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Chapter 579: Dong Yu

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Ghost Tomb Mountain Range, Weeping Ghost Shore.

Having sent them out before, You XiaoMo’s Qiu Team had more or less all gathered at Weeping Ghost Shore, including LanQiu, who had been looking for the Wolf of Greed. His other five brothers had also come along for the ride with him.

Ever since the word of the Wolf of Greed’s Life Crystal being sold at Black Spider’s auction spread, the six brothers almost went crazy. Then, LanQiu found out that the one to win the bid for it was his master and was immediately relieved, reassuring his other brothers that it would be alright.

However, they couldn’t not avenge the Wolf of Greed.

The biggest suspect was the Black Spider. Everyone knew that the Black Spider might seem like a fair, legal auction, but they were made up of despicable people. Many of their auctioned items were gained unscrupulously and the Wolf of Greed’s death very likely had something to do with them.

It was common knowledge.

The Seven Sins Beasts were very special ancient demon beasts and their Life Crystals were equally as special.

No matter human or demon beast, if they absorbed the Life Crystal of the Wolf of Greed, they would gain the aura of the Wolf of Greed until the next Wolf of Greed was born.

Unless they wanted to die, then no one would dare absorb the Life Crystal of the Wolf of Greed.

That was one of the reasons why Black Spider auctioned the Life Crystal off. They couldn’t use it themselves, and it wouldn’t be of any benefit to just leave it there, thus they sold it to gain a profit and possibly frame someone else – that is, if they had really killed the Wolf of Greed.

“I think there’s no need to look further into this. The Wolf of Greed was definitely killed by Black Spider’s people. They just want to fool us into thinking that it wasn’t them because they dared to auction off the Wolf of Greed’s Life Crystal!” Wrath’s temper flared and he destroyed yet another table.

This was already the ninth meeting table he had destroyed. Everyone else had already gotten used to this.

Tian Dao, who had let them into Weeping Ghost Shore, silently made a mark next to Wrath’s name on his mental list. Everything that the Seven Sins Beasts destroyed while at Weeping Ghost Shore would most certainly be compensated for.

However, the Seven Sins Beasts were very poor. This was common knowledge.

Thus, Tian Dao added it to You XiaoMo’s bill. The Bird of Pride was his contracted demon beast, after all, and one of the Seven Sins Beasts. With that, You XiaoMo naturally had to take responsibility for their actions.

It was foreseeable that once You XiaoMo knew that he had to pay for the Seven Sins Beasts’ actions seemingly for no reason, he might regret giving them the Wolf of Greed’s Life Crystal.

“Wrath, control your damn temper.” The Bird of Pride, seeing Tian Dao’s expressionless face, knew that he was taking account of all this and hurriedly reprimanded Wrath, who wanted to cause more destruction.

Wrath threw himself back into his chair, uncaring. “It’s not as if you don’t know that I can’t control my temper. Otherwise, why would I be Wrath?”

“If you want the Wolf of Greed’s Life Crystal back, it’s best if you watch your words and actions, otherwise who knows what master might do if you piss him off,” the Bird of Pride said.

Wrath sneered in anger, but didn’t let his temper get the better of him again.

With help from Tian Dao’s intelligence network, they began to gain a deeper understanding of Black Spider.

Black Spider was one of the most mysterious forces in the TongTian Continent. They had plenty of powerhouses. If the Seven Sins Beasts wanted to get back at them, they’d have to continue to plan and deliberate.

“Sir, Sister Hua sent a message.” A young man walked in from outside, his voice heard just as he stepped through the doorway. He was one of two of Hua Gu’s followers, Hua Diao.

“What message?” Tian Dao composed himself. Ever since he took in Hua Gu and company, he found that Hua Gu really was quite a talent. Thus, after a few months of training, he had Hua Gu go with Tian Yuan to gather intelligence.

They had gotten immediate word of the rumors that had been spread across Xi Jing recently. Someone was clearly behind this, trying to kick dirt on TianGou, but not everyone would think of that. Recently, quite a few unknowns had appeared in Ghost Tomb Mountain Range.

“Hundred Birds Valley has remained peaceful. Hua Gu said that they’re like the other clans; they probably don’t believe it was us who did all those things. Right now, everyone is launching investigations. We have the advantage in the current situation,” Hua Diao quickly explained.

One had to realize that Tian Gui hadn’t been found yet. If the Four Ancient Beast Clans really did want revenge, then Weeping Ghost Shore would eventually be discovered.

“I understand. Continue to search for Tian Gui.” Tian Dao handed a sealed jade drive to Hua Diao. “Give this jade drive to Tian Yuan. There’s very critical information in here, and it’s for Tian Yuan’s eyes only.”

Hua Diao accepted the jade drive and solemnly put it away.

On the other side, Tian Yuan soon received the jade drive Tian Dao had sent to him and the message Hua Diao had to tell, immediately realizing the importance of this.

As expected, after he saw the message inside the jade drive, he couldn’t help but feel shocked. Logically, it shouldn’t be them, but he believed in Tian Dao’s analysis because he hadn’t ever been wrong, not since the establishment of TianGou.

Hua Gu walked in, wearing a red dress. The current her had changed much from how she once was. She was sharper, her eyes glittering calculatingly. She shone, just like Tian Dao did when he was young; she was a mature lady now.

No wonder Tian Dao still took her in despite knowing that Ling Xiao threw her to them on purpose.

“Yuan-dage, what orders does sir Tian Dao have for us?” Hua Gu’s casual tone made it seem as if she had known Tian Yuan for hundreds of years. Her entire heart had turned to TianGou without any uncertainty.

“Change the direction of our investigation. If Tian Dao is right, trouble is on the horizon for Xi Jing.” Tian Dao casually destroyed the jade drive. Without evidence to back this up, the less people that knew of this the better.

At the same time, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao had arrived at the southeast region.

The southeast region was many of their ancient predecessors had called the caverns here home, so it had the title of Dong Yu. However, ever since the ancient war, the terrain in this area had been mostly destroyed.

t/n: Dong Yu: Cavern Region

Today, there was no sight of the area that the White Tiger had etched itself into, with gullies and trenches everywhere, and steep, sloping paths.

This was the first time You XiaoMo had ever experienced the feeling of having a map yet not being able to find the treasure. It sucked!

“It seems like we really do have to stay here for quite a bit.”

You XiaoMo’s excitement had been shattered by reality. It really was true that nothing in this world was free. He had been able to get the three pieces of the map by coincidence before, yet had spent eight hundred million spirit gems on the last piece. If they didn’t find this treasure in the end, then he would’ve wasted a huge chunk of spirit gems. To him, that was like getting a chunk of his own flesh hacked off.

Dong Yu was vast and there were few people living here. However, there were would be people coming here to explore the many caverns here everyday. As time went by, small towns cropped up, especially around paths that led into other more populated areas.

The towns weren’t big, but many people came and went each day.

As they passed by the entrance to one of the towns, You XiaoMo heard some people mumbling about how there were even more people here to explore Dong Yu than last year and other such words.

At first, he didn’t take it to mind, but that was when he found out that someone leaked the existence of a legendary cave dwelling.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao rented a room in an inn and prepaid a month’s worth of rent. The town wasn’t that developed, so everything was cheap.

The following morning, the two set out.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao went to the store to buy a map of the Dong Yu. They had gone and gotten word that some practitioners were famous explorers who would record what they had seen and create maps after exploring. Thus, they would sell these maps for profit.

The maps were split into three grades, A, B and C. Grade C was the cheapest and Grade A maps were the most expensive because they had the most comprehensive information as well as labels for safe and danger zones. Most of the safe zones were emptied out caverns.

You XiaoMo bought a grade A map and, after comparing it to the map he had, realized that the place had really been wrecked.

“Start from here.” Ling Xiao pointed to the tail of the White Tiger. In reality, it wasn’t a tail, but a massive mountain range, curled to form the White Tiger’s tail. Continuing up from there, you’d reach the White Tiger’s spine and then head. If they could find this mountain range, then it would make things much easier.

You XiaoMo carefully compared the two.

The battle had a huge impact on the terrain. The mountain range was now shattered. After comparing the two for almost two hours, and sketching on the map, he managed to connect the geographic features and figure it out.

After confirming the tail, the other areas were much easier to figure out.

“I hate maps,” You XiaoMo muttered as he sketched on the map. He was the most unfortunate person in the world. He had gotten a complete map, yet he had to draw a new one himself.

“Do your best!” Ling Xiao encouraged him lazily, sitting opposite him. If he wasn’t smirking, it’d have a much better effect.

You XiaoMo glared at him. I don’t need morale support!

After six hours, the new map was done.

Addis note: There was a previous translation error with The Wolf of Greed’s name. We previously translated it as Gluttony, but it is actually Greed. Sorry for the error.
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Thanks for translating, Jouissance!

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See, this sort of teasing, when boss xiao says ‘do your best’ while smirking – this is fine, n makes for a fun interaction. But when he continuously drags momo’s confidence down, when he keeps telling him he’s an idiot (even though momo has moments when he’s being dumb let’s be fair, he’s far from being ‘negative IQ’ as we can see from all the times he’s alone n managed well) when he says stuff thats actually hurtful (even though momo’s gotten ‘used’ to it) that just reeks of emotional abuse ☹️☹️ Like, even the ‘dumb’ comments he makes around… Read more »

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Ignorance is bliss for these 2 on their treasure hunt.
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