LMW Chapter 574

Chapter 574: The Continent’s Number One Genius

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Yan Hui’s expression twisted for a moment when Su Lang said those words.

That’s right, he was really envious and jealous of Su Lang. Envious of his good fortune to have a master who loved him and unreservedly provided the materials and soul and skill training manuals needed for cultivation. Jealous of his potential to already be a Grade One Rainbow Level mage at the young age of twenty five.

Yet, the early years of his life was miserable and bumpy. He had to depend on his own perseverance and he finally managed to successfully advance to Rainbow Level when he was on the verge of reaching one hundred years of age. If he had such convenient conditions, he too could have advanced in his twenties like Su Lang, and become a genius that was envied by all.

The reason why Su Lang was able to get the attention of their master was closely related to the fact that he had an infinite supply of materials when he was young. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to have advanced so quickly. In the end, he caught Shifu’s eye and was then accepted as a disciple.

Yan Hui tried hard to calm the rolling thoughts in his heart. When he raised his head, a smile that showed love and respect as good brothers should hung on his face once more, “Shidi, everyone has their own fate. Your luck is indeed incomparable with mine, but you are really unworthy of the title of the TongTian Continent’s Number One Genius.”

Su Lang was immediately enraged by his words. Flames shot from his eyes as he grabbed Yan Hui’s collar in a fit of discombobulation and snarled, “You’re talking nonsense! Then you tell me, how am I unworthy?!”

He was praised as the Number One Genius in the TongTian Continent from an early age. He had completely taken the title as his possession now that his future was becoming even more brilliant. Yet, Yan Hui was saying that he was not the Number One Genius of TongTian Continent, how could he believe it!

Yan Hui grabbed his hand and pried Su Lang’s fingers off his collar one by one with a serene smile on his face, “Shidi, you know that I, your Shixiong, used to be a student in XiaoYao Institution. How could the XiaoYao Institution rise abruptly to become the number one educational institute in the TongTian Continent without some capability and skill?”

“So what?!” Su Lang shook his hand off with an expression of loathing.

Yan Hui was not hopeful about his intelligence, so he continued, “That means, there are no lack of geniuses in the XiaoYao Institution. As far as I know, there’s one person who is better suited to be the Number One Genius in the TongTian Continent. He’s the one who is worthy of the title.”

Su Lang was stunned, but he still didn’t believe it despite Yan Hui declaring it so solemnly. He just thought Yan Hui was fooling him and immediately sneered, “Why don’t you say who is the one who is more worthy of being the Number One Genius than I am?

“You should know that I have two objectives for going to XiaoYao Institution this time right?” Yan Hui leisurely began.

Although this topic was a little like increasing another’s spirit and extinguishing one’s own prestige, what harm would there be in doing it if he was able to see the confidence and pride slowly collapse on Su Lang’s face!

“Yes, I know. But what does that have to do with this? Don’t tell me that the genius you speak of is one of them?” Su Lang looked contemptuous.

“That’s right.” Yan Hui turned around and looked at him with a clear gaze as a elated smile bloomed on his face, “The person I’m talked about is named You XiaoMo. The evaluation of his soul showed six colors when we both became students of XiaoYao Institution. Although his test was accidentally interrupted, everyone knew that his soul was already seven colors. Furthermore, he is not even twenty-five years old, but do you know how high his cultivation base is now?”

Su Lang’s expression twisted uglily.

Yan Hui deliberately said in a nasty tone. “He is already… Grade Two Rainbow Level.”

“I don’t believe it!” Su Lang’s eyes turned red with anger.

“It’s a fact and it can’t be helped if you don’t believe it. You’re only Grade One at twenty-five years old. By the time he reaches your age, he’ll probably be at Grade Three or Four. You’ll never be able to catch up no matter what.” It was as if Yan Hui thought that Su Lang did not suffer enough blows.

Su Lang, who was originally too angry to speak, suddenly laughed.

Yan Hui frowned, “What are you laughing about?”

Su Lang sneered, “I was almost deceived by you. You also have to do it decently if you want to fabricate a lie. It’s impossible for him to advance in just a few years even if he is a genius. I believe that you have also experienced this. How can it be that easy for Rainbow Level mages to advance? Don’t even speak of Grade Two, even advancing Grade One is not necessarily possible.”

Yan Hui thought what was he laughing at. He would not believe it himself if he had not seen with his own eyes how someone actually considered advancement as easy as eating. His cultivation would steadily rise whenever he came back from his trip.

Yan Hui did not care about Su Lang’s ridicule as he leisurely said, “I remember that he seemed to be only about twenty-two years old when he just became a student. At that time, his cultivation was only at mid-grade or high-grade Level Nine though I forgot the specific details. Now, in just more one year, or two years at the maximum, he is already a Grade Two Rainbow Level mage.”

Su Lan’s eyes almost popped out of his skull.

Yan Hui unreservedly dealt another psychological blow to him. Su Lang really ought to be knocked off his pedestal once.

Neither of them noticed that the protagonist they were talking about was hiding in a corner and had completely overheard their conversation word for word.

You XiaoMo shyly buried his head into Ling Xiao’s chest. He was a little embarrassed to hear Yan Hui praise him so much. Although Yan Hui had an ulterior motive, there was none who did not like to listen to people praising them.

“Do you think I am really the Number One Genius in the TongTian Continent? Hehe.” The sound of giggling drifted to Ling Xiao’s ears as You XiaoMo poked Ling Xiao’s chest. You XiaoMo urgently needed the approval of a second person for so much flattery.

There was no one else here except the for Ling Xiao so he had no choice but to resort to him.

“Do you really want to know?” Ling Xiao had an expression of ‘no change in expression even if Mount Tai collapses’, and then he patted You XiaoMo’s head when he heard his question.

You XiaoMo fell silent a moment, “…Let’s forget it.”

Many geniuses had their IQs linked to their status as a genius. He also had a true genius around him who specialized in dealing shocks to his confidence. You XiaoMo wondered if he was looking for abuse again.

Ling Xiao suddenly laughed, “Oh, that’s too bad. I wanted to give you a compliment.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Excuse me, may I ask if I can rewind what just happened?

Back to the main point. From their dialogue, their Shifu had probably let Yan Hui go to XiaoYao Institution to monitor their behind-the-scenes movements. However, they still did not know the identity of the other side, but it was obvious that the other probably understood them. This type of situation where the enemy was hidden in the shadows while they were in the light was disadvantageous to them. Therefore, they had to verify the identity of his Shifu.

The Shixiong and Shidi finally parted on bad terms. It seemed that there would no longer be any more useful information. The two immediately left the place.

It was almost dawn after they returned to the hotel.

You XiaoMo lay on the bed and rolled around a few times before stopping. He lay on his stomach to watch Ling Xiao reheat the water which had gone cold to make tea to drink. He could not refrain from lamenting, people who are able to use fire sure were different. They did not need to fear that there would be no firewood when cooking or when they wanted to eat hot food.

“Do you want to drink?” Ling Xiao poured a cup of steaming hot tea from the teapot.

You XiaoMo immediately climbed out of bed and rolled over.

Ling Xiao shoved the teapot into his hands, “Pour it yourself if you want to drink.”

You Xiao silently cast a despicable glare at him for a while. He wasn’t even willing to pour a cup of tea for his family’s wife, it’s too disappointing, “Will we continue to stay?”

“Don’t you really want to know Yan Hui’s purpose for approaching us?” Ling Xiao drank his tea with a look of pleasure on his face. This expression really made You XiaoMo think that Ling Xiao was possessed by a ghost every time he witnessed it.

“I would like to know, but who knows when his Shifu will appear. We can’t always be running over to monitor them every day. You have to take care of your internal injuries and I have to work hard to advance. We both don’t have the time ah!” You XiaoMo was quite regretful. If SheQiu and the rest were here, it would be fine.

Ling Xiao put down his tea cup, hinting for him to pour the tea.

You XiaoMo subconsciously poured it. It was only after he finished pouring that he realized that he had missed the opportunity to get revenge. He was really just too kind.

Ling Xiao drank a mouthful before saying, “We do not have time, but some people have.”


Ling Xiao did not answer him, but his gaze fell onto his chest.

You XiaoMo followed his line of sight and looked at his clothes. At some point, the Metal Swallowing Beast and the two Golden Winged Insects had poked their small heads out, wobbly hanging on his chest.

That’s right, wasn’t there some readily available labor force here that was just eating and playing every day? It was definitely time for them to pull their weight, otherwise, his effort of raising them like children whose hands needed to be held while shitting and peeing would be in vain.

You XiaoMo suddenly remembered one thing, “I remembered that Tian Dao and the rest had said before, the gold silk produced during the mating of a male and a female Golden Winged Insect would be ten times more stronger than usual. But up until now, I have not seen them in heat. How would they produce the golden silk like this?”

Ling Xiao touched his chin as he pondered over it. He really did not know what to do about this too, “If you really want the golden silk, make some aphrodisiacs for them to try. As for the heavy lifting, let the Metal Swallowing Beast do it first.”

“This is… not too good ba.” You XiaoMo touched his nose. He suddenly processed what Ling Xiao had said and was alarmed, “You couldn’t be referring for me to make it when you said to make some aphrodisiacs right?”

Ling Xiao calmly replied, “Magic pills may not necessarily be a cure for people and their injuries. There are always some people who will invent some strange things, especially for magic pills like aphrodisiacs and such.”

You XiaoMo thought of Ancestor Dan Qing’s jade drive. Maybe that old fellow would have this type of pill recipe?

“Then… I’ll just give it a try…”

LMW Chapter 573
LMW Chapter 575

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  1. To be the truth, the more I read ,the more I felt like Ling Xiao doesn’t care about Momo… I felt like Ling Xiao just use him.. But if he really ‘love’ Momo dont be too savage… I would love to see Ling Xiao blushing when he saw or talk Momo.. 😉 [It just my opinion… so… don’t get mad or smthing.]

    1. Yeah, he’s too rude. Yes, Momo can be a bit slow sometimes, but not everyone is quick witted. He says stuff that can really hurt… If it wasn’t for the fact that Momo does not really obsess over his words or think much of them, I would almost feel that this relationship was emotionally abusive (from Ling Xiao’s side)… Though I’m not looking for Ling Xiao to blush or anything, I want him to treat Momo better, he deserves it.

      I want romantic partners to genuinely show care for the other party. Without being obsessive or possessive. From the way I see it, Momo does not say a lot of things because Ling Xiao cuts in halfway with something that sounds really threatening, a lot of times he forces Momo to have sex (and though Momo acquiesces in the end, he isn’t really on board in the beginning) and he always belittles the other, rarely showing affection (if forcing someone under the bedsheets is considered affection, I’m speechless). This is probably going to get a lot of people mad at me, but how is he any better than that arrogant, pompous, overconfident, asshole YA male lead people rant of and hate?(On another note, Wattpad ML’s seem pretty similar too?)

      1. He shows a lot of affection actually. I’ve searched the available pdf and throughout the story he has given comfort, sweet kisses, hugs, flirtatious comments, rubbing Momo’s head, etc. He also goes out of his way to protect Momo (For example, when Ward B was infiltrated.) They cuddle each other to sleep every night. Momo has shown to purposely put his head on Ling Xiao’s chest when in bed too.

        Momo wasn’t on board with intimacy in the beginning, but he does enjoy having sex with Ling Xiao. He is rather shy and tsundere even with small things like kisses.

      2. I agree; and this part:

        “He wasn’t even willing to pour a cup of tea for his family’s wife”

        made me so mad. Like, seriously??

        tl;dr: Ling is a prick and I’m waiting for Momo to spank him

        You XiaoMo has been nothing but absolutely amazing to Ling Xiao. He is literally following him into danger (that he never would’ve run into without Ling around) just to help Ling get strong and save his family, chasing him all over the dimensions.

        Just in the last few chapters, Momo went out to catch food and cooked for him just about every night, letting him eat way more than his share (which is technically nothing since he didn’t help at all) and he couldn’t even pour tea? That would be a slap in the face for a stranger, much less your “beloved”. And then he just lets Momo pour the tea for him like the arrogant rich folk Momo specifically hates.

        Also the thing where he doesn’t let Momo drink the spiritual water after sex is sick. He wants him to be in pain and suffering. No-one would enjoy sex when they knew it would be hours of pain afterwards. One of the most important parts of BDSM-realm sex is “after-care” which is when you take care of your partner and treat them well.

        Momo is doing everything for Ling by trying to get these magic herbs, cultivating as quickly as possible even though it’s dangerous to heal him, even cleaning the cave for them both and making a sweet comment about it being their “home” since he obviously misses having a home. And what does Ling do? Sits around being an annoying prick making fun of him.

        Speaking of home, why is it that Momo cares so much about Ling’s past and helping him and all that and Ling just straight-up ignores Momo’s entire past life. I would think that was a pretty interesting conversation topic. Is it because he’s from the “lower realm” so it’s inferior? Why doesn’t Ling care at all?

        The only reason Ling gets away with it all is because Momo is so naive when it comes to relationships that he doesn’t realize that Ling is basically using him, only giving him bits and pieces of affection to trick him into thinking that Ling actually cares.

        When I began reading this I thought it’d be really cool having Momo use a bunch of his knowledge from his past life’s technological advances in the spiritually advanced world of (?? what is the entire world called, both continents). But now I’m only reading this waiting and praying for Momo to finally take control of the relationship and put Ling in his place. The chapter where he ran away from Ling was my favorite because I thought Ling was going to finally realize how awful he is to Momo but nope, just undeserved anger from Ling.

      3. EXACTLY! I found someone who agrees!
        LX is an a**hole and I wanted to hit him badly so many times, what’s good about such a pompous, uncaring individual. Momo is a gem, and he deserves to be treated like one! I read ahead in the raws and this situation does not change, sadly. LX does not deserve the love and care Momo gives him.

        And I completely agree with that part with the sex scene, it was so sickening. How can you watch your significant other, who you claim to love and care about, be in so much pain and suffering? It’s disgusting!

        Someone, previously commented that LX does show love and care but that small amount does not match up to what Momo does! LX manipulates Momo from the very beginning and it feels that he is using him, I truly cannot feel any love for Momo from him.

        Unfortunately, many Semes/Gongs are downright disrespectful to their partner or plain creepy in some instances. There are very few stories in which I genuinely love both Seme and Uke.

      4. I agree with this, tbh I consider it messy writting from the author, LX’s character is not as well developed as Momo. And also perhaps the author js not up to date on human rights and so, cuz a lot of stuff that was traditionally accepted as a sort of male priviledge or husband rights is now considered abusive and manipulative behavior. I find a lot of that kind of stuff in chinese LN. I would like for LX to show more respect and appreciation to Momo.

  2. I think it’s a bad idea. I really have the feeling LX will also try out the effectiveness of the pill on Momo

  3. It turns out these 3 tiny beasts who can’t speak or transform into humans, have worked/stayed with Momo most for almost 200 chapters already.
    if Ping-Pong could have a lil baby, that would be so cute & more fun.

  4. The story is the um “extremes” to make it funny. most homosexuals both partake in only one side of sex( uki or semi) they experience pleasure top and bottom alike. but a lot of shounen ai/ yaoi places one character as the stereotypical “insecure woman” – whos teased, ditsy, and can’t say no, damsel in distress- while the other character is overly masculine/ savior.
    don’t take it to heart. to me it’s like porn. sure i’ll watch it/ read it… ask me to go in that position and I’ll slap you silly. It’s not the real world.
    But I agree I want to read about Mo being on top… did he ever even use that cultivation pill that flips their positions yet… i didn’t miss it did i? sometimes i skim

  5. Whoa…….people chill !! I too….feel annoyed on LX sometimes but when I think about it…all his actions just have a bit of tease, laziness and surely he’s a bit of a sadist person…he likes to tease and annoy YXM a lot…

    And us getting affected by it means that his subtle or intentional tease are so effective !!

    But you know, I can still feel the love on him, I mean…like some small gestures like patting Momo’s head, got the urge to help him roasting the meat before… and getting jealous before, and helping him first to have points to rent his own room on his old school….

    Him, not pouring tea to Momo just now I think is his way of teasing mix with a bit of laziness…
    He ask first if he wants to have a tea right?? Then later he said to pour it yourself…. like come on , you’re such a tease !! and an ultimate Sadist !

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