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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xie Sen soon became familiar with the feeding department. To his surprise, he originally thought there was no chance to gain energy from feeding the contract beasts. He hadn’t expected to gain much.

Each type of contract beast had a special feeder, and they were usually competent to do the job, but the process was always tortuous. After all, beasts were always lacking in reason when they saw food. With the help of Xie Sen, the feeding jobs became easier, faster and didn’t require having to fight with the contract beasts, not to mention being squeezed and played with by the contract beasts.

So every feeder gave back energy to Xie Sen.

Xie Sen looked at the energy value of twenty-one in the System when he left work, and smiled with a happy face.

Sun Mao was surprised to see him like this. Feeding work was considered physical work, especially for Xie Sen who was feeding contract beasts above B class. The amount of food was amazing, and even scooping the food wasn’t easy.

Xie Sen’s figure was petite in a pile of tall male beasts. Sun Mao thought he would be able to bear it, and hadn’t expected him to be busy all afternoon, then still able to smile so brightly.

Sun Mao patted Xie Sen’s shoulder and praised him, “Good job!”

Xie Sen immediately said, “I will continue to work hard.”

Xie Sen went straight back to the apartment after work. Gold Medal wasn’t far from Maine’s apartment. When he went back, it wasn’t yet six o’clock, and Maine wasn’t yet back. He grabbed some jerky, and ate it as he walked into the kitchen to make dinner.

He put down the knife, washed his hands, and came out of the kitchen with a smile when he saw Maine, “You’re back!”

Maine’s footsteps stopped. His eyes looked towards Xie Sen, and his expression drifted for a moment. It was the first time someone said that to him. He smiled. “Mn. Cooking?”

Xie Sen didn’t answer, but ran to him, and pointed to the thin wound on the left side of his neck. He asked anxiously, “What’s going on?”

He hadn’t been hurt at all before he left home, had he really been in a fight?

Xie Sen came closer. He realized that Maine’s body smelled faintly of blood, but since Maine was wearing all black, except for his exposed neck, it was impossible to tell where he was injured.

Maine’s finger casually traced along the injury, not too concerned. “It’s okay. It will be fine tomorrow.”

“What’s going on? Did you get into a fight? Where else did you get hurt? It smells like blood.” Xie Sen asked with a serious face.

Maine lifted his arm and smelled it. He couldn’t help but frown. “I didn’t fight with anyone. It’s not my blood. I’m going to take a shower.”

Xie Sen pulled him back. “Speak clearly.”

He was fuming inside. If Maine really was already doing bad things in the dark, was he going to go after him?

Maine turned sideways, looked at Xie Sen’s hand holding his arm, and saw his worried face. He raised an eyebrow. “Afraid I’m hurt?”

He grabbed Xie Sen’s arm with his back hand, and pulled him forward with a slight force.

Xie Sen stumbled forward a step, as Maine lowered his head. The distance between them was instantly very close. Maine’s voice was much lighter than usual, “Why are you so worried about me?”

Xie Sen looked at the handsome face, distorted by the close proximity, and listened to his light as a feather question. His heartbeat lost its rhythm for some reason, and heat suddenly rose up in his face.

“I’m…I’m…We’re friends!” Xie Sen said quickly, as his eyes wandered, and just wouldn’t look at Maine. “You’re my brother. Of course I care about you!”

“You…” Maine said a word and suddenly stopped. His eyes were complex as he looked at Xie Sen. “Brother? How long have I been a brother? In a couple of days, will you be able to call someone else a brother? Just like you are doing to me now?”

“Of course it’s forever brother. Even if we meet other friends, we are still brothers!”

Maine dropped his hand, and said indifferently, “You don’t need a brother or other friends.” After he said that, he went to his room.

Xie Sen looked at the closed door and froze. What did that mean? What was the meaning of this? If you played with me in elementary school, you’re not allowed to play with others?

This…Although he only had Maine as a friend now, who had only one friend in his life? There was something wrong with Maine’s idea!

He stood there for a while, then thought about dinner. He hurried to the kitchen, and wondered about how to get Maine to change his mind about friends while he made dinner. When dinner was ready, he suddenly realized. No, he was the one who asked Maine what he had done this afternoon.

The most important thing was whether Maine had done something bad!

He took the dinner out, and put some jerky strips on a plate between the two roasts, just as Maine came out of the room. He had changed into light gray pajamas, and looked very casual.

Xie Sen looked at the side of his neck. The wound was much lighter, and had obviously been treated.

“What’s this?” Maine pointed to the spicy jerky.

“Spicy jerky. It tastes good, try it.” Xie Sen looked at him expectantly.

Maine took a bite. Unprepared, as it was his first time eating spicy food, he coughed from the spice. His fair face tinged with red, his eyes floated with a layer of water and he looked awful.

Xie Sen was dumbfounded, but quickly recovered and handed him a glass of water. “Drink some water to ease the pain.”

Maine drank several sips of water, and was surprised when he recovered, “Is this spicy? It’s delicious!”

Xie Sen laughed, “Well, it’s not the spiciest.” One chili pepper made three pounds of meat, so the spiciness had been diluted a lot.

Maine continued to eat. His lips were red from the spice. Xie Sen ate the roast meat. He looked at him every now and then, and thought, This guy is too good-looking, he wants to…kiss and bite!


“Bang…” Xie Sen realized what he was thinking, slapped one hand on the table and stood up violently.

Maine looked at him in surprise. “What’s wrong?”

Xie Sen didn’t dare to look at him. His eyes swept to the plate with the spicy jerky, and reached out to pick up the plate. “You have an injury. You can’t eat it. Spicy food isn’t good for the wound.”

Maine wasn’t satisfied. The more he ate, the more he wanted to eat, so while he was eating, he said, “I said it’s fine.” He tilted his head, and showed the side of his injured neck. “Look. It’s already healed.”

He was wearing a loose pajama top, the top of which was unbuttoned, and his collarbone was fully exposed.

It was almost seductive.

Ahhhhh, Xie Sen was frantic, What was he thinking? This was a man of more than 1.9 meters! A man! Male!

“Bang…” Xie Sen put the tray down, sat, buried his head and continued to eat. He was determined not to look up at the opposite side.

Maine was satisfied and continued to eat the spicy jerky. As he ate, he noticed that something was wrong with Xie Sen. He knocked on the table. “Are you angry? I said the wound is fine.”

When he mentioned the wound, Xie Sen remembered that he still had something to ask. “How did you get the wound?”

Maine was silent for a moment. “Confidential.”

Xie Sen looked up. “Did you do something bad? Do something illegal?”

Maine wiped his hands with paper, took a sip of water, and spoke half-heartedly, “Afraid of being involved with me? You can always move out.”

Xie Sen clenched his fist, that’s an admission that he had really done something bad or illegal!

He was simply too late to stop him from blackening, so he could only nip it in the bud.

“You tell me, what did you do?” Xie Sen asked, and expected that maybe things weren’t the worst they could be.

In the book, Maine ended up working with the beasts to attack Brandt Star. The beasts were on another planet. Maine, at this time, wouldn’t have left Brandt Star and would not have been in contact with the beasts.

Maine didn’t answer. It was obvious that he was serious about keeping secrets.

Xie Sen was so angry with him, but there was no way to make him say it. He bit hard into the roast meat, as he thought about the scene of Brandt Star being attacked by the beasts. He stared at his plate. Did he really have to do it before it was too late?

While he finished eating, he was so preoccupied with cleaning up his plate, that Maine raised his hand to stop him. “I’ll clean up.”

Xie Sen waited for him to enter the kitchen. He looked at the glass of water on the table, and took out a small white pill box from his pocket. Inside was Gold Medal’s contract beast germ elimination pills. All he had to do was dissolve it in water. Touching it was fine, drinking would be poison.

This was what he had secretly hid in case Maine went black, so he could kill in the cradle the culprit who would later bring disaster to Brandt Star Star.

He dragged the glass of water in front of him, and squeezed the box tightly with his right hand. He thought back to the doomsday scenario of the alien invasion, and tried to cheer himself up. Yet he couldn’t make up his mind to open the lid when he thought about how the other party was Maine.

“What are you doing?” His right wrist was suddenly squeezed by a heavy hand, and Maine’s stern, questioning voice rang in his ears.

Xie Sen’s hand loosened in pain. The box fell down, and was picked up by Maine.

Maine held the pill box in front of his eyes, and read the instructions carefully. His face became more and more ugly.

Xie Sen was in a panic. How could he explain?

Before he could say anything, Maine slammed the box onto the ground, grabbed his shoulders with both hands, and looked at him with a cold face. “You want to kill yourself again? Don’t you have anything else to do but try to kill yourself every day? If you want to die, why do you want to stick to me? Do you think it’s fun to fool people?”

Maine’s voice wasn’t warm at all, and his eyes were staring at him as if he had seen a fierce beast that was about to pounce on his enemy the next moment.

Xie Sen froze, and subconsciously explained, “I didn’t…I didn’t try to kill myself.”

“Why did you take out that medicine if you didn’t want to kill yourself?” Maine took a deep breath. “This morning I saw that you were all right. I thought you had regretted your attempted suicide after diving into the water, so I didn’t even mention it for fear of provoking you, but I didn’t expect that you hadn’t given up the idea yet.”

“Suicide diving?”

“You don’t know how to swim. Since you jumped into the pool, what other reason would there be other than you trying to kill yourself? First you jumped off a building, then you jumped into the water, and now you’re taking pills…” Maine paused, and grabbed his shoulders with a firm grip. “No, you can’t do this. You must see a psychiatrist. You must have a mental illness.”

He let go of Xie Sen’s shoulders, and turned to pull Xie Sen’s arm. “I’ll take you to the hospital now. If you don’t get cured, you might succeed in killing yourself sometime. You’re too dangerous.”

Xie Sen simply cried and laughed, as he grabbed the corner of the table to prevent himself from being pulled away. “I’m fine. I don’t have a mental illness, and I don’t need to go to the hospital.”

“Let go. You have to go.”

Xie Sen’s strength was no match for him, not to mention the fact that it was hard to pull the corner of the table, so he dragged him out.

Xie Sen couldn’t do anything about Maine’s insistence, so he looked at his clothes and said, “You’re still in your pajamas!”

Maine moved a little. He seemed too worried that Xie Sen would try to kill himself again, so he kept pulling Xie Sen, first to the corner to pick up the pill box, and then he dragged Xie Sen to his bedroom.

The main color of his bedroom was gray and white, and the arrangement was simple and clean.

“Stand here. Don’t move.” Maine took him to the closet, let go of his hand, casually took out a set of dark purple clothes from the closet and threw them on the bed, then began to unbutton his pajamas.

His firm chest was gradually revealed without the cover of the clothes. Maine kept staring at Xie Sen while he was unbuttoning the clothes, as if he was worried that he would run away. Xie Sen’s heart beat faster and faster as Maine stared at him, and he became more and more panicked, as more and more of his body was revealed.

The next moment he was caught by Maine. “Where are you going?”

Xie Sen screamed in his heart, if he stayed any longer, he wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to jump on him!


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This is the guy that was soooo straight like 3 chapters ago?? Xie Sen is killing me tbh

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Thanks for translating and editing.

January 23, 2022 4:15 pm

Xie sen character is really interesting. Maybe caused by apocalypse age, he just dont have any shame? At least in his monologue. And soon might carry it into action.

January 23, 2022 10:32 pm

Xie Sen, do you still think you are a male, as in the male for this world? If you do, think again, honey. And I totally agree with Maine, seeing those pills and knowing Xie Sen’s previous offences, I would assume the same.

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Sue R
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