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Translated by J.

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After Ye Xi’s torturous days in the Mary Sue world consuming nothing but flowers and water, as a little glutton, he formed an obsession with food when he finally escaped. To make up for the cravings he had suffered, for quite some time, Ye Xi dragged Shen Xiulin across town every day to stuff himself with all kinds of delicious food.

However, the good times would not last…

One day, after taking a bath together, the couple dried themselves and put on their pyjamas before Shen Xiulin scooped up Ye Xi into his arms and began to carry him to the bedroom.

When they passed the electronic scale next to the bathroom door, Shen Xiulin suddenly mentioned, “You feel a bit heavier recently.”

“That’s impossible. I never gain weight no matter how much I eat.” Ye Xi boasted with a confident slap to the chest, then struggled free from Shen Xiulin’s arms to weigh himself on the scale.

Three seconds later, Ye Xi jumped off the scale and calmly declared, “The scale is broken, it added five pounds all by itself.”

Shen Xiulin stepped onto the scale before replying, “I weigh the same as last week.”

“Whoa, you lost five pounds in a single week?” Ye Xi consoled thoughtfully, “You must’ve worked too hard this past week and skipped too many meals.”

Curving the corner of his lips, Shen Xiulin poked at Ye Xi’s faintly protruding belly as he replied in a mirthful tone, “Alright, I’ll make sure to eat a bit more from now on.”

Then what did you poke my belly for?! Mused the self-deceptive little Ye Xi.

Despite having a fast metabolism, Ye Xi did overeat and not do enough exercise these past few days, to the point where he was sneakily being conquered by cellulite.

“You don’t exercise enough.” Shen Xiulin set Ye Xi down on the bed as he gently nagged, “All you do is play video games after dinner. There’s a layer of dust on the treadmill I bought for you.”

Sitting on the bed cross-legged, Ye Xi pulled up his shirt with a heavy heart and pinched the small bit of fat around his belly that was actually not so obvious.

I’ve never had love handles before! Mum was so worried about me not putting on weight that she dragged me to the hospital several times for check-ups just to make sure I wasn’t sick!

“Come here babe,” Shen Xiulin pushed Ye Xi backwards onto the bed, “I’ll help you exercise.”

“You lecher.” Ye Xi inadvertently revealed a wanton smile as he laid face-up on the bed, “If you want it, just say so!”

There’s no need to beat around the bush!

“What do you mean by ‘it’?” Shen Xiulin revealed a devious smile. Pressing down on Ye Xi’s feet, he replied with a serious expression, “Start with some sit-ups.”

Ye Xi was briefly lost for words as the air suddenly became a little awkward.

Crossing his arms behind his head, Ye Xi pushed up his torso and completed a sit-up. As soon as he sat up, Shen Xiulin swiftly closed the distance between their faces and left a smooch on Ye Xi’s lips.

“Knock it off! Are you going to let me do these sit-ups or not?” Ye Xi blushed crimson, despite his protests, he increased the speed of his sit-ups.

With his handsome husband waiting before him, handing out a kiss for every sit-up, Ye Xi was highly motivated indeed.

However, after twenty sit-ups, Ye Xi collapsed back onto the bed.

“Are you done already?” With a grin on his face, Shen Xiulin pinched the tip of Ye Xi’s nose while hovering above him, “My turn.”

At that, Shen Xiulin began doing push-ups on top of Ye Xi, giving Ye Xi a kiss every time he lowered his chest.

Exercising like this was especially motivating for the happy couple.

After fifty push-ups, Shen Xiulin laid on top of Ye Xi and refused to get up again. Taking Ye Xi’s kiss-swollen lips into his mouth, Shen Xiulin suckled and licked them with lingering kisses. As for Ye Xi, who became unusually wanton after being bent, immediately spread his legs and wrapped them around Shen Xiulin’s waist, then rubbed Ye Xi Jr. against Shen Xiulin Jr. with enthusiasm.

As for the physical pleasure derived from sex, it was definitely more pronounced in the quest world, which contained many interesting things. Not only were the lubricants extracted from 49 different species of rare medicinal herbs, the wardrobes in Young Master Huangfu’s bedroom contained over 100,000 costumes! Apart from the usual nurse and police uniforms, he even owned Transformers1 costumes – it was ridiculous to the extreme. Thus, Shen Xiulin and Ye Xi would frequent the quest world in their spare time, treating it like a fully immersive virtual reality game.

Yet, despite all these, both Ye Xi and Shen Xiulin preferred being physically intimate with each other in the real world. Only after shedding their ludicrous character designs do they feel grounded in reality with each other.

After Ye Xi’s passionate seduction, Shen Xiulin asked with a grin on his face, “Want it now?”

Ye Xi nodded as he dutifully removed his pants and laid still waiting for his ravishment.

“Want to know why you gained weight?” Rolling onto his back with Ye Xi in his arms, Shen Xiulin continued with Ye Xi on top of him, “It’s because you never ride me.”

Blushing, Ye Xi exclaimed, “What does that have to do with anything?!”

Shen Xiulin replied in a serious tone, “Assuming 40 minutes of workout, twice a day, you missed at least 80 minutes of vigorous squats every day, but you’ve only ever stayed below me…”

Ye Xi swiftly blocked Shen Xiulin’s mouth.

Turning his head to the side, Shen Xiulin resolutely continued, “You can calculate for yourself how many calories these sessions equate to. You should ride me more often from now on.”

So, that evening, Ye Xi was forced to perform some firm squats on top of the chief executive. By the end of the session, Ye Xi was so exhausted that his legs had grown limp. Sobbing as he rubbed his sore legs, Ye Xi refused to be on top ever again.

It was clear that being a dom was hard work. Their job consisted entirely of physical labour; and a weakling like Ye Xi was never cut out for it.

To lose his five pounds of hard-earned cellulite, Ye Xi began to restrict his diet. As long as he did not feel hungry, his cravings could be sated in the quest world, where he could eat whatever he wanted, then run away as soon as he was done. When he woke up, despite not having actually eaten anything, he would feel full and satisfied.

Hence it could be said that the quest world was also a magical device for weight loss…

Under the twin strategies of diet and exercise, Ye Xi lost his five pounds of cellulite in no time. Not only were his love handles gone for good, the chief executive also got his wish of unlocking a new position.

Thus, they were both happy that they each got what they wanted.

(The End)

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March 21, 2021 2:36 am

I have a complicated feeling of sympathy for Ye Xi after doing so many squats! Leg day is the ✨ worst✨ for having sore muscles!!😅

But there’s a strong incentive to repeat this workout… 🤔

I believe you need to be slightly masochistic to be a serious athlete, but this scene made me re-evaluate my opinion in application to actual masochism… 💀

March 25, 2021 4:41 am

Will missed them. But how about the prince cp? He really get on with the priest? Lol Anyway the main cp and side cps stories are quite satisfying.Tq

March 28, 2021 4:26 am

I cant believe its finally done. This novel made me laugh, and I have never been so thrilled as how I was when I was reading this. Im gonna miss this, and definitely gonna read it again someday. Thank you very much to all who made it possible for us to read this… 💜💜💜

June 16, 2022 12:45 am

The MC live smokily ever after and Ye Xi’s discarded extras found true love too… the Prince and the Priest must have got together too, in my imagination.
I do love happy endings.
A really enjoyable, added to my favourites, novel; thank you!

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