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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Although he couldn’t see, Cheng Xiangwen could rely on the sound in judging the general distance in adapting to the darkness, could only rely on his working ear, although occasionally of course, sometimes he would judge the direction wrong! But it was no problem!

The main problem was this person beside him.

“Miss Qian? Are you on the right? What is Mr. Shen doing?”

Qian Min blinked, a moment later she wrote a line on the ground, because Shen Si wasn’t there, the only person who could act as a temporary messenger was the memory-less man, so he stumbled to read the words on the ground, “She said, Mr. Shen stood on the stone ruins in the distance, as if he saw something, he didn’t go over, only stood there dazed.”

“Staring at the ruins in the distance, that means, he can’t hear what I say here, right?” Cheng Xiangwen nodded in satisfaction, “That’s good!”

Qian Min tilted his head, not understanding Cheng Xiangwen’s meaning.

“Your breathing rate is already normal, congratulations, you have conquered your own disease? What a tenacious person.” Cheng Xiangwen made a gesture of congratulations, “Although you try to make yourself normal, but, it doesn’t seem to be successful.”

Qian Min stood up sharply, [Did you actually think I was a thief all along?]

“You’re asking me if I think you’re the thief, aren’t you?” Cheng Xiangwen snapped his fingers, “Yes, that’s what I think.”

Qian Min looked at Cheng Xiangwen with wide eyes, she kept shaking her head, her breath began to catch, her whole body looked extraordinarily wretched, as if she was having a heart attack due to the violent stimulation. The man whose memory was stolen backed up in bewilderment, not understanding what was happening here at all.

“Did I tell you before that your breathing rate is low?” Cheng Xiangwen smirked and said, “Actually no, what breathing rate is low, you weren’t breathing at all. After we ran, I didn’t hear your breathing at all, so that’s why you have to remember your settings when you disguise yourself as a human, otherwise it’s easy to be recognized. People like Shen Si won’t care about the contradictory points on you, but that doesn’t mean he won’t put it in his heart. Tell you what, he won’t be surprised if either of us is blown out as a thief, but unfortunately, it looks like you’re the thief.”

Qian Min gritted her teeth fiercely as she stared at Cheng Xiangwen, finally grabbing him by the collar as the crumbling air sounds continued to reach Cheng Xiangwen’s eardrums.

“You’re asking me for evidence? Evidence, no, that’s why I didn’t say it in front of Shen Si.” Cheng Xiangwen swept Qian Min’s hand away from his collar, “After all, Shen Si is someone I admire very much and had to make a guess in his absence, Miss Thief. Don’t like the title? Then explain why you’re not breathing.” Cheng Xiangwen laughed heartily, “A heart attack, no matter how amazing, doesn’t act normally when you’re not breathing, does it?”

Qian Min coldly stared at Cheng Xiangwen, pushed Cheng Xiangwen out, and if eyes could kill, Cheng Xiangwen would’ve been killed by her a million times.

This guy had a smile on his face, but nobody knew what he was thinking!

On the other hand, outside the playfield, He Xin observed the playfield data, not long ago, the playfield data suddenly fluctuated. This fluctuation was very strange, and gradually deviated from the data they collected before.

At this time He Xin suddenly remembered the rumors he heard in the unlimited flow world.

「Some playfields can evolve.」

Just like Survivor’s ability, some playfields would have the characteristics of evolution, especially those playfields whose game mode was very fixed, occasionally there would be a sudden change mode in the game, which was often a sign of playfield evolution.

Could this playfield be this type?

Damn, if so, this playfield’s danger would be greatly increased.

“Team Leader!” Wu Qiu ran over, her movements panicked, and she tripped over a stone while running over, the whole person fell to the ground, tears emerging from the pain, but she didn’t pay attention to her injury and hurriedly got up from the ground. Wu Qiu rushed to He Xin’s side, “Team Leader, big discovery!”


“We found a female while testing data around the playfield!” Wu Qiu’s voice flew, “The female was already unconscious and in quite bad condition, we found out after investigation that her name was Qian Min, a terminal cancer patient who came to the playfield to gamble on her abilities! But she was thrown out after the playfield was opened!”

He Xin’s eyes widened slightly, “Thrown out? Is there anything missing from her?”

“No.” Wu Qiu shook her head fiercely, “But the possibility of her personal image being stolen outright cannot be ruled out!”

“You mean to say that the thief inside stole her appearance, voice and even her memories to lurk in the playfield disguised as her?” He Xin hastily opened the communication, and he once again mobilized the props to contact the three Special Unit members in the playfield.

This news must be told to them, if it was true, then this female was undoubtedly the thief. But he couldn’t reach two people in a row, and it didn’t seem to be a problem with the props, but the people inside didn’t receive the message at all.

This was bad.

The last one left was the member who had his memory stolen so he didn’t know the situation at all.

Directly dialing the communicator, it connected with a click, Wu Qiu heavily exhaled the breath she was holding. He Xin hurriedly spoke, “Hello, I am Inspection Unit Team Leader He Xin, do not get excited, first listen to me.”

“Team Leader He?” Shen Si’s voice came from the other end.

“Shen Si?” He Xin froze for a moment, after a moment he remembered that Wu Qiu told this man to find Shen Si. It looks like the man lost his memory, but as a Survivor he wanted him to really find Shen Si, after confirming this point He Xin instantly relaxed.

It was a blessing among misfortunes.

“It’s me, the one who has this communicator is an undercover member of the Special Unit, I have configured one for each of them to be able to contact at any time. Unfortunately, the others can’t be contacted now, since Shen Si is there, this is something I will tell you, listen carefully. There is a female named Qian Min in your playfield, we found her unconscious outside the playfield, so the thief inside most likely stole her image inside.”

Shen Si was silent for a moment, and then he responded, “I already know about this.”

“Already know?”

“Mn, because I had been with her before the playfield opened.” Shen Si said, “More than that, I want to ask one thing, you have equipped all the Special Unit members who enter here with this thing, right?”

He Xin spoke very definitely, “Yes.”

“I see.” Shen Si sighed, “The thief is Qian Min, this gentleman who lost his memory is a member of the Special Unit, and then…”

With a beeping sound, the communication with the outside world was disconnected, no more sound came, so Shen Si put the tool down, then looked behind him. Cheng Xiangwen lying on his side on the ground breathing heavily, his face was pale and looked very sick. He looked very uncomfortable, a discomfort that made him stifle his painful cries even though he was unconscious.

“So then, who are you again?”


Cheng Xiangwen woke up unable to distinguish whether it was day or night, because he could not see, there was only darkness in front of him, and he didn’t know where this place was, he could only make as much noise as he could, “Here…”

“You’re awake?” Shen Si sat not far from Cheng Xiangwen, staring at Cheng Xiangwen who was struggling, his dark eyes were calm.

Cheng Xiangwen paused, turned his head and listened to the sound, making sure that Shen Si was the only one here before he shook his head, “Mr. Shen, that Qian Min…”

“Is the thief, right?” Shen Si leaned against the stone, his voice as light as ever, “When I came back I saw you and that amnesiac gentleman lying on the ground, Qian Min had disappeared, so when you think about it, a lot of things are actually quite coincidental. For example, after you said she was breathing at a very low rate when the person who had her skin stolen and was still able to walk came up, Qian Min has been saying that person must be the thief, just after I told her about some playfields being too easy when the rules change, and, Tang Nan is the only one who was stolen second thing in Karma Fire Heaven.”

Not to mention… Only Qian Min, who had seen his ability, could have stolen his past with precision.

“Escaped?” Cheng Xiangwen sat up, he kept coughing, his mouth smelling badly of blood, “But it’s good, we know who the thief is, now we just have to focus on finding her and all of this will be solved!”

“Hmm.” Shen Si responded, “How are you doing?”

“Probably… Cough… Having my health stolen.” Cheng Xiangwen coughed until tears were coming out of his eyes, he wiped a handful of tears with his sleeve, his voice breaking, “Annoyed because of being exposed, I guess, cough, as if to make me feel the pain of the disease as well. Really didn’t expect that a playfield’s main consciousness thief would be like this, cough, not much better than a child.”

Shen Si looked at him, and was able to see that when Cheng Xiangwen was coughing, there was blood being coughed out by him, the blood at the corner of his mouth looked very gruesome.

Walking to Cheng Xiangwen’s side and handing him what was in his hand, Shen Si spoke, “Take this.”

“What?” Cheng Xiangwen took the object, fumbled with it, and stopped when he felt a protrusion, “This… is the thing of the man whose memory was stolen before, right? What’s the point of giving me this?”

“This is the prop from the Special Unit configured for each Special Unit member, and can contact the outside world.” Shen Si’s voice was calm, as if he was just saying ‘let’s eat noodles tonight’, but the contrast between this flat tone and the content produced a stiffness that was hard to describe.

The object in his hand fell to the ground, and Cheng Xiangwen covered his mouth as blood seeped out of his fingers, “Special Unit issued to each Special Unit member… Cough… Prop?”

“Mn, I confirmed it with Team Leader He just now.” Shen Si turned his head to look at Cheng Xiangwen beside him, “So, Mr. Cheng, why don’t you recognize what this item is? You’re not even a member of the Special Unit, right?”

Cheng Xiangwen lowered his hand, blood etched on his palm, and after a moment he laughed, his laughter loud and unrestrained, like a small child who got the perfect toy, with total joy. “Oops, still found out? Special Unit props, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. That’s right, I’m really not from the Special Unit.”

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Big shocker! Gosh so many things revealed! That guy isn’t even from the Special Unit, what more will be revealed?

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April 15, 2021 2:00 pm

Who are you Cheng Xiangwen??🤔
Hopefully not one of those stalkers trying to get him to join their organization.

Now thinking back, it’s actually weird that he recognized ShenSi by his voice. The special team members have never met him so they should only know what he looks like not what he sounds like.

April 15, 2021 11:44 pm

They’ve identified the thief, now they have to catch her and get back what was stolen, but with the latest development, I bet it won’t be that easy. Thank you for the chapter!!!

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June 1, 2021 1:43 pm

I’d make an utterly crap detective 😉
I knew Cheng Xiangwen wasn’t Special Unit, because he couldn’t be undercover in a group not in the playfield.
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If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship Em
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