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Chapter 627: Don’t Dare to Treat You Too Well

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The True Dragon Clan had collected a lot of Life Crystals. Though there wasn’t as many as the amount of magic herbs they had gathered, they had started hoarding these ever since ancient times and the life crystals were very well preserved. This was also the reason why LongYue could easily sneak out a few high level life crystals to sell. Even if he got caught, he’d only receive a small punishment.

However, this time, it wasn’t a private transaction. This time, LongYue was here to trade on behalf of the True Dragon Clan.

LongYue had heard that they were at the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range. He was personally very interested in the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range as well, so he suggested that they meet over there. He left that day and arrived at White Bone Town in the evening. You XiaoMo personally went to get him.

“I heard that there’s a constant stream of people trying to kill you, so I thought you guys wouldn’t be living in such good conditions.”

Seeing the massive palace between the mountains, gleaming under the sun in its beauty, it took LongYue a few moments to compose himself. Not even their Dragon Island had such beautiful palaces.

You XiaoMo started laughing and patted his shoulder. “You’re talking about the Vermillion Blood Clan, right? No matter how far they can reach, it won’t extend to XiJing, no?”

LongYue liked You XiaoMo’s response very much. XiJing was demon beast territory. Even if it was the TongTian Palace, they’d have to see if the locals were willing or not if they wanted to settle here. Demon beasts were very proud creatures and didn’t enjoy it when humans interfered in their world.

The two joked around as they walked like long time friends. Demon beasts were known for being more straightforward; You XiaoMo could see the truth in that.

LongYue was rather jealous of You XiaoMo. The latter was able to live freely, going anywhere he wanted. It was nothing like how there was always someone watching over him. Especially after a member of the younger generation went missing and was killed, then the clansmen kept an even closer eye on them.

“Since I don’t know how many you want, I brought a total of ten level eleven life crystals.” As LongYue spoke, he placed the boxes with the life crystals onto the table. One box per life crystal,

You XiaoMo was stunned. “So many?”

He remembered when they first met, Long Yue only had two life crystals and was only willing to sell one to him. Now, he brought out ten at once.

LongYue grinned, saying, “This time I took these with permission from the seniors in the clan. Plus, the elders heard that you had saved my life and then gave ten of them. Don’t worry about it, we’ve got plenty. This time, I can give you all this for free, to repay you for saving my life.”

You XiaoMo hesitantly looked over. “That’s too much, this is too big of a gift, and plus, we just so happened to get transported there, which is why we were able to save you. How about you sell them to me instead and just give me a discount?”

He was very good at taking advantage of people, but he didn’t feel good about doing that with the True Dragon Clan, who he was sincerely making friends with.

Seeing his determination, Long Yue smiled and agreed, “Alright then.”

Level eleven life crystals weren’t as valuable as rainbow pills with healing effects. You XiaoMo had realized that practitioners tended to prefer pills that healed and helped with advancement, and demon beasts were no different. Thus, he took out the pills he had refined before and swapped two per life crystal.

Long Yue was surprised and delighted.

If they wanted to ask someone from the Mage Association or Beast Transfiguration Guild, then the cost wouldn’t just be ten life crystals. Since mages generally didn’t have much of a use for life crystals, they would often ask for other methods of payment.

Long Yue felt that You XiaoMo was losing out in this transaction and gave him the remaining level ten life crystals he had as well and exclaimed, “I’ve suddenly realized that you’re the one with deep pockets around here!”

You XiaoMo didn’t think so though. He said, “Deep pockets my ass. I’m broke here; I don’t even have a million spirit gems to my name. I have to find a way to earn spirit gems now. You’re different, you don’t have to worry about making money to buy anything. You don’t understand the life a peasant like me has to live, I have to take care of everything I need myself.”

Long Yue shrugged. It was true; he didn’t understand, but he was actually attracted to it.

“Oh right, can I stay here temporarily? Don’t worry, I don’t mean to do anything. It’s just that it’s rare that I’m ‘ordered’ to travel, so I don’t want to go back until I’ve had my fill.” Afraid that the other would think he had ulterior motives, Long Yue hurriedly explained his intentions.

“Of course, you can. You can stay for as long as you want.” You XiaoMo nodded happily.

“Thank you so much!” Long Yue grabbed his hands in excitement.

That was when the faint sound of footsteps came from behind them. Turning, they saw Ling Xiao looking over emotionlessly, having stood there for who knows how long.

You XiaoMo hurriedly pulled his hands back and laughed weakly. “How come you’re here? I was about to go and find you.”

Long Yue could sense a strange atmosphere and stayed silent.

The corner of Ling Xiao’s lips slowly curled. “Just now, LanQiu received word from PiQiu and the others. They’ve already returned. You can see them today if you want to…”

“That’s great. I’ll go over and…” You XiaoMo thought to himself what a coincidence this was. They returned just as he obtained the life crystals.

“Wait,” Ling Xiao interrupted him.

You XiaoMo blinked in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow. “What are you going to Weeping Ghost Shores for? Are you planning on living there for a few days or something? Just have them come over.”

You XiaoMo looked away guiltily. It was just habit, that’s all. “Then let them come over. We have plenty of empty rooms. They don’t have to live at Weeping Ghost Shores anymore.”

You XiaoMo didn’t even need to send them a message. The group arrived by evening. They had been to Cartilage Mountain plenty of times before. They arrived smoothly, but when they saw the palace, their reactions were similar to Long Yue’s. Even the usually composed SheQiu couldn’t help but be stunned. It was too grandiose, to the point of being blinding. His master’s taste had them at a loss for words more and more often.

However, after finding out that they could pick any room they wanted, they all threw the waiting You XiaoMo to the side to go and snatch the room they wanted. Even though there were plenty of rooms, they were in different geographical locations. If they were slow, they might get one in a corner or something.

Thus, when they all appeared in front of You XiaoMo, some were delighted, others depressed and some frustrated. You XiaoMo was shocked. He thought something had happened, but then Ling Xiao told him the reason and You XiaoMo’s expression darkened.

They dared to put getting rooms over seeing their master?

Amazing. You XiaoMo suddenly realised that he treated them too well, to the point where they all thought that it was alright to ignore him completely.

“Do you dare to treat them too well in the future again?” Ling Xiao ruffled his wife’s hair. His eyes were clearly begging for comfort.

You XiaoMo shook his head. “No.”

Long Yue, “…”

The demon beasts watched this silently, lamenting to themselves and telling themselves that they couldn’t forget that master had boss Ling Xiao beside him in the future. Was it too late to regret?

You XiaoMo sighed. “I just bought ten life crystals, but now I’m not in the mood to give them away.”

“Then don’t. You don’t need to worry about them anyways. It’s not like they care about you.” Ling Xiao added salt to the wound.

You XiaoMo withered.

However, he gave the Weasel Beast a level ten and a level eleven life crystal in front of everyone else. This hard working, Beggar’s Chicken-loving demon beast was his favorite. Originally, the Weasel Beast didn’t need a level eleven life crystal yet, but You XiaoMo still gave him it and had him keep it for now.

The others immediately became desperate. Their master had twelve contracted demon beasts now, but only ten level eleven life crystals. That meant that two of them would get nothing.

You XiaoMo suddenly muttered to himself, “Oh right, I should leave one each for the chicken and the little tortoise.”

Now three of them would miss out.

What should they do?

Silence fell.

The Giant Roc hardened himself and walked up. He hadn’t been with You XiaoMo that long, so he didn’t dare ignore You XiaoMo like the others. It was just that he didn’t know this place well, so he could only follow everyone else. Then he realized that they weren’t going to find their master so he came over on his own and got lost for a while. Thus, he arrived here not long before the others.

Ling Xiao was the owner of the palace and knew everything that happened inside. After he whispered into You XiaoMo’s ear, You XiaoMo immediately smiled and gave the Giant Roc a life crystal. The others took another blow.

LanQiu also received a life crystal.

This way, there were only five life crystals left out of ten, while there were still eight of them. The most shameless Metal Swallowing Beast and Ping Pong Qiu immediately lunged for You XiaoMo’s legs and acted cute. Then they were thrown off by You XiaoMo, who then left, head high.

That night, several suspicious figures snuck into You XiaoMo’s room one after the other. When they entered, their expressions were sour, and when they came out, some bitter and some sweet. However, some of them hadn’t been given a level eleven life crystal. Luckily, not all of them had reached level eleven.

The debacle finally ended.

Since the Giant Roc was powerful and fast, able to flee swiftly when met with a stronger opponent, You XiaoMo had him escort his second shixiong back to DongZhou and protect him on the way.

Fu ZiLin had now confirmed that You XiaoMo would be staying in the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range, so he planned to go back to DongZhou because he was worried about Fang ChenLe being there alone. Plus, their eldest shixiong was probably desperate for news by now.

Though You XiaoMo wanted to go to DongZhou to visit his eldest shixiong, it wasn’t the right time. He planned on going after the TongTian Palace competition was over.

In the afternoon, Fu ZiLin left.

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