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FYI, this is the last part I have written. I will try to write more but my schedule will be pretty busy at work for the coming week and I do not know when I will be able to get the next chapter done. Sorry for the cliffhanger.

Chapter Seventeen

Ren, Shouta and Misaki arrived back at the cafe to find the two girls still kissing. Both of the adults almost laughed to themselves because hadn’t they been found in a similar situation several days ago? Was there something in the air in the cafe that made a couple appear? They both glanced at each other and shared knowing smiles.

On the ground, clutching Ren’s hand, Misaki was the one to break the two girls up as he called out, “Auntie Hana, what are you doing?”

The girls sprang apart, Hana’s face a bright red mask of embarrassment. Akira held Hana’s hand in hers, not letting go even as Hana crouched down to Misaki’s level and hugged the young boy with only one arm.

“Just showing my love, little one.” Hana said out loud, trying to phrase it the best way she knew how.

Misaki looked up with innocent eyes, and tilted his head. “That’s how you show you love someone?”

“Yes,” Hana laughed and bent forward smacking a huge kiss on the boy’s forehead. He giggled and hurriedly kissed Hana’s cheek before dashing towards Ren, lifting up his arms to be picked up. When Ren settled him on his hip, Misaki kissed Ren on the cheek. Ren laughed out loud, the child learned too quickly.

“What about mine? Shouta asked deliberately looking hurt. Misaki’s eyes grew wide and he reached his little hands out. Shouta smiled softly and picked the child out of Ren’s arms. What surprised everyone was that Misaki kissed Shouta on the lips, his face flushing and giggling even more.

“Oh, you little deviant.” Ren chuckled, his eyebrows raised in mock anger.

Misaki giggled again, before giving Shouta another kiss but this time on the cheek. Stunned, Shota glanced at the child. “Why did I get two?”

“The first one is for the baby,” Misaki explained, pointing down to Shouta’s stomach, “and the second one is for you.”

At the word baby, both Akira and Hana froze before they glanced over with wide eyes.

“Baby?” Hana whispered, she felt her heart sting slightly, but the hand wrapped around hers tightened slightly, reminding her that she wasn’t alone like before. Glancing over, Hana gave an appreciative smile. Seeing that Hana had no bad reaction, Shouta sighed in his heart. He had long ago figured out Hana’s crush on Ren. Due to this, he had been worried about revealing anything to her for the longest time now.

“Sorry I didn’t tell either of you,” Shouta whispered, looking at the girls. “I didn’t know how to broach the topic.”

Hana examined Shouta with her eyes, looking him up and down before bluntly saying, “That’s why you’ve been constantly sick at work lately.”

Slightly shocked, Shouta muttered, “You noticed?” He thought he had hid it the best he could.

“Who wouldn’t when you turn green and then run away. The director even thought you were coming down with the flu and was going to tell you to stay home.” Hana imparted, her hand still clutched in Akira’s. The contact was soothing, but she was starting to get embarrassed by the constant touch.

“Ah,” Shouta muttered, shifting his weight to hike Misaki up higher in his arms, “I’ll have to explain it to her properly tomorrow.”

Hana then smiled, it was the brightest one she had ever shown Shouta. “She’ll be happy for you.”

“Are you due the same time as Kichirou then?” Akira asked, looking at Ren, watching the expressions play out on his face. She had suspected the pregnancy since the first day she had seen the bite mark, but she felt as though it was not her place to ask.

“We are maybe a few weeks apart.” Shouta answered, giving a shy glance toward Ren. Ren grinned back, love showing in his eyes.

Hana looked down at her feet before glancing up at Shouta, “If you need help at work, just tell me. I don’t want you doing too much when you’re pregnant.”

Stunned at the way that Hana was acting tonight, it took Shouta a second to realize why Hana’s words sounded so familiar. “She sounds just like you.” Shouta muttered under his breath towards Ren.

Laughing out loud, Ren placed his hand at the small of Shouta’s back, leaning in to kiss Shouta lightly on the cheek. Still in Shouta’s arms, Misaki made a grumbling noise.

“Where’s mine?” He asked innocently. The four adults burst into laughter, peace once again flooding the cafe.


Sunday arrived faster than Ren wished it would. He was absolutely terrified of meeting Shouta’s father. How did you act around a yakuza boss? Did you bow? Did he offer up a pinky in exchange for his son?

Muttering under his breath everything he was thinking, Ren paced around his room, his brow furrowed tightly. Shouta watched him with an amused expression on his face, his eyes following Ren back and forth as his mate paced.

“Why are you so worried?” Shouta asked, feeling sorry for the floor, it would be worn out with all the constant pacing.

Stopping in place, Ren shot a gaze over to Shouta, his voice laced with worry. “You’re positive your father won’t murder me?”

Shouta yawned as he took the mug of hot chocolate from his bedside table. He had been craving chocolate uncontrollably lately. “You’re thinking too much.”

“I know.” Ren sighed, running a hand through his hair. He then grinned at Shouta, “But that’s one of the reasons why you put up with me.”

Chuckling, Shouta said, “Maybe I put up with you because you’re a very effective stalker.”

Instead of pacing, Ren moved toward Shouta, like a cat nearing its prey. He whispered as he got closer, “I never stalked you.”

Shouta put aside the mug in his hands and reached up toward Ren, his hands lacing behind his mates neck, a small smile on his face. “Maybe I wish you would have.”

Taking a knee and nudging it in between Shouta’s thighs, Ren’s voice was a husky whisper, “Is that an invitation?”

Feeling himself harden and seeing Ren’s pants tighter around the gem hidden below, Shouta kissed Ren lightly before pulling back, his hands still laced behind Ren’s neck. “It could be, but what time is it? I don’t want to be late meeting my dad.”

Ren groaned aloud, “Don’t remind me!” Then his forehead knocked against Shouta’s their breath fanning each other’s faces like a hot wind.

“I’m sorry for your misery,” Shouta chuckled, soothing his mate’s ruffled feathers with his hands.  “But you have to meet him eventually. Preferably before this baby is born.”

Ren pulled his knee away from Shouta’s thighs and instead picked Shouta up before reversing their positions. Shouta straddled Ren’s thighs, their torsos completely touching. Still grumbling, Ren went on, “I really, really don’t want to.”

Biting lightly on that pouting lip, Shouta laughed, “Well, man up, I’ll be right there by your side.”

One eyebrow hot up on Ren’s face as he muttered, “I don’t know if that’s reassuring or more terrifying.”

Shouta reached up and bit Ren’s bottom lip drawing blood. Shocked, Ren just stared down at him tasting iron as he licked his lips. The grin that covered Shouta’s face and the small light in his turquoise iris’ made Ren realize that this little kitten in his arms could be a tiger in his own right.

Again, Ren switched their positions, pushing Shouta down onto the bed, his cock rock hard as it pressed against Shouta’s stomach. He leaned down and bit hard on Shouta’s collarbone, then licking away the sting before moving his lips to Shouta’s. They fought a silent battle with their tongues, their breath mingling as the intensity of the kiss increased with each second.

Feeling Ren’s desire grow harder and thicker against his stomach, Shouta couldn’t help but press into that heat, wanting it more as their passions rose.

“Do we have time for a quickie?” Ren panted, pulling away, his face flushed red from his desire and lust.

Shouta panted as well, his eyes trailing along Ren’s face, memorizing every inch in front of him before his hands trailed down and began to undo their pants.

“Hurry,” he moaned, his voice breaking that last thread of resistance that Ren thought he had.

Seeing Shouta’s nipples tent the fabric of his shirt, Ren couldn’t resist bending down and biting on that peak. When a shudder rolled through Shouta. Ren smirked down at his mate. “Come to think of it, you did say that you’re weak here.”

Squirming beneath Ren, Shouta could only gasp out, “You remember it…”

Ren ran his hand up and under Shouta’s shirt, his fingers teasing and flicking that small bud at his command. That little peak grew harder under his ministrations and unconsciously Shouta began to move his hips in sync with each flick.

Groaning with a content feeling, Ren said huskily, “Yeah, quite clearly.”

Beneath Ren’s pants, his erection was straining against the fabric, a large tent forming. Shouta whimpered, “You’re hard.” His hands found their way beneath that waistline and then grasped the hard member encased in all that fabric. Both of them groaned together at the contact. Like silky heat in his palms, Shouta teased the tip just as Ren had teased him.

“Enough,” Ren groaned, his eyes closing, even as he still played with Shouta’s nipple, “if you do more than this…” There was no telling how much longer he could last. It would definitely give a new definition to “quickie”.

When Shouta did not stop, Ren took out his revenge by leaning down and sucking hard on that small bud before him. This got him a response from Shouta, “No, stop.” His hand froze of Ren’s cock, and his lashes trembled as he closed his eyes tightly, holding back the orgasm that was so close to the surface.

Shocked, Ren whispered, “Are you coming with your nipples?” Then, satisfied with the response he was receiving, Ren reached down to where Shouta’s hand had froze and he trailed his fingers lightly along the length of his mate. “How amazing. It becomes like this,” his fingers trailed once again along Shouta’s cock, and then he nipped with his teeth lightly at Shouta’s nipple, “from here.”

A shudder ran through Shouta at the touch and as he spasmed beneath Ren, a chuckled escaped his mate. “Did you just come?” He whispered into Shouta’s ear, biting at that pale nape before him. Shouta still spasmed, but he had enough strength to reach his arms up and drag Ren down to his lips. Even as their tongues tangled, Ren worked his magic and rid Shouta of his clothing before sheathing himself entirely into Shouta’s hot entrance.

Groaning in unison, they both forgot about their ‘battle’ and lost themselves in the pleasure of their skin.

An hour later, Shouta and Ren stood in front of Shouta’s parent house, both looking as if they were about to enter a second battle of the day. The house was an old fashioned style architecture with a large gate surrounding the entrance and a towering building behind it. The red beams against the black walls was striking and made Ren even more terrified. He gulped in and looked over at Shouta.

“Can I go back home?” He whispered, his hands shaking as he hid them in his pants pockets.

Shouta shook his head slightly before whispering back, “They already know we are here.”

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Awww Misaki <3 that lil cutie xD thank you for the update! Take your time no rush no rush we'll wait patiently for the next chapter 🙂

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Thank you^^

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“The first one is for the baby.”
Me: Nod nod.. Misaki already claim the baby as his.. 😆 Hehehehhe am I too much thing about this? But I really want they become mate.. hehehehehe and I squealing when read how cute Misaki “claim” the baby.. 😆 hehehehehe

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Addis, I feel cheated! I was expecting to read Akira and Hanna making out big time, but they were interrupted instead. Are you not into girls making out? Anyhow, I look forward to see how REN deals with his Yakuza father-in-law.
Keep up your love of writing and do your best while having fun doing it. One suggestion, if you want to be respected as an author, find a good editor to support you. Fighting!!!

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Sue R
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The parents!! Hope all goes well! Misaki is adorable and so intelligent for his age! Omg! Love it!

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