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Chapter 4: The owner of the plant

The little boy ran happily with flowering branch in his arms and shouted, “I’ll take it. I’m going to pay for it.”

Carl was speechless.

Being completely ignored by the little boy, Carl wanted to regain some dignity and saw a lot of eggs in their domes floating in the hall. With a jump, and a swipe of his hands, he grabbed several of the eggs that were ready to flee. After finding the face he had just lost, Carl decided to pay with satisfaction.

Not only did I buy a new gift for Auguste today, but I even got lunch. This was a nice game and it felt great.

[A good-looking auctioneer is often at the edge of the auction house, so we must choose an auctioneer with the pure doe eyes.]

[Caine teaches you to play freely in the auction house.]

Carl flipped through this handbook, which had been circulating for a long time among the stars and it was said to be for the civilian’s exclusive use for the free auction. Caine was one of the top businessmen in the Star Trade Union. His book was very popular, but Carl thought it was also quite ridiculous. Could civilians enter the auction house? It was estimated that the admission tickets were not available for public sale, except for those randomly selected auctioneers, there were hardly any civilians in the hall.

With a sneer, Carl took out his bag, packed all the goods inside and was ready to leave. Not far away, the boy who had just run away was talking to an auctioneer. The little boy was probably talking to him about buying his goods.

The auctioneer squatted in front of the little boy and said to him gently, “Kid, you can’t buy this. It’s an R-class commodity, which is aggressive and unsuitable for domestic houses.”

“Why? I think it’s beautiful.” The little boy stared at the auctioneer with big eyes.

The auctioneer took out the plant manual and pointed to the plants name on it. “Look at it.”

The little boy looked over and Carl saw the plant introduction with his good eyesight.

[Preface to “Handbook of Small-billed Flower Raising”]

Carl thought, ‘What was with this ghostly manual? This botanical shop was so unreliable.’

“According to the feeding instructions, your age does not seem to be suitable for raising small-billed flowers.” The auctioneer advised bitterly, “You may consider raising teardrop plants. They are better to raise and gentle in temperament.” He pulled out the teardrop tree from behind him, which he didn’t know was coming, and then said, “Besides it maybe a little scary.”

The little boy looked at the little eyes with tears in his own eyes. “But I want it very much.”

“I don’t think it’s any good either,” Carl cut in and grabbed the glass dome in the boy’s hand. “I don’t think it can bite me.”

As he spoke, Carl began to remove the metal base of the glass dome, breaking the magnetic metal buckle off the bottom in pieces of twos and threes. He pulled out the little plant from the bottom and quickly touched it.

When the plant was touched like this, it became depressed in an instant, as if it had been greatly hurt.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! You see it’s not showing its teeth.” Carl showed his big white teeth and put the dome directly into the boy’s arms.

The little boy touched the little flower carefully. The little flower rubbed the little boy’s hand with its stamen, but it did not show its teeth.

“Quick, wrap it up for him, and ah,” Carl turned the bent metal base in his hands. “The quality of your product isn’t very high.”

Auctioneer thought, ‘That’s the metal for the military spacecraft.’

Looking at Carl’s hand strength, it was estimated that the small flower couldn’t bite through his skin and would instead break it’s teeth. The auctioneer took the glass dome back and put the flower in.

The little boy shouted, “I’ll give 100,000!”

The auctioneer estimated that he was a real bidding virgin. He actually said earnestly, “Kid, did you buy this with your parents’ consent? The price stated is a little high.”

Holding the flower, the little boy said very carefully, “For me, it’s worth the price.”

Carl couldn’t stand it any longer. “Don’t push it. Come and look at the dome I chose.” With that, Carl handed Hai’an over.

“May I ask if Sir is going to raise it?”

“I’m buying for someone else. How do you do it?”

The auctioneer found Hai’an’s feeding manual and said, “This plant is newly discovered. At present, only one plant has survived. According to the records, it belongs to a relatively difficult category. It needs water and sunshine every day, with a regular addition of nutrient solution. If it can’t get sunshine during long-distance travel, you will also need to buy YangYang flowers…”

“That’s it!” Carl interrupted the auctioneer and said sincerely to him, “I have never seen a better plant than it. If I give it to my friend, he will be moved to tears.”

The announcer was silent once more.

Carl threw the bag in his hand over. “I want both of them.”

After that, he pointed to the eye tree that was still turning in circles behind the auctioneer who said, “Alright.”

The auctioneer was registering the serial number of the goods Carl had captured when he saw that Carl had chosen many eggs. He asked casually, “Sir, did you buy so many exotic eggs to hatch them? In fact, I suggest you buy the cubs directly, so that way you can choose which one you want.” He picked up the little animal beside him who had been unwilling to be quiet, and said to Carl, “Although it may not be easy to domesticate, the cost of incubating exotic eggs is higher.”

“I bought them to eat.” Carl looked at the auctioneer strangely and the beast in the auctioneer’s hand struggled less when he heard the words, “Do you hatch your eggs before you eat them?”

Hai’an shivered and he felt that he was likely to die.

When it came time to bid, Carl’s offer for eggs was almost exactly the same as it’s reserve price, except for Hai’an and the little beast. It was just a few more interstellar coins than the bottom price. But it was also in line with the rules of the free auction house. The auctioneer packed all the goods for him. When it came to the teardrop Tree’s bid, the auctioneer almost thought he had heard the wrong thing.

“What’s your offer, sir?” The auctioneer wanted to reconfirm what he heard.

“One hundred interstellar coins, no more.” Carl spoke solemnly.


“Hold it,” Carl said, carrying the packed plant and a pile of merchandise, getting ready to go. “I know the price of exotic eggs too well. I’ll give you this plant. It’s not my money anyway.”

Plants that could be looked after by children were not too bad. Carl thought his IQ was still high, but he forgot that he had known all the prices of exotic eggs in StarCraft for a long time, and even a new auctioneer could not fool him. When Carl finished, he left.

The auctioneer looked behind his back and opened his mouth. He wanted to say something but didn’t say it. Finally, he murmured, “You just can’t afford it.”

After Attlei took the cash from the free auction house, she went back to her boss and said, “Boss, your trembling grass has been sold for 70,000 interstellar coins. That’s more than the purchase price for all of the trembling grass seeds. All your money has been returned successfully.”

The boss turned his chair, spit out the cigarette he was holding, picked up a cup of tea on the table and blew it on it. “Okay, that’s not too bad. I don’t know which fool bought it.” He took a sip of tea, thought about it and then asked Attlei, “What about the teardrop Tree? It’s already grown. It should also sell well. How much did it sell for?”

“One hundred interstellar coins.” Attlei’s voice did not fluctuate at all.

“Pffft!” The boss spit out the tea that he had just put into his mouth, “Who bought it? That’s ghastly!”

“Oh, that’s funny…” After thinking about it, she added, “It was the one who bought the shaking grass.”


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Sooo confusing. Did he get a bargain or not. Still interesting though
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