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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xie Sen looked at the contract beasts, who were echoing and praising the giant leopard beast for its good idea, then looked speechlessly at the sky. These contract beasts were really smart! This was a human city, not a forest, so how could it be that easy to move? This group of contract beasts together on the street would cause a sensation. He said seriously, “This won’t work.”

“You don’t believe I can remember the way?” The giant black leopard beast looked at him in disappointment.

Little Spot came close to his head, “Brother is superb. I’m sure he can remember!”

The giant black leopard beast said, “Why don’t you come along? We can both remember for sure.”

Xie Sen cried and laughed as he watched the contract beasts try to nominate themselves, then quickly said, “It’s not that I don’t trust the giant leopard beast. On the contrary, I believe that you will have no problem moving on your own, but not with your identities. You are contract beasts, and senior contract beasts. If any one of you appears on the street, you will attract attention. If you move together, it will cause traffic jams!”

The giant black leopard beast tilted its head and suggested, “Then we use the roar to scare them away? Make them afraid to look at us?”

“No,” Xie Sen rubbed its fleshy paws. That was an even worse idea. If that happened, the masses might think the contract beasts were going to attack humans! “I’d like to get some help. If I’m not back by the time the new place is built, I’ll have someone bring you there.”

“Are they reliable? Or would you rather take me there?” The giant leopard said.

Xie Sen said, “Absolutely reliable!”

Xie Sen directly contacted Xu Da. During this period of time, Maine and Long Teng had been together at Long Yu’s villa for practice, while he accompanied Maine on the weekend. Xu Da has been left alone. He was very idle every day, and only occasionally ran to the Plant Research Institute to see the progress of the plant research. When Xie Sen thought of looking for someone to help, his first thought was him.

Xu Da listened to him, and immediately agreed with great enthusiasm. With great speed, he rushed to Zone 4-5 to meet the contract beasts.

“Hahahaha, I’ve wanted to come and see them for a long time! It’s amazing. They look so docile!” Xu Da was very amazed.

Xie Sen laughed and introduced him to the different contract beasts. Then he said, “They can understand what you say. Just hire Gold Medal’s largest shuttles when you move.” Then he sent the floor plan of the contract beasts’ new residence to Xu Da. “Please just send them there. They will know where they live when they get there.”

Xu Da was surprised, “So smart?”

Xie Sen smiled. “Mn, they all have a high IQ.”

Xu Da laughed. “It’s easy. I’ll take care of it.”

Xie Sen also instructed the contract beasts to listen to Xu Da’s arrangements, and the contract beasts happily agreed now that they knew that the move wouldn’t be delayed.

After the arrangements were made, Xie Sen and Xu Da left Zone 4-5. Xu Da went back to his place, while Xie Sen contacted Maine. He told him that the contract beasts would move on time on the twentieth, and asked about the feeding robots.

Maine said, “The design has been handed over to Huo Feng, and the work will be done before the twentieth.”

Xie Sen said, “That’s good.”

Maine said, “I’ll be right there to pick you up. It’s almost time.”

Xie Sen looked at the time. It was almost five o’clock, and their pre-departure briefing was scheduled for 5:30 at Long Yu’s villa. He said, “Okay, I’ve taken care of it.”

The two arrived at Long Yu’s villa before 5:30. Long Teng was staying there, while Bai Jiao and Liu Shen, the captain Long Teng had found, also arrived a short while later. The five people who were going to the small planet together sat in a circle on the sofa.

Liu Shen was tall and thin, with dark skin, tidy and of few words. He sent the route to everyone’s bracelet, and reminded them one last time of the various supplies they needed to bring. After making sure there were no errors, he confirmed the entire itinerary and then said, “See you at the spaceport tomorrow morning at eight o’clock.”


At eight o’clock the next day, everyone gathered at the spaceport private ship docking area. Behind them was a small round ship with a flying black dragon painted on the side.

Liu Shen took the lead and walked into the ship, which was divided into an operations area, rest area, fitness area, and dining area. Liu Shen said, “A’Teng and I will go to the cockpit. The rest of you may do as you please. Food will be sent at meal times. Maine and A’Teng will switch places tomorrow.”

This was the long-discussed arrangement. Liu Shen would stay in the cockpit, but he needed rest. Long Teng and Maine would switch to ensure their safety.

Liu Shen and Long Teng went to the cockpit, Bai Jiao said, “I’m going back to the lounge to study herbs. Call me if anything happens.”

Xie Sen nodded and went to the rest area with Maine, who sat on the sofa to design software while Xie Sen trained his plants. He summoned all of them, and ordered them to follow various commands.

The plants started off in a mess, with potatoes being reduced to plugs by rice, peppers being tied up by watermelon vines halfway through… All kinds of situations. After two hours, they were finally able to attack together, without interfering with each other as they provided mutual support.

Xie Sen then sat back on the couch and opened the System panel. Currently, he had 678/800 energy. There was more than 100 needed to activate the fifth plant. He wasn’t in a hurry now. He’d realized that if the energy reached 800, the plant would automatically activate, then the energy would be immediately consumed, and his available energy would go back to zero.

No energy meant that he couldn’t redeem plants to fight, which was very dangerous for him. Also his body was now in a healthy state, and he was on the way to find wood energy. For the time being, whether or not to activate the fifth plant didn’t matter to him at all.

On the contrary, it was safest for him not to activate it. He had enough energy to use, and even provide food.

Of course, he wouldn’t waste it freely. According to his previous experience, Adam’s ability to feel the position of the next energy would likely require activating the fifth plant. The more energy he left, the easier it would be when he wanted to activate it.

The journey to the small planet was long, but not at all difficult. On the contrary, it was very pleasant. Long Teng was the happiest of all. He had no idea that he would be able to eat so much good food on the ship every day!

For breakfast, there was a delicious white porridge with spicy shredded potatoes and fried meat. For lunch and dinner, there was potato stew, fried meat with peppers, shredded potatoes with white rice, and snacks of spicy dried meat and potato sticks. There was also watermelon once a day!

When he wasn’t driving, he couldn’t help but follow the smell to the kitchen at noon, eager to eat something, but Tuan Tuan kept a close watch and wouldn’t let him steal it.

When it was his turn to drive, he couldn’t sit still when it was time to eat, and frequently contacted Xie Sen to ask when he could eat. Sometimes Xie Sen was asked so anxiously, that he simply had Bai Jiao deliver the meal to him first. Then when Liu Shen was eating, he would find himself missing a dish, and there was another fuss.

The atmosphere on the ship was relaxed and pleasant, and by the fourth night, it was finally time they reached their destination. Everyone gathered in the cockpit. Xie Sen looked at the screen directly in front of him, with the three large spheres on it. He asked Adam, “Can you determine which one it is now?”

“Just a moment…” Xie Sen’s right shoulder burned slightly, and before long Adam said, “The closest one.”

Xie Sen laughed. “That’s right, the closest one is the green one.”

Liu Shen said, “Take your seats. We’re about to land.”

The landing process was bumpy and took a long time. Gradually, outside the window, the planets of other colors moved away and turned into stars that hung above the black curtain. The ship’s mechanical beep came. “The ship’s external information measurement results: oxygen concentration 20%, real-time temperature 24 °, humidity 42%. Whether to land?”

Liu Shen said, “Landing.”

Bai Jiao laughed, “Perfectly in line with an environment for biological survival. The planet is likely to have highly intelligent creatures.”

The ship descended quickly, and came with a feeling of dizziness. Not long after, the ship’s mechanical beep sounded, “Encountered obstacles. Now changing direction.”

Liu Shen operated the spaceship. He opened the ship’s exterior lights, and frowned at the ground of the planet below. The ship flew around for a while, then finally found flat ground. He turned off the lights, and guided them to a glide landing.

The moment he landed, the screen in front of the spaceship suddenly lit up with light, followed by brighter and brighter light. The group could clearly see the situation outside.

Xie Sen looked at the tall men with torches in surprise. At a glance, there were at least a dozen of them. Each one comparable to a top model, with solid muscles and full of strength.

But… Why are they all wrapped only in a layer of animal skin?

“Wow! So cool!” Long Teng shouted excitedly.

However, the people outside were obviously not excited. Their faces were filled with anger and fear. They waved their torches, and shouted at the spaceship. Some even tried to throw their torches over, but another person stopped them.

Bai Jiao appeared surprised. “Judging by their dress, they seem to be in the primitive period.”

Xie Sen agreed, “I think so too.” Torches and animal skins. There was no better explanation for this than a primitive period.

Maine said, “Should we go down? They may make a move.”

Liu Shen said, “After four days of continuous navigation, we have to find a place to check the ship. The environment here is right, and it’s not easy to find another landing site. I suggest saving energy.”

Adam said in Xie Sen’s head, “I can feel the wood energy, it’s two hundred and eighty kilometers to the east!” Xie Sen looked towards the east, but it was so dark that he couldn’t see anything.

After some discussion, they quickly made the decision to get off the ship so they could learn about the planet from the indigenous people.

The man at the front had a golden roaring lion with a big mouth on his chest, short blond hair and strong features. He asked loudly, “You are?”

Xie Sen’s eyes lit up with joy. It was good to be able to communicate.

Long Teng looked at them curiously, and smiled. “We are Brandt Star aliens here to play with you.”

“No,” the short blond man chided. “This is not the place to play. You guys get out of here!”

“How can that be?” Long Teng scratched the back of his head. “We just got here. We haven’t seen anything yet.”

“Chief,” at that moment, a man ran up from behind the short blond man. His voice was anxious, “Kabu’s whole body is feverish. The Beast God is taking him away!”

“Kabu!” The leading man’s face changed abruptly. His lips trembled, then he warned Xie Sen and the others, “Hurry up and leave. If you don’t leave, you’ll all die. The Beast God is already angry!”

With that, he turned and ran back the way he came. The man who came with him also looked anxious, but didn’t leave. He stood in the same place, and watched Xie Sen and the others warily.


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Save Kabu, placate the Beast God, obtain energy and get back to the family and new home!
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