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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xie Sen and Maine had been going around the 81st floor for a while, but they hadn’t found the entrance and exit, and Xie Sen couldn’t tell the difference between north and south. Maine’s footsteps stopped, and he pulled Xie Sen against the wall.

“We need to find a way to get out. What if the contract beast has gone crazy and needs more medicine? It’s clearly lying there like it’s dead! If you increase the dosage, you won’t need to auction it off at night!”

“There may be some kind of misunderstanding.” Another voice. “Captain Simeon is not someone who jokes around.”

“Well, who knows! Let’s go.” The sound of footsteps was fading away.

Xie Sen let his ebony ears fungi cover the nearby cameras and poked his head out to see that there was an elevator door in the middle of the aisle on Xie Sen’s right. Two people were just leaving from that spot. One of them was wearing a white doctor’s uniform and went down another aisle to his left a short distance ahead of them.

He retracted his head and pulled off the ebony ears. In this action he had become very skilled. Before he was exposed, he would cover the lens, and once he’d passed, he wouldn’t continue to block the camera to minimize the possibility of someone discovering the monitoring wasn’t right.

He moved towards Maine. “They just went to the 82nd floor.” With a twinkle in his eye, he asked, “Can you knock him out immediately if I get him over here?”

Maine nodded, “Yes.”

Xie Sen once again asked the ebony ears to cover the nearby cameras, summoned the watermelon vine and potato, and gave the commands. The next moment, the white man’s waist was suddenly wrapped up in the watermelon vine, followed by a strong force that dragged him backward. He opened his mouth wide to scream, but before he could make a sound, a potato was stuffed into his mouth, just in time to gag him.

The watermelon vine dragged him fast as a gust of wind to Maine. Maine’s hand rose and fell, and the man passed out without ever clearly seeing the person, while Xie Sen withdrew the black fungus.

“Doctor?” The man with him shouted with a horrified expression.

Maine made an immediate decision. “Get that one over here too.”

Xie Sen repeated the commands, the terrified man soon accompanied the doctor, and both of them were laying on the ground.

Maine tied up the doctor, walked to the elevator, swiped the doctor’s bracelet and the elevator doors opened instantly.

In the blink of an eye the elevator stopped on the 82nd floor. Xie Sen skillfully gave the command to the ebony ears to block the cameras, while Maine strode swiftly out with him in his arms.

The two of them walked down the aisle where the elevator was located, then turned right. They were still walking when a muffled grunt, and the sound of something falling to the ground, suddenly came from behind them. Xie Sen quickly turned his head, and saw a security guard lying unconscious on the ground with a long triangular mark on his forehead, and a melon the size of a palm not far in front of him.

The sunflower came up to him. Its straight branches twisted into vertical waves, and at the same time, it sent Xie Sen happy and smug emotions.

He gently squeezed its petals and said in his mind, “That’s great, thanks.” The happy feeling deepened, and the sunflower instantly shrank back to the size of his finger, and stood on his left shoulder, while the flower faced his back.

Xie Sen felt instantly, and extraordinarily, relieved that he didn’t have to worry about anyone who might appear behind him.

Maine took a quick glance and knew what was going on, but given the particular location, he didn’t say anything, just squeezed Xie Sen’s hand. Xie Sen pointed forward. The warmth on his shoulder was growing hotter, which let him know that they were headed in the right direction, and were approaching Little Silver.

Maine cautiously kept him positioned against the wall as they continued walking. As they were walking, a shrill alarm suddenly sounded, and a voice with an angry tone came from the speakers on the wall, “S-alert! Someone has infiltrated! Attention all areas!”

The security team’s Captain Simeon’s lips were almost pressed into a straight line, as he stood in front of the monitor, when a voice from behind him said, “East 1 area corridor.”

He turned his head, and saw an exquisitely handsome face, even with slightly squinting eyes, but they were also very seductive. His body tensed. “Grand Prince.”

The Grand Prince of the mermaid tribe, the boss of Phantom of the Sea, Lanny. He had dark blue curly hair, long blue eyelashes, and narrow eyes that were slightly intent. He was watching the monitor screen, and barely looked up at him. He didn’t speak.

Captain Simeon hurriedly returned to his senses, and gave instructions to his men through his bracelet, “Carefully check the corridors of the East 1 area.”

Xie Sen heard the alarm, and subconsciously grabbed Maine’s hand. Soon, footsteps sounded all around, and they were getting closer and closer to them.

Maine said, “This area of surveillance is all covered.”

Xie Sen immediately understood. They had been spotted! Even just a brief blocking of the footage would be noticed, and even their location could be deduced accordingly. He didn’t hesitate to exchange ten ebony ears fungi. Each black fungus had four flaps, so they could cover forty lenses, almost.

Lanny, in front of the monitor, watched a large area go black. Only a small part of the west area was still lit, and those shots only had quiet aisles, not a shadow of a person was there. In the monitoring room on the far right side of the console, sat a black-uniformed man, who was sweating at that moment. “Captain. The equipment is intact, no problem.”

Lanny stared at the screen, and tapped his finger on the desktop. “Transfer all the 81st floor and 82nd floor elevator surveillance,” he said. Then added, “Within ten minutes.”

Xie Sen covered the camera and nodded to Maine, who took three detectors out of his backpack and operated them to head in three separate directions. He turned on his bracelet and followed the path the detectors sent back, as they dodged the people who came searching for them and approached the area where Little Silver was.

The two walked to the end of a hallway. The temperature on Xie Sen’s right shoulder rose to the extreme. He looked at the screen on Maine’s bracelet. There was a gate on the right hand side, and the entrance was protected by four guards with weapons.

He tapped on the gate, and there was Little Silver. Maine immediately understood what he meant and typed on the screen, [Stay here. I’ll take care of them.]

Xie Sen hurriedly shook his head. The weapons in the hands of the four guards were very powerful, and even if Maine was very able, he would be easily injured. He scratched on Maine’s hand, “I’ll do it.”

Maine’s body instantly tensed up. He held Xie Sen back with one hand, his eyes dark. Xie Sen glared at him, and Maine had no choice but to let go. The strength of Xie Sen’s writing was too much for him. His palm was itchy, and he really couldn’t control it.

Xie Sen summoned two chili peppers, and simultaneously unleashed invincible chili powder on the guards to the left and right sides.

“Cough! Cough! What the hell! Ahhhhh..!” The four security guards were choked by the irritating smell of chili peppers and sneezed. Their eyes were uncomfortably irritated, and they subconsciously reached out to rub them, but the more they rubbed, the hotter they got, and their faces were full of pain.

Maine and Xie Sen looked at the response from the detector. The four people were busy subconsciously dealing with the stimulation and were scattered apart at the moment. Maine reached out, patted Xie Sen’s shoulder and pointed to the nearest one.

The door behind the guard was closed. They would have to use a guard’s authority to get in, or at least knock one out.

Xie Sen pulled him closer, and took out the bottle of spray, which Bai Jiao had given him for self-defense, from his pack. These people were tall and may not be stunned by a knife in one hand. The medicine would be safer, and he trusted Bai Jiao’s medicine.

Maine took it and crept out silently. Xie Sen thought that because of the chili powder, the four people’s vision and sense of smell would be greatly reduced, so he quietly peeked out to watch.

Maine was very fast, and he rushed, phantom-like, to the nearest person, sharply pressed on the spray can, then a second person, a third person…

Xie Sen watched the small mountain of strong men hit the ground, and gave Bai Jiao a silent thumbs up.

Maine casually grabbed a security guard, lifted the man’s wrist and used the security guard’s authority to open the door. Xie Sen rushed out, and the two entered together.

“Little Silver!” Once inside, he saw the silver glowing white shell, while next to it were two tall iron cages with two giant animals inside, lying on the ground as if they were in comas. There were other things in the rest of the location, but he didn’t bother to look closely.

“A giant crocodile beast, and a giant bear beast.” Maine immediately recognized the contract beasts in the cages.

“Oooooooo…You’re really here!” Little Silver was surprised, then cried, “I hate it here! Ooooooooooooo! But how are you going to take me out? I’m so big.”

Xie Sen hooked the necklace out from under his collar. Three plain silver rings were hanging on it, and he pinched the smallest one. “We’ll put you in a space buckle. Don’t resist, we’ll let you out once we get out.”

The moment he and Maine put Little Silver into the space buckle, he disappeared. Two low, murderous beast roars came from beside them. Xie Sen looked over, and saw the two contract beasts were glaring at them with fierce eyes.

Xie Sen’s heart reflexively tightened. It was hard not to react to such a gaze. He hurriedly spoke, “I’m a friend of Little Silver. I’m the one who made you cause a stir before. You did a good job.”

The two eyes stared at him as if they were judging whether his words were true. Xie Sen simply released Little Silver, and let him speak to them, then when he was done, he put him away again.

Maine checked the cages and shook his head. “The lock can’t be unlocked right now.”

Xie Sen pinched the other rings on the necklace. “Then just load them in and we’ll get out.”

With the cooperation of the two contract beasts, Xie Sen got them into the space buckles, and their purpose was achieved. Xie Sen breathed a sigh of relief, put the necklace back under his clothes, and followed Maine out.

In the elevator, Xie Sen sent a message to Bai Jiao. [I’m not feeling well. We’re going back to our room.]

Bai Jiao looked at the message, and the corners of his mouth curved up. The auction manager, who’s eyes were glowing at that moment, urged him, “What else?”

Bai Jiao had been preparing to sign the contract, and seemed to be worried that they could not get a good price for the watermelon, so he began to explain the watermelon in detail. From appearance to taste, to food value, to medicinal value, and right down to the seeds. There were hundreds of seeds in a melon!

What did this mean? It meant that if the research failed, it could still go on for a long time, and they could slowly learn from previous experiences and improve the chances of success.

Bai Jiao laughed. “Isn’t this enough? I hope it will fetch a good price.”

“Don’t worry, it will!” The manager said.

Bai Jiao got up to say goodbye. The manager sent him to the door, saw that Long Teng was the only one there and said, puzzled, “Where are the other two people?”

Bai Jiao pulled up the message. “My friend is allergic to seafood, and isn’t feeling well.”

“Oh, that’s a shame,” the manager said.

Bai Jiao smiled, and left the 81st floor with Long Teng.

The moment their elevator closed, the manager received a communication, and the next second, his expression changed instantly. “They’re gone!”

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