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Chapter 694: Self-Destruction

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The battlefield was a cruel place where there were often more dead than living people. Miserable shrieks and wrathful roars often intertwined with each other. Few people could guarantee that the one dying in next moment would not be themselves.

However, compared with the Cang Alliance disciples who did not seem afraid of death, the people of the Vermillion Blood Clan were gradually being frightened to death by their murderous bloodshot eyes. Their original superiority was completely obliterated, and blood dyed their faces that had been etched with terror.

When the chilling light attacked, You XiaoMo immediately grabbed a Vermillion Blood Clan expert that was unlucky to be knocked in front of him. The cold light of the dagger cut him immediately. A spurt of blood splashed into the air and fell back to the ground due to gravity.

The expert trembled as he covered his wound that was bleeding non-stop with a hand, seemingly wanting to turn it back to its original intact state with his hands. Yet, the wound started bleeding more profusely. He stared at the opposite Lady Yin in horror and fell to the ground powerlessly.

The battlefield was ruthless!

It would be your turn if you were just little careless.

Lady Yin’s beautiful pupils shrank sharply. Her eyes that looked towards You XiaoMo again were filled with boundless coldness. It took more than one cold day for the river to freeze three feet deep. However, her eyes were like a world of ice. The ice was constantly spreading and her pupils reflected the figure of You XiaoMo, as if drowning him in an instant.

You XiaoMo stared at Lady Yin, who could be called a human refrigerator, and gave a slight and unobservable frown. When she raised her hand, he noticed that the dagger on her hand was getting longer. What was originally a four or five inches long dagger had grown two inches longer, looking like a small machete. A trace of black aura wound around it and in the next second, Lady Yin’s figure quickly disappeared. A cold ray flashed past and quickly appeared in front of him.

“Clang!”  The silver dagger and the golden longsword collided with each other as sparks scattered.

In an instant, they exchanged hundreds of moves. Their shadows kept flashing so fast that they could not be captured. When they parted again, You XiaoMo’s astonished gaze fell on Lady Yin’s dagger. It was not known what material the dagger was made of. There was no sign of damage at all despite colliding with his longsword many times. There was just the black aura shaking unstably as the silver radiance of the dagger became colder and colder.

But what shocked him most was that Lady Yin’s cultivation base was not at one star. Earlier, he had heard Xiong Xiao mention that Lady Yin broke through not long ago. How could she possibly have advanced from one star to five stars in such a short period of time?

Unless she had used some secret technique. You XiaoMo thought that there must be a time limit since it was a secret technique. Moreover, did she think that she would be able to deal with him with just a cultivation of five stars?

A few seconds later, Lady Yin rushed over again, looking as if she wanted to quickly put an end to this battle.

You XiaoMo become more certain about his conjecture. Since she wanted to end this as soon as possible, he would be sure to drag it out until she died. Rather than defeating her head-on, this method would surely make her so angry she wanted to die.

So You XiaoMo began to mount defensive attacks.

Lady Yin’s eyes became colder upon sensing his intentions and there was even a few undetectable hints of irascibility within the gloominess, but it was well suppressed by her patience.

An hour later, Lady Yin’s attacks became more and more impatient and she even made mistakes several times. If she had not reacted in time, she would have been cut by You XiaoMo. However, her momentum became weaker than before as her mistakes piled on.

You XiaoMo laughed extremely sinisterly when he witnessed this scene. However, it was really beyond his expectation that Lady Yin would be able to persist for an hour. He thought that this secret technique of forcibly raising one’s cultivation could not be retained for long.

One hour was a long time. If it had not been for him, Lady Yin would have got the result she wanted.

“Ah!” As if reaching a critical point, Lady Yin’s cultivation base dropped sharply and an unknown force rushed through her body. It was so powerful that her face twisted and finally she could not help screaming. Her long silver hair became unbound and was blown into disarray by the wind. She was now like a living she-devil, never to return to that cool and noble temperament when You XiaoMo first met her.

At the same time, You ZhenTian and Yin Lie’s terrified voices sounded.

“My Lady!”


You XiaoMo immediately felt the killing intent of You ZhenTian land on him instantly. He wanted to rush over, but was interrupted by Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao’s attack fell on him unrestrainedly. This was the so-called taking advantage of his illness to kill him! It was impossible for Zuo Yan to let Yin Lie come over and he practically harassed Yin Lie to death.

You XiaoMo pondered whether to take advantage of this to attack her, but before he could make up his mind, Lady Yin herself helped him make a decision.

“If I die, I’ll be sure to pull you down as well!” Lady Yin’s resentful voice suddenly sounded and her delicate face was distorted by bitter hatred. Now she was just a vicious wife.

You XiaoMo felt that a good lady had totally ruined herself for the sake of that scum, You ZhenTian. How could there be such a stupid woman?!

The spiritual energy in Mrs. Yin’s body suddenly became violent and it was clear that she was intent on self-destructing. You XiaoMo did not realize that she was so crazy. Where there was life, there was hope!

Did she have to make such sacrifices in order to kill him?

You XiaoMo did not know that Lady Yin’s secret technique of forcibly raising her cultivation had devastating consequences. In her present situation, her cultivation would also be affected even if she had survived by chance. It was not too terrible if her cultivation dropped, but it was very possible that she would become a waste from now on. How could the arrogant and haughty Lady Yin endure it?

Originally, the consequences for this technique were not so serious. It was due to You XiaoMo’s direct actions that it became so severe. If Lady Yin could calm down and direct the brutal force in her body, she would have a drop in her cultivation at most. But she was provoked by You XiaoMo and lost all her reason, resulting in this tragedy.

The spiritual power when self-destructing was extremely violent, and it could also strongly affect the spiritual energy between heaven and earth. The others had noticed even without You XiaoMo’s reminder and one by one their expressions greatly changed. They did not dare to linger any longer and immediately distanced themselves away from Lady Yin as if they were running for their lives.

The explosive might of the self-destruction of a Level Twelve expert was extremely powerful. The farther they were, the better.

You XiaoMo also wanted to run away. Although he was much stronger than Lady Yin, he did not dare to directly face up to the explosive might of a self-destructing Level Twelve expert. However, how could Lady Yin let him escape since she wanted to pull him to death together with her? A silver shadow suddenly blocked his way and pounced on him with a hissing noise.

You XiaoMo found that it was a silver snake. Its strength was not very high and he shook it off immediately, but it was too late to escape.

Lady Yin did not expect the silver snake to be able to block him. She just hoped to delay him for a few seconds. When her goal was achieved, her delicate body suddenly expanded and exploded. Heaven and the earth seemed to change color. Under the power of this self-destruction, the mountains and boulders collapsed at the first blow and were instantly bombarded into fragments. A long and deep gorge appeared on the Great Plains that was riddled with thousands of holes.

The power of the explosion lasted fifteen minutes before it disappeared.

It was only when the Great Plains regained its calm that those who had fled earlier dared to come back. Each of them could not help gasping in shock when they saw the appearance of the Great Plains.

The Great Plains probably could not be called the Great Plains in the future.

“Ling-er!” Yin Lie’s sorrowful and angry roar suddenly sounded in the deathly stillness. A silver light flashed from the huge silver dragon floating in the sky. It regained its human form in an instant and rushed to the place where the explosion occurred. Unfortunately, Lady had already died without a trace.

What followed after was a sorry figure with an utterly unsightly expression that was gloomy enough for water to drip from it. It was You ZhenTian. He looked at the place where the explosion occurred in fright and anger. His wife, who he had been married to for tens of thousands of years, had disappeared just like this. Without the relation from his wife, the Silver Dragon clan would probably never be as close to the Vermillion Blood Clan as before.

At that moment, a pillar of flame burst out from under his feet and suddenly enveloped the careless You ZhenTian. Although he immediately responded, his right leg was burned and one could smell the scent of charred meat emitting from him.

You ZhenTian stared darkly at the sudden appearance of Ling Xiao. Looking at how there was no change in his expression, he then knew that You XiaoMo should be okay. His heart became even colder When he thought of this. His wife had sacrificed her life but she actually did not even manage to hurt You XiaoMo!

Although he had expected that You XiaoMo might hide in his dimension, a dimension was not like a void and he would still be turned into dust. Thus, it was impossible for him to escape unscathed.

You ZhenTian did not anticipate that ever since the source of the lake in You XiaoMo’s dimension merged with the rainbow stones, not only did the interior of his dimension become bigger, its defense was also upgraded. It was no longer the dimension that caused him to be severely damaged by a single blow. Although the explosive force of Lady Yin’s self-destruction was great, her true cultivation base was only that of a Level Twelve one star.

“It’s your turn next.” Ling Xiao calmly declared.

Just after he had finished speaking, a murderous intent immediately restricted the spiritual energy in You ZhenTian’s body. Ling Xiao’s spiritual energy had also exploded in that same instant. The power of the four bloodlines seemed to have bloomed at this moment and the shadow of the Four Ancient Beasts speedily flashed behind him.

On the other side was You ZhenTian’s shocked expression. When speaking of the bloodline of the Four Ancient Beast Clans, he had also thought of the legend of the Four Ancient Beasts. Only those with bloodline of the Four Ancient Beasts could step into that realm. He suddenly remembered the situation when he first exchanged blows with Ling Xiao. At that time, he could not understand why Ling Xiao’s attack could hurt him with his cultivation.
Now he finally knew.

Chills hit his heart in a split second.

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Moist Cracker
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