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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The attendants at the door looked at the people behind Luo XiaoLou and Yuan Xi in surprise. They wondered how Their Highnesses could bring out such a…dazzling person. Perfect, gorgeous and with an unmistakable aura around him.

When they arrived at the castle hall, the military men had already taken over the fortress on Yuan Xi’s orders, and were guarding the planet and Castle Louis for His Highness the Prince Consort.

Locke’s eyes lit up at the sight of Li Mo. He walked over quickly, and as he passed Luo XiaoLou, he whispered, “Your Highness, I knew you could do it. Also, please tell His Highness the Prince that my position is not the same as my father’s, and ask him not to make things difficult for my father.”

Luo XiaoLou looked back in shock. He saw that Locke Louis had reached Li Mo and knelt down on one knee.

So. Locke was actually related to exotic beasts or, most likely, he was an exotic beast. No wonder 125 always felt that Locke wasn’t quite right, and no wonder 125 thought there was no one in the castle when he just appeared there.

Yuan Xi looked at Li Mo with Locke and left. Luo XiaoLou muttered, “You. Is there a day when my castle will have my name on it?”

Yuan Xi looked back at Luo XiaoLou in anger, not wanting to fight with him here over the possible consequences of the appearance of an undercover exotic beast. He just grabbed Luo XiaoLou’s collar and headed for the spaceship. Since childhood, he rarely did things against his will, but after he met Luo XiaoLou, he had been too satisfied to think about this principle. Now he just wanted to go back to his house, eat a casual meal, take a bath…and then teach Luo XiaoLou a hard lesson.

Luo ShaoTian followed them into the ship, but first hesitated and frowned at something in the distance.

The spaceship returned to Imperial Capital at a fast speed, even faster than the safety threshold. Luo XiaoLou, who was facing Yuan Xi’s unilateral cold war, felt worried in his heart. Then he noticed the gloomy and ugly faces of the soldiers on the spaceship and that Yuan Xi and Luo ShaoTian were so busy that they were missing all day and night. Luo XiaoLou deduced that it was likely that the war had changed again.

Luo XiaoLou thought about it, and began to analyze the raw materials and recipe of the Super Quenching Gold Liquid. There was also time to make a super energy box. Since he had made the Tier 10 mecha, it would probably be hard to make another one within the year, so Luo XiaoLou put his mind to a Tier 9 mecha.

Luo XiaoLou put down another Super Energy Box, and 125 came over with gusto to check the data. Now half of Luo XiaoLou’s energy boxes were in his big mouth. Given 125’s wise choice last time, and that he had found such a great quantity of black chert, Luo XiaoLou didn’t bother 125 anymore. 

Luo XiaoLou stopped when it was near lunchtime. He found 125 and put away an energy box, worried about him stealing too much unlike his words. He was still tangled from their theft of another’s data, which was the lowest.

Luo XiaoLou looked at the self-satisfied 125, and finally couldn’t help but ask, “Why do you look like a dinosaur, and Maxim a little boy?”

125 raised his head proudly, and looked at the gloomy Luo XiaoLou. “You also think I look more handsome, right? Back then, my brother had a more impressive combat form, but he always paid less attention to such an important thing as appearance. He has the ordinary form of the recommended system look. I really can’t agree with his casual approach. Of course, it was designed in order to show respect for the first holy beast mecha. That system’s regular form was erased from all AI.”

“As for me, well…” 125’s tail was raised high. He had one paw on his waist and one paw propped on the trash can where Luo XiaoLou put the discarded materials. He was slightly sideways to Luo XiaoLou, and followed the example of handsome t.v. men while they were on camera, and gave a toss of his head as he said, “I screened all the species for forms and finally fell in love with the most handsome. Tyrannosaurus Rex. I then spent a week designing my look, including the proportion of lines, color matching, body curvature…I strove so that those mortals, every time they see my appearance, will fall in love with me again!”

“Oh! Honey, what’s wrong with you? Be careful, that’s my energy box down there.” 125 scolded as he caught Luo XiaoLou’s accidentally tipped water cup with an incredibly agile move.

Luo XiaoLou’s mouth shook as he stood up. “It’s probably because I’m just an ordinary mortal…”

Luo XiaoLou got up and decided to go prepare the noon meal. He really shouldn’t have too much hope for 125.

Yuan Xi’s office was impressive, and compared to the trip out, the return lunch was so rich and fresh! His Royal Highness actually had his own kitchenette, but it was a pity that he could only eat from it at lunch every day.

Early on the morning of the third day, Luo XiaoLou was still sleeping when he was pulled up.

Yuan Xi gave a serious look at the dazed and disheveled Luo XiaoLou in his pajamas, then looked again before he turned his face grim as he urged, “Hurry up. Don’t delay me.”

Luo XiaoLou got up and changed his clothes while he recalled that last night he habitually crawled over and hugged Yuan Xi to sleep against him, and was pushed away twice by the guy before he was hugged even tighter. Oh, his shoulders, his waist…

After they arrived at the palace, they were greeted by a smiling Mr. Butler. Since Yuan Xi knew that both his father and mother were in the military department, and Yuan Che had stayed at home because he wasn’t feeling well, he visited Yuan Che first. Then he had lunch, ignored Luo XiaoLou, and left alone.

Luo XiaoLou slowly finished eating by himself. When he saw Mr. Butler’s curious look, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly and said, “I seem to have offended him.”

Mr. Butler shook his head while bringing hot milk for Luo XiaoLou and said, “Although His Highness Yuan Xi is very angry, he will not always remember other people’s mistakes, I think he wants you to stay and rest. After all, it must be very hard after going out for so many days.”

Luo XiaoLou thought of the journey, with Yuan Xi’s cold and twisted care everywhere, and smiled faintly. He really did feel mentally exhausted. First he made the Tier 10 mecha, then without rest, he’d gone out and used Yuan Power to help Li Mo. The consequences were even more obvious. All his efficiency levels had dropped when he tried to work.

“Okay, then I won’t go to the military department. If Yuan Xi comes back, please let me know.” Luo XiaoLou said goodbye to Mr. Butler, and got up to go back to their room.

Luo XiaoLou slept in a daze for the rest of the afternoon until a strange feeling came over him. It was like a nightmare, the feeling of being unusually tired, but unable to wake up even if he wanted to.

Finally, Luo XiaoLou felt a pain in his hand, and woke up with a frown. He saw 125 crouched beside his bed, he was looking at him in excitement.

“What’s going on?”

125 made a quieting gesture, and whispered, “It’’s Master. He’s coming!”

Luo XiaoLou sat up with a start. “Li Mo?” What was he doing here in the palace?

125 nodded, also surprised, “Now that almost everyone is controlled by Master’s Source of Consciousness, let’s go find him.” He took Luo XiaoLou’s hand and started outside.

Luo XiaoLou immediately changed clothes, and followed 125 out. In fact, he didn’t need 125 to lead the way. The feeling of oppression was easy to trace.

The more Luo XiaoLou walked, the faster he went and the stranger things became. He didn’t meet a single person. The king’s palace was all controlled. Luo XiaoLou felt that the exotic beast’s Source of Consciousness was terrible, especially if it was from an older beast.

Luo XiaoLou finally stopped in front of a door, and stared in surprise. This was Yuan Che’s room. He had followed Yuan Xi to see Yuan Che at noon, when Yuan Che wasn’t feeling well and was sleeping.

Yuan Che hated Li Mo. So if they met…Luo XiaoLou was shocked into a sweat. God, if Li Mo wanted to hurt Yuan Che, then Yuan Xi might need help to kill a certain exotic beast. Moreover, he himself liked Yuan Che, he didn’t want anything to happen.

Luo XiaoLou entered in a hurry, while his Yuan Power surged out wildly. He immediately opened the locked door of the room. Inside was a small living room, where Maxim was sitting upright on the sofa, his big beautiful eyes focused right where the room’s hidden camera was, as they flashed blue.

Luo XiaoLou didn’t care about the little mecha, he just rushed directly to Yuan Che’s bedroom and pushed open the door. But when he saw the situation inside, he couldn’t help but freeze.

The world inside the room, because of the two extremely outstanding people, seemed more quiet and beautiful.

Yuan Che was still sleeping on the bed. His long eyelashes covered his eyes. Li Mo was by the bed, bent over as he kissed Yuan Che. Although Li Mo’s face was still light and expressionless, Luo XiaoLou’s face was red. In his opinion, Li Mo liked or cherished Yuan Che.

Li Mo was still looking down at the sleeping person as he reached out to touch Yuan Che’s lips. They were already beautiful, but with a few sharp nips, they were more attractive because they were red. After a long time, Li Mo got up and turned to look at Luo XiaoLou and 125.

With that look, Luo Xiaolou and 125 got nervous at the same time. 125 immediately went to find Maxim. Luo Xiaolou continued to stand by the door under great pressure.

The good thing was that Li Mo didn’t give him a hard time. He just got up and came over to the door.

After Li Mo and Luo XiaoLou walked out of the room, Luo XiaoLou whispered, “You…unlock the spiritual suppression.”

Li Mo glanced at him and said, “We’ll go to your room.”

Luo XiaoLou hesitated, then took Li Mo and the two mecha to his and Yuan Xi’s room. Li Mo had apparently come to realize that Luo XiaoLou and Yuan Xi were living together and immediately frowned. When he saw the wedding photo of the two in the room, his face grew even darker.

He unlocked the spiritual suppression of the palace, but enclosed the room where they were before he turned his head to look at Luo XiaoLou. “You are my brother. I really don’t want to see you living with this crowd. Besides, you suffered so much back then.”

Luo XiaoLou shook his head, and continued to express his desires. “I will not divorce. Please understand, Yuan Xi knows who I am, but he still won’t give up on me.” Luo XiaoLou sighed in his heart. Fortunately, he wasn’t the one who suffered back then.

Li Mo glanced faintly at Luo XiaoLou. “You’re still young. It’s too rash to decide your marriage so hastily.”

Li Mo’s strength was enormous. Luo XiaoLou lowered his head. He wanted to retort, but he was having to force his body not to shake, which took all his strength.

Li Mo saw Luo XiaoLou’s nervousness, and as he knew the effect of adult beasts on their young, he stepped back and changed the subject. “I met Cyril. You did a good job. Also, your Source of Consciousness is strange and can separate viruses. I think this will be a breakthrough point in the future.”

Luo XiaoLou sighed in relief and asked, “What kind of virus do you mean?” Luo XiaoLou was still a little creeped out by the thought of that cruel and domineering virus.

Li Mo smiled coldly. “It is the origin of the hostility between humans and the exotic beasts. The virus has a great hold on the exotic beasts so even I could only remain in that state.”

The origin of hostility? Luo Xiaolou would have liked to question him further, but Li Mo walked up to him, and then put his hand on Luo XiaoLou’s head. Luo XiaoLou’s body stiffened. He felt a heat and an uncontrollable change inside. His ears and tail came out, the color of his eyes and hair changed and his appearance.

A domineering Source of Consciousness entered his body, swam around, and then quietly retreated.

Li Mo looked at Luo XiaoLou, touched his ear and said lightly, “Your Source of Consciousness is combined with human Spiritual Power. No wonder you can separate the virus. This is probably the only benefit humans have given you.”

Luo XiaoLou heard Li Mo’s meaning. Although he liked Yuan Che, he had no good feelings towards humans.

“And what is Locke?” Luo XiaoLou asked the question in his mind.

“He is exotic beast left behind by the guardian, and is responsible for watching Landa’s seal. Later, when I came over, he tried to help me. He chose the exotic beast to get Landa’s seal at the right time, and now it seems that he chose you twice.”

Luo XiaoLou looked at Li Mo in surprise. “He is also an exotic beast? Then the whole Louis family is…”

“No, only Locke is. His mother is an exotic beast and is currently inside Landa’s seal. He doesn’t want you to give planet Louis to Yuan Xi, so he refuses to complete the last step.” Li Mo gave Luo XiaoLou a look. “However, no matter what you choose in the end, that planet is yours.”

At that moment, Li Mo got up and walked towards the window. “They’re here. I should go. I’ll contact you later. Also, I hope history doesn’t repeat itself, or I’ll be sure to take you back.”

Then, Maxim transformed into a huge dark blue mecha. Li Mo entered the cockpit. The huge mecha took one look his way then turned and disappeared.

Luo XiaoLou looked out the window with his mouth wide open. The figure of the mecha kept replaying in his mind. God, that was simply the most powerful mecha he had ever seen. There wasn’t a single spot that wasn’t perfect…

125 looked at the sky with the same admiration. He used to only look at his brother and master this way, but now he also has a master, and they were also each other’s only…

In the evening, the two majesties and Yuan Xi went back to the palace early. Up until now, no one noticed that something was wrong. Maxim’s ability to modify surveillance was stronger than 125’s.

Only after Yuan Xi entered their room did Luo XiaoLou snap out of his daze and turn around to prepare Yuan Xi’s housecoat. But Yuan Xi didn’t even wait for him to take a few steps before he picked him up by the collar. Luo XiaoLou shuddered with fear. Had Yuan Xi found out?

Yuan Xi looked at Luo XiaoLou suspiciously, sniffed, and suddenly asked with a black face, “Did someone come here? That exotic beast. Is he trying to take you away?”

The last line could be called a roar.

Luo XiaoLou looked at Yuan Xi dumbfounded, thinking bitterly, Oh my God, I should have known not to bring Li Mo to our room. Yuan Xi, this is against all the odds. Ah ah! He could actually find this out! Will their cold war ever end?


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November 3, 2021 12:20 pm

Not for tge first time, YX is getting on my nerves. Yes, LXL is part Exotic Beast, but is committed to YX… why does he constantly mistrust him, speak badly to him and think he has a right to [sexually] punish him? LXL enables that behaviour too, but it shouldn’t happen to start with.
I have a feeling there was some kind of conspiracy years ago and both EBs and humans were duped into hating each other.
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 3, 2021 11:14 pm

XiaoLuo’s SoC is special even for the beasts. And that scene between Li Mo and Yuan Che ahhhh… 😳 Yuan Xi’s unilateral cold war is driving me batty, this Cat master should reaaaally stop being such a d**k!

If that virus is the source of exotic beasts hostility that means there’s still hope for peace. But where did that virus come from? Is it natural or was it created by someone?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 7, 2022 8:29 am

Really thought I was the only one getting fed up. Thanks for the chapter

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