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Chapter 32: Whoa, Whoa, Who is Big Money Pit? 

Hai’an was going to be shamed to death by himself. What did he choose? Fortunately, he had no face now. Otherwise, he didn’t know how to face Auguste in the future.

Colin was again chatting in his brother’s ears, “Brother, do we have women on board?”

Corson leaned his head over to answer Colin’s question, but his eyes were still fixed on the paper. “Yes, isn’t Alia?”

Colin, “Aren’t you in the same hanger with me? She wears an explosion-proof vest every day. I am more of a man than her and I wear the same thing.”

Corson, “Oh, that’s all you have to wear.”

Colin: “…”

“Very well, let’s go.” Auguste calmly picked up the milk powder cans and drawing, turned around and left.

Hai’an was a little upset to see that Auguste did not respond at all. Was Auguste really going to make underwear for other women?

As soon as Auguste left, the others behind caught up. As he walked, Jamie asked, “So we’re just going to let him take the tungsten liquid? We don’t have time to find another shop that sells it.”

“No one else but Cessie has any.” Auguste answered faintly, “He won’t give us anything easily. It’s time he played with us after so many years. Besides,” Auguste waved his hand that held the drawing, “we’ve got the map.”

Jaime was surprised. “What map is it? Isn’t it a lingerie design?”

Auguste stopped and pointed to a sign in the lower right corner of the drawing and said to Jamie, “This sign is a moonlight flower. I saw it in that book.”

The sign was a white pointed flower with pale yellow stamens, slightly open, like the full moon connected to a string.

Hai’an also took a close look. Auguste was right. The flowers looked exactly like moonlight flowers. When he was in Elune Forest, they were next to the tree of life. He looked at them for many years and would never get it wrong.

But why did this world also have moonlight flowers?

Jamie didn’t understand, “This should be a very precious thing. Why did the shop owner put it in a cheap box?”

Carl heard Jamie next to him, raised his bag containing the old Earth DJ disc that the shop owner had forced on him and said, “I suspect that the shop owner is just talking nonsense, and this disc is not an old Earth CD. What’s the use of this thing?”

“That book was taken away by me. Without that book, this paper would be useless. The words on it need that book to be translated.” Auguste explained to them.

It turned out to be a nonsense theory. That shop owner studied it so seriously for a long time and eventually just thought it was a piece of junk. Hai’an almost believed Auguste since he said this so calmly. 

Hai’an turned to see the milk powder Auguste had just bought for him. It was supposed to be a different flavor. Ten cans were enough for him to drink for a long time.

Hai’an thought seriously, if Lydney cooked soup for them again, would he drink Lydney’s soup or Auguste’s milk? This was a very difficult question.

Without waiting for Hai’an to make a decision with his own thoughts, Auguste went into the elevator of the Dreamladder and pressed the button for the top floor.

There was an elevator in the center of the Dreamladder, which could lead to any level. If they didn’t want to walk up the dozens of levels, they could take the elevator to go up, but they had to pay 10W interstellar currency for each use.

This was also Cessie’s policy.

Go up dozens of floors using the stairs and buying my stuff; or pay 10W without the extra walking? What black market could anyone go to without spending money?

Hai’an: Sure enough, it’s a big black merchant in the interstellar world, making money by all means.

But Auguste was a money pit. The 10W interstellar coins didn’t even make him blink. In fact, Auguste wasn’t a large money pit, and for interstellar businessmen like Cain, Cessie and Tanamo, Auguste’s property of only a few hundred million was not a lot.

Auguste was considered poor to them. However, even though his legion was not filled with very many people, the money was barely enough for the few of them to spend.

No wonder Ivan Randall wanted to marry Cain’s sister. Hai’an didn’t know whether Ivan actually loved Ariella enough to marry her, or whether he was only interested in the half of the family property she brought with the marriage.

With more than two hundred legions unified, the Empire covered their expenditure. Since Auguste did not have to spend his own money on his own crew, he decided to spend all his money on equipment, even though he made most of it himself. This method was quite effective because the number of people on his crew was relatively small and the equipment could be used by everyone. This was a cost-effective approach assuming that the leader of the regiment was a technological emperor. The first technological emperor on Vagrant was Auguste, followed by Alia, who was also a military weapons maniac. She was responsible for (maintaining) all the equipment on the ship.

The elevator stopped when it reached the second floor of the Dreamladder. The top floor of the elevator had a protective ring for Cessie’s safety and the top floor of the collection room was accessible only through the protective layer. The guards were so thorough that the inspectors even took away several metal parts off of their clothes that looked like weapons. Although, in Carl’s words, they were weapons.

The inspector saw Lydney’s pin and was ready to take it off. Carl grabbed his hand.

“He’s a pure human,” Carl said, staring into the inspector’s eyes, saying each word slowly. “It’s just a shield, not a weapon.”

The inspector looked at him and released his grip on Lydney’s brooch, but suddenly he took out his shotgun and shot Lydney.

Before Carl thought about it, he rushed towards the inspector with a sudden tightening of his body. Jamie grabbed him and held him firmly. Lydney didn’t respond either. When he was shot, he raised his hand unconsciously in front of him, and the fire stung his eyes.

After the smoke had dispersed, the ground was scattered with cartridge casings, and Lydney was not injured.

“I said it’s just a shield, damn it!” Carl’s face was red and he wanted to run up and shoot the inspector who had shot at him.

“I’m all right.” Lydney was surprised, but he soon calmed down. After all, he was not hurt at all.

Carl broke away from Jamie’s hand and stood still, but he was breathing fast. His heart was beating fast. Although Carl knew that Lydney had a protective shield made by Alia, he could not control it at that moment. If it hadn’t been for Jamie stopping him, he would have gone forward and blocked the bullets.

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July 10, 2019 2:46 pm

Gracias por la traducción

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Lydney and Carl are totally a side couple~~ they’re so cute. Do you think Jianjian will be the one to wear the underwear?

July 10, 2019 10:08 pm

Can it be called fate? It looks like we have a connection. Hai’an recognised the moon flowers as those growing around the tree of life on his planet. And since Jamie wants this flower to revive his wife, I bet they will have to go to the planet to pick it on their own. Hai’an’s planet is also the one where dragons live, and thus Auguste’s goal!

Carl is so protective! Lydney is becoming his treasure more and more.

Thank you for the chapter!

July 11, 2019 2:16 am

Lol those inspectors sure don’t play around xD thanks for the chapters 😀

July 11, 2019 5:52 am

Thanks for these two chapters!

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Thanks for the chapter! So protective of his new friend! 😊

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Thank you for all the chapters so far! I really like it and it’s a Chinese novel thats not 2000 chapters!

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Good chapter! Thanks for the update!

July 11, 2019 7:58 pm

“Milk Powder”, riiight. Very metallic milk powder I bet. 🙃
Thank you

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Ohhh. Carl is so protective of Lydney. I like that pair.

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Pei! But heum,looks like Carl become more have feeling to Lydney . YEAY CarLy COUPLEEE

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Enough said 💞
Thank you for translating.

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