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(Prior warning: I do not know when releases for this novel will be. I only have this chapter finished right now and will release each chapter as I finish writing them. Sorry for any waits, enjoy the read. Again, it is highly recommended to read Never, My Alpha first to get some background information for this story. – Addis)

Chapter One

The phone buzzed and vibrated constantly, the sound woke Hayato Ren from his sleep. He grumbled and reached out his hand, searching aimlessly with his hand along his nightstand where he normally kept his phone during the night. When his hand didn’t find it, he grumbled louder and sighed before opening his eyes. Looking all over, he still didn’t find the phone that seemed to be on constant vibrate. Swearing under his breath, Ren flipped over to look at his other nightstand. However, as he turned the other way, he froze at the sight that fell before him.

Curled up on themselves was a gorgeous man, sleeping soundly in nothing but a pale blue shirt, his breaths even and the movement moving his light brown hair with each breath. His hands were clenched in fists, lightly touching his face. Ren was unable to move as he looked over the man beside him, he watched him breathe and was only able to regain control of himself when the vibrating sound jolted him back.

Beside the sleeping man was a phone, and it’s alarm was sounding nonstop. Unconsciously, Ren reached over and grabbed it, silencing it once and for all. He tried not to make any sudden movements, and looked around the room. For the first time, he recognized that it wasn’t actually his room, it was someone else’s. As he shifted his body, he felt the cold draft across his skin. Jolted, he realized, like the sleeping man, he was also wearing nothing.

Groaning under his breath, Ren connected the dots and knew that somehow he had followed this man home and they had done it. With another glance around the room, he tried to find traces of his clothes and cursed under his breath again when he found them in several places from where he had obviously thrown them off. Mixed together with his clothes were also those from the man still sleeping beside him.

Trying to be quiet and not wake up the man, Ren slipped his feet off the bed, but with even that slight movement, the bed springs beneath him creaked loudly in the now silent room. Ren flinched at the sound and glanced back at the man. The man groaned, his eyelashes fluttered but all he did was turn over onto his other side.

Ren was relieved that the man didn’t wake up, and breathed a sigh of relief. But, even as he turned away, to finally put on his clothes, he noticed something entirely unexpected that made his heart beat erratically. There, on the mans slim, pale neck, was a mark.

The mark of a mate.

That bite mark was still fresh, the area around each tooth indentation raw with blood still seeping slowly from the wound, creating bright red lines as it dripped beneath the collar of his shirt.

The sight of the mark brought memories rushing back to Ren: the sweet smell of pheromones; the frantic, uncontrollable lust; the soft moans of intense pleasure; and vivid teal colored eyes set in a flushed, red face, tears escaping as he gasped out one word, over and over again, “Ren…”

Even as the memories cascaded over him, Ren’s body was set aflame with lust and it didn’t help that there was a faint, comforting scent of pheromones that smelled oddly like warm, fresh baked cookies. This scent was still being emitted by the warm body beside him, it was faint, but there was no doubt that it was still lingering in the air.

At that moment, Ren was completely terrified. How did it end up like this? He didn’t even remember meeting the man beside him, much less the reason why he was in his house. That intoxicating scent assaulted his senses once more and he shuddered as lust flared through his entire being. It didn’t matter how it had happened, it was already done and there was nothing to change that fact. However, at the thought of being tied down to one person for the rest of his life floored Ren with intense fear. Just the thought birthed a new reaction within Ren: fight or flight.

Without a second thought, not even a minute passed before every trace of Ren ever being in that room vanished.

The sound of the door shutting, even though it was quiet, roused the omega from his sleep. His entire body felt sore and he grimaced when he moved to sit up. He felt the cool breeze against his bare legs and looked around the room, searching for someone who was no longer there.

Giving a barely noticeable sigh, he reached behind his neck to scratch at the stinging sensation there. As his fingers touched the raised welt, he brought his fingers in front of his face to see them stained with his own blood. Shocked senseless, he looked back to the door that closed earlier. He jumped up with a rush of emotions coursing through him, his lips moving as soundless words escaped from his lips.

But Ren was no longer there, the only thing left was the mark left on the nape and the light colored fluid trickling down the omegas thighs.


“Why do you look like you just had the worst night of your life?” Arimori Kichirou was sitting on his living room floor, his legs outstretched and his three year old son, Misaki, between his legs, giggling happily as he squeezed a worn out teddy bear. Kichirou was Misaki’s mother, as an omega who had a mate, it was not uncommon for males to also be mothers of their children. The mother son pair had the same blueish black hair but Misaki had his father’s amethyst eyes.

Ren was sitting on the couch behind Misaki, his chin resting on his fist, his reddish brown hair falling into his eyes, covering them before he blew out a breath to move his bangs. The gold flakes in his eyes seemed duller than they usually were, which was why Kichirou had asked such a question. The expression on Ren’s face was also not a pleasant one. His eyebrows were scrunched together, and his lips were curved down in an obvious frown.

Grumbling under his breath, Ren’s voice came out as a growl, “I don’t know if it was the worst or even the best. I can’t remember most of it.”

Kichirou’s hands stilled where they were on Misaki’s chubby arms and he raised his head to look at Ren with an astonished expression, his bright blue eyes wide under his black rimmed glasses. Ren and Kichirou had been best friends for almost ten years, and this statement from him spoke volumes.

“How much did you drink?” Came Kichirou’s response, as he slowly enunciated each word as if Ren was still at the bar drinking.

Another grumble came out of Ren’s mouth as he ran a hand through his hair. “I don’t think I did?”

He was trying to remember if he had drank anything even as he said it. Had he drank? He didn’t remember going to the bar. The only thing he could remember at that moment were those bright teal eyes yearning for him as his hands caressed each part of that lithe body beneath him. Everything else from that night, no even that entire day, was a complete blur. It was as if he had been drugged and had lost his memories of the entire day.

“Reeeen~” The soft childish voice jolted him from his thoughts. When he looked up, Misaki was already clinging to his pants leg and using the fabric to crawl his way up into Ren’s lap. Misaki’s black hair was sticking up every which way, completely uncontrollable. His purple eyes shined with mirth as he finally settled into Ren’s lap, reaching his chubby hands up to pat at Ren’s face. “Ren? Tummy hurt?” His innocent question, and the confusion in his eyes brought a smile to Ren’s face. He couldn’t resist pulling Misaki closer into a much needed hug.

Squealing in delight, Misaki tried to hug back, but his arms were not long enough for a full on hug. He ended up looping his arms around Ren’s neck and dangling there like a monkey. With the warmth of the small child in his arms, Ren felt oddly comforted, when he looked up at Kichirou again, the gentle expression on Kichirou’s face struck a chord within Ren’s heart. He didn’t dare admit that he had once wished the Misaki was his child, not Jun’s. Even as he thought this, he heard steps from behind him.

Standing there, straightening his tie, was Kichirou’s mate, Jun. Jun had been Kichirou’s student when he was still teaching high school, now they had been together for almost six years, and anyone could see love they had for one another sparkling in every gesture. Jun’s amethyst eyes narrowed on Ren before taking a glance at the watch on his wrist.

“You three are going to be late if you do not leave soon.” His voice was almost nonchalant in the way he said it, but when Ren and Kichirou looked at the clock, they both jumped up, Misaki still hanging around Ren’s neck giggling. From there, the two grown men ran around the room like chickens with their heads cut off. Kichirou was stuffing a small backpack which was obviously Misaki’s and Ren was convincing Misaki to put on his coat. Jun watched his son, husband, and their friend with an amused look on his face as he himself continued to get ready.

Almost four years ago when Misaki had been born, Jun had decided then and there that he would do anything for his son and husband. The love he felt for the two of them went beyond any feeling he had ever felt before. A lot had happened in that time period, and now Jun was working at a law firm, hoping to help any omegas in need. Kichirou had quit the high school and was now teaching at a grade school with children who did not care if he was an omega. However, the biggest changes that had happened had to have been to Ren. Jun looked over at his once rival and sighed. The alpha had had a lot happen to him in the past three years, and those who knew him could see it in his eyes.

“Papa!!” Misaki giggled, running away from Ren towards Jun. His arms were outstretched and a bright smile was on his face. It seemed Ren had lost the coat battle. Misaki reached up toward Jun, the universal sign that he wanted picked up. Jun didn’t move to pick Misaki up but just tousled his hair. Misaki pouted and hid behind Jun’s legs instead.

“Oi!!” Ren yelled, “Come put on your jacket, I need to take you to daycare!”

Misaki giggled then said, “Don’t wanna!”

Ren grumbled under his breath but didn’t move to go grab Misaki. Instead he turned around and grabbed the small backpack that Kichirou had prepared. Grabbing his own jacket, Ren started walking towards the front door.

“Fine,” Ren told the small child, “If you don’t want to put your coat on, I’m leaving you and I’m going to eat your lunch instead.” Misaki’s eyes grew wide and he ran out from behind Jun’s legs, chasing after Ren as fast as he could.

“NO!” Misaki yelled, “Mama made that for me! Not you!” Since Ren’s back was turned toward Misaki, the child did not see the grin that was plastered on his face. Kichirou turned away to hide his chuckle. Ren smoothed his face into a stern look before he turned around and looked solemnly down at Misaki.

“You’ll put on your jacket then?”

“Yeah. That’s my lunch. You can’t have it.” Misaki was glaring at Ren, his little chubby cheeks flushed red from the way he had his lips puckered. Ren almost lost it but reached his arm out with Misaki’s coat. Misaki didn’t even grumble as the older alpha helped slip his arms into the jacket, his face still scrunched up in an imitation of being angry.

Once the small child was finally bundled up, Ren reached out and lifted him up into his arms. Misaki pouted and turned his face away. Jun’s chuckle resounded from the other side of the room as he slipped on his own jacket at the front door. Kichirou was right behind them, sliding his shoes on.

The three adults left the house with smiles on their faces while Misaki still continued to pout as he berated Ren that he wasn’t allowed to eat his Mama’s cooking anymore and that he needed to do it himself.

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January 2, 2018 12:06 pm

Love the novel and translation 😘😘

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Whoa! This is a really good story!

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Thank you for the 1st chapter!!! 😍 I already love it! 😙❤
I’m so curious with what happened with Ren’s mate and what happened all 3 years to Ren.. 😯😣
Thank you to Addis and I will wait patiently for the next update but at the same time can’t wait to see next chapter.. *It’s complicated feeling XD hahahaha *I hope you understand what I want to said.. 😁😄 hehehe
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Alex B
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Thank you for the chapter!

December 16, 2018 10:42 am

Oh man the fluff… I need to cri. I am just sooo happy seeing Jun behave as if Ren was part of the family…thay warmed heart. I wonder how they got so close or if it just happened naturally. Ren once wished Misaki were his child…I wonder what that means! Also I’m curious how he got into the situation with the omega, who by the way seems to be a real beauty. Hopefully if it’s some dubious reasons, the omega’s not the cause of it. Ps I’d love to see Jun amd Ren having a good time together, just… Read more »

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Ahhhh I LOOOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️

March 31, 2021 9:07 pm

Awww loved the first chapter!! Misaki, Jun, & K and now even Ren!

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