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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Who won the game between Jiang Yu and Cha Li in the end, Shen Si didn’t know. He also didn’t intend to pay attention to it. The Special Unit had been waiting over there, no matter who won, it would be reported as soon as they came out.

At this time the Special Unit was still dealing with the Survivors from the playfield who came back from the dead. The number of those people was no less than a few hundred, each one was a Survivor, and for their data archiving, there were some problems in the process of sorting everything out. There were some very difficult to handle people, who didn’t give a damn about the Special Unit, and even tried to break out directly, also injuring a few people.

Of course, the result was that those people were caught by the Special Unit and locked up in a special room to reflect.

After cleaning up the mess, Ning Yangze scratched his head and went back to his office.

“Xia LeYu what are you looking at?” Ning Yangze walked over to him, “Have you compiled the files of those people yet?”

“It’s too much, I only finished half of it.” Xia LeYu handed the half he did to Ning Yangze, “I was just looking at Shen Si’s profile, like what playfields he’s been in and such.”

“Hmm?” Ning Yangze’s hand turned as he flipped through the information, and he padded over, “What are you looking at this for?”

Xia LeYu leaned back in his chair, and was silent for a few seconds before speaking, “Ceramics, flowers, dreams, time, followed by dummies, thieves and cards, these are already seven playfields. If we count according to Survivor’s ranking, he is now considered a C-Rank Survivor. “

“Compared to this standard, his ability is already approaching an S-Rank Survivor’s,” Ning Yangze made it to the chair next to Xia LeYu, he leaned back in the chair with a tired face, “He Xin talked to me about this before. He said Shen Si’s ability is evolving too fast, and if he continues to grow at this rate, his body may not be able to cope.”

“So why?” Xia LeYu had doubt in his voice, “Why would Shen Si enter so many playfields in such a short period of time and grow in strength in such a short time?”

“Is it because of luck?”

“Team Leader He has done experiments regarding that.” Xia LeYu shook his head, “At that time, Team Leader He was worried that it was because of this luck problem, so he gave Shen Si some tests about luck, which included spinning, lottery and even drawing lots, but Shen Si’s luck was that of a normal person’s, maybe a little better.”

Ning Yangze laughed out loud, “He Xin has done such tests? He also really does whatever comes to his mind.”

“So why on earth would Shen Si be different from others?”

“That’s a question no one but himself probably knows.” Ning Yangze reached out and patted Xia LeYu’s shoulder, “Don’t care too much about these things, according to what we already know now, one is that Shen Si is not a Survivor, and two is that Shen Si and we have a very good working relationship with each other, so trust him. Since he says it’s okay, let’s not doubt him.”

Xia LeYu looked at Ning Yangze, and after a moment he smiled and nodded his head, then continued his own work.

Yeah, just believe.

Standing up and pouring a glass of water from the water fountain, Ning Yangze tilted his head and finished the water, then he exhaled and craned his stiff neck.

In fact, not only Xia LeYu thinks so, many higher ups have a lot of speculation about Shen Si, how he was an ordinary person but had the ability to compare to an S-Rank Survivor, and even entered playfields many times. Many people have speculated whether Shen Si had some connection with the world of unlimited flow that even he didn’t know about, and some even proposed to put Shen Si under house arrest and do in-depth examination and research.

These radical suggestions were all blocked by He Xin, who was convinced that Shen Si had absolutely nothing to do with the unlimited flow world, and was also very unhappy with those radical suggestions.

This was the real world, and they lived by laws, so since Shen Si didn’t do anything bad, just casually coming up with house arrest research was simply unreasonable.

Pouring water into Xia LeYu’s cup next to him, Ning Yangze brought it to Xia LeYu’s table.

“Remember to drink some water, no need to be in a hurry. Don’t be so busy that you forget to even eat.”

Xia LeYu gave Ning Yangze an ok gesture, then continued to investigate the information, the hundreds of Survivor’s information needed to be carefully compared. Xia LeYu’s job was to integrate their previous missing information with the people, to determine their identity and then investigate whether they had previous convictions.

Now the Survivors were more stable, they lived quietly, only some people in the organization were still arrogant, but there was the Special Unit that would pressure them so they didn’t dare to make trouble. These hundreds of Survivors had to realize social order and were now stabilized again. An alarm began to blare and the room began to shake. 

Ning Yangze and Xia LeYu froze for a moment, they quickly rushed out of the office, heard the alarm Special Unit members had long since fled, and before they ran out, the whole building was shaking, Xia LeYu teetered and his glasses were directly thrown off.

“Ugh? Glasses!”

Before Xia LeYu could touch his glasses, the shaking stopped and Ning Yangze picked up Xia LeYu’s glasses and shoved them to him, then ran to direct the members of the Special Unit to evacuate collectively.

Just downstairs, Ning Yangze received a large number of messages. It turned out that not only here, most of the country felt this earthquake. The intensity of the earthquake was not too big, and the duration was only five seconds, but immediately after Ning Yangze received the news that not only domestic, foreign countries also had the same earthquake.

“How can there be such a wide range of earthquakes?” Ning Yangze looked at the message and frowned.

Xia LeYu looked helplessly at his glasses that had cracked, and only after hearing Ning Yangze’s voice did he glance towards Ning Yangze’s side, and after seeing the news he frowned slightly. “This kind of widespread earthquake actually happened once before.”

“When did it happen, how come I don’t know?”

“Team Leader it’s normal for you not to know because you’re a Survivor,” Xia LeYu shook his head, “October 2030, this was the first major worldwide earthquake we experienced.”

Ning Yangze froze for a moment, “You’re saying…”

“Yes, on the day the unlimited flow world collapsed and Survivors returned, there was such an earthquake.”

The weather was still cold, so cold that it seemed as if a breath could be frozen, Ning Yangze and Xia LeYu looked at each other, and after a moment he turned to call someone.

Whether it was the earthquake or the current climate was just a little too off, he wondered if anything was detected on He Xin’s end. He now had a very uneasy feeling about what to do if any more conditions arose, like a news that was even worse than a playfield opening in reality.


The earthquake sent everyone in the neighborhood running down, they stood outside shivering, but didn’t dare to go back, who knows if the earthquake would continue after that.

Shen Si stood at the edge of the site, next to a bench that no one was sitting on, not that the people present were not tired of standing, but because the material of this bench was iron, after sitting down the whole person’s buttocks could be frozen. A few people tried but the result was that they’d cover their buttocks, and no one came to sit again.

“Can’t go back?” Jian Nian stood beside Shen Si frowning. The weather was too cold and with his temperature perception back, he was not very resistant to cold, and wanted to get back into their nest.

“No, generally speaking, an earthquake will produce aftershocks, if you go up now you might not be able to avoid it.” Shen Si looked at him, “Is it very cold?”

“Fine.” Jian Nian pulled on his jacket, “It’s not particularly cold.”

Shen Si pulled his hand out of his pocket, and the moment he held his hand, Shen Si suspected that he was holding a piece of ice, emitting cold air from the inside out.

“It wasn’t like this in the past winters, was it?” Jian Nian looked up at the sky, his voice was small, as if he was talking to himself, “Although I haven’t been back for three years, I remember that the winter when I was a child was cold, but it wasn’t so cold that it was like being completely frozen the moment I take out my hand.”

“This year is indeed a bit colder.” Shen Si clutched his hand, “The temperature has been strange since about October.”

First it was inexplicably extremely hot, then it became extremely cold overnight after the Survivor’s return, getting colder and colder as time passed. He heard that it was even snowing heavily in the South, it was a completely weird situation, and the experts who studied meteorology didn’t say a word about it, only that it was a new weather phenomenon and needed to be observed.

At this time, Shen Si cell phone rang. Shen Si endured the cold to take the phone out of the pocket. It was a text message notification.

There were still people sending messages via text?

Tapping on the text message, there was no number displayed on it, and the content was only one sentence.

【Join the Underworld Trade Union and you will find the answer. ——Right】

“Who’s this?” Jian Nian came over to look at the phone screen, “Right?”

“I don’t know.” Shen Si replied to this text message, asking who he was and what answers he was looking for, but the phone showed a failed reply, with an unusually harsh red x sign, as if it was a game over displayed after a failed game.

【All the questions you can think of will be answered at Underworld Trade Union, no need to ask me, go ask the mirror. ——Right】

Shen Si and Jian Nian looked at each other, and after a moment Shen Si went to his address book, found Xi Luo’s number in the list of contacts that could be flipped to the bottom, and dialed out to contact his cousin whom he hadn’t contacted for a long time.

The caller answered quickly, and the voice was a little noisy, as if he was outside.

“Xi Luo?”

“There’s been an earthquake here, and it’s a mess.” Xi Luo stepped outside, “Brother, what’s the matter?”

“Are you still at the Underworld Trade Union?”

“Yes.” Xi Luo stopped in his tracks, “Is something wrong?”

Shen Si took his phone down to confirm the content of the text message again before speaking, “Are there any special mirrors in the Union?”

“Mirrors?” Xi Luo froze for a moment before he spoke, “Who told you there were special mirrors in the Underworld Trade Union, the Special Unit?”

“No, it was a person named Right who sent me a message asking me to find this mirror.” Shen Si rubbed his hands together, “What’s with that mirror? Why would this person named Right ask me to go to the Underworld Trade Union to ask this mirror a question?”

Xi Luo frowned slightly, “The mirror you are talking about may not be any special mirror, there is only one thing that is more special. There is a person in the mirror, who’s the real president of the Underworld Trade Union, other than that, that Right…”

“What’s with him?”

“He should be the guy who spread the news about you.”

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Ahh! Too many questions! What’s with this Right guy anyway? For sure I don’t know!

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The first earthquake happened when the unlimited world collapsed… Is it possible for it to regenerate itself and cause another earthquake?

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Tiramisu never_lies
Tiramisu never_lies
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