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Chapter 54: A Tomorrow without Smoke 

When the ship entered the gravitational circle of the flesh-and-pink planet, it did not accelerate to the surface as they had expected. Instead, it landed on the surface of the flesh-and-pink planet at its original speed, without any hindrance. The ship’s stairs descended with Jamie and Colin walking ahead, sweeping an area clean with flame.

Worm monsters would burn quickly when they encountered fire, and eventually turn into black powder, which dissipated as the wind blew, leaving no trace. The landing of the ship was unusually smooth, and the worm monsters were not difficult to deal with, but no one was happy.

This time, neither Lydney, Colin nor Corson had a helmet. The atmosphere of the pink planet was non-toxic, and its composition was similar to that of ancient earth. They could breathe directly. Auguste did not let Hai’an sit in the nest. Instead, he put him in the pocket on his chest. Hai’an held both hands beside the pocket and looked out.

The planet had too much vegetation, and it was daytime. If it weren’t for the flesh-and-pink worms that crawled on it, Hai’an would even think he’d just gone into a forest. The brilliant sunshine came down vertically from the sky and shone on Hai’an’s narrowed eyes. He had not seen the sun for a long time. Although there were YangYang flowers on the Vagrant to provide him with sunshine, artificial sunshine and natural sunshine could not be compared.

Colin was very careful when they attacked the worm monster with a flamethrower, because if it triggered a forest fire, the consequences would be very serious. The worm monsters burned quickly when exposed to flames, as if their bodies were filled with gasoline rather than strong acid liquids. They made a terrible cry, twisted their whole body as they burned to cinders and then disappeared slowly.

“Did you find anything strange?” Colin walked next to Corson and turned to ask him the question.


“There seems to be no animal life on this planet. We’ve come so far and I haven’t even seen a rabbit.”

“What if there are no rabbits on this planet?” Corson thinks it’s possible, too.


“Probably eaten by these insects.” Lydney suddenly said, “These insects are eating meat. I remember Siam Liang said they were eating meat on Pyramid.”

“Yes, yes, I remember.” Colin nodded suddenly and then looked frightened. “So the animals on this planet were eaten by them?”

Jamie followed them. “Maybe the animals in the water are still alive. After all, we haven’t seen any lakes or seas where they are.”

Hai’an nodded in agreement. He was not sure about in the lake, but certainly not in the sea, because these insects should melt when they come across salt, just like the carnivores in Nore.

They followed the route passed by the electronic dog and soon arrived at the abandoned spaceship. From the projection, they could see that the spaceship was getting closer, and when they really stood in front of the spaceship, it was clear how huge the spaceship was. It was like a giant, standing quietly on this planet, with vines and weeds almost crawling all over the hull, but all without losing its dignity. The three huge paw marks on the hatch were no longer symbols of their expeditionary forces, but the scars of a race.

“Carl, can you feel where your eggshell is?”

Carl looked up at the top of the ship and said, “In the back, we’re going to climb up.” 

Auguste poked Hai’an’s head, put Hai’an in his pocket, and zipped it up. “JianJian, bear with it for a while. Carl, you carry Lydney.”

“Okay.” Carl squatted down in front of Lydney. “Come up, I’ll carry you.”

Lydney did not struggle. He climbed up Carl’s thick back and grabbed his neck tightly.

“Grasp it.”


They started climbing by grabbing the vines on the hull or just grabbing the prominent part of the hull. Hai’an couldn’t see outside, but he could feel Auguste climbing fast, like a trot on the ground, with a breeze. Lydney was shocked that the gap between the military and ordinary people, between evolutionary humans and ordinary humans, was now infinitely widened.

It was as if they were not climbing a vertical hull, but walking fast on flat land, like walking on flat ground. Finally, Auguste first climbed up to the top of the ship. Standing there, he could almost see the whole forest. Carl put Lydney down and Auguste opened the zipper on his chest.

When Hai’an saw the light coming in from overhead, he immediately stood up and drilled hard outside, picked up the pocket and looked at Auguste. Auguste raised his hand and touched the top of his head.

“The transmission slot should be right here,” Carl pulled his hair and looked around for a weak spot. There was nothing on the top of the ship except weeds and vines. The flesh-and-pink worms were not so well developed that they could not climb up. The reason why they disappeared here and appeared again on Pyramid was probably that they went into the transmission slot and were transferred over.

“Find your eggshell first.” Jamie took a few steps forward with his firearm on his shoulder. “Where are you going now?”

Carl shrugged and looked indifferent. “It’s the same even if I can’t find it, I can’t get it back. I just want to see why an expedition ship is parked here.”

Colin couldn’t help asking, “What about the star map?”

Corson quickly pulled on his brother, but Colin threw off his hand. Sooner or later, this matter would be put on the stage. Anyway, Auguste and Carl could not rely on this ship. “What if you find a map of the stars returning to the main star? Will you go back?”

Auguste was ahead, and he did not stop, “I’ll go back. That’s my home.”

Ayulon’s warships were very strong, and Auguste wanted to enter the ship, they had to attack from the outside, but this would destroy the forest, and maybe cause a fire.

As long as Carl found the hull with his eggshell, he could enter the ship directly.

“Right here.” Carl took them to the stern part of the spaceship, beside which were several transparent light windows. Through the transparent glass, they could see the inside of the spaceship, but there was no light in the spaceship, so they could only vaguely see some blurred instruments and equipment.

Colin stretched his neck and looked inside. “Dark, you can’t see anything.”

“You’ll be in soon,” Carl said, putting his hand over the window and they wondered what he was doing. Suddenly the surface of the hull where they stood disappeared, and all of them fell into the cabin.

The hull surface disappeared, and Hai’an flew out of Auguste’s pocket. Auguste saw him falling out. He reached out to hold Hai’an. Hai’an also reached out to grab Auguste’s finger, but he did not catch Auguste.

Hai’an quickly moved the elements of the wind, and then his descent slowed down. He heard only a few “tch” sounds, which were the sounds of other people hitting the floor. Hai’an slowly drifted down from the air and landed on Auguste’s head. He grabbed Auguste’s hair and pulled out the element of fire. He wanted to use them so that they could see in the dark space. Auguste’s head suddenly lit up.

Looking at it again, they found that it was JianJian who ran to Auguste’s head. There was a small fire in the palm of his right hand, and his green eyes were looking at them innocently.

“JianJian can make a fire!” Colin pointed to Auguste’s head and exclaimed in surprise, his slightly louder voice echoing in the empty cabin.

Auguste glanced at him, did not speak, reached out and touched the top of his head. Hai’an took Auguste’s finger and met Auguste’s eyes, then suddenly opened his mouth and smiled at Auguste.

“Hee ~” But Hai’an only had eight teeth, so Auguste was stunned when he saw Hai’an’s smile, and then he couldn’t help laughing. But Auguste quickly adjusted his facial expression. There were so many people around him that he wanted to be serious. So he put Hai’an back in his arms and did not keep Hai’an in his pocket.

Alia took out flashlights from her backpack and gave one to everyone. “Find out where the power switch of the spaceship is first.”

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