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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xie Sen froze, and touched his right shoulder, while he looked at the endless sea in front of him in shock. He could actually feel a large amount of energy, and although the feeling wasn’t strong, it couldn’t be ignored.

Originally the giant crocodile beast and giant bear beast were simply lying in their cages, but then they simultaneously looked towards the sea, and subconsciously moved to the water’s edge. However, they could only change their positions a little, as they were stopped by the iron bars.

The flying dragon beast and the flying lion beast also barked towards the sea, and their sharp claws scratched the ground, as if they wanted to go over.

Xie Sen’s eyes suddenly lit up. When he saw their reactions, he was even more sure that his feeling was correct. There really was energy in the sea, and the contract beasts felt it!

“What’s wrong?” Long Teng rubbed the flying dragon beast, and looked at the sea. His eyes glowed, “Did you feel some danger?”

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth twitched. He had the impression that Long Teng was expecting something. He said, “There is another energy that I’m looking for in the water.”

However there was a hint of doubt in his eyes. This time the energy gave him a completely different feeling from the previous one. The area was so big that he couldn’t discern the exact location. It felt like…everywhere.

At that moment, Adam’s excited voice sounded in his mind, “Aaaahhh! A’Sen, you’re fantastic! You got the gold energy back, and you found the water energy!”

Xie Sen thought to himself, Sure enough. For a moment, he had the feeling that a piece of pie had fallen from the sky.

But he was a little confused. “Couldn’t you sense the water energy before?”

“No, it was too close to the gold energy, and the gold energy was too strong, so I was disturbed,” Adam added after some thought, “and I used up too much energy trying to determine the location of the gold energy, so my senses were weak.”

Xie Sen thought it made sense, and smiled. “That’s a good thing, isn’t it? It’s just that I feel a little off. The range is too large. Can you determine the range?”

Adam was silent for a moment, then said, “Oh my god. It’s actually scattered in the water of this sea!”

Xie Sen said, “No wonder I feel the energy aura everywhere. But you seem very surprised?”

Adam, “Think about the previous energy. The choice of carrier was a single object. The individual energy will actively gather together, not be spread out like this, unless…”

Xie Sen had a bad feeling in his heart, “Unless what?”

Adam said, “Unless the energy, itself, is scattered.”

Xie Sen remembered Adam had talked about this possibility. He rubbed the corner of his forehead. His head hurt from the falling pie. “So the water energy is scattered, and the energy in this water is most likely not the complete water energy?”

Adam reassured him, “Or maybe it scattered, but together it fell into this sea, ah! You just need to recover the energy in the sea, and I’ll know if the water energy is intact.”

Xie Sen thought about it. The energy was right in front of him anyway, so it was easy to recover it.

He walked to the edge of the reef, squatted down, and reached his hand into the water.

The calm sea in front of him instantly lifted up a shockingly big wave that formed a tall ink-colored wall that closed in on Xie Sen in a matter of seconds.

The huge wall raised by the waves blocked the light in front of him, and Xie Sen’s eyes were full of darkness. At the same time, energy ran into his arm from one hundred and eighty degrees. It wasn’t like the raging energy before, but like a thin stream. However, it was eager.

“A’Sen, get your hand out!” Adam shouted in his mind.

Before Xie Sen could react, he was abruptly picked up from behind and pulled back up quickly.

Maine’s whole body tensed up, and he jumped on the back of the flying lion beast while still holding Xie Sen. Long Teng reacted in almost the same instant, and jumped on the flying dragon beast with Bai Jiao in his arms.

The two were about to take off when the sound of huge waves crashing came. People and contract beasts, looked at the sound, and saw the high wall of waves, had suddenly lost its momentum and fell straight down from high in the air.

The sea surface stirred, and splashing seawater rolled towards the reef. The flying dragon beast and flying lion beast pulled straight up and dodged the seawater. Little Silver was shaken by the impact of the seawater, so the flying dragon beast flew above it, hung its tail down and pressed on its shell, to help it stand firm under the impact of the waves.

The flying lion beast stood atop the two iron cages to avoid them being carried away by the seawater. The water washed up on the reef, and then swung back into the sea after a few moments. This went on for a while, then gradually calmed down.

Xie Sen’s heart was beating wildly. Everything happened so fast that he hadn’t even realized what was going on. He only knew that if the wave had come down, with the weight and impact of all that seawater, of all the creatures on the reef, only Little Silver might survive.

He calmed his emotions. Then he noticed that Maine was holding his waist tighter and tighter. He grabbed Maine’s hand, and turned his head to look at Maine. “I’m fine.”

Maine’s lips were pursed into a straight line and his whole body was in a tense state. When his dark eyes met Xie Sen’s, it only took the slightest movement and suddenly he was kissing Xie Sen. He kissed him very hard, as if this was the only way to be sure of his existence.

Long Teng stared at the seawater, saw the return of calm, then opened his mouth ready to ask what happened. As he was about to speak, Bai Jiao covered his hand, put his other hand over his mouth, and indicated they shouldn’t disturb them.

Long Teng blinked, and subconsciously held his breath as his gaze swept toward the two men next to him then withdrew to Bai Jiao’s face.

Xie Sen was kissed by Maine. The scene just now came to his mind. He tilted his head back, and returned the kiss with soothing meanings. Half a moment later, when Maine withdrew, he gasped lightly and said again, “I’m fine.”

Maine put his chin on his shoulder. “What just happened?”

Xie Sen didn’t know either, and asked Adam in his mind.

Adam sounded anxious, “The energy is too divided, too scattered. It has blended into the water. When you recover the energy, all the energy will surge in at the same time. Look at the color of the water. Closest to us has scattered the least energy, while the furthest away has more energy. The larger amount of energy surges in faster, the back coming over the front. With the water as a carrier, there is equal movement which causes a wave.”

Xie Sen quickly figured it out. He subconsciously clenched his fist. All that movement, just because he put his hand into the water.

Xie Sen looked down, and saw that the reef was calm again. He patted Maine’s hand, and briefly explained. “Let’s go down first.”

Maine held him tighter. “You stay away from the water.” Xie Sen nodded. He did not want to repeat that situation again. If his withdrawal was too slow, it would cause a tragedy. He looked at the sea that held the water energy, and turned away. He had to think of another solution.

Maine hugged Xie Sen, and jumped off the back of the flying lion. Bai Jiao saw this and took his hand off Long Teng’s mouth. Long Teng stared at his hand. “Your hand is so soft. Hahaha!”

Bai Jiao pulled back at that movement, then inclined his head to look at his bright appearance and sighed helplessly. If this were someone else, he would have thought he was being molested. He said softly, “Silly.” With a helping hand, he jumped off the back of the dragon beast.

Long Teng followed suit, then grabbed Bai Jiao’s shoulders and moved his head closer, “What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly.”

The corners of Bai Jiao’s mouth curved slightly. “I didn’t say anything.” He walked straight to the giant crocodile beast, and gave it a body check.

Xie Sen reached the reef, and touched the shell first. He wasn’t surprised to hear a miserable cry, “Oooooooooooo, it’s horrible…”

Xie Sen amused, “What are you afraid of? You already live in the sea. Even if you were swept into the sea, nothing would happen.”

“Ooooooooo. But I still have to find Big Tail and Big Pincers. If I rolled down, I’d have to swim for a long, long time. Now that I am so big, swimming will be very dangerous.” Little Silver cried as he spoke.

Xie Sen was a little curious. “You can swim?”

“Of course. I just need to open my mouth. I open and close my mouth to cause the water to flow and I can move. Woo, woo, what to do! Now the treasure is bright. If I move, it will soon be found.” Little Silver panicked, as it choked back a sob. “I don’t want to throw the treasure away.”

Xie Sen soothed it. “Don’t worry, we’ll think of another way. Even now that the energy is recovered, I can still communicate with you. If something happens, you talk to Big Black, and let it relay a message to me. I need to go first and see how the contract beasts are.” Xie Sen finished, then walked to the giant crocodile beast, asked it how it felt, and relayed it to Bai Jiao.

Bai Jiao frowned, “The trauma isn’t a big problem. I have medicine, and they have a strong ability to recover. It’s just that they’ve been fed a human-like, enigma-causing agent. It’s so strong that it will cause the contract beasts to lose their fighting ability,” he said. Then he added, “The same drug is used to force the bond. Someone can confront the contract beasts when they are weak and force a bond.”

Xie Sen asked, “Is there a way to fix it?”

Bai Jiao said, “Human medicine is too weak for them. I’ll try to increase the dosage a little bit. Don’t worry too much, they will recover slowly if they don’t continue to ingest the drugs. Since they are intended for auction, the seller won’t really hurt them. It’s just that they haven’t eaten for a long time and are too weak.”

Xie Sen sighed in relief. “There is some spare food in the packs. We can give them some padding first.”

He took food from his spatial pack. Long Teng had the most food in his spatial pack, and when he heard this, he also started to pull out food, and put it into the giant crocodile’s mouth. His eyes were shining. “Are crocodiles really not good to eat?”

The giant crocodile beast, which was holding the food in its mouth, took a bite as it subconsciously stepped back, and stared at Long Teng warily.

Maine stood next to the giant bear beast, as he studied the lock of the iron cage. Xie Sen was feeding the giant crocodile beast, and he sniffed and inclined his head to look at it, then shook his head in amusement. Still thinking about eating the crocodile!

Bai Jiao put the medicine in the food. “Crocodiles are not fish.” He waved to the giant crocodile. “Don’t worry. The contract beasts are our friends. We won’t hurt you.”

The giant crocodile blinked, and took the food with its sharp beak. It was careful not to touch Bai Jiao’s hand.

Bai Jiao finished feeding it the medicine, then worked to treat the beasts’ traumas while Xie Sen and Long Teng continued to feed them.

Suddenly, there was the sound, “Beep, beep.” Maine said, “It’s done.”

Xie Sen whipped his head around, and saw the door of the cage holding the bear open. The bear gave a high-pitched bark, and climbed out. Then it stood up, grabbed the cage with its front paws, and threw it into the sea.

The giant crocodile beast tilted its head and barked. Maine came over and unlocked its cage. This time the unlocking speed was fast, and in a short while there was another “beep, beep.”  The giant crocodile beast climbed out of the cage, and with a sweep of its thick tail, the cage rolled into the sea with a crash.

The two were extraordinarily happy, as they crawled around in a limited way, then returned to their original places to lie down and recuperate.

“Someone’s coming.” Maine said as he looked off into the distance.

Xie Sen glanced over and saw two black dots approaching. The closer they got, the bigger they got, which meant they were two flying machines.

Long Teng said, “What should we do? Should we hide from them?”

At the same time, a sound similar to a siren came from the sea. Not far from the water’s edge the sea suddenly rose more than ten meters in a huge, high column of water, while below the column of water, they could faintly make out a huge black shadow.

“Wow! The big monster of the Dead Sea?” Long Teng got excited. “It looks so big!”

Bai Jiao said, “The craft aren’t getting any closer.”

Apparently, they also saw the big black shadow.

Xie Sen looked at the black spots that didn’t continue to grow bigger, and guessed that the other party was frightened by the huge movement of the water column. He had a flash of inspiration and grabbed Maine’s hand. “I’ll touch the water. You pull me away in time.”

Maine immediately understood what he meant. He wouldn’t agree if Xie Sen was alone in the danger, but Xie Sen offered to act together, so he was sure he could guarantee his safety. He nodded, “Okay.”

Xie Sen told Bai Jiao and Long Teng to sit on the back of the flying dragon beast, while the flying dragon beast held down Little Silver. The giant crocodile beast and the giant bear beast stayed in the middle of the reef. After everyone was in position, he walked to the edge of the reef, crouched down and reached out.

In a flash, the huge wall of waves in the sea rose again. Maine quickly grabbed Xie Sen up and jumped on the flying lion beast. The huge wall fell down steeply again in the next instant, and stirred up huge waves.

“Oh my God, we can’t go any further. If that wave lifts below us, the craft will go down.” The man in the co-pilot’s seat of the flying machine said.

The person in the back seat agreed, and the person in the driver’s seat blushed. “Send the scene you just filmed to the Grand Prince. In this kind of place, it is impossible for anyone to survive.”

“Yes, a wave hit. Not all those here could be involved in the incident. The other people said they were running west. Maybe the absence of monitoring at this location let them change direction, and they came here?”

Lanny looked at the information received, clicked on the screen and asked, “What about the people who were with them?”

“Already asked. There’s just a spaceship pilot. He has a solid alibi, and doesn’t meet the criteria for arrest.”

Lanny stared at the screen. “Continue the search. The sea needs to be calm before you move forward.”

The craft stayed where they were. Xie Sen estimated the angle, then had the flying lion beast and flying dragon beast stand in front of Little Silver and the contract beasts, to block them from view.

Long Teng cheered, and looked at Xie Sen with shining eyes. “Wow, A’Sen, you are amazing! Can you control the sea water?”

Xie Sen shook his head. “No. It’s just a special case, and it’s dangerous.”

Maine stared at the sea, and said in a dark voice, “It’s getting closer to us.”

The black shadow in the sea was already close to where the wall of waves had been, and although it was large and heavy, it was still brought closer by the current, which was also closer to where Xie Sen and the others were.

“It’s big!” Long Teng exclaimed.

Xie Sen was also amazed. The black shadow had surfaced, and the huge body was visible. It was at least fifteen meters long, at first glance, and extraordinarily shocking. 1

“It seems to be a blue whale,” Bai Jiao said, but he sounded a bit puzzled. “Only something seems wrong with its head.”

Xie Sen felt the same way. From its general appearance, it was a blue whale, except that the front of its head bulged out, and there were two vertical bars above it, a bit like baleen, but not soft enough. He recalled that the blue whale’s head wasn’t like this at all.

Suddenly, the light increased, and at the same time a cheerful dragon’s roar rang in his ears.

Xie Sen looked over, and saw Little Silver had opened its shell, and the flying dragon beast had placed its body in the water. When its head came near the front of the shell, its eyes were amazingly bright, like two glowing gems.

Little Silver seemed to be frightened by it, and the next moment closed the shell again. However, it soon opened up again.

“We have to hurry and leave. It’s swimming towards us.” Bai Jiao’s voice was a little anxious.

Xie Sen looked into the water and saw that the black shadow that resembled a ship was rushing straight towards them, while the vertical bars on its head swayed from side to side, like the wiper blades on the front of a modern car. Only when it got closer did he realize that the vertical bar was bifurcated at the end, and the split end was opening and closing like scissors.

The flying dragon beast roared lightly toward Xie Sen. Its tail swung, and it went from the water to the reef, its body folded into a U-shape. The tip of its tail touched Xie Sen. “It is a friend of Little Silver.”

Xie Sen froze and looked at the behemoth that was getting closer with a complicated face. Big Tail, indeed! Who would dare to say that a blue whale’s tail wasn’t big? Yes, now he was already  sure that the big black shadow was a blue whale.

As for the bulge on the head, it was obvious that it was the other friend of Little Silver. Big Pincers, a huge crab with a body close to two meters and crab pincers also close to two meters long.

Maine reached out and grabbed him tightly. The flying lion’s body suddenly pulled up. Xie Sen hurriedly said, “It’s okay, don’t go. It’s Little Silver’s friends.”

Long Teng grabbed Bai Jiao, and was about to pick up the man then jump onto the back of the flying dragon beast when he heard the words, “Huh?” The next moment, he reacted and shouted, “That’s so cool!”

Bai Jiao squeezed his wrist, and took his hand away from his waist.

Xie Sen pointed towards Little Silver. Maine grabbed him then jumped off the flying lion beast and followed him to Little Silver’s side.

Xie Sen reached out and stroked the shell. Little Silver’s voice immediately rang in his head, “Oooooooooo! Big Tail, Big Pincers, I missed you guys so much. Oooooooooo, why have you gotten so big? Oooooooo, they saved me and the treasure wasn’t snatched away.”

With Little Silver’s words, the blue whale was getting closer and closer, and as it brought up the waves, Xie Sen subconsciously backed up. Maine just picked him up and held him in a princess hold to keep the water from touching him.

“Look at the direction the blue whale is swimming. There seems to be someone ahead!” The man in the co-pilot seat of the craft shouted.

“Yes, I can’t see faces clearly, but there are four of them. They should be the people the Grand Prince is looking for.”

“Oh my, they are too bold to come here.”

“It’s too late for them to regret now. They will definitely be swallowed by the blue whale. They aren’t enough to clean the blue whale’s teeth!”

The blue whale swam very fast, and in a short time its head rested on the edge of the reef, like  a big mountain.

The people on the craft could only see the huge body of the blue whale from their perspective, and the people on the reef were solidly blocked.

“Oh my God. I told you, they would definitely be eaten.”

“What to do now?”

“What else can we do? Report to the Great Prince. Ah, shells and contract beasts are definitely not worth our lives. Unless you peel open the blue whale’s stomach, now before they are digested.”

His companion said nonchalantly, “Get lost.” This kind of big guy, its skin was hard as iron and looked clumsy, but was in fact flexible. It could even leap from the sea. Who would dare to mess with it?

Soon, they were told, “Retreat.”

Xie Sen gulped. Although he knew that the blue whale was Little Silver’s friend, the other side was so big that it could swallow them all with one mouthful. The big crab crawled down from the blue whale’s head. Its eyes rolled nimbly, while its crab pincers came together and reached in front of Maine for Xie Sen’s hand, as it grunted.

Its crab pincers were large, with many sharp bumps on them. The edges glowed in the light of the pearl, and were obviously sharp. Xie Sen reached out, and touched it carefully.

“Thank you for saving Little Silver,” the big crab’s voice was low. “Little Silver said you can communicate with us. Is it true?”

Xie Sen replied in his mind, “Mn. You’re welcome.”

The big crab’s eyes immediately focused on Xie Sen, and became eye-to-eye. “That’s amazing,” It said ‘amazing’ but its voice was still low. “Big Tail wants to thank you too. Do you want to go over and touch it?”

Xie Sen looked at the blue whale. Although the waves had calmed down, the blue whale was so big that water was pooling on the reef in front of its head. He gave up on the idea of standing on the ground and said to Maine, “Go over there.”

Maine carried him to the front of the whale’s head, and he reached out and touched the smooth skin of the whale. Immediately a cheerful, lively voice came into his mind, “Can you really understand me?”

“Yes.” Xie Sen also looked surprised. The difference between the tone of the blue whale, and its size was too great.

“Oh, that’s great.” The blue whale cheered, and its tail subconsciously slapped the surface of the water. The whirling waves rolled up the reef, and except for Xie Sen, the other three people’s pants were all wet.

The blue whale’s tail froze. “Yes, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that, oooooooh…” Huge teardrops emerged from its eyes. “I’m just so excited. Even my father and dad haven’t interacted with anyone yet!”

Xie Sen looked at his arm which was wet with tears, and the corners of his mouth twitched. “It’s okay. It’s okay. Don’t you cry, and uh, try not to move your tail.”

“Okay,” Big Tail immediately agreed, and instantly fought back its tears. “Thank you for saving Little Silver.”

Xie Sen said no thanks were necessary, then turned his head to Maine. “Put me in the middle and change your pants first.”

At the same time, Long Teng looked at Bai Jiao, took out a tent, supported it at the midpoint, and said to Bai Jiao, “You go change pants.” Bai Jiao looked at him, slightly surprised, thanked him, and went into the tent to change his pants.

When they were all changed, Maine carried Xie Sen into the tent. Xie Sen finally was able to move his feet. “I’m not wet.”

Maine put him down, and said in a low voice, “I’m not comfortable with you not being in view.” He undressed quickly. Xie Sen looked away, and coughed softly, “I won’t mess around.”

Maine changed, then walked up to him, lifted his chin and looked deeply at him. “Whatever you do, make sure you tell me.” Xie Sen mumbled, grabbed his hand and walked out.

“What now?” Long Teng asked, full of excitement. “Why don’t we sit on the back of the blue whale and go around the Deadly Waters for a bit?”

Xie Sen shook his head, “Later, but not now.” If they tried it, he would definitely touch the water, and he couldn’t touch the water now. There were more important things to do.

He looked at the blue whale. “Little Silver and the contract beasts, they are safe here and won’t be found. However, we need to go back to the hotel, and be investigated.”

Phantom of the Sea had no evidence to convict them. Once they were cleared of suspicion, they could leave whenever they wanted.

The four of them talked, then asked the blue whale and the big crab to help look after the giant crocodile beast and the giant bear beast. The blue whale agreed, and promised to keep them well fed.

Shortly after that, Captain Simeon looked at the surveillance of the front door and blinked furiously at the four people walking into the building.

Didn’t those people say they were swallowed? Were his eyes were blind?


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Translator Notes:

  1. 15 meters = 49 feet. Blue whales have a maximum confirmed length of 29.9 meters or 98 feet long.


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