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Chapter 606: Barely Escaped From Death

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The lake boiled and released bubbles full of cold air.

Meanwhile, Jiang Liu’s hand had touched the nearest Skull Flower Herb to him. However, the tightly closed flower buds suddenly slowly blossomed when his hand touched the leaf of the magic herb.

When the flower bud was in full bloom, it suddenly sprayed a thick black liquid. Jiang Liu never noticed the change at all. Even if he perceived it at the last moment, he could not react in time and immediately got a head-on spray.

The bubbling sound was just like that of sulfuric acid.


Jiang Liu let out blood-curdling screech, his hands grabbed his face as he rolled around on the ground. But in a few seconds, one side of his face had decomposed to reveal the white bones beneath. The bright red blood was dyed black as it flowed down his neck, looking exceptionally terrifying.

His screams attracted the attention of most of the people present. They hurriedly looked over, but no one came to rescue him. Some even gave a sneer of contempt.

Transcendent level magic herbs could not be lumped under one class.

This was because some transcendent level magic herbs naturally had defenses to protect themselves with. For example, one should be even more cautious with magic herbs like the Skull Flower Herb which grew in special places.

Although the Skull Flower Herb grew within a miasma, what all magic herbs could not lack was spiritual energy. So the Skull Flower Herb developed a means of self-defense, which was expressed in two directions.

One was that the magic herb absorbed excess miasma during its growth. In order to protect its growth, they would convert the absorbed miasma into a liquid state and store it in the flower bud. This was a kind of self-defense method; the other was for external threats. In the case of Jiang Liu, the magic herb would protect itself by spaying out the liquid stored in its flower bud when he touched the magic herb. The liquid was highly corrosive and erosive, and even spiritual power could not be used to block it.

The situation was even worse as Jiang Liu was sprayed when he had let his guard down.

The Vermillion Blood Clan did not come to rescue him upon hearing his miserable shriek. They could not go to him as the Water Demon was too powerful and they did not even have time to look after themselves.

Moreover, he even took advantage of the time when everyone was dealing with the Water Demon to pick magic herbs. In some people’s eyes, his actions felt a little like he was taking advantage of another’s perilous state.

The miasma produced by the black liquid soon spread to Jiang Liu’s whole body. From time to time, a black gas could be seen running through the meridians from the surface of his skin. With one glance, it was enough to tell that the corrosion was too severe and he could not be saved.

At that moment, a slight movement suddenly came from the lake which had constantly been boiling with bubbles of cold air. In the next second, a Water Demon emerged from the bottom of the lake.

This Water Demon was distinctly different from other Water Demons in that it did not have that weird color. The Water Demon looked like it was made of milky white cheese. It was totally bald and had a pair of black eyes that seemed as if they were embedded in cheese, and almost appeared like they were about to fall off when the eyes moved.

The man who saw this scene was immediately overwhelmed with shock.

The representative of Mage Association inhaled and after drawing some distance away from the water demon he was fighting with, and could not crying out, “A Level Twelve Water Demon?”

In the ancient records, Water Demons were a rare species that was nearly extinct. The only existing Water Demons in the TongTian Continent were those from that swamp in the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range. However, the strongest was only a Level Eleven, and some people had even predicted that a Level Twelve would not appear.

Unexpectedly, a Level Twelve Water Demon actually appeared here. If they let it escape to the TongTian Continent, perhaps it would not be long before many people in the TongTian Continent would turn into Water Demons.

Some people suddenly beat a hasty retreat.

The fighting strength of a Level Twelve Water Demon was very strong and its infection rate was one of the very best. Water Demons were not fond of eating humans, but one could turn in the next Water Demon with just a slight carelessness.

However, the Level Twelve Water Demon was obviously not ready to give them its attention, and its eyes soon fell on Jiang Liu who was the nearest to it. After coming ashore, it walked slowly towards Jiang Liu and stared at him for three seconds, before it suddenly reached out and grabbed him as it lifted him easily.

Jiang Liu who was tormented by the miasma till he was at the gate of death suddenly began to struggle violently. He could feel the ‘man’ standing in front of him and his fear instantly drowned him. However, his struggle was like fine drizzling rain in the eyes of the water demon and was even not worth mentioning. Then he was thrown into the cold lake by the Water Demon. The Water Demon seemed to feel that killing him was beneath its dignity.

The cold lake was the dwelling of the Water Demons. Jiang Liu’s ending could be easily predicted.

As early as when the Level Twelve Water Demon had shifted its attention Jiang Liu, some weaker people were so afraid that they fled first and did not even want the magic herbs anymore.

The representatives of Mage Association took great effort to kill one Water Demon before he surrounded the Level Twelve Water Demon with the experts from the True Dragon Clan. They were purely underwater creatures, just like how fish could not live without water, Water Demons could not leave the cold lake for too long However, if one wanted to pick the magic herbs by the lake, they definitely had to defeat this Water Demon.

The Level Twelve Water Demon uttered an extremely shrill cry, its malevolent appearance made one endlessly terrified, as it took the lead in attacking the most powerful cultivator, the representative of Mage Association.

The latter was shocked, but he was a veteran of a hundred battles after all and quickly responded by cooperating with the experts from the True Dragon Clan to fight the Water Demon. The Water Demon was extremely strong in close combat, so they could only fight a long-range battle, with one person to restricting the Water Demon, and the other attacking the Water Demon. Yet, the Water Demon was not in a disadvantageous position at all.

However, this situation was quickly disrupted because another Water Demon joined in the battle.

They did not know what was going on at the Black Spider’s side, for them to actually let a Level Eleven Water Demon come over. If the expert from the True Dragon Clan did not dodge fast enough, he would have been caught.

The expert from the True Dragon Clan resentfully glared at the people from the Black Spider. In spite of everything, five people could not even cope with two Water Demons? Even a three year old would not believe it. His expression was extremely ugly after looking at their insincere actions.

The expert from the Mage Association gave him a look that asked him to let it go. It would not be too late to get revenge after this was settled. The Black Spider would pay for their actions.

However, an additional Water Demon did give them some opposition. The fighting strength of the Level Twelve Water Demon suddenly soared and its attacks became much sharper. In order to restrain the Level Eleven Water Demon, the expert from the True Dragon Clan had to fully concentrate on it. As a result, the pressure of fighting the Level Twelve Water Demon fell entirely on the expert from the Mage Association.

“You’re all still not coming over to help?”

The expert from the Mage Association immediately shouted at the people from the Black Spider. He could not deal with the Level Twelve Water Demon alone. The Water Demon had always been a very difficult half-demon beast to kill, especially one of the Twelfth Level.

The representative of the Black Spider suddenly laughed, “Sorry, we decided to give up the magic herbs here. You can deal with the Water Demon yourself.”

No hint of apology could be heard from their words. With that, he and the other four retreated.

The Water Demon would not leave the vicinity of the cold lake. With no one restraining that Water Demon, it joined into other’s battles. The Vermillion Blood Clan did not bring many powerhouses. Seeing the situation take a turn for the worse and since they would not have a big share of the magic herbs after distributing it out, they immediately started retreating when they saw that they could be defeated at any moment.

Two of the five forces were gone, and the pressure on the remaining of the people doubled, especially for the expert from the Mage Association. This was because he was the strongest amongst all of them, and the Water Demons always liked to deal with the powerful person first.

There were fifteen Water Demons in all. Once the Black Spider and the Vermillion Blood Clan left, some people had to deal with two. Casualties soon started appearing as some were are not strong enough.

A disciple from the Mage Association was torn in two by a Water Demon. Blood sprinkled down from the sky. Then the Water Demon looked at the nearest person who was a disciple from the True Dragon Clan and pounced on him with a screech.

The disciple immediately withdrew while eying it vigilantly. He was not even flustered at all and was so calm that he made one hold him in high esteem. However, for some unknown reason, there was a sudden pain in his knee, and he was unable control himself as he knelt down. When he raised his head again, the water demon had already pounced forward, and it was too late to dodge…

The expert from the True Dragon Clan happened to witness this scene and was so shocked that his eyes turned red.

Just when people thought that the disciple would die, a strong ray of light suddenly appeared between the two. The water demon just happened to hit the light and was rebounded. In the next second, two figures that were closely stuck together appeared in the place where the strong ray of light was.

The disciple who had barely escaped from death stared at them with shock and a hint of amazement. It was as if he knew them, but thought it was inconceivable to see them here.

The Water Demon pounced on him again before he could open his mouth. The shrill cry was so sharp as if it wanted to break the eardrums of all people here. It was really such a loathsome creature!

They only saw the white clothed person who had appeared out of thin air lift a finger, before a wisp of purple-red flames suddenly shot at the Water Demon. The latter did not even have the time to evade. Its whole body was set aflame just by touching the flame.

Sad and shrill cries sounded from the Water Demon. It struggled several times, but its whole body suddenly turned into a pool of water within minutes.

The people from the Qilin Clan were stunned. One must know that they too used their flames to burn the Water Demons. Though they managed to restrain the demons, they could not melt them at all. What kind of fire was this? It was even more powerful than Qilin Godfire! No, what should be said was – how could there be flames that were more powerful than the Qilin Godfire in this world?

Everyone looked at the two people who suddenly appeared, and someone immediately recognized them.

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November 22, 2018 8:26 pm

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