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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Your Highness, originally you said you wanted Grade 6 mecha parts, and that’s when we started preparing them. Then you explained that you wished to increase the number of parts, so a team was especially assigned to process the Grade 6 mecha parts for you.” Even for the Ministry of the Military in such a time of crisis, for Luo XiaoLou to pull out so many Level 6 mecha makers, that was quite a big investment.

Of course, Lieutenant General Hatton also had plans. He hoped that this was an opportunity to get a few more Tier 6 mecha. Even if the Ministry of the Military could make Grade 6 parts, the success rate of being smoothly assembled into a Tier 6 mecha was still very low, not to mention the Tier 6 bio-mecha.

Even if the military department had heard about the Prince Consort’s amazing assembly success rate, they would never have thought that Luo XiaoLou’s Tier 6 mecha had a 100 percent success rate.

Therefore, when Luo XiaoLou painlessly agreed to send them one-fifth of the finished product, the people in the military department were surprised and worked even harder.

Luo XiaoLou smiled and said thanks. The young ensign was relieved. It seemed that His Highness Prince Consort wasn’t displeased. In fact, this Highness seemed to be very amiable. His previous status as a civilian also made him more relatable to the vast majority of the military.

“Here are the completed parts. You can inspect them first. Also, do you think they should be sent to the palace for you, or can you assemble them here?” The ensign asked enthusiastically as he quickly brought Luo XiaoLou to the place where the parts were stored.

Luo XiaoLou looked at the parts in the storage room, paused for a moment, then turned his head and asked, “This must be nearly eighty groups, right?” The total number of people from the Grey Hole was about twenty. With that many, there would still be almost two frames per person left over.

The ensign smiled and there was a bit of pride in his tone. “For fear of delaying your work, our side purposely rushed to make them.” The military’s mecha R&D department wasn’t comparable to the outside world after all. It was much more formal and efficient.

“This is enough.” Luo XiaoLou said. After considering it for a few seconds, he added, “No need to send it to the palace, I can do the assembly here. I have to come over with Yuan Xi every day anyway. However, I might bring two helpers over.”

The ensign froze for a moment. The military department was perfectly capable of providing help, but he only said politely, “Of course. And if there aren’t enough men, you can always inform me and we’ll arrange more for you.”

Luo XiaoLou waved his hand. “Just help me prepare some space buttons, and the rest I’ll handle when my assistants come.”

Then, Luo XiaoLou contacted little Ivan and Dees, asked the two to come over to the military headquarters, and by the way, bring over more of the genes that Arthur had sent back.

Now, Luo XiaoLou was glad that last time, along with a large amount of materials, Arthur had also sent over a lot of beast genes.

The ensign next to him was a little surprised, then said enthusiastically, “You. You mean to start now?”

“Sure. Well, it might be in half an hour, when my assistants arrive.” Luo XiaoLou looked at the time. If all went well, maybe he could assemble two or three mecha today.

The ensign’s eyes instantly lit up. He immediately gave a military salute, grabbed a man who was passing outside, and had a few sets of parts sent to the workshop. “Do you have any more orders? Do I need to prepare some instruments for you?” 

The ensign was getting a little excited, despite his efforts to appear calm.

“At noon, if my master comes out for a break, come over and call me.” Luo XiaoLou said. After all, the reason for coming over was to ask Master Yan about the Tier 10 mecha.

Ivan and Dees arrived shortly. The two had never been to the military, and both were a little apprehensive and new. Ivan followed closely next to Dees. Although he was a little less nervous, he also couldn’t help but look around.

Only when they saw Luo XiaoLou, did the two men finally have relieved faces.

The ensign looked at these two people and spit blood in his heart. You. These helpers are really better than our military department?

Luo XiaoLou arrived at the workroom which had ten groups of parts already in place. He sent Ivan and Dees to learn the Grade 1 parts as usual, but now they had finished learning all the Grade 1 parts. Luo XiaoLou was proud of his two apprentices. He felt that they were faster than he was at that time, not slower.

After he made arrangements for them, Luo XiaoLou began to fuse the beast genes while he  assembled. This was also his first time assembling a mecha after he had absorbed the source fruit, so Luo XiaoLou also wanted to see how much progress had been made.

The heart moved at will. A trace of white Yuan Power flowed into the parts. A few seconds later, the Yuan Power receded from the parts. Luo XiaoLou froze. It didn’t seem like anything happened just now. Usually combing the parts took at least two or three minutes. Now the speed was so fast that he wondered, did the Yuan Power just come out without doing any work?

He checked again. Luo XiaoLou found that the parts, all of them, had reached their optimum finished state.

Luo XiaoLou was almost jumping up and down with excitement. God, this was what master class felt like!

“125, help me see the speed. This is so surprising!” Luo XiaoLou shouted.

“It’s normal, dear. You thought the Super Source of Consciousness was just a quantitative increase, but there’s a qualitative change. With your current mental system power, to complete human mecha at this rate is considered within reason.” 125 came out of the space button. Because Luo XiaoLou got sick, he had recently been studying human health, including diet and disease. He had just started to research fertility, an exciting project, when Luo XiaoLou called out.

“Well, then I’ll try, I used to have no problem assembling six mecha a day, now let’s see if we can have a surprise.”

“Speaking of surprises, wait. I have something else to show you.” 125 said, and he pulled out a round fruit.

Luo XiaoLou froze, and only after a while did he tentatively ask, “Is this the source fruit?”

125 nodded vigorously. Behind him, his tail drew several circles. He raised his chin, and tried to maintain a serious expression as he said, “I catalyzed it myself with the last seeds, though only three of the ten seeds succeeded. But in the future I will be able to simulate the growth environment of the source fruit to cultivate the source fruit.”

Luo XiaoLou stared at 125, stunned by this huge surprise.

125 grunted. His chest straightened again. He turned his body sideways, and posed just like he learned from a TV series, “If you need it later, and if I am happy, and you prepare a gift to my liking…Hey! What are you doing? You kiss me. I also, nor will…well, I’ll give it to you to use. Who made you my master…” Gift or not, he’d been waiting for the opportunity to talk to Luo XiaoLou about this, now he was full of saliva from this excited master’s kiss. It wasn’t quite suitable.

Luo XiaoLou hugged 125, and gave him a few more kisses. In terms of collecting, 125 could always give him all kinds of unexpected surprises.

“I told you I’d hold a few snake eggs back in the Grey Hole, so now we can raise a few snakes in the water that feeds the source fruit. Although it’s less effective than that stupid dragon, but–” 125 continued.

“Honey, I already think it’s a surprise.” Luo XiaoLou said contentedly. He suddenly felt that, despite the difficulties, he really was a happy man. With Yuan Xi, 125, his brother, his friends…

125 looked at Luo XiaoLou for a moment and lowered his head in contemplation. He certainly had his very proper moments. This master was too easily satisfied, and because of that he tolerated, oh no, pampered him so much.

He didn’t even know that a perfect exotic beast mecha had qualities that included unconditional service to its master, giving all loyalty, and all actions to comply with the owner…

Such a master, weak and gentle. Of course, la, there were many shortcomings. He was always so easily persuaded, unlike that saying, the mighty could not be bent or something. But, but, if he left, could Luo XiaoLou still find such a sweet mecha like him? 125 skipped on the ground. His true master would be out soon. He had to think about this problem.

Luo XiaoLou, of course, didn’t know that his pet was thinking about life events. The whole morning, he didn’t want to stop. The feeling of using that power at will was really good.

Plus, his results were also pleasing as he set aside four Tier 6 mecha.

If he continued to work in the afternoon, he would have no problem making eight a day, and the assembly speed was eight times faster than before…

After he put the fourth mecha into a space button, Luo XiaoLou got up and went to see Ivan and Dees next door. Both of them had improved their proficiency over this period of time.

When Luo XiaoLou went in, he was surprised to find that Dees had already started to try to assemble simple parts.

Dees saw Luo XiaoLou come in, so he looked up and smiled a little.

Luo XiaoLou sighed, “It won’t be long before you can help Ling Xiao assemble a mecha, and now you can help him with mecha maintenance as his mecha maker, too.”

Dees’ smile became more pronounced. It was clear that his skills weren’t good yet, but Lord Ling Xiao hadn’t hesitated to let him become his mecha maker, a trust that made him happy and touched.

After a few minutes of discussion with Dees, there was a knock at the door. Luo XiaoLou looked at the time. It was already noon, so he walked out with the two men.

The morning’s ensign stood at the door and said respectfully, “Your Highness, Master Yan is not out yet, but His Highness Yuan Xi sent someone to fetch you, saying that your friend has arrived.”

Luo XiaoLou’s eyes lit up, and after he thanked the ensign, he led the two away.

The ensign went inside to clean up Luo XiaoLou’s workroom. He found that there were only six sets of parts left in the room, and he was surprised to discover that he didn’t need to find a place to store discarded parts.

“This… this…”

Luo XiaoLou led the others quickly to Yuan Xi’s lounge. Even before they entered the room, they heard the sound of conversation inside. Ivan, who was walking behind Luo XiaoLou, took a step and suddenly shouted in surprise, “It’s Arthur!”

At that moment, Luo XiaoLou pushed open the door. Inside, Yuan Xi was sitting on the sofa, while directly opposite the sofa, was the full head of arrogant red hair of the guy who sat there. Luo XiaoLou’s eyes finally fell on the side of the sofa with a person in black.

The three people in the room turned their heads at the same time, and Arthur even caught Ivan who jumped towards him. “Little Ivan, I haven’t seen you for a few days. My brother is starting to miss you. How is it going in here, Your Dear Highness?”

Luo XiaoLou, on the other hand, went straight to Yuan Xi’s side. After he sat down, he looked to the side. “Mu Chen…Are you okay?”

Arthur returned Ivan’s jubilant hug then laughed a few times. “What kind of words are these? How can he not be good?”

Luo XiaoLou raised his eyebrows. “I heard that you held people as prisoners of war, not as guests.”

Arthur hugged Ivan and sat down again on the sofa. He glanced at Mu Chen’s pale face, and quickly said, “It’s all a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding. How could he not be a guest? We are his own people.”

Mu Chen’s face turned even whiter. He glared at Arthur and turned his head to Luo XiaoLou.  “I’m fine.”

Yuan Xi patted Luo XiaoLou’s hand. The fact that Mu Chen could sit here meant that the problems had all been solved. He raised his eyes to look at Arthur, “This time, thanks for your help.”

Arthur waved his hand, “Come on. No need for you to thank me. You also know the purpose of my coming over. We can cooperate. By the way, who commanded the rescue force?”

Yuan Xi gave Arthur a look. “It was me. What’s the problem?”

Arthur grinned. “No problem. Then I’ll work with you. At least my fleet won’t be in too much danger.” Although he didn’t want to admit it, Yuan Xi’s arrangement and deployment was still very good.

Yuan Xi and Arthur set aside the afternoon to discuss it in detail, then accompanied Luo XiaoLou and Mu Chen to the mecha R & D department. Luo XiaoLou wanted to see Master Yan, and since Mu Chen came, he was bound to see Master Hebrew. Luo XiaoLou let a soldier take Dees to find a room to rest, and where he could also contact the Grey Hole people. Arthur saw Mu Chen about to go out, and stood up to follow. Then Mu Chen’s eyes snapped and he sat down.

After two steps, Luo XiaoLou came back to his senses, and he looked at the side of Mu Chen’s face. “You don’t need the makeup?”

Mu Chen froze for a moment, then a cold smile appeared on his face. “Not any more. There’s no need for it in the future.”


Mu Chen glanced at Luo XiaoLou and sighed, “You probably can’t imagine what I’ve encountered on this mission for Federation.” When he spoke, a shiver appeared in Mu Chen’s cold voice, and his fingers trembled a little. “The third day after I was caught by that rogue, do you know who I met? My father. He’s alive.”

Yuan Xi’s expression changed. “You mean, Admiral Gao Chen? He’s still alive?”

Mu Chen gave a smile without the slightest hint of amusement. “Yes. Alive. But he can no longer be a general, Your Highness. Nor will his status allow him to return to the Empire. My father is now the most respected mecha maker in the Grey Galaxy.”

“Master Maku?” Luo XiaoLou exclaimed incredulously.

Mu Chen nodded, and his eyelashes dropped to cover his eyes. He had been working hard to avenge that man since he was a child, but the man was alive and well, and had never thought to inform him or his mother, or even, perhaps, his extra brother. Although, that man was a completely uneducated rascal.

“…You can stay in the Empire later.” Yuan Xi patted Mu Chen’s shoulder, and said lightly, “What happened to your father will not happen to you.”

Mu Chen looked up at Yuan Xi, “This is also the reason why I chose you in the first place.” 

In the beginning, before he went to the Federation, Mu Chen approached Yuan Xi and asked him to help take care of his mother. He couldn’t let the Federation’s people find her. In exchange, he would help Yuan Xi get the Federation’s information.

This was the kind of trust that emerged during their field training from freshman year.

Luo XiaoLou’s brain was very confused. He respected Master Maku, but now that he was thinking about it, that age, that kind of temperament…If he said he used to be a general, there was absolutely nothing to doubt.

But why had Master Maku not recognized Mu Chen? In Luo XiaoLou’s eyes, Mu Chen and Shen Yuan were the same as his caring friends.

Yuan Xi pinched Luo XiaoLou’s face and Luo XiaoLou came back to his senses. Yuan Xi looked at him and said, “Don’t think too much. Maybe there was another hidden agenda at that time.”

Luo XiaoLou nodded. Mu Chen’s face was still cold, but he didn’t say anything else. Maybe he was just too disappointed.

Soon they arrived at the mecha manufacturing department, and since it was still the lunch break, Yuan Xi walked in with them.

Master Hebrew was obviously aware of Mu Chen’s identity, so when he saw his disciple walk in, he first frowned, and then was pleasantly surprised that his young apprentice had returned so easily.

Master Yan, on the other hand, looked at the master and disciple next to him for a few moments, then asked Luo XiaoLou, “Back?”

Luo XiaoLou smiled and came over ingratiatingly. “Master, the trip itself went quite well. However, it didn’t work out yet. I still lack something.” As he said that, he personally brought tea for the master, and also gave a cup to Yuan Xi next to him.

“What?” Master Yan was satisfied with the service. Look, was this disciple not more filial than that little guy?

“A Tier 10 mecha,” said Luo XiaoLou.

The tea in Master Yan’s mouth spurted out. He coughed for a bit, and only after Luo XiaoLou patted him on the back a few times in a panic, did he say, “Don’t tell me you agreed. That kind of thing…even I, within a year, I dare not guarantee that I can make it.”


Luo XiaoLou was dumbfounded, he finally understood Locke Louis’s lofty look.


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125’s looking into fertility?!
I wonder what will happen when they find his Master 😔

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Thank you for translating and editing.

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Ah so the benefactor was Arthur, and he brought Mu Chen who found his father in the Grey Galaxy, unexpected…

Well, with 125 and his fruit there Locke Louis is in for a surprise. Your master may not succeed but you can do it, XiaoLuo!

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