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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


Dugu broke out of his confinement the night after he was thrown into the Huangfu dungeons. He attacked the bodyguard that brought him his meal. Then, escaping from his cell, he spent the next two hours climbing the underground structure from sub-level 18 all the way up to the ground floor.

That’s right, it took him two whole hours! The dungeon was constructed deep below the surface, with one of its floors as tall as ten normal floors. The rooms of the Huangfu dungeons were extra steep, almost deep enough to reach crude oil.

Since the corridors outside the dungeon were lit up like daylight, Dugu could not invoke his stealth to blend into the surroundings, so his only choice was to fight his way out. Using his superior martial arts skills as the guild master of an assassins’ guild, he quickly defeated several bodyguards and seized their guns, diamond daggers and ammunition clips… Thus, in this manner, Dugu hunted mobs 1 and collected gear as he traversed through the underground structure, and by the time he had reached the surface, he was fully armed.

For Dugu, his priorities were to escape from the Huangfu mansion, find medicine for his deteriorating wounds, defeat the Buried Love assassins that would come looking for him, then find a safe place to hide. So, he headed for the front gate of the mansion without looking back. Controlling his breathing and invoking his unparalleled stealth technique, his pitch-black shadow dissolved into the night, without a sound and without a trace.

As a patrol unit of ten bodyguards marched towards him, Dugu held his breath and leaned flat against a dark corner of the wall, remaining undetected while the patrol unit walked right past him.

Dugu, “…”

The darkness is my camouflage. I’m a bloodthirsty monster, vicious and vile. The corrupting aura from my body melds perfectly into the darkness. No one can find me when I crouch in the dark…


Dugu sneered on the inside as he leaned against the frost-covered wall, frozen by his own icy aura.

Meanwhile, the frosty wall glowed with a deathly pale light from the moon’s reflection, it could not have been more conspicuous. Not to mention the trail of icy footprints that had followed Dugu from the dungeon to where he was standing. Like the tracks of small animals left in the snow, under the clear moonlight, the sparkling footprints revealed Dugu’s location like a neon sign.


In accordance with the stringent character designs from the original novel, the bodyguards in the patrol unit were forced to wear sunglasses day and night. With a sombre look, one of the bodyguards from the patrol unit became deep in thought approximately three metres2 away from Dugu, “…”

It’s so dark! I can’t see anything with the sunglasses on! Where am I? What am I doing? Why am I wearing sunglasses? Where did the captain go? Is the Young Master still on the premises? Sob!

So, under the protection of darkness and sunglasses, Dugu successfully escaped from Young Master Huangfu’s massive mansion and headed for the closest hospital he knew.

Ten minutes later.

“Come out.” Dugu spoke in an icy voice as he suddenly stopped outside a quiet alley.

Surrounded by silence, there was not a single soul anywhere to be seen.

Dugu hmphed, then entered the pitch-dark alley that not even moonlight could reach. He repeated, “Come out. I know you’re here.”

At that, several dozen shadows jumped out into the previously abandoned alley, followed by several dozen pairs of cold, vicious eyes that bore into Dugu like icicles.

That’s right, in order to kill their guild master – the top-ranking martial arts master at the guild, the entire guild had arrived in full force.

After a few seconds’ pause, the leader of the pack abruptly spoke in a frosty voice, “You failed your mission to assassinate Young Master Huangfu.”

Dugu, “Hmph.”

The leader, “The guild rules decree that we must eliminate you.”

Dugu, “Hmph.”

Dugu remained silent after his hmph. His eyes were as cold as ice, but also radiating a scorching heat from their depths.

“A failed assassin does not deserve to be alive.” After a brief standoff, a chilling voice pierced through the night, immediately followed by several dozen assassins charging at Dugu with their individual special attacks.

Actually, that stupid rule made no sense at all. Training a qualified assassin was no easy task, especially a top-ranking assassin like Dugu, who was a master of various martial arts and stealth techniques. If they had to kill every assassin after a failed mission, then the assassins’ guild might as well go out of business.

Nevertheless, such character designs were written into the novel.

Sharpening his gaze, Dugu lunged into the air in a flash, his lithe legs forming a graceful arc against the night sky before landing firmly on top of a wall, escaping the first round of attacks. Hooking his index fingers around the guns on his belt, two shiny barrels swung in the air as bright flashes left their muzzles. After two loud bangs, followed by two heavy thumps, two assassins dropped to the ground like deflated sacks.

Invoking his stealth technique after the first round, Dugu’s handsome figure vanished into the wind, then reappeared a few seconds later in a dark corner by the opposing wall. Another two assassins fell at the sound of his shots.

In the alley that was devoid of moonlight, Dugu seemed like a drop of water in a sea of darkness, sometimes appearing on the crest of a wave, sometimes hidden in its depths. Whenever he did appear, he would take down at least two assassins with him… Afterall, since all of the assassins from the guild were personally trained by the guild master, Dugu was well acquainted with their weaknesses and combat style. He knew his enemies so well that it almost felt like cheating.

So, after another twenty minutes of combat, the entire Buried Love Assassins’ Guild was wiped out by its own guild master…

Ridding the world of such a terrifying shadow organisation was a great service to humanity, which should really be congratulated.

Emerging from a pool of blood, Dugu faced the last assassin still standing – the leader of tonight’s mission, and Dugu was out of bullets. So, the top-ranking assassin and the second-ranking assassin from the guild wrestled into a jumbled mass like wild animals, grappling each other in a tight hold.

Dugu withdrew the diamond dagger from his belt and lunged at the other assassin’s throat, while the other assassin pulled out the short knife hidden in his boot and attacked Dugu’s heart. Holding their weapon in one hand, while blocking their opponent’s weapon with the other, they continued in a standoff since their strengths were roughly equal…

Three minutes later, Dugu successfully froze his adversary to death.

The leader of the mission was caught off guard and expressed that he would be turning in his grave over the way he died.

Spitting blood at the ground, Dugu sneered, “Hmph, what a bunch of wimps.”

Then panting heavily, Dugu continued his trek towards the hospital. He had acquired a few new cuts during the battle, including one at the top of his thigh. It was unclear whether a main blood vessel was damaged as blood soaked through the top half of his trousers, looking very much like the aftermath of a ferocious period…

However, Dugu’s abdomen had bled for several hours the previous morning without killing him. Following this logic, he probably would not die from this either. With a calm and composed expression, Dugu avoided strangers on the road, then bypassing the security guards at the gate, he successfully sneaked into the hospital undetected.

This particular hospital was known for its astronomical fees and Dugu was penniless at the moment. Furthermore, as the guild master of an assassins’ guild, he was wanted by several nations, even if he did have the money, he could not just walk into a hospital for treatment. Normally, when an assassin from the guild was injured, he would be treated by another assassin who doubled as the guild’s physician, but the part-time physician was killed by Dugu in the battle earlier.

Following the light in the hallway, Dugu stalked towards the closest doctor’s office and sneaked in noiselessly like a ghostly apparition.

Inside the duty doctor’s office was a young male doctor, writing furiously as he bent over his desk, his side profile made extra attractive by his intense focus. He wore a white lab coat that was clean and free from the slightest wrinkle, as well as a snowy white shirt that was equally immaculate. The doctor’s exposed hands and face were so pale and smooth that they seemed to radiate a soft glow. In contrast, his thick black hair and eyebrows seemed as delicate as brushstrokes on a sheet of parchment.

That’s right, this was the number one gastroenterologist in the world – Doctor Xuanyuan.

Though why was a top-ranking doctor slaving away on the night shift? Nobody knew…

Alongside chilled breaths, a blood-stained diamond dagger silently pressed against the doctor’s throat.

“Who’s there?” The doctor was caught off guard, but composed himself quickly.

As a doctor who worked in a high-risk occupation, apart from medical skills, Xuanyuan was also trained in combat at his medical school, specialising in karate, Chinese kickboxing, judo, sword fighting, firearms and hand-to-hand combat. Of course, he was no match for a real professional hitman, but without knowing the other person’s abilities, Xuanyuan had no reason to panic.

Dugu, “Hmph.”

Xuanyuan, “?”

A few seconds later, it was as if Dugu had suddenly remembered that a ‘hmph’ did not sufficiently articulate his needs, so he opened his mouth to speak, “I…”

Xuanyuan slightly arched his brow, “You’re injured and you want me to treat you?”

Since the doctor had verbalised what he intended to say, Dugu paused from his surprise, then snorted, “Hmph.”

…How did this guy know what I wanted to say?

“You smell like blood.” Xuanyuan thoughtfully explained, then raised both his hands in surrender, “Let me have a look at your wounds first.”

As Dugu slowly released his grip on Xuanyuan, the doctor turned around with his hands raised in the air. His naturally raised lips made him look gentle and approachable. Dugu did not expect someone who was just threatened with a knife to remain so calm, his pitch-black pupils quivered in response.

Of the two people in the room, one was pure and immaculate, dressed from head to toe in white and exuding a gentleness that was as smooth as jade; while the other was covered in blood, dressed from head to toe in black and emitting a vibe that was cruel and vicious.

The two of them locked eyes for a brief moment while they stood face to face.

“Where are your wounds?” Xuanyuan gently asked before looking away. He signalled with his mouth towards a corner of the room, “There’s a hospital bed over there where you can sit down.”

Dugu walked over, leaving a trail of bloody footprints.

He pulled up his shirt, revealing a lean, sinewy waist and removed the thick bandages that he amateurishly applied. He stated in a cold voice, “Gunshot wound. I removed the bullet and took some antibiotics. But the wound seems to be infected.”

Xuanyuan examined the wound with a furrowed brow, “What about your other wounds? You seem to be losing a lot of blood. I need to stop your bleeding first.”

Dugu grimaced as he hmphed, but did not make a move.

Xuanyuan patiently smiled at Dugu. Then scanning him from head to toe, he discovered the slashed fabric at the top of Dugu’s thigh and the nasty cut he had there.

“Please take off your pants while I retrieve some supplies to stop your bleeding. I’ll be back.” Xuanyuan calmly instructed before leaving for the dressing room next door.

The outlines of Dugu’s face were frozen into a stiff scowl. He hesitated for a moment, then gritted his teeth and took his pants off.


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  2. ~10 feet
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