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Chapter 692: Battle

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

A few days after Wei Bai received the Samsara Pill he went into secluded cultivation.

The moment Fu CangQiong heard of the news that You XiaoMo successfully refined the Samsara Pill, he started preparing. However, he was worried about his little disciple and he needed someone to help anyways, so he also went in.

Although the conflict between the Vermillion Blood Clan and Cang Alliance had become heated, if the Vermillion Blood Clan didn’t want to face anymore casualties, then they wouldn’t imitate any large scale battles. It was only after considering this did Fu CangQiong follow his little disciple into secluded cultivation, after all, they weren’t coming out without a few weeks.

But they still underestimated You ZhenTian.

On the fifth day of their secluded cultivation, the Vermillion Blood Clan suddenly increased their numbers and specifically targeted the major cities of the Cang Alliance. They destroyed the buildings and killed the innocents. If a city was captured by them, it would be burnt, destroyed, killed, to the point of being unrecognizable.

Of course that fueled the Cang Alliance’s hatred. Zuo Yan lead his fellow shidi and went head on against them. Although You ZhenTian didn’t appear himself, his sons weren’t pushovers either. Before, when You ZhenTian’s four sons were fighting for the clan head’s position, they would often get into heated disputes, however, now was a special time. They’re teamwork was surprisingly good. Their four generals lead a large army against the Cang Alliance and they fought for many rounds.

However, due to the fact that they had no Sacred Realm experts, they were gaining an advantage. That was until Lady Yin appeared. Lady Yin was a strange women, her cultivation base was very high and because she was a Silver Dragon, she had a natural advantage. However, most of the time she stood in the back lines, help plotting for You ZhenTian’s schemes, thus, rarely anyone knew of her name.  

This time, for the Vermillion Blood Clan, Lady Yin actually went to the front lines herself. She truly made a name for herself in the battlefield, being on equal terms with Zuo Yan. It was only then did people figure out that she had silently advanced into Level Twelve.

With her, the Vermillion Blood Clan’s morale increased greatly. In the past three days, their attacks were getting fiercer and fiercer, causing more and more injuries in the Cang Alliance.

“Da-shixiong, we can’t keep this up any longer or our loss is just going to get bigger.” Fang ChiYao said to Zuo Yan, who was frowning, worriedly.

This was already their fourth meeting in the short span of three days, however, they still haven’t found a good solution. The True Dragon Clan didn’t involve themselves in the South Continent’s disputes, but even though the Silver Dragons were a side branch of the True Dragon Clan, they had always been involved with the Vermillion Blood Clan. Therefore, if the Vermillion Blood Clan was to be defeated, they would face great casualties as well. It was because of this that they seem set on helping the Vermillion Blood Clan, constantly sending Silver Dragons over, even the clan head came over personally.  

Yin Lie was the clan head of the Silver Dragons with a Level Twelve two stars cultivation base. With his participation, Zuo Yan had no chance. Zuo Yan also knew that they needed to do something about it, but with Shifu and xiao-shidi in secluded cultivation, he couldn’t interrupt them now.

“Da-shixiong, the only thing we can do now is to get their help.” Seeing that he wasn’t saying anything, Ye Nong couldn’t help but make a suggestion. Even though he didn’t say who, everyone knew who they were.

Zuo Yan hesitated for a bit but still shook his head. Just as he was about to speak, a disciple came running in from the outside. The moment he arrived, he shouted with a face of worry, “Da-shixiong! It’s bad! It’s really bad!”

Zuo Yan held him steady with one hand and asked about what happened. After that, everyone’s expression changed. With Zuo Yan leading the way, everyone else rushed out as well.  

Where the Cang Alliance and the Vermillion Blood Clan was fighting, was the intersection of the two clan’s forces on a plain. It was commonly known as the Great Plain, it was an important fort for the Cang Alliance. If the Vermillion Blood Clan went passed it, all of the towns behind it would suffer. From their previous examples, they wouldn’t leave anyone alive and once they get in, it would be harder to hold them back any longer.

The Vermillion Blood Clan knew about the Great Plain’s importance for the Cang Alliance, thus, every once in awhile, they would sent people over to attack the fort. By now, the plain had been soaked with blood. A patch of red over there and a patch of black over here. At this point, there have been at least twenty battles occurring during the past few month of varying sizes.

The bad news the disciple brought had to do with You ZhenTian. Zuo Yan had thought that You ZhenTian was fearful of his master and didn’t appear, but they underestimated his cattiness.   They didn’t know who he received the news to attack when their master wasn’t available, but no matter what it didn’t seem like a coincidence. Since the only ones who knew of their secluded cultivation was the ones in the room, there must be something else at work, no one wanted to believe that one of them would betray the Cang Alliance.  

When You XiaoMo came out from his room, he just happened to see the disappearing figures of Zuo Yan and the others. Once Wei Bai, his second-shixiong, and Fu CangQiong went into secluded cultivation, he and Ling Xiao, with the accompaniment of Xiong Xiao arrived at the Great Plains. They needed to settle the score with the Vermillion Blood Clan after all.

Although the Vermillion Blood Clan was just a side branch of the You Family, and You XiaoMo, the true You Family member looked at them with disdain. But it was still technically his ‘father’s’ clan. He needed to return what was given.   

“Ling Xiao, lets go too.” Once You XiaoMo heard that You ZhenTian arrived, he said excitedly to Ling Xiao, who stood besides him. Even though You ZhenTian knew of Fu CangQiong’s absences, he probably didn’t know that he and Ling Xiao was here.

“Then let’s get going.” Ling Xiao said, taking a look at him. His eyes also ‘sparkled’, it was payback time.

On the vast open plain, the air was filled with smoke and tension, as if a single spark could lead a fight to erupt. You XiaoMo followed Zuo Yan and the others onto the battlefield. A small but pressuring sensation came from the other side of the Great Plain. The Vermillion Blood Clan members floated in mid-air, all ready for battle, emitting their killing intent. With a signal from You ZhenTian, they would be prepared to attack.  

Even though there weren’t that many people, every single one of them was an expert.

You XiaoMo counted and saw that the Vermillion Blood Clan brought forty or so experts, with many of them from the Silver Dragon Clan. They were easy to spot as they didn’t look completely human, since they had a silver horn attached. The one in front of the Silver Dragon Clan experts was Lady Yin’s father, Yin Lie. He was a force to be reckoned with, only slightly below that of You ZhenTian in front of him.

Feeling that was enough time spent waiting, You ZhenTian walked forth. His serious expression brought forth a feeling of stateliness and normal people couldn’t even look at him in the eyes due to the pressure they give. After a while, his voice could be heard throughout the Great Plain.  

“Zuo Yan, if you know you place then you should surrender. I know Fu CangQiong isn’t here, so even all of you gang up on me, you won’t be enough. If you guys don’t want to die, then don’t resist, otherwise, once you are in my hands, don’t blame me if I slaughter your city and kill each and every one of you!” His shocking voice made its way into every single one of their ears. The obvious threat also made most of them heated in anger. To talk so shamelessly, did he still think he was the strongest in TongTian Continent?  

“You ZhenTian, I say your just a coward, appearing only when my master isn’t here! All you deserve to be is a sewage rat!” Zuo Yan snorted and with a roar, that was on par with You ZhenTian, he also emitted a powerful pressure from his body.

You ZhenTian’s expression darkened instantly, “Since you don’t want my kindness then don’t say I’m being merciless!” After he finished, he raised his hand and said with a stone-cold face, “Everyone, prepare to fight and leave no one alive!”

Instantly, the Vermillion Blood Clan members let out a clear and loud roar. At the same time, they all emitted their power, with everyone’s forces combined, it was as if a tornado was headed towards the city.  Zuo Yan expression darkened slightly and give his orders. From the surface, this fight wasn’t in their favor but the Cang Alliance had a surprise.

Why did Fu CangQiong choose now to go into secluded cultivation? He wasn’t reckless, no matter how he kept quiet about his disappearance, there was a chance it would leak out. He dared because You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao.

The two’s arrival was likely a turning point for the years of fighting in the South Continent. The two sides soon engaged in battle. You ZhenTian and the Silver Dragon Clan didn’t go into the array immediately. The former was upholding his status, whereas the latter was waiting, now they were still evenly matched.

However, they soon realized their mistake. Normally it would take three to four hours before a side showed weakness, however, this time, it arrived early by two hours. In the battle-torn field, screams of agony never stopped and lives kept fading. Fresh blood dripped from the sky, as if it was raining blood and the thunder were sorrowful cries of the deceased.  

Almost no one noticed the slow disappearance of the Vermillion Blood Clan experts.

It was only when the forty or so experts turned into thirty did You ZhenTian sense something was amiss. After his careful observation, he realized a sneaky shadow had been attacking Vermillion Blood Clan members behind their back and using dimensional powers at that.    

You ZhenTian’s enraged roar instantly spread across the Great Plain, “Who is there with no sense of shame! How dare you sneak up on the Vermillion Blood Clan!”

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