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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


After Xie Sen said they wanted to stay, the attendant warmly took them to the elevator. “The fifth floor is the accommodation department. Have a nice stay.”

Maine and Long Teng took their contract beasts back to their space buckles, and they entered the elevator. The attendant pressed the floor and the up button for them, then exited the elevator, and waited for them to go upstairs before he returned to his original position.

Long Teng was curious. “A’Sen, when did you read the publicity? You want to buy a shell?”

The elevator reached the fifth floor almost in the blink of an eye. Xie Sen looked around. There were surveillance cameras in all four corners of the elevator, “We’ll talk later.”

He felt it. From the first to the fifth floor, he was getting closer and closer to Little Silver, so he didn’t get out of the elevator. He looked at the elevator buttons. The highest floor was eighty-eight, and he pressed it. No response.

Maine came closer and examined it. “The buttons above the eightieth floor are equipped with micro-scanning devices, which should require permission.”

Xie Sen smiled, and directly pressed the seventy-ninth floor. The elevator rose rapidly. The higher the floor, the higher the temperature of Xie Sen’s right shoulder. When the elevator stopped, he subconsciously looked upward. Small Silver was in a still higher location.

The elevator opened, and two tall, strong adult men walked up. One was wearing a thin black jacket, the other a green one. Both were unbuttoned, without anything underneath. The two had fierce beast tattoos on their chests, then additional green tattoos on their arms, as they used their skin as a drawing board.

The two men were a little surprised to see them. They walked in and pressed the fifty-sixth floor, while Xie Sen pressed the fifth floor.

The man in the black jacket looked at him and smiled, “Little brother, why did you come up and go down again?”

Xie Sen smiled at him. He wasn’t short in modern times, but in front of the average height of more than one meter nine for males, he wasn’t tall enough to look at, so the man hadn’t seen his face at first, and only now saw him clearly.

Black eyes and black hair, white skin, with the dry and clean look of a child just out of society.

The man’s eyes changed slightly, and his smile deepened. “Little friend, is this your graduation tour? Brother is most familiar. I’ll take you to have fun,” he said, as he smiled and reached out towards Xie Sen’s shoulders. “How… Ah!”

Before he could finish the word ‘fun,’ his half-extended hand was pinched by the cold-faced Maine, and twisted in a backhand. He was completely unprepared, and his hand was instantly folded to the other side as he let out a howl of pain.

“You kid! Are you looking for death!” 

Long Teng pulled Bai Jiao behind him, and kicked out quickly. He hit the man’s knee, then turned his foot midway and kicked the black-jacketed man in the stomach.

The elevator door opened just at that moment. The two men fell out the elevator door in a pile. The people who were waiting for the elevator immediately dispersed to watch the action with curiosity.

Long Teng crossed his arms. The light in his eyes was as bright as the flying dragon beast. “If you want to fight, I’ll do it!”

The two people who had fallen to the ground jumped up like a carp, and directed fierce glares at Long Teng. “See if I don’t kill you!”

The two men raised their fists at the same time, and swung at Long Teng who was so excited. He hadn’t fought anyone in a long time! He quickly sidestepped the attack, and rushed behind the two men. Their momentum had them lunging towards the elevator, then they were dragged backwards by Long Teng’s hand on their collars. “Come back. Your opponent is me,” he shouted towards the elevator, in fear that Maine would grab them.

Maine grimaced. When Long Teng pulled the two away, then kicked another person further away from the elevator entrance, he walked out with Xie Sen in his arms. Xie Sen took Bai Jiao by the sleeve, and together, the three of them went to watch Long Teng fight.

To be more accurate, it was a one-sided beating. The two strong men weren’t weak in combat, but their opponent was Long Teng. His speed and strength were in a different category.

The crowd was simply stunned. “Oh my God, this boy is so thin. How can he be so strong? He actually grabbed the bigger man and threw him out!”

“Aren’t they the two most popular ones in the double combat arena? They can’t even beat a boy!”

“Yes, yes, it’s those two brothers! I remember there’s a match between them tonight!”

“Is there something fishy about the previous match?” Some people couldn’t help but suspect. After all, these two were beaten up too badly by Long Teng.

“They didn’t use their contract beasts! If they had summoned the contract beasts, they would have won for sure.”

As they were talking, the roar of two beasts echoed back and forth, then beside the two brothers, as they got up from the ground, stood two large contract beasts. They were covered in black hard skin, with large creased faces, and each revealed two long pointed canine teeth.

Long Teng’s eyes got brighter. He took out an arm-length knife, and stared at the two contract beasts, foolishly. However, his knife had no use.

A team of black uniformed men quickly surrounded the fighting trio plus the two contract beasts. The captain stepped out with his leather boots and a particularly ugly scowl on his face. “Phantom rules prohibit private fights, and it’s forbidden to summon contract beasts except on special occasions. You three, please come with me.”

The two jackets’ eyes flashed with panic, and they called back their contract beasts while they gave him a smile. “It’s a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding. There was no fight. Just letting the children see the contract beasts.”

Long Teng put away his knife. “No. I don’t want to see your contract beasts.” He turned towards Xie Sen and the others, but was stopped by the captain. 

“Fight violation. You need to come with me.”

Long Teng raised his hand and tried to swat him away. Xie Sen didn’t want to make a scene, and spoke, “They started it. My friend was just defending himself.”

The captain stared at Long Teng, who looked back at him with an honest gaze, not at all vain. The captain averted his eyes, glanced down to adjust the surveillance, watched it once, raised his eyes to Maine, and then looked at Long Teng.

At this point, his bracelet beeped with a message. He opened it and glanced at it, but didn’t say anything, just let his men take the jacketed men away.

Long Teng laughed, and jumped over to Bai Jiao. “Aren’t I great? Hahahaha! They’re just too easy. If only they were better.”

Onlookers. “…” Where is this monster kid from?

Someone rolled his eyes. “The first to the fifth floor is full of fighting arenas. If you like fighting, you can go to the competition. You can also win prizes!”

Long Teng waved his hand. The diamond bracelet wrapped around half of his arm reflected a dazzling light as he shifted. “I’m not interested in the prize money.”

Crowd, I want to hit someone.

Long Teng added that he felt the battlefield seemed to be quite fun, while just fighting was also very good. He tilted his head and asked, “Maine, do you want to go to play?”

Maine’s eyes shone. After having gained his contract beast, he also wanted to try his hand. However, he didn’t directly agree and said, “First check in for dinner.”

Long Teng then realized that it was getting late, and covered his stomach. “I’m hungry…”

Xie Sen gave him a funny look and went to the front desk, where he learned about the structure of the Phantom of the Sea building. There were eighty-eight floors in total. The fifth to the fifty-fifth floors being the accommodations department, while the rest of the floors were places to eat, drink and have fun.

The receptionist asked him which floor he wanted to book, and he said, “I want to stay on the fifty-fifth floor. I like the high housing, I can see farther. Please give me a king-sized room.” The higher he got, the closer he would be to Little Silver.

The attendant entered his and Maine’s information. “Your room number is 5505, swipe your bracelet to enter.”

Xie Sen checked in. Maine walked to the side and held his hand. Bai Jiao said to the attendant, “Give me a single room.”

Long Teng took him by the shoulders. “We can sleep in the same room!”

Bai Jiao looked at him, took his hand away and reminded him, “I’m a female.”

Long Teng said, “Sen is also a female, and he has always lived with Maine.”

Bai Jiao looked at him in a complicated way. “We are not like them.” Seeing that Long Teng wanted to ask more questions, he said directly, “They are a couple.” He turned to the receptionist to register, and got a single room card.

Long Teng wasn’t satisfied, and stepped forward with a puffed up face. “I want the room next to them.”

The three rooms, with Long Teng and Bai Jiao next to each other and Xie Sen’s opposite, were very close to each other. Long Teng was happy with this setup, and asked, “What are we having for dinner?”

Xie Sen said, “Why don’t we have seafood hot pot? There’s a lot of seafood here.”

The four of them left their rooms, and went straight to the hot pot on the fifty-sixth floor. Xie Sen had been eating meat for a long time, but it was the first time he had eaten seafood since he came here.

Once they filled their stomachs, the speed of eating slowed down, and the four of them had time to chat.

After he confirmed with Maine that there were no listening devices, Xie Sen whispered to Long Teng and Bai Jiao, “What I’m looking for, it’s called energy, and it’s in that shell.” He paused. “You should be able to feel it, since the animals that have come into contact with the energy, their IQ become very high.”

Long Teng quickly nodded. “Yes. Big Black is very smart, and can communicate with me!”

Xie Sen touched his right shoulder. “The pattern on my shoulder and the energy have a mutual sense. When the energy is on other creatures and hasn’t yet been retrieved by me, I can communicate with them even without contact.”

Bai Jiao immediately understood. “You know that the box holds a shell because you have communicated?”

Xie Sen nodded. “Yes, there is a big pearl inside its shell, and the energy is in the pearl. Those people caught it because of this. I have to save it. It…” Xie Sen held his forehead. “It’s been crying.”

Long Teng blinked. His eyes glowed after a while, “Cool!” He subconsciously lowered the volume of his talk. “Are we going to steal it?”

Xie Sen swept his eyes around. “If they can build this kind of building, the power behind the Phantom of the Sea must be very strong. It would be very bad for us to directly confront each other, and it would be difficult to steal it quietly. Even if we do, we probably couldn’t leave Blue.”

Bai Jiao opened the bracelet. He looked at the information on the screen. “Phantom of the Sea is the property of the Great Prince of the mermaid race. In Blue, the troublemakers are all buried in the belly of the fish.”

Maine pulled up the brochure about the giant shell. “This announcement regarding the shell was sent out not long ago, and it has generated a huge response. The Phantom of the Sea should be announcing the method of sale soon.”

Xie Sen looked at the screen. The headline was [The Pearl of the World is Now Available!] The main text was accompanied by a picture taken at the bottom of the sea. A giant silver shell more than two meters long and one meter high in the dim sea water, its two halves were opening up and down, and revealed the round pearl, about one meter in diameter, inside.

The pearl was emitting a bright silver light, and the inside of the shell was a variety of colors. With the two mixed together, it was so bright that it was dazzling.


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Sue R
March 20, 2022 1:19 pm

😆😆😆 Long Teng has a fun moment, he is such a high energetic guy very cute.
They need to plan carefully to get that pearl. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Thank you.

March 20, 2022 1:24 pm

I do feel Maine overreacted somewhat to the fighter’s disrespectful advances to Xie Sen, but then he often does! Long Teng just makes me laugh.
Hopefully he and Bai Jiao will share a room one day 😉
If Little Silver is being auctioned and they want to stay on the right side of things, I’d imagine they’ll need deep pockets ~ unless they can work a deal 🤞🤞
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 20, 2022 1:37 pm

Thanks for the chapter! 

December 18, 2022 6:28 pm

If they can’t buy the shell they should go to the buyer and offer them three chances to contract with a beast or something

April 21, 2023 11:32 am

Poor sad, captured shell. XS will save it. Somehow.

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