly pulled out several ready-made outfits. Even though the patterns were nice, the craftsmanship was a little crude, and you could still tell that it was a low-quality good.

You XiaoMo selected a blue set of clothing that was passably acceptable. The white set was for Ling Xiao to wear, and then he asked the proprietress to ring up the bill.

“Sir, the two sets of clothing that you chose are the two finest ones in my shop, regarding both their quality and pattern, so I’ll go a little lower on the price for these two sets just for you. Five hundred spirit gems per set will be enough.” The proprietress’ smile was brilliant, and she spoke as if it was the truth, but everyone knew that she was just swindling him.

When the other customers in the shop heard this, they all looked over with eyes that carried a hint of pleasure at You XiaoMo’s misfortune. In reality, the actual price of one set of clothing wasn’t even ten spirit gems, and that price could still be considered high. The main reason for this was because the pattern looked nice.

Every outsider who came to the proprietress’ tailor shop to buy clothes was screwed over by the proprietress, without exception. But there were some who lost more spirit gems than others, and this was because the proprietress was someone who was very good at reading people. She could tell if you were poor or rich with one glance at the quality of your clothing.

Of course, there was nothing to be said about the quality of You XiaoMo’s clothing, so the sharp-eyed proprietress could tell with one glance that he was a spendthrift with a lot of money.

If one didn’t rip off a spendthrift, then they were an idiot!

So the moment he asked about the price, the proprietress instantly started running her mouth like a train. Moreover, she seemed to be very adept at spewing nonsense.

You XiaoMo wasn’t stupid. He knew from the beginning that the proprietress would rip him off, but he hadn’t imagined that it would be this much. Just now, he happened to see a customer paying the bill. One set of clothing was only five or six spirit gems; this was ripping him off almost one hundred times the original price, and he burned with anger.

You XiaoMo didn’t release his anger. Instead, he looked at the proprietress and smiled. “Proprietress, do you mind saying that one more time?”

As soon as he finished speaking, a powerful aura instantly exploded out from within him.

The small proprietress was immediately caught full force by this blast and was attacked directly by this aura until both of her knees went soft. If it weren’t for the fact that she happened to be standing next to the counter, she would have directly kneeled down.

Everyone else’s expressions changed as well.

You XiaoMo had calculated the strength of the people of JiJiu Town, and he didn’t release the full pressure of a rainbow level mage. He suppressed his cultivation base to be just around the Star Realm level, but it was already enough to shock them based just on this.

You XiaoMo took a step forward and spoke again. “Proprietress, exactly how many spirit gems do two sets of clothing cost? I’m still in a hurry to go back!”

Ra: I miss the time when Momo’s old clothes were cheap-looking and everyone was like, “Who is this poor kiddo?”. Now he is a wealthy-dressed young man with lots n lots of daddy’s monah XD
Addis: Rara is spewing about money and I’m over here still disgusted by the meat bun. XD
Ra: Contact Ra for lesson how to make human meat bun 😀
Addis: Please don’t listen to her.
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Jade Ng
Jade Ng
October 13, 2018 5:31 am

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