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MW(R) Chapter 13

Chapter 13: I really do not find you

Translated by MengHu

When I got into the bus, the two men were a little awkward. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

XiaYao got into Zhou Du and kept his head low. Now on the bus, this latter will be solidified with spicy granite when he enters Zhoude.

In his heart, Takashi knew that he might dislike Zhou Du, but the actual reality was still very severe.

Zhou Du concentrated on the stairs behind him and headed forwards. He wanted to lift Xia Yao at his hands in front of the bus, but this man seemed to be deterring him. Even with so many people and buses, he stubbornly wanted to keep distance from Zhou.

Zhou, you do not understand what Xia Yao thought people like you. Do not want to come close to them? Why did XiaYao refuse to contact ZhouDu?

Week 德 but never had a date when he realized that the intention of XiaYao, he was unable to resist the desire to touch him, I want to meet him.

I felt that the accidentally affected spot was shocking that electricity spread throughout the body.

Zhou thought deeply, but the walk behind him suddenly stopped.

“Zhou,” summoned the summer.

Jou shook her head while listening to her voice and saw Chiayi.

“Do you still remember what I told you in a hospital this day?” You suddenly asked XiaYao.

Yeung ears were red. He answered with “m’m”, who was really nervous, but paid attention to indifference. He was slightly awaiting what XiaYao could say later.

If he meant “yes,” XiaYao decided to tell him something like “I Love You”. First of all, since the man who admitted to him several times was his feeling unusual?

The more he thought about it, the more his heart seemed to overcome it. He wants to see Xia Yao’s lips with stress and effort, and I want to hear that he says it again – you like it.

Xia Yao gradually said: “I really do not like you”.

He thought he did not hear it, he knocked: “What did you say?

Xia Yao inhales deeply and makes her lips smile.

“I forgot what I said to you, I think it’s a joke that I could not even distinguish my feelings.

ZhouDu came into the eyes of XiaYao with frozen tin.

He thought I do not believe myself “because you are too bright even at school really. The class started to take care of you, you’ll be shining like a star. You are my role model. So I hurt you, I misunderstood my feelings, I think I love you.

XiaYao is: “I was a little thought, really do not think so. I’m looking at you like my idol.

“I do not like?” Joukou asked for confirmation as if he did not believe it.

XiaYao saw Zhou Du and gave a solid and smooth knot.

9 wound periphery Two minds that run above the clouds before being torn in the mixture of flesh and blood fell to the ground that Paji sounded.

“You,” A bad feeling in the neck. He wanted to ask, but that was not what you said in your diary, but that was not what you said in the black night hospital.

However, Xiayao quietly looked at her face with a smile. It was really misunderstood, as if I really did not like ZhouDu how I did it.

XiaYao palm has already thrown a finger for a moment, so it became red. He felt a huge face in the country, he said he was talking deeply: “I noticed that there is something that I will not be able to visit my sister today.

XiaYao gave ZhouDu an innocent smile and walked a big step in the opposite direction.

The week will lift his hand, but I hope that, and I want you to put him in the heart of Chiayi’s perception, he was afraid to hear the words of despair from the mouth of Chiayi.

His high arm did not feel anything in the air.

Funtou hides his face and hides his face.

Everything was misunderstood

He regained his hand and put it in a single pocket.

I do not like him at all.

Furuno raised his head again and went to his house with the expression of heaven.

If I do not like it, leave it alone.

Xuzhou gradually increased the pace.

I do not like that he really does not like it … …

Funai went home as though he could not resist it.

When he returned home, XiaYao put his bag on the table.

He sat innocently in bed.

“I’m right.”

XiaYao herself This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

If Joe Du knows the senses of XiaYao, he probably feels that he is not enough.

Prior to joining the hospital, Funo explained his homework, sang to him and with a clown.

Everything was destroyed in the blue one-to-one soul without thinking.

After Jou Du finds out the confession, he will freeze, even if XiaYao has little contact. He thought that XiaYao was Alesta, but he himself did not even speak.

XiaYao laughed hard.

He leaned in bed, especially on the shoulders that appeared in his younger years, appeared under the shape and created a beautiful figure.

The classes were stupid as usual. Xia Yao sat straight on his seat, and each ounce of his body focused on the entire operation of Zhou Du.

Fortune returned to his chair.

Funo put the bag.

Funo opened the table.

Zhou saw him prepared XiaYao pancakes.

XiaYao caught his English book lid at the same time.

He heard that ZhouDu was relaxing again and in his direction.

When Joe Du approached him, Xia Yao breathed a hold on.

What do you tell him to do?

XiaYao was waiting for some time.

However, Funo walked in front of him.

He got Pancake XiaYao, specially prepared for him. XiaYao could not help seeing Zhou Du.

I saw that Xia Yao walked in the bucket in the upper right corner of the classroom and threw the pancake out without hesitation. He then robbed a piece of cloth to wipe his hands.

XiaYao felt as if his efforts were like a bucket of pancake, but there was no unnecessary trash.

Zhou intended.

He took pancakes, went to XiaYao and threw them in the bucket, especially in the presence of XiaYao.

If you do not like me, should I collect and evaluate everything I give as a stupid child?

He acted like a child acting like a child, thinking that he could challenge and take care of him.

But Xia Yao acted because he did not see anything and reminded him about his English words that were still in his place. He smiled at his desk.

Zhou Du loudly dropped the table from the floor with an angry and angry expression, but his focus seemed indifferent.

– –

“XiaYao is a logistics member left today”, the gymnast attracted all the participants in the classroom. “If you need help, please find the girth.

Xia Yao nodded with no glance at Zhou Du.

“Then let’s go to the field.” Hand-held sports trainers all went to school.

When the familiar voice lowered his name, Xia Yao struggled to make it. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

XiaYao noticed that PengPeng is also in the classroom.

Peng Pen had a low head, his face was a little red.

“I have nothing today, so I plan to stay again to see if anyone can use my help.”

When she heard what she said, Xia Yao smiled: “I’ll bet you still.”

“Yes,” Peng Peng quickly saw XiaYao before washing his head with problems.

When two people came down the field, others are ready to start training.

Those who saw that XiaYao and PengPeng walked together could not keep the whistle. Everyone’s interest was to focus on both.

Everything you know is playing the deletion when you see the beauty, “Exercise players beat shoulder pie. He knew that Xia Yao and An Peng Peng are skin people who can not resist others and disasters.

Jou Du cleaned the uniform, threw it on the stage, ran outside and began to work.

He had a great ban on anger. If not, he always took XiaYao and heard what he thought. He said he was not happy that he was a lie, did not he? He obviously liked other people!

He was invited by a gymnasium to him: “Are you not 300 meters, why did you desperate to despair?”

Fortune ignored the cry and speeded up the pace.

Xia Yao saw him with a complex expression and briefly participated in a short time with one clock.

Everyone fought for the fight on this side, XiaYao was in another gymnasium and said, “Can I bite you from the cabin of water?

The XiaYao school equipment room has provided my mineral water throughout the year. The latter nodded and went to the room when Jim forced him. “I found something that would help you.

Jou Du ran only on stage, so Jim represented his hand and sa

The XiaYao school equipment room has provided my mineral water throughout the year. The latter nodded and went to the room when Jim forced him. “I found something that would help you.

Zhou Du worked only on the scene, so Jim painted his hand “ZhouDu, come here!

Zhou lifted his head and saw XiaYao before them.

XiaYao inhales suddenly.

Gymnasium representatives told ZhouDu to help XiaYao extract water from the equipment space. ZhouDu started to enter the room without saying a word. Soon followed by XiaYao.

Joe took a bigger foot, so the summer store had to delay his yoga to stay with him. Funai quickly stopped because he heard behind his exciting person.

XiaYao did not think that Jiu Du stopped on the back and dropped.

He was immediately afraid of his thin face.

Jou’s condition turned out to be dark when he talked about his tongue near his mouth before he spit out his mouth.

He said gently.

XiaYao ignored her nose, but it still appeared and immediately appeared.

Both included the machine. Inner mineral water is served everywhere. Funo thought that there was no problem carrying everything from himself, so he took the box and went out without saying anything.

Since XiaYao was worried that he was tired, he himself said: “I will help you.

Funutor did not agree, he disagreed.

Xia Yao went out to take a box with Jou Du hand. ZhouDu gradually slipped down and half the weight remained in the hands of XiaYao. However, when the summer Yao caught, he knew that his fingers would be shot at the bottom of Zude’s box.

Joe Du is ready to release the handle when Xia Yao came. However, XiaYao took a hand by touching ZhouDu’s finger. Likewise, a box that does not support its center of gravity fell into the feet of the Department of Justice.

Zhou Du enters the cold lungs. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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