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Chapter 634: Escape (1)

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The days of waiting were difficult to pass. You XiaoMo listened to the man’s words and bide his time. However, even if he wanted to make a move, he could only open his magic bag as his dimension was not responding at all.

In the past, most of his things were placed in his dimension because he was worried about the magic bag being stolen. Even now, there were not many things in the magic bag. Yet, that was not completely true as there were two bottles of spiritual water and several bottles of magic pills in the bag.

Before the beginning of the second exam, he did not place the Soul Restoration Pill and Energy Restoration Pill that he had taken out back into his dimension. Instead, he had directly thrown them into his magic bag. The two bottles of spiritual water were prepared mainly for his convenience, but now they had come in handy.

After being shut in here for several days, You XiaoMo had already gotten familiar with the man next door to him and knew that he was called He Dong, and had been confined in the TongTian Palace for nearly five hundred years.

However, his bitter experience was different from You XiaoMo’s because he had justly and openly won second place in the exam, and later joined the TongTian Palace.

At that time, he was full of passion for the TongTian Palace like the others, but it was not long before his admiration was shattered and he became one of the prisoners here in less than three months.

You XiaoMo had also inquired about the situation of those who had been brought out and had never returned. Although it was not clear what conspiracy was brewing in the TongTian Palace, the discontented ones generally died the fastest as there were no rules in their experiments.

Besides that, one hundred and thirty four people were imprisoned here. This was quite a fair number and all of them were experts above the Divine Realm.

You XiaoMo could not help gasping when listening to He Dong. This number was too large. It would be extremely noticeable if so many people went missing at the same time. However, there may not be anyone noticing if a few people went missing each time with so many experts in the TongTian Continent.

However, You XiaoMo did not expect that the TongTian Palace would even make a move on their own people.

No matter what, there was some relation between the XiaoYao Institution and the TongTian Palace. Yet, the TongTian Palace actually borrowed this name to brazenly grab people, one may well say that they were really too audacious.

You XiaoMo could not help suspecting that it was because the experiment had already reached the second half or was about to be completed, so they were becoming more and more lax in concealing their actions.

He Dong cast a sidelong glance at him when You XiaoMo raised this question.

He Dong did not expect that he would be so perceptive, so he did not conceal it any longer, “As you have said, I also suspect that the TongTian Palace’s conspiracy is probably nearing completion. In the past, the TongTian Palace came here every three or four months to take a person away. But now the intervals between the visits are getting shorter and shorter. You should also have noticed this since they’re practically taking one away each day.”

Dozens of cells in the prison – that could hold two hundred prisoners – were already empty. In the past, there would be someone shoved inside immediately once a cell was empty. But now the number of people here were decreasing.

“So you mean that it won’t be long before our turn comes?” You XiaoMo stared at him with wide eyes. He sure did not wish for his turn to come so quickly.

“Probably.” He Dong uncertainly replied, “If they are really close to completing it, they would also not let us get away for the sake of silencing us even though we have no idea the conspiracy they are devising is.”

A sense of crisis developed in You XiaoMo while he was listening to He Dong.

He tried to secretly test the defenses of his cell these few days, but it was useless. On the contrary, he had drained the soul power in his body even faster. It seemed that a force of attraction would be produced if he released his soul power here again, and it seemed to be trying to suck the soul power out of his body.

You XiaoMo dared not haphazardly try it again after that time. He also did not immediately replenish the soul power he had lost.

On this particular day, You XiaoMo continued to talk with He Dong.

Besides He Dong who was his neighbor, there was also another person in the cell beside his, but he was a white-haired old man who was often silent.

You XiaoMo had tried to talk to him once. He had spoken a hundred sentences, yet the old man did not even glance at him. The next day he went looking for the old man again, but the result was the same. He no longer looked for the old man after those two tries.

Most of the prisoners in the cells were all lifeless and the only one who really wanted to talk to him was He Dong.

You XiaoMo deeply suspected that He Dong should have been a very talkative person before he was shut in here. He had developed a slightly reticent character probably because no one around him was in the mood to speak after he arrived here.

Now with You XiaoMo present, the words which He Dong had held back for so many years finally had an outlet. However, this was all just You XiaoMo speculations as he did not know the truth.

You XiaoMo not only talked to him about the TongTian Palace, but also about things outside. Although He Dong was always secretly fishing for secrets from his words, it was obvious that he did not completely believe what You XiaoMo said. Yet, You XiaoMo continued to generously speak about these things.

In the end, He Dong believed around seventy percent of his words, especially after knowing that his cultivation was at Grade Four when he was merely in his twenties. It was impossible for him to have advanced so quickly without having the support from a large amount of magic herbs.

“Your background is so deep that it’s hard to believe that the TongTian Palace would snatch you. It doesn’t make sense unless you have something on your body that they want.” He Dong suddenly said after looking at him a few times.

You XiaoMo was shocked, this may be very probable. He almost subconsciously thought of his dimension, but if what the TongTian Palace wanted was his dimension, why had there been no action so far?

With the ability of the Tongtian Emperor, it was impossible that there was nothing he could do about it. To even indifferently shut him up here for several days… Unless his aim was not his dimension.

“Little brother, did you think of anything?” He Dong tentatively asked when he saw You XiaoMo’s strange expression.

You XiaoMo immediately responded as he shook his head. “If I really had something they wanted on me, I would not be sitting here talking to you now. Instead I should have been taken away.”

He Dong laughed, “That’s right.”

The cell suddenly quieted down with the end of the conversation.

You XiaoMo knew that He Dong did not believe him. However, he had no intention of explaining it to him, otherwise he would be exposing himself the more he tried to hide it.

At this moment, the cell suddenly started shaking violently as if an earthquake was happening. Everyone jumped in fright. This was the first time it had happened as such a thing had never occurred before.

Those who had become deathly still because they had given up all hope clung to the metal bars. They looked at the entrance of the prison with inquisitive and slightly hopeful gazes.

After a while, a white-robed man suddenly rushed into the prison and quickly told the two men who were guarding the entrance of the prison, “Someone barged in.You guys pay attention and don’t let any strangers come near here.”

“Yes!” The two men answered swiftly.

The prison was in an uproar after the man in white left. Although his voice was a little soft, it was not difficult for most of those here to hear what he said, especially those closer to him. His words were practically crystal clear to them.

The news of someone barging into the TongTian Palace spread all over the prison in an instant.

What kind of idea was that?

One must know that the TongTian Palace was like an impenetrable defense in the eyes of many. For many years, no one had successfully entered, let alone escaped. None dared to make trouble under the eyes of the Tong Tian Emperor, because there were rumors that Tong Tian Emperor was the strongest person in the TongTian Continent. He was much stronger than You ZhenTian and was a person who was about to break through the pinnacle of seven stars at any time.

“It must be Ling Xiao who came to my rescue.” You XiaoMo was pleasantly surprised. Although one year had passed, he knew that Ling Xiao would never give up as long as he had not confirmed whether You XiaoMo was dead.

“Ling Xiao?” When He Dong heard his words, he immediately remembered what You XiaoMo had said on the first day he had been locked up, “Is the Ling Xiao you’re referring to your man? Are you really sure it’s him?”

“I’m sure!” You XiaoMo did not hesitate as he replied. He just had a feeling that it was Ling Xiao.

He Dong did not ask him how he was so sure, but now he absolutely believed what You XiaoMo had said. It was not just him, the rest of the other prisoners who knew about his affairs also believed his words.

These sort of incidents had not happened in the TongTian Palace for tens of thousands of years. However, this had occurred not long after You XiaoMo arrived. Maybe they could even borrow this chance to escape from here.

“Do you have any way to get in touch with your man? Ask him to make a big disturbance if you can contact him. It’ll be best if the TongTian Palace is thrown into confusion so that it’ll be easier to create opportunities.” He Dong immediately passed him a message.

“This…” You XiaoMo became embarrassed. He first thought of the transmission stone when speaking of passing a message. However, he had tried it on the first day but there was no reaction at all. It seemed that this was their only method of contact.

“You don’t?” He Dong asked anxiously.

You XiaoMo scratched his head. Of course he doesn’t! He would have long gotten into contact with Ling Xiao if he had such a method.

Without needing him to reply, He Dong knew his answer and looked slightly disappointed, “Forget it, now we can only hope that your man is a smart person.”

You XiaoMo touched his nose. Ling Xiao was more than just a smart person. Thinking of this, he said, “He Dong, I think you can rest assured. I understand him. My man will definitely not do anything if he was not certain of the outcome. Since he could make such a big disturbance, it means that he had come prepared. This time, TongTian Palace will surely lose a layer of skin.”

He Dong looked at him and seemed to be thinking of whether to believe his words or not. After all, this matter was of great importance and not a hint of carelessness could be allowed. If he failed, they would probably not get another chance the next time.

The truth proved that You XiaoMo was right.

This time, Ling Xiao’s actions were not of an ordinary magnitude.

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