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Chapter 576: Accidentally

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Before he could even speak, the other two men in black charged towards him with their swords. As the outside sunlight shone on their faces, their ferocious features, as well as the bruises, could be seen.

You XiaoMo almost had a heart attack. If he didn’t know that they were alive, he would’ve thought that he’d seen a ghost. The two were pretty strong, but it seemed that they were already injured, so the seemingly quick movements were actually a bit dulled.

It didn’t take long for You XiaoMo to finish them.

That was also when Ling Xiao walked in.

You XiaoMo’s movements paused for a second, due to the distraction, and that was when the three of them suddenly grunted. They had all committed suicide and the smell of blood was even stronger than before.

“Do you know the three of them?” You XiaoMo said with surprise. Were they here to commit suicide or did they commit suicide thinking they weren’t You XiaoMo’s opponent?

“I don’t know!” Ling Xiao said with distaste as he threw out two of the men’s corpses. The blood on the floor was half dry and half wet, clearly they had been hiding for a while.

You XiaoMo threw out the third corpse as he asked, “Hey, do you think they were avoiding their killers but thought that we were them and so to avoid being tortured, killed themselves?”

“Idiot!” Ling Xiao walked over to the stone bed, and sure enough, the blanket was stained with a huge blot of blood. With disgust, he threw it onto the floor and said, “They weren’t hiding from their enemy, rather, it’s better to say that they were the hunters. However, they were mistaken on the strength of their opponents, so only three of them escaped. To avoid revealing their instigator, they committed suicide. They’re probably Men of Sacrifice or something.”

“How do you know that?” You XiaoMo was shocked. He spoke as if he was there, even knowing their identities.

Ling Xiao snickered and said joyfully, “If you had half of my intelligence, you would also been able to guess it, but too bad, maybe in your next life.”

Who wants half of your intelligence, I want double your intelligence!

You XiaoMo glared at him and took out another blanket.

“Only Men of Sacrifice would commit suicide when there’s no way out. A normal person wouldn’t be able to do that and Men of Sacrifice are rarely afraid of death.” Ling Xiao said as he stood up so You XiaoMo could make the bed.

You XiaoMo shrugged nonchalantly, “Then what are we going to do about the dead bodies outside? If we just leave them there, when their comrades arrive, wouldn’t they think we had something to do with it? Maybe you can burn them?”

With a flick of his finger, the blanket on the floor started burning along with the traces of blood on the floor. The inside of the cave was glowing red from Ling Xiao’s flames and even the outside had flickers of flames.

It didn’t take long for everything to be burned to dust.

Ling Xiao gently waved his sleeve and the dust, rolled out of the cave like a snowball. With a blow of wind, it disappeared of into the distance. After that, as if nothing had happened, they continued to eat and cultivate like normal.

At the same time, the ones who had lost track of the three could only rush back to the ShuiXi Tribe, opposite of WuShan Town.

A servant knocked on one of the doors and said quietly, “Sir Fang, Captain Luo WenZong is here.”

“Let him in.” A gentle voice came out of the room.

When Luo WenZong opened the door and went in, the first thing he saw was the man seated behind the desk. The man gave off the same feeling as his voice, gentle and refined. Even if one was unhappy at the time, once they sat in front of him, their emotions would quiet down.

“Sir, it’s my mistake, I couldn’t bring back the three assassins.” Luo WenZong said as he bowed for his mistake.

The man waved his hand and said with a light smile, “It’s okay, even if you didn’t capture them, I already know who sent them and you should too.”

“Yes.” Luo WenZong answered.

The Guma Tribe had been in conflict with the ShuiXi Tribe for ages. It wasn’t the fault of the ShuiXi Tribe, rather, it was the Guma Tribe trying to annex the ShuiXi Tribe.

There were three major tribes in Dong Zhou, with the Guma Tribe being the strongest, as well as the most ambitious. They had always wanted to annex the weakest ShuiXi tribe and had been constantly causing trouble in the dark. It was a good thing that they were also weary of the other tribe, thus they couldn’t do anything too crazy.

That was until two years ago when the ShuiXi Tribe saved two people.

To repay their debt, the two stayed behind in the tribe. They had both strength and intelligence so that, in the span of a year, they had helped out majorly. Now, the ShuiXi Tribe finally started to get out of poverty and thus they were considered the guest of honor at the tribe.

The Guma Tribe, wanting to take over the ShuiXi Tribe, found out about them and in every way they could, tried to eliminate the two. They were constantly watching them from the shadows, and even used their spies, but all their plans failed.

“Sir Qing, I deserve punishment, if it wasn’t for my uselessness, the three assassins wouldn’t have gotten away. If they gave that information and the things they stole from us to the Guma Tribe leader, it would be very bad for the ShuiXi Tribe.” Luo WenZong said with remorse, he was the one to blame.

“Captain Luo, there’s no need to blame yourself. What happened happened, there nothing we can do about it now. Our priority should be on the aftermath of the leakage. That is the most important thing right now, as for whose responsibility it was, we can discuss it later.” The man said irrefutably.

Luo WenZong was going to say something but swallowed it back after seeing the unwavering expression, “Yes sir.”

The man nodded, satisfied.

What they couldn’t have predicted was that their worst nightmare wasn’t going to ever happen. The Assassins had already gone to see God, but the Western God may not want to see them.

As time ticked away, without a warning, a month had passed.

On this bright and sunny day, the spiritual energy around the cave went into violent turbulence. With the cave as the center, it turned into a massive whirlwind.

The Golden Winged Insects, who had hurried over, made a sudden stop. If it wasn’t for their quick reaction, they would have been swallowed up by the whirlwind and thus could only hide behind a tree, not even peaking their heads out.

Inside the cave, the one who caused the phenomenon was You XiaoMo.

Currently, he was holding onto a life crystal, Xing Qi’s life crystal. So that he could advance quicker, You XiaoMo finally got it out to use. This was so he could gain another level in the span of just three months.

Although he was focusing on the successes and ignoring the consequences, a three month delay was helpful. You XiaoMo had almost tried to advance to a Grade four, if it wasn’t for the dangerous looks Ling Xiao was giving him. He almost seriously dared to try it.

Cultivation and levels weren’t just something that could be gained by sitting around. The combination of time and theory was more important. Otherwise, if you met a bottleneck, one would just be sitting for a hundred years without any change.

You XiaoMo almost had no bottleneck and that was largely due to his soul being a level seven rainbow soul.

Just like the audition at the XiaoYao Institution, when they were looking for the rainbow coloured souls. If their soul didn’t have a corresponding color, that would become their biggest obstacle.

That was also one of the reasons for Su Lang’s disbelief.

Many stayed stagnant at one level because they needed to level up their souls first, once that happened, their cultivation level would follow suit.

You XiaoMo’s soul was already at level seven (seven striped), thus what he could do, Su Lang, as a level one, could never do.

The spiritual whirlpool didn’t stop until two hours later. The energy within the life crystal wasn’t nearly as full as before. It took almost half just so that he could breakthrough his bottleneck.

Once he remembered that he still needed to advance another level, there was almost no energy left, he lost all joy from his advancement. If it was someone else, they would have probably been so giddy that they lost all common sense.

“Such a waste.” You XiaoMo sighed as he held up the life crystal, “The next time I advance, I’ll have to rely on my own grade three rainbow pills.”

Uncontrollably, his brain started to recall all of the rainbow pill recipes from the jade drive.

“Don’t you have another life crystal, you’re not going to use it?” Ling Xiao jumped out of the bed and tidied up his shirt. Although he very much needed the Reincarnation Pill, he wasn’t in a hurry.

You XiaoMo paused for a second before he realized that he was talking about the Wolf of Greed‘s life crystal. You XiaoMo replied as he shook his head, “That I’ll wait till I see Lan Qiu again. After all, his still my contracted demon beast and the Wolf of Greed was his closest brother. If I just use it without telling him, it might leave a bad impression.”

Ling Xiao sneered, “You’re sure open minded, giving away a few hundred million spirit gems for free.”

You XiaoMo shrugged, “What can I say, I’m such a nice owner.”

Ling Xiao’s expression turned very ‘meaningful’, but he still mocked on, “Oh, and here I thought you were trying use the life crystal as a means to get a favor from the Seven Sins Beasts.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Don’t say something everyone knows so straightforwardly, it’s making me blush.

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