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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


125 rolled a few times, managed to pull its tail out from under Luo XiaoLou’s hand, and immediately leaped to the bed where Luo XiaoLou couldn’t reach it. It frowned at the sight of its uncuffed fosterer, muttered in displeasure, and turned back to Yuan Xi, who was undressing him.

With an amused smirk on the edge of his mouth, Yuan Xi stripped Luo XiaoLou clean with a sharp but firm grip, the seemingly invisible teasing of his fingers bringing out Luo XiaoLou’s gasps from time to time.

Luo XiaoLou reluctantly lifted himself up halfway, his moist eyes staring at Yuan Xi for two seconds. Then he leaned in towards him and said, “Don’t worry, if you give me satisfaction, I’ll treat you right.”

Oh god forbid, Yuan Xi would kill him! 125 covered its face, it couldn’t bear to look at him anymore. The drink actually had the effect of making one delirious, or making one as he was!

Yuan Xi slowly raised his eyebrows and asked in a dangerous tone, “Mn? Then tell me, how can I satisfy you?” He fondled something between Luo XiaoLou’s legs harshly as he spoke, making Luo XiaoLou’s erection grow harder and harder, desperately needing to be released.

Luo XiaoLou’s face got hotter and redder, his eyes mesmerized, and he tore at Yuan Xi’s clothes on his hands and knees, gasping and rasping for breath, “Dang, let me fuck you good…”

Yuan Xi tossed the last of Luo XiaoLou’s clothes on the shiny stone above the bed and said with narrowed eyes, “Okay, I promise you’ll be fucking comfortably later.” There was a biting edge to his voice, then he said, “Before you do that, do it yourself once to show me. We’ve got plenty of time tonight.”

Luo XiaoLou stared at Yuan Xi dumbly, unable to react to the meaning of Yuan Xi’s words. He felt like he was about to burn out and this man in front of him could give him salvation.

Yuan Xi took Luo XiaoLou’s hand and wrapped it around him from behind, then brought Luo XiaoLou’s hand to rest on his erection, as he enticed, “This way… come, it’s comfortable.” 

Bringing Luo XiaoLou in motion twice, Yuan Xi stroked Luo XiaoLou’s inner thighs hard, not willing to leave Luo XiaoLou alone, and then sat across from Luo XiaoLou, not wanting to miss out on this rare sight of his lover masturbating.

Luo XiaoLou’s moist, dark eyes kept looking at Yuan Xi hungrily, shaking as he moved unskillfully, calling his name and begging, “…Yuan Xi… Yuan…Xi…”

Yuan Xi’s breathing grew heavy, and he felt his body’s desire grow even worse than Luo XiaoLou’s, who had clearly just taken a sip. Finally, with a low curse, Yuan Xi pushed Luo XiaoLou down onto the bed, letting him continue his own movements as he lowered his head and sucked on the tiny nipple, and maliciously fondled it with the tips of his teeth, biting hard as Luo XiaoLou moaned sharply.

Luo XiaoLou shuddered and yelped, then his body tensed and shuddered as he came.

Yuan Xi asked vaguely as he set fire to Luo XiaoLou’s body with his hands and mouth, “Does it feel good?”

“…Mn…” Luo XiaoLou called out in a small voice, with a strong taste of lust, like he was being pampered.

“So, how are you going to treat me properly?” Yuan Xi grunted and continued to ask questions.

The wine was so potent that Luo XiaoLou, who had just come, was already hard again, and he almost cried. Hearing Yuan Xi’s question, he returned confusedly, “Mn, I’ll take charge and I’ll marry you. I’m a mecha maker so I’ll work very hard, and I’ll raise you later.”

Yuan Xi looked at Luo XiaoLou in stunned silence. He had pre-empted both the confession and the proposal, and now — he actually dared to say that he would raise him!

“Really, I promise I can —”

“Shut up!” Yuan Xi growled in exasperation, glanced at Luo XiaoLou, who was tormented by desire, then leaned down and kissed Luo XiaoLou from his chest to his abdomen, and then trailed downwards…


The next day, when Luo XiaoLou woke up, he didn’t want to open his eyelids. He remembered the glass of wine he had handed to Yuan Xi who then fed most of it into his own mouth, and then — Luo XiaoLou felt uncomfortable as he thought of the messy, fuzzy memories that followed.

Wait, what was with the wine? For God’s sake, he hadn’t meant to question Yuan Xi’s abilities!

Luo XiaoLou called up 125 and asked about last night.

125’s eyes wandered and guiltily said, “Well, I, I didn’t realize that the wine was drugged.”

“Someone drugged me? Is it directed at me?” Luo XiaoLou frowned; he didn’t seem to have offended anyone here.

“It’s actually a misunderstanding — but someone is definitely hitting on you,” 125 said quickly, “But don’t worry, Yuan Xi and Arthur have already sent someone to look into it.”

“That, I, after the drink…”

125 ran away. In fact, it only heard the sound and didn’t see the live version at all. It coughed and tried to cryptically express what had happened yesterday, “You bullied Yuan Xi, but the good news is that the effects of the drug have worn off.”

Luo XiaoLou felt struck by lightning and stayed there, replaying 125’s words in his head, had he strong-armed Yuan Xi? But it’s clear he lost even more money…

Luo XiaoLou thought his late start to the day would make Ivan, Bai Heng and the others laugh, but in fact, no one cared about him, because someone else was more famous than him.

Early this morning, a group of reporters swarmed into the lounge area, smashed open a door and started taking pictures, while also filming live to the entire Riga Planet which ended up in an uproar. The two people inside had become celebrities, Arthur’s right-hand man Li and his cousin. The reporters, who knew of some inside information which allowed them to find the right room to block people, also encountered something unexpected.

After the two inside the room were woken up, the fat girl saw what was going on and angrily slapped Li and left crying. Li was also quickly taken away by the people sent by Arthur and the farce ended. It was said that this scandal made Arthur furious, and no one knew where Li went after.

When Yuan Xi came in from outside, Luo XiaoLou didn’t dare to face him. He sneaked a few glances at him, but he couldn’t tell from the way he was walking. Compared to Luo XiaoLou’s apprehension, Yuan Xi was clearly in a much better mood and looked satisfied as he placed the food by Luo XiaoLou’s hand.

“I’ve given you and that Master Muka the day off, so you can go back tomorrow.”

“Mn.” Luo XiaoLou nodded. He hesitated for two seconds, looked at Yuan Xi and asked, “That, you don’t have anything to say to me?”

“Of course, I’ll take you back to my house when you’re done studying. Also, I’ve put the ring on you, so don’t take it off in the future unless there are special circumstances.”

Luo XiaoLou looked down at the ring on his finger and nodded his head.


The author has something to say: 


On my knees, it’s short-kun again, I deeply feel guilty…


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June 30, 2021 9:29 am

Don’t take the ring off unless there are special circumstances? Wonder what would classify under that.

Thank you for the chapter.

Sue R
Sue R
June 30, 2021 10:18 am

Finally YuanXi acts according, good man👍👍!!!.

June 30, 2021 10:27 am

So Li and that girl was dumped together in a room 😰 I hope nothing rapey happened and the reporters are probably there just to hype things. They did bad things, yeah, but the punishment should be dealt justifiedly too, which rarely happened in a novel with face-slapping 😌 And XiaoLou had his fills of Yuan Xi it seems 😏 Thanks for the chapter 🌹

June 30, 2021 12:10 pm

Man I gotta know what happened! Li, the girl, and Arthur, what happened?

June 30, 2021 10:01 pm

LXL cluminess really🙈🙈🙈

June 30, 2021 10:57 pm

Haha, well that was to be expected, they wanted to do something stupid and they were punished.
What YX and LXL just did, will make LXL confession abour his beast lineage even harder.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 22, 2021 5:41 am

So did Li take advantage of a drugged Arthur?!
125 did its best, it wasn’t to know the other wine would be spiked too. YX got to have some fun.
Thanks for translating.

August 5, 2021 9:47 am

I love that we get to see them be intimate in bed in different ways!
Luo Xiaolou is a bold, seductive siren when under the influence! Big Bad Yuan Xi can’t handle such sweet fluffy words ☺

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