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Chapter 20

November had come and gone, all the trees leaves were scattered in the wind, hibernating for the winter. Snow flurries were beginning to become more and more common as the days passed. It seemed like Christmas was right around the horizon, and as Kichirou found out, so was Jun’s 17th birthday.

During December most schools usually received the 23rd through January 7th off and even though the students got those days off, the teachers still had to go in occasionally for meetings and to make study plans. Since on these days Jun would be left home alone, Kichirou bought a kotatsu (heated blanket table) so that he could stay warm while he was gone at school. It was on the 23rd that Kichirou found out that Jun’s birthday was the 24th.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Kichirou huffed angrily. Jun just smiled at him.

“I don’t need anything.” Jun said, he stretched his legs out beneath the kotatsu, loving the feel of being warm. Kichirou was standing in the kitchen, his hands on his hips and a defiant expression on his face. This expression amused Jun greatly. “So it didn’t seem like I needed to tell you.”

“But we can still do something!” Kichirou almost yelled. He waved his arms around and walked over to Jun.

“Uh-huh…”Jun purred reaching up and grabbing Kichirou’s chin, pulling him down for a kiss. “I can find lots of somethings to do.” Jun licked Kichirou’s lips, parting them easily before he whispered, “Mainly you.”

Kichirou shuddered and his knees trembled. He collapsed beside Jun, letting him kiss him until he so desired. Once he had his fill, Jun let go and nipped Kichirou’s ear. Shuddering, Kichirou tried to make his point.

“I want to do something for you.”

“You just being you is enough for me.” This sentence had Kichirou’s heart thundering, Jun always said the most important things when he was least prepared. Kichirou leaned over, his ass cradled between Jun’s legs and kissed Jun on his lips. Jun chuckled and grabbed Kichirou’s chin fiercely, beginning again his attack.

“Mngh.” Kichirou moaned.


“He’s still living there?” Ren asked Kichirou. The two of them were sitting in a bar after they finished their assignments on the 24th. Kichirou knew it was Jun’s birthday, but Jun had gotten a call late last night, interrupting their lovemaking, from his friends who had wanted to take him out for the day as celebration. Kichirou had told him to go, because otherwise, it would have seemed odd to not do something he did every year with his classmates.

“Yes, he’s still with me.” Kichirou rotated the glass in his hands, feeling the condensation seep into his skin. Ren was tapping the bar countertop, his eyes watching the bartender as he mixed another drink for a customer.

“Are you happy?” This question shocked Kichirou, and when he looked up from his drink, Ren was staring at him unflinchingly. It took not even a second for Kichirou to answer.

“Yes. I am.”


“You sure you’ve got him?” Kichirou heard an unfamiliar voice saying right near his ear. The next voice rumbled through his chest causing his eyes to flutter open.

“Yeah, he’s not that heavy.” The voice belonged to Ren, and for some reason Kichirou was on Ren’s back who was clutching Kichirou’s legs to him. It didn’t take long for Kichirou to realize that he had drank too much at the bar and, it seemed, had passed out at some point.

“Why didn’t you call Jun?” Kichirou whispered into Ren’s ear. Ren cast a glance behind him and smiled.

“He’s a minor, they wouldn’t let him in here.”


“Just hold tight and I’ll get you home.”

However, that wasn’t very far, because soon after they set off, a large figure towered of Ren, his blonde hair swaying lightly in the wind.

“I can take him, Ren.” Came Jun’s voice. Kichirou’s eyes fluttered again at the sound, and his smile turned glaringly bright.

“Jun…” He whispered.

Ren noticed the pissed expression on Jun’s face and immediately assisted in transferring Kichirou to his back. He didn’t want to get in between them. After all his friend had said he was happy. He watched as the young student and his teacher set off into the night towards their home. Sighing, Ren wished that he still had a relationship like that to rely on.


Kichirou woke up when a downpour of cold water drenched his upper body. His eyes shot open. Jun had carried him all the way home and then had taken him to the bathroom, setting him in the shower only to turn on the cold water at full blast.

“Wait,” Kichirou mumbled, standing up. His suit was beginning to stick to his body, drenched in the cold water. Jun stood to the side, neither helping nor anything else. His eyes were bright under the fluorescent lights. “Jun, the clothes. I’m going to take them off, so wait a sec-” He didn’t have time to finish his sentence because as soon as he tried to get away from the spray, Jun walked over and pushed him against the wall, holding him directly under it.

“Uwa!!” Kichirou screamed at the force. At this point, Kichirou was no longer drunk. He was wide awake, his entire body freezing. He knew, though that Jun wouldn’t do anything to harm him, so even though he was being held hostage against the wall, suddenly he was more worried about his clothing than anything else.

“This poor suit.” He muttered under his breath.

Jun bent down, his warm breath whispering across Kichirou’s face as he breathed, “You have more.” But still, Jun began to tear of Kichirou’s belt, tie and coat, leaving him in only his pants and white suit shirt. He had apparently lost his shoes and sock at the front door.

“I spent a lot of money to buy this.” Kichirou muttered, staring at the soggy mess strewn across the floor. Jun was still in a white shirt and a pair of black jeans. The water made both of their shirts completely see through. Jun eyed Kichirou’s perky, pink nipples throught that tantalizing fabric.

“Don’t wear it again.” Jun breathed, biting down hard on Kichirou’s lower lip. “It smells of another man.”

Jealousy was like a bright fire that could never be completely put out, no matter how much you soothed, tiny sparking embers would still remain. Kichirou figured out from that statement that he was still worried about Kichirou being with Ren by himself. This was the only way he felt he could claim Kichirou without actually biting his neck.

“I’m sorry I made you worry.” Kichirou whispered, reaching up through the cold water’s spray and lightly touching Jun’s cheek. He caressed it with the back of his fingers. Jun closed his eyes only to reopen them quickly. He pushed his body forward, his erection standing tall and hard against Kichirou’s skin.

“What are you going to give me?” Jun whispered, grinding his erection into Kichirou’s stomach. The thin, wet fabric held no resistance and Kichirou could feel how hot and ready Jun was beneath that measly scrap.

“Dinner?” Kichirou questioned, as if that was the only thing on his mind. Jun growled and pushed his body fully into Kichirou, holding him steady against the wall with just his hips. Jun’s deft fingers began to unbutton the shirts the both of them were still wearing.

“First,” Jun whispered, raining kisses along Kichirou’s collarbone, nipping at the bone that held firm against that taut skin. His voice was almost hoarse with tension and lust, “Let me eat you.” All of their clothes dissappeared in seconds and Jun’’s mouth devoured Kichirou’s. “Then,” He whispered in between kisses, “we will eat a delicious meal.”

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January 3, 2018 4:30 pm

Woah, scared me for a second there. I thought Natsuki got a hold of our poor Kichirou or Ren & Natsuki were colluding against him. *exhales deeply*

March 29, 2021 8:13 pm

I’m glad Ren is a responsible friend!

May 7, 2021 3:46 pm

I got nervous there, for a minute!

July 31, 2022 5:12 pm

I hope Jun realizes that Ren is just a good friend. Thank you for the chapter.

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