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Chapter 702: Mole

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It had been three days after the black colored Lightning Tribulation occurred. Those bold enough tread into the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range for a look and found that the Cartilage Mountain had been leveled flat by the formidable might of the black colored Lightning Tribulation.

Without the natural barrier of the Cartilage Mountain, there was nothing to hide the palace and it was completely revealed in front of the public. They had heard that there was a beautiful and magnificent palace in the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range but they never had a chance to see it before. Now they were almost blinded with just one look.

As a result, a story of two princes living in the palace had recently become popular in White Bone Town.

Lin Ming and Lin Gu came to see them after the event, but they were still shut in their private room and did not come out. They did not know what the hell You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao were up to inside, but it was fortunate that they were all right, so they were relieved.

Lin Gu breathed a sigh of relief, “Ming, shall we wait for them to come out before we set out?”

“I’m afraid we won’t be able to wait anymore. We’re pressed for time. There won’t be another if we’re late and miss the opportunity. How about this? I’ll get someone to stay behind to wait for them to come out. Maybe they can catch up.” Lin Ming also wanted to wait for them, but Time waited for no one. He had received the news that now was the best time to attack.

“All right then.” Lin Gu looked at the tightly shut door of the private room before he left with Lin Ming.

Two days later, Lin Ming arrived at ZiHua Mountain with members of the TianGou. ZiHua Mountain was located on one of the routes to reach the Qilin Clan. There is no danger on the way because it lead directly to the Qilin Clan, so they had already sent people to occupy ZiHua Mountain before the plan was made.

Almost all the other forces had arrived by the time they did. The Demon Phoenix Clan, True Dragon Clan and the Black Turtle Clan had all gathered in ZiHua Mountain. In addition, there were other small forces who were unwilling to be swallowed by the Black Spider. They basically accepted the olive branch thrown out.

However, one of them did not come.

“What did the Nine Headed Serpent King say?” Lin Ming did not react much when he heard about it. It had long been within his expectations, but he was a little surprised because he did not expect the Nine Headed Serpent King to refuse so bluntly.

The expert from the True Dragon Clan shook his head, “He didn’t say anything. Instead, he just let the demon beasts under him ask me to leave. I don’t think he will come.”

The Nine Headed Serpent King had no worries. His only son and ‘daughter’-in-law were traveling all over and not a trace of them could be found. He could find a new place to enjoy a life in retirement even if Xi Jing was occupied by Lin ShaoYi. The TongTian Continent was so huge. He did not have to worry that Lin ShaoYi ould target him after his plan succeeded.

Though he was strong, he could not even make any big waves even if he wanted to with the strength of the Black Spider. Besides, he had no enmity with the Black Spider. Another reason was that he has no forces and did not pose a threat to Lin ShaoYi.

“It’s up to him since he doesn’t want to come. Let’s discuss the plan of attacking the Qilin Clan first.” Lin Ming did not force him to come. This kind of thing was voluntary.

The major forces soon gathered together. Since they had decided to form an alliance, they would naturally have an Alliance Head. This issue was raised immediately at the beginning of the meeting, but there was not much dispute.

There was basically no need to discuss this sort of thing because the Demon Phoenix Clan and the two other clans felt that Lin Ming was the most suitable. One was the reasons was that he was very strong; a practitioner at the pinnacle of seven stars was strong enough to lead them and to convince the masses. However, the most important was that he was very familiar with the Qilin Clan thus he was the most suitable one to lead them. Even if some people had objections in their hearts, they did not dare to raise them.

“Thank you for your kindness. Then, this Lin will not refuse any longer.” Lin Ming simply accepted their compliments. He didn’t want to touch this pile of shit if he could, but who asked his son and ‘daughter’-in-law be in the center of this storm? He had to do it even if he was unwilling. Otherwise, both he and A-Gu would be worried.

“According to the information I have received, Lin ShaoYi is now in secluded cultivation and preparing to smash through to the Almighty realm. The Qilin Clan is now at their most vigilant, but at the same time it is our chance!”

“Does the Alliance Head mean that we should attack the Qilin Clan now?” The expert from the Black Turtle Clan thought for a while before he asked.

“That’s right.”

“But our alliance has just been established. Will it not be too hasty to attack them now? Furthermore, since we were able to think of this, they should be able to think the same as well. I think that the experts from the Black Spider should be defending the Qilin Clan too. I fear that we will incur heavy losses if we rashly attack.”

Lin Hui glanced at the second speaker. He was not an expert from the Demon Phoenix Clan and the two other clans, but a leader of a small force of an independent regime in Xi Jing, called Long Xiao. His cultivation was that of Level Twelve one star and his original form was a flood dragon.

“What does Brother Long Jiao think we should do?”
Lin Ming asked instead of refuting what he said.

Long Jiao was immediately embarrassed and he awkwardly said, “I’m just voicing my thoughts. You are the head of the alliance. The Alliance Head will still have the final say on the decision of whether we should attack the Qilin Clan.”

Lin Ming gave him a profound look and immediately replied, “Casualties will certainly occur. No battle can be avoided. Even if we don’t face it now, we will face it later, and it is likely that we will face a Lin Shaoyi who has reached the Almighty realm. All of us here are smart people, but I will also respect your decision. Those who don’t want to go can stay.”

After that, Lin Ming’s piercing gaze swept over the faces of all the people one by one.

The whole conference room was quiet and no one spoke. Even Long Jiao, who had just raised his objection, did not take any stand. He hunched his neck and no one knew what he was thinking about.

“Since there is no objection, let’s discuss the plan of attacking the Qilin Clan…” Lin Ming immediately concluded since no one had opened their mouths after he waited for a while.

Night had fallen.

Usually one could see countless shining stars at ZiHua Mountain at night. However, these stars were covered by black clouds tonight. Only a few dim stars could be vaguely seen, as if the stars also knew that a fierce battle was imminent.

At the time when not a sound to be heard, a black shadow speedily and stealthily jumped down from ZiHua Mountain, quickly disappearing without a trace.


Zu Ma sat calmly at her desk with a sheet of paper spread out on it, drawing strange patterns that no one else could understand. She raised her head after a while and a strange smile suddenly appeared on her beautiful and clean face.

The next day, Zu Ma suddenly called all of them together just before Diao Xiong and others were about to depart. Although everyone thought it strange, they still gathered.

Zu Ma’s first sentence caused everyone to argue at the meeting. She actually wanted them to change the plan that they had finalized a few days ago. Dong ChengTian, who was a little bad-tempered, was the first to raise an objection, “Why?”

Zu Ma’s calm gaze swept over everyone’s faces. Everyone had a different expression on their face. She explained after a while, “I’ve received a secret report. Lin Ming secretly divided his troops and they’re traveling by different routes. They are now on the way over so it is no longer necessary for us to besiege ZiHua Mountain.”

“How does the Holy Maiden know about this?” Diao Xiong asked.

The corner of Zu Ma’s lips lifted as a malicious glint flashed through her eyes, “Because my people have infiltrated their alliance. I know their route and the people in the alliance, so I want you to cut them off and kill them while they’re on the way over.”

“We understand now. What are we going to do next?” Diao Xiong nodded.

Only thirty minutes had passed when they came out of the meeting room. Everyone who had gotten their tasks did not tarry for a moment and they left the Qilin Clan with their men. A young man frowned imperceptibly within the crowd.

Zu Ma looked at their figures from high up while standing. Her lips lifted up slowly and her smile became weirder and weirder. She wanted to see how that man would pass his message to Lin Ming.

She always had the firm belief that there must be an mole inside the Black Spider and the position of the mole was high. However, she has been unable to find a chance to root him out. She must definitely dig him out now that such an opportunity had presented itself.

More than a dozen shadows flashed through the dense forest. The speed of the shadows was so fast that they had traveled several hundred meters in a blink of an eye. Just as they were about to jump over the hill ahead, one of them suddenly screamed in pain and fell down from the tree.

The others stopped immediately and Tao WenLiang, the leader, immediately turned back and landed in front of the man who had screamed. He asked in concern, “What’s the matter?”

The man grabbed a poisonous snake that he had struck dead within the grass and hatefully spat, “It’s my fault that I was careless and was bitten by this beast just now. Now the venom has spread throughout my body.”

Tao WenLiang grabbed the man’s hand all of a sudden and probed it before he opened his mouth, “This is a Level Ten demon beast, the QingZhi snake. It specializes in sneak attacks and is extremely venomous. I’m afraid the venom can’t be removed in a short time, so you’ll have to go back to the clan and think of a method.”

“Then what should I do? We can’t delay the operation because of me. Otherwise, I can hardly absolve myself from the blame if the Holy Maiden takes offense.” With that, worry appeared on the man’s face.

“There is nothing to be done!” Tao WenLiang ordered, “Don’t take part in the operation today. You should go back to the Qilin Clan as soon as possible and ask the holy maiden to help you detoxify the venom. Shall I’ll send someone to take you back?”

“No, no, I can do it alone. I can’t delay the holy maiden’s plan.” The man shook his head while struggling to stand up.

Tao WenLiang patted him on the shoulder, “All right then, you be careful. We’ll go first.”

All their figures disappeared from the man’s view in the next moment. The man who had been looking so worried now revealed a smirk after his scheming had succeeded. He took out an anti-poison pill and ate it. The venom of the QingZhi snake was immediately dissolved.

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