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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The patrol member took the man’s pass and looked at it, it did have the doctor’s signature on it, and he nodded after making sure it was okay, “Go inside and don’t go out. Recently it’s been very dangerous.”

“I understand. Thanks for your hard work!” The man smiled as he picked up the fruit and walked in, brushing past Yang Yi and Ning Yangze.

At that moment, Ning Yangze’s footsteps gave a slight pause, he glanced backward slightly at the man standing at the entrance of the elevator waiting for the elevator, the fruit basket placed at his feet. It must be too cold outside, so he kept breathing into his hands. From a short distance away you could see his hands were frozen red.

Who was this?

Ning Yangze turned around and walked into the next hallway. Yang Yi, who was still looking at Shen Si’s figure, raised his eyebrows, looked around twice, and then turned to follow Ning Yangze.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Ning Yangze stood in the hallway and dialed a phone number, the other side of the phone was the information team of the Special Unit, “The person who is waiting for the elevator in the Special Unit’s private hospital, check his information, yes, all of it, especially if he is a Survivor.”

Yang Yi thought about the man who had passed by, but he was a Survivor after all, and when he was awake, he was extremely alert and had an impression of everyone who passed by.

If he was not mistaken, the person just now seems to be nothing special, didn’t look old, twenty-four or twenty-five years old, moderate looking, and the clothes on the body were also very plain, it was a look that wouldn’t be even glanced at in a crowd.

Something was wrong with this person?

“What’s wrong?”

“It just doesn’t feel right.” Ning Yangze hung up the phone and began to receive the materials sent over by the information department, “No matter what, let’s investigate first.”

Yang Yi looked at Ning Yangze, “That’s a cop’s intuition?”

“Probably? I’ve caught a lot of serial killers, most of them are actually not as vicious as they think, almost all of them look like an honest and normal person, but no matter how perfect the disguise is, there is always something different about a guy who has killed someone.” Ning Yangze looked up, “That guy just now, definitely killed someone.”

In the moment of brushing against him, almost all the goose bumps popped up, Ning Yangze hadn’t had this feeling for a long time.

Yang Yi realized, “That’s why you asked the people above to check if he was a Survivor.”

There were few Survivors who struggled in the game of life and death without blood on their bodies, and after the collapse of the unlimited flow world, the higher-ups had been reprogramming Survivors, telling them they were not to blame for what they did in the unlimited flow world. So if that feeling was because this person was a Survivor, then it’s kind of normal. 

“Qin Yu, ability: plants?” Ning Yangze murmured the information he had just received, “C-Rank Survivor, father is a survivor of the dream playfield…”

“Looks normal.” Yang Yi padded over and took a look.

“Very normal indeed.” Ning Yangze locked his phone’s screen, “But…”

However, it was hard to have a Survivor who would give him such a feeling, his ability was a natural sword, and the sword was usually boarded in his body, so it was a spiritual object, not only useful for ghosts and monsters, but also would give him warning in certain situations. He relied on these warnings to avoid a lot of dangerous areas, He Xin also called him: high-energy warning in the front.

If he was just an ordinary C-Rank Survivor, then why would he make the natural sword inside him tremble along with him? This was definitely not right.

“Speaking of which, have you paid any attention to the current situation?” Yang Yi had his hands in his suit pockets, a little subtlety in his voice, “About the growing number of organizations.”

“Those organization recruitment postings that you can’t tell if they’re real or fake?” Ning Yangze looked to Yang Yi.

On the day when the organization, Night was officially recognized by the Special Unit and released from being blocked as a word, as if it was a trend, in the forum countless organization recruitment notices appeared overnight. Xia Leyu, who was responsible for the forum affairs, went to investigate the original posters of a few threads, and found that the original posters behind the posts were just some middle school teenagers, so he didn’t continue to investigate.

“The number of Survivors is not much, but you should have also gotten the news. Many organizations are secretly established, especially those small groups of guys from the unlimited flow world.” Yang Yi sat casually on the stairs, “Those people are probably going to start acting too.”

“Nothing stands out in the unlimited flow world, but back in the real world, they think they are the most special ones?” Ning Yangze tsked twice, “There are always people who have a problem with their brain.”

“Of course this is not the point, the point is that the current organization has nothing to support people, there are not many A-Rank Survivors and only three S-Rank Survivors. These three S-Rank Survivors, as long as you get one to join, then the whole organization will take off straight away.” Yang Yi took off the hat from his head, he shook it and a pile of white flower petals fell out of it. “Do you think they will be stupid enough to harass the only three S-Rank Survivors?”

Ning Yangze and Yang Yi looked at each other, and after a moment Ning Yangze’s face changed slightly, “They won’t be stupid enough to harass the S-Rank Survivors, but they won’t give up trying to get the S-Rank Survivors to join them either.”

“How so?”

“No one dares to mess with Jian Nian, Bai JunYi is mature and rational and not easily fooled, there is only one person left, Xi Luo.”

Yang Yi raised his eyebrows slightly, “These people can fool Xi Luo?”

“No need to fool him. Xi Luo is still underage, he must be accompanied by a parent, no need to get his consent, and guardianship.” Ning Yangze hurriedly headed up the stairs.

“But now Xi Luo is under guardianship, right?” Yang Yi followed.

“Of course.”

Ning Yangze paused as he frowned, “It would be Xi Luo’s only legally related relative, and once he dies, Xi Luo has no relations at all, or maybe it’s not necessary for him to die, just to control him, he and Xi Luo are bound together. “

“Who is it?”

“Shen Si.”

“Huh? Who did you say it was?” Yang Yi sped up to cut Ning Yangze off, his face tinged with surprise, “Shen Si is Xi Luo’s guardian? You’re not kidding me, are you?”

Yang Yi felt amazed when he knew that Shen Si was related to Jian Nian; that was Jian Nian, the guy whose fame was scarier than even ghosts and monsters in the unlimited flow world. But humans were herd animals, so even Jian Nian having a friend was very normal, he at most thought that Shen Si’s luck was quite peculiar. But he didn’t expect that he was Xi Luo’s only living guardian? He knew two of the three S-Rank Survivors?

“This matter is not a secret in the Special Unit, everyone at the same level as me knows about it, and someone suggested recruiting Shen Si to the Special Unit because he is the only point of intersection for all three S-Rank Survivors.” Ning Yangze walked around Yang Yi and continued on, “Yes, it’s not just Jian Nian and Xi Luo, he and Bai JunYi know each other as well.”

“Can people really be this lucky?” Yang Yi muttered, “What kind of person is he?”

“An ordinary person,” Ning Yangze’s voice was clear, “It’s a matter of pure luck, this person is lucky enough to know three S-Rank Survivors, and unlucky enough to go out and randomly open playfields, which is completely inexplicable.”

Yang Yi looked at Ning Yangze who left, and after a moment he shook his head, “I don’t understand.”

But even if he couldn’t understand, he knew very well that if those organizations really set their eyes on these three S-Rank Survivors and wanted them to join their organization, Shen Si would instantly become the most conspicuous thorn in their eyes.

Jian Nian’s childhood friend, Xi Luo’s current guardian, Bai JunYi’s acquaintance, no matter which of these three identities, one was enough for them to pay attention to.

If those organizations really wanted Shen Si, not to mention the Special Unit, the three S-Rank Survivors would turn the world upside down. Thinking about this scenario was simply too terrible.

He needed to be cautious.


On a different note, Shen Si didn’t know that he was being watched. After coming out of the Special Unit, he talked to Xi Luo on the phone. The headquarters of the Special Unit wasn’t close to the Yijiang district, and it was a long walk from the tram. The stores along the road were still open, but there weren’t many customers inside, after all, not many people could live with nothing to do.

Looking around, Shen Si walked into a ramen store.

Although it was noon, there was no one inside. The kind boss lady noted down his order and went to the back kitchen to work, while Shen Si sat at the table and opened his phone.

“Oh, . Shen S, it’s really you?” A shout of surprise came from the door, and when Shen Si heard his name, he looked up, and at the entrance of the ramen store, a man in a suit walked in with a briefcase and a look of surprise on his face.

This was… 

“Ugh? Did you forget? I’m Jing Lian.” The man walked in without asking and sat across from Shen Si with a little smile on his face, showing a complete sense of surprise at seeing a friend by accident.

Jing Lian?

Shen Si searched for this name in his memory, but really didn’t remember much about this name. He grew up with a small chain of relationships, and after the death of his parents it dropped to the extreme. If not for the presence of Jian Nian, no one would notice even if he disappeared.

“You really do not remember, but it is normal, after all, at that time you were quite a loner. It’d be rare for you to come to school classes.” Jing Lian smiled and placed his briefcase on the table next to him.

“Classes?” Shen Si suddenly remembered hearing that name somewhere, “We were in high school together…”

“That’s right, I was your desk mate in high school.” Jing Lian sighed, “It’s been a long time, I feel like you’ve changed a lot.”

“You’ve changed a lot too, I remember when you were a small guy with glasses.” Shen Si put away his phone.

Jing Lian laughed a little, “I’m wearing glasses now too, it’s not as big a change as yours at all, I feel like you’re so quiet now, I almost didn’t dare to come over and say hello just now, thinking I must have mistaken you for someone else. I still remember you fighting more than anyone else at school. Everyone was afraid of you.”

Shen Si didn’t agree, but also didn’t refute; he stared at the table, his dark eyes filling with little ripples, as if what he heard was not his past.

“We’ve had several high school reunions, and I’ve never been able to reach you, and I don’t know how you’ve been.” Jing Lian leaned back in the chair, “We occasionally talk about you. When I was young, I thought about how hard it was for you to be by yourself.. By the way, here.” Jing Lian opened his briefcase and then pushed a small box in front of Shen Si.

After glancing at the small black box in front of him, Shen Si looked at Jing Lian, “What is this?”

“Something of yours.” Inoue Lien lowered his head somewhat subtly, looking a little nervous, “The year of senior year, do you remember? You fought with some off-campus punks, lost something at the time, and in fact, I was nearby then, and picked this up. I’ve never been able to give it back. After that I always wanted to return it to you, but I haven’t been able to find you, so I’ve been carrying it everyday, thinking it can be returned to its rightful owner when I meet him.”

He waved towards Shen Si and left quickly, almost moving the stool under his butt during the process. Watching Jing Lian’s figure disappear in the doorway, Shen Si narrowed his eyes slightly, and a little irritation welled up in his heart.

Shen Si very much disliked being associated with the past.

Whether it was the voice or the involuntary movements, not even daring to look him in the eyes, it showed that Jing Lian was not acting natural, and was still afraid of him. But even when afraid of him, he had to return the item, even going so far as to forcefully pretend to say hello to him.

Opening the box in front of him, Shen Si took out a pocket watch from the black box. The pocket watch looked a bit old, and because of long-term neglect it also had a little rust. Shen Si opened the pocket watch, and the hands inside were not moving. After all, so many years have passed, clocks and watches, such precision things, were easily damaged.

This was indeed what he had lost in his senior year, this was the pocket watch left behind after the death of his parents.

“Sorry for the wait, your ramen is here.” The boss lady came out with a bowl of ramen, Shen Si stuffed the pocket watch into his pocket and politely thanked the boss lady.

Forget it, let’s eat first.

On the other side, quickly leaving, Jing Lian breathed heavily. He grabbed his shirt on his chest, his heart felt like it was about to jump out, the tension that had been forcibly concealed came out almost in a rush. Jing Lian trembled and walked forward, almost hitting the wall as well.

“Where are you?” Jing Lian looked around with a tremor in his voice, “I did what you asked me to do to prove it! That thing does belong to Shen Si, and I really know him!” There was nothing but wind in the empty street, and Jing Lian had to speak again, “Come on out!”

“Although you did prove to me that you were acquainted with Shen Si, that’s not the same as what you said.” A male voice rang out at the end of the alley, “You said that the pocket watch was a gift from Shen Si, but it doesn’t look like it was, and Shen Si and you aren’t close.”

Jing Lian rushed over to the man as he tugged on his sleeve, “But you won’t find anyone else besides me who has any kind of relationship with him. He doesn’t have any friends or family, I’m the only one who has a connection to him! I can do that, any information you want about him!”

The man, also known as Qin Yu looked at Jing Lian, and after a moment he smiled a little, “You’re really interesting, so tell me all the information you know about Shen Si, in that case I’ll help you with your debt problem at my discretion.”

“Okay, no problem!”

After graduating from college Jing Lian went to work at the place introduced by his father, he had been working honestly, and also had a beautiful girlfriend, looking forward to getting married. But then he was tricked and got hooked on online gambling, after losing, he could not resist the temptation to embezzle the company’s money in order to earn it back.

One million… where could he make that much money? He didn’t dare to talk to his parents, and even if he did, they couldn’t help much, and his girlfriend left after she found out he was gambling online, so there was nothing he could do. The company had already found out that the accounts were not right, and he would be found out soon if they continued to investigate, but he didn’t want to go to jail or die, and at the right time, Qin Yu found him.

As long as he provided him with information about Shen Si, no matter what it was, Qin Yu would pay him.

So he found this pocket watch from the corner of his room and followed the address Qin Yu gave him to return the watch to prove that he really knew Shen Si and that the information provided was all correct. Although he was sorry for Shen Si, but there was no other way, he was going to die!

Watching Jing Lian run away quickly with the money, Qin Yu leaned against the wall and murmured in a small voice, “So, I still don’t understand why the Special Unit and Night are so concerned about this man.” Qin Yu with a little euphemism in his voice, like an entertainer singing a small melody, “Obviously he’s just an ordinary person who is not special in any way at all, and not a Survivor. The only unexpected gain is Jian Nian?”

Qin Yu took two steps forward, he was in a location where he could still see Shen Si, who was eating noodles, and he was eating slowly and methodically, playing a game while he ate, “Is he only someone who is related to Jian Nian as his childhood friend?”

But this was not enough for the Special Unit to put him on the same priority watch list as the three S-Rank Survivors. There must be something more to this man.

Shen Si ate quickly, within a few moments he finished his ramen and left. Qin Yu watched him walk out of the store, because it was too cold outside, his hands were in his pockets. That was until he reached a trash can, where he took the pocket watch out of his pocket and threw it in without the slightest hesitation.

The bus happened to be coming, so Shen Si headed straight to it and waited for the bus to move before Qin Yu stepped out. He took a look at the garbage can, and the rusty pocket watch in the garbage pile was unusually conspicuous. Shen Si really didn’t care about this thing.

Shen Si sat in the last row of the bus, there were few people on the bus and no one was talking, Shen Si reopened the game on his phone, he muted the volume and watched the small colored squares explode, congratulations on the pass prompt appeared again and again.

Shen Si was a person who was never stuck in the past, for him, the past had no meaning. His dead parents, the lost and then reappeared pocket watch, the inexplicable high school classmates and so on. In his life, many things were unnecessary, this dispensability had always existed in his life, his sex drive was very low, he wanted very little, and didn’t like to trouble himself.

Perhaps only the future was something to look forward to with reckless abandon.


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Okay that guy just rats his friend out like that? Well not friend, but who does that?

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They want to poke Shen Si without proper intel? Bad move and even worse choice of action. And that little rat really deserves to go to jail. Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Tiramisu never_lies
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