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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Luo ShaoTian quickly finished his dinner, got up from the table, greeted his father in the upper seat and went out. Luo ShaoJun looked at his cold-faced father and the adjutant beside him. He smiled slightly, and said, “Dad, I’m done too. I’ll go down to train first.”

Luo ChengYun nodded. The adjutant next to him said with a smile, “General, I heard that your sons are all phoenixes among men. When I saw them today, I saw it was true, and not exaggerated at all.”

Luo ChengYun’s face remained unchanged as he glanced up at his two sons, who were walking far away, and said indifferently, “They are still far from it.” As he said this, it seemed he remembered something and his eyes slightly narrowed.

Luo ShaoJun took a few steps to catch up with Luo ShaoTian in front, and saw a green and white space button in Luo ShaoTian’s hand. He couldn’t help but say, “You bought a mecha again?”

Luo ShaoTian’s hand which held the space button tightened, and the corners of his mouth slightly curved. He didn’t say much, only stressed, “This was not bought.” After he thought about it, he added, “I like this color.”

Luo ShaoJun was surprised. “In such a good mood? But I also want to tell you some good news. In a few days, Father’s mecha maker, Master Night, will come over, and he said he will personally help you make a mecha. I’ve already had the materials prepared for Master Night, all of which are Grade 8 materials, and some Grade 9 materials, so maybe there will be a Tier 7 mecha this time.” Luo ShaoJun added. In fact, the Luo family wasn’t stingy in supplying mecha makers. Every year they provided a lot of money and materials for several mecha makers in the house.

Of course, the harvest was also very objective. It was completely unnecessary for Luo ShaoTian to go outside to buy mecha. Luo ShaoTian frowned and made a sound, but his attention didn’t leave the space button in his hand.

Knowing Luo ShaoTian’s temper, Luo ShaoJun didn’t say much, and the two of them went into the training rooms together. Then Luo ShaoJun went into the command simulation training room, while Luo ShaoTian walked towards the mecha training grounds.

Luo ShaoTian touched the space button in his hand, and a green and white mecha stood quietly in front of him. The surface of the mecha seemed to have a faint halo of light. Majestic and domineering, but not at all bulky. It appeared that every part of the design was impeccable. It was a near-perfect mecha.

The huge mecha seemed like a sleeping beast that was gathering up its sharp claws and teeth as it waited to be awakened.

After a few seconds, Luo ShaoTian retracted his surveying eyes, and a dark shadow streaked by as he quickly entered the cockpit. The upper right corner of the console was lit with seven silver stars.

Luo ShaoTian whispered in surprise, “Tier 7?”

The fervor and urge to see the mecha just now intensified again. With a touch of his fingers, the green and white mecha immediately moved. Almost the instant the mecha flew up, another flash of surprise passed through Luo ShaoTian’s eyes. Then, his fingers moved even faster, a flicker of shadow, as he inputted one command after another.

Luo ShaoJun walked out of the command mode training room. He had just discovered a new strategic approach and wanted to get an electronic book to record it. His gaze casually swept across the mecha training grounds and stopped. Why wasn’t Luo ShaoTian there? It was reasonable to say that this training maniac wouldn’t have left after such a short time.

Before he had taken two steps, Luo ShaoJun suddenly halted. Though it seemed like there was no one in the mecha training grounds, a light green and white shadow just flashed behind him. Luo ShaoJun found out that Luo ShaoTian hadn’t left. He was just too fast! He hadn’t seen him at all.

“This one isn’t bad…” Luo ShaoJun said in surprise. He didn’t finish his exclamation, as the long-range particle cannon on the shoulder of the green and white mecha fired. Three flashes of light appeared, almost together, and rushed rapidly towards the barrier wall.

“Three shots in a row!” Luo ShaoJun was shocked again. Luo ShaoTian’s techniques, those he certainly understood, but this kind of nearly non-sequential firing not only relied on the level of the mecha warrior, but also needed strong long-range weapons.

After it fired the three particle cannons, the green and white mecha was hardly affected at all. This spoke volumes about the mecha’s superb shock resistance, and the advanced nature of its long-range weapons.

Luo ShaoJun smiled faintly and was about to step into the mecha training grounds, when a sudden change occurred. There was a loud noise, and yellowish smoke filled the entire mecha training grounds. Luo ShaoJun felt the floor shake even from outside. His face changed as he quickly went to the door. His communication device flashed on the door scanner, and the door of the training room opened.

A wave of hot air hit him head-on. Luo ShaoJun covered his mouth and nose, and forced himself to resist the heat and the rush of air as he walked inside. He shouted anxiously, “Xiao Tian!”

“Brother, I’m fine.” A calm voice rang out not far from him, followed by a keystroke. After a faint rattle, the yellow soot was absorbed by the air filter. In the distance, the barrier wall of the remote training area had been completely destroyed. Thick, broken metal pieces had fallen all over the place.

Seeing Luo ShaoTian, who was standing properly by the wall, Luo ShaoJun was relieved. “What’s going on?”

Luo ShaoTian frowned slightly and said suspiciously, “It’s not clear. I definitely opened the Level 7 barrier wall. Is there something wrong with the barrier wall?”

“The possibility of that is almost zero. Someone checks it every day. Wait, it’s a Tier 7 mecha?!” Luo ShaoJun was surprised.

Luo ShaoJun’s words seemed to remind Luo ShaoTian of something. He placed the mecha in the tester and began to check the data.

A few minutes later, an electronic screen moved in front of the two brothers with rows and rows of data on it.

Luo ShaoJun and Luo ShaoTian looked at the electronic screen and didn’t speak for several minutes. Finally, Luo ShaoJun, as the corner of his mouth trembled, said, “You say this is a Tier 7 mecha? Is the tester also broken today?”

Luo ShaoTian pursed the corners of his mouth, and finally didn’t hold back. He revealed a smug, proud and also full of surprise, smile. “No, Brother, maybe it’s true. I shouldn’t use the Level 7 barrier wall test.” A Level 7 barrier wall was bombarded by a Tier 9 high level mecha. It would be strange if it could withstand that.

Luo ShaoJun looked at Luo ShaoTian dumbfounded for a while, then said, “You mean, someone gave you a Tier 9 high level mecha?”

Luo ShaoTian looked at the mecha in front of him, fascinated, with intense eagerness and excitement in his eyes and whispered, “I really didn’t expect that it would be such a big surprise.”

Luo ShaoJun was about to ask who gave him the mecha, but when he saw that his brother was going to get back on the mecha, he followed him over. “I will accompany you to test it.” He got into the passenger seat of the mecha even as he spoke.

The first thing Luo ShaoJun saw was the seven silver stars, but what he saw more clearly was the capital L below the stars. Luo ShaoJun’s eyes narrowed, and he couldn’t say the words he wanted to say in praise.

Luo ShaoTian, obviously excited, seemed to have stopped paying attention to this. He moved his fingers, and out of the mecha’s right side extended a long knife, eight meters in length. The blade had an extremely graceful curvature and carried a faint blue light.

This time, he directly activated the Level 9 training wall. The greenish-white mecha appeared in front of the wall, almost with a flash, in a disorderly wave movement, and the light blue light zipped by and left deep indentations in the wall.

“This damage value…” Luo ShaoJun muttered.

Luo ShaoTian, on the other hand, looked at the setting of the close-range weapon, frowned slightly, and finally reached out to activate the excitation button. The long blue blade rose at almost the same moment, this time with a huge blue flame that wrapped around the blade.

Under Luo ShaoJun’s stunned gaze, Luo ShaoTian smiled, then the blue flame flew out, and the house was in another battle of intense turmoil. Luo ShaoJun looked at the completely cut off wall outside, and after half a day, said, “I think your mecha training room needs to be redecorated.”

“That doesn’t matter.” Luo ShaoTian said. His gaze was deep as he touched the console, and finally his finger stopped on that letter.

Luo ShaoJun’s heart felt an incomparable vibration, but again, in no way could he praise it. In the end he only said dryly, “Such long-range proximity weapons, consumption of energy I’m afraid will be more exaggerated. Only the energy box is a problem. The practicality is really-“

Hearing these words, Luo ShaoTian suddenly opened the cockpit storage compartment. A neat row of energy boxes appeared in front of them. There were hundreds of them. And on top of the neatly coded energy boxes, there was a specially packaged energy box.

Luo ShaoTian casually took an energy box. It showed 80,000 Luo energy. Luo ShaoJun couldn’t resist sucking in a breath. Grade 6 energy boxes, and there were hundreds of those Grade 6 energy boxes. At that moment, Luo ShaoTian opened the specially wrapped energy box, then even his hand slightly trembled.

It was trembling only under extreme surprise and excitement. Luo ShaoJun’s complex gaze fell on the energy box in Luo ShaoTian’s hand, and froze.

Nine million six hundred thousand Luo. This was an incredibly rare find in the market. A super energy box.

Just at that moment, Luo ShaoTian closed the energy box, and turned his head to look at Luo ShaoJun. The excitement on his face disappeared almost instantly, and he said solemnly, “Brother, promise me one thing. Today’s mecha and energy box. Don’t talk to anyone.”

Luo ShaoJun’s face changed. Finally he sighed and said calmly, “Don’t worry. Although I can’t say I like that person, the things are for you. I will definitely not say anything to the outside, but you also pay some attention, yourself. However, Xiao Tian, you treat him–“

Luo ShaoTian’s mouth curved, he touched the item on his chest, turned his head to look at Luo ShaoJun and said seriously, “Brother. I won’t let anyone touch him. Not even Father.”

Under Luo ShaoJun’s incomparably complicated sight, Luo ShaoTian unconsciously stroked the letter on the panel, coolly looked at the screen and added, “Even if he doesn’t send me mecha, my position is still the same.” Moreover, he had never expected to receive a gift from Luo XiaoLou, a gift that made his blood boil.

That night, Luo XiaoLou, who’s name had been chanted by countless people, slept very well, except for being overwhelmed at times. The next day, Yuan Xi glanced at the red hickey on Luo XiaoLou’s chest and picked Luo XiaoLou up in a happy mood.

The latter was completely unaware and was naked in Yuan Xi’s arms. He just ignored his nude body,  changed his clothes under Yuan Xi’s heated gaze, then threw Yuan Xi’s uniform to him.

Behind him, 125 poked his head out and shouted, “My light yellow round-necked dress. Where did you put it for me?”

The corners of Luo XiaoLou’s mouth twitched. “Honey, it’s all in your locker. Besides, I think you’d look really good in that blue one.”

“…Okay.” 125 muttered and shrank back.

When Yuan Xi and Luo XiaoLou led 125 out of the royal palace, Rod was already waiting beside a small airship with twenty guards.

Yuan Lie and Feng JiaLing brought Yuan Che and Yuan Nuo over to see the two off. Yuan Nuo finally couldn’t help it, and whispered to Luo XiaoLou, “I saw it. That space button in Luo ShaoTian’s hand. Don’t say it wasn’t made by you. The letters on it I, I saw that too!” That Luo ShaoTian guy must have been showing off to him on purpose! Besides, why should Luo ShaoTian have a mecha made by Luo XiaoLou, when he was also scared to death by Luo XiaoLou…Oh. No. Too scared to protect Luo XiaoLou!

Luo XiaoLou was surprised to see this little brother who had been in trouble all day, and finally patted Yuan Nuo’s shoulder. “You’ll also have one when I come back, I promise. I was going to help you make it, too.”

After two seconds, Yuan Nuo bluffed, hoisted his eyes, and continued to huff and puff, “At least you should give it to one of your own first. You’re at least my brother-in-law. For the sake of my mecha, you and my brother, be careful!”

After Luo XiaoLou made an effort to reassure him, he and Yuan Xi said goodbye to the crowd and the two of them took the lead in boarding the ship.


At the same time, a fleet of spaceships stopped outside the magnificent building of the Federation government.

Yue Shang personally greeted the young man who returned with a faint smile. “Your Excellency. They have agreed that in ten days, you can go over.” Yue Shang showed a satisfied smile and patted the man. “Shao Rong, thank you for your hard work.”

While in the other room, Su Lan frowned. “You promise?”

Jin Ze and Jin Ke looked at each other, and said smugly, “Of course. My cousin’s looks and temperament are much better than Luo XiaoLou’s. I think His Highness, Yuan Xi, will like him.” 

Jin Ze has his own calculations. Luo XiaoLou couldn’t be close to them at all, while the cousin was different. If the cousin could become a Prince Consort, their future days…


Su Lan gritted her teeth, and had a certain indignation in her eyes. “Brother Yuan Xi’s vision is really…Then, okay. Try. It’s best to get rid of him.”


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We’re missing a chapter.
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September 28, 2021 10:16 am

Okay… ShaoTian is loyal to XiaoLuo but that pendant is still unexplained.

The Federation bozos really underestimate Yuan Xi. Replace XiaoLuo? Ludicrous!!!

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Sue R
Sue R
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Those people won’t stop the plan to destroy LZL, they’re so cunning and didn’t know YuanXi at all.

September 28, 2021 12:10 pm

Aww… ShaoTian is so loyal and sweet, willing to stand with LXL even if he had not received a gift. That cousin that the Jin family is sending is also really screwed. I mean the Shadow People way back when tried to mind control YX with that purpose in mind and they failed.

Thank you for the chapter.

September 28, 2021 3:41 pm

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